First…Some Facts:

Affiliate Commissions Available:

There are many different offerings that Rich has but as an example here is one:

Business Growth System

  • $748.75 per sale on every “full pay” order of $2,995 USD
  • $99.25 a month per sale for every “Payment Plan” order of $397 a month for every month sign ups remain members over 11 months in the coaching program


  • Many other commissions are available from various up-sells and down-sells that are offered
  • There is also two tier program i.e. affiliate sign ups get referrals, you get a commission as well!

Webinar Invitation (To Learn More About The BGS Program)


Affiliate Sign Up



Many of my colleagues at Wealthy Affiliate (I am a member) know that I was considering joining a mentor program, so was actively looking at various programs that are available. After a lot of due diligence, I came to know that many individuals that were offering such programs had been themselves taught by one person: Rich Schefren!

That surprised me, I had not heard much about this guy. Once I did the research, and found out how great this leader was, and what he has accomplished, I decided to try to go directly to the source, as opposed to learning second hand from other students, so to speak. I can now say publicly that I am enrolling on Friday 30 October in Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits 12 month coaching program titled Business Growth Systems.

To date I have not decided whether I will do a 1 or 2 payment plan or do a monthly plan. Any plan is not cheap, but if you want the best, and get the best, you have to expect to pay a good sum. If I take a monthly plan it looks like  will pay $397 USD each month over an 11 period, while if I choose a one time payment I will pay $2995 USD, a considerable savings over the monthly plan.

What Will I Use This For?

The first question is what will I get for this before what will I use it for…With sign up and payment I will have access to all course materials and weekly conference calls with Rich over the next year. There is more that I will go into further on in this post, but this is the basic service offered. It is a lot more than it sounds like, believe me. Rich has mentored many of the biggest names in internet marketing, has been featured in many national and international sites such as CNN, Business Week, Inc, etc. and provides a COMPLETE package.

So what I will USE it for is to attain my online business goals…The general goal I have for this move is to more rapidly grow and systemize my online and offline businesses in video marketing, other offline marketing services, plus fleshing out a brand new online marketing business that is rolling out in Germany, Austria, and Thailand. I want to learn from the best!

I definitely want to grow these businesses in the most efficient manner possible, and also grow them in a way where they can continue to expand with less direct involvement on my part. I will automate my businesses to the point they almost run without me while still experiencing growth over the next 12 months.

This will give me more time and money to spend on building out other opportunities like affiliate marketing and offline NGO activities I am currently involved with on three continents. Not only that, I will have more free time to travel as I like to do, and build out homes in China, Portugal, Florida and the Philippines as I desire.

OK, What Does Rich Bring To The Table?

Rich teaches the fundamentals that are needed to realize these goals for me and he can do the same for everyone, regardless of niche or business, offline or online, and lots more like supercharging your business efforts. For the right people who like the sound of what I am stating, ones that are motivated and ready to invest in themselves, the program is ideal.

The program that Rich offers is not some system that you try to replicate to make money online, nor is it a tool or service that will leverage your ability to sell affiliate products like some of the other products you see me promoting here. Rather, what Rich teaches are core business principles that teach you how to successfully build a successful REAL internet business!

Note for those interested: This program is NOT a particular method where you have to follow some magic formula to make more money online, it is not a secret technique or a below the radar system that allows you to make money with no effort, nor is it a piece of software you can just plug in and run with. Rather, Rich will teach you how to leverage your KEY ASSET: Your OWN unique talents!

Once you have identified these unique talents in yourself, you then will learn to translate them into a viable business model that can run without your direct involvement or as in my case, it will provide a means to make more efficient  my existing Internet businesses and add to them using my unique talents over and above where they are now, then automate them, scaling them up exponentially, and of course increase the resulting profits!

One last note: A lot of the results you may experience are up to you. This is similar as with other sites like Wealthy Affiliate*, where everything is there, and it is up to you to follow and take action . This means with Rich’s program all the tools are there for you, but again, it is YOU that must apply them to your own business to have success. This is no magic formula provided to you! It requires work and effort and discipline to take actions!

* For more information on Wealthy Affiliate, the BEST affiliate online marketing educational site, click HERE) .

What Now?

Since you have all the key materials and the foundation, and you are limited only by your effort/dedication/work ethic, you can advance at a very fast rate or at a slower rate, whatever may be your comfort zone.

This tried and tested program has been around for over 7 years, it has made many many millionaires or multimillionaires, and it has been updated over that time, so you start out knowing that what is provided really works today, AND you have Rich’s personal help along the way to ensure your success.

Right Now the Program Is Open 

I do not know how long the program will remain open (there is a limit on the number of people he can coach at any time of course) but Rich does close the program when his student limit is reached.

I have been told that there is a revamped and updated set of materials that I will have access to, so as mentioned, there is no outdated material that no longer works included that may throw you off (I have been the victim of this with other “programs”)…This is the latest version of everything that you and I will be getting!

There is no doubt that many people will be promoting this program until it closes. In spite of the hype, I can say everything I have seen points to this mentoring program being a true game-changer for those that join/follow the provided guidance. The names of successful graduates is long, and again, many are multi-millionaires now!

In spite of Rich’s success he is a low key person from what I can see….Not a lot of hype or BS you get (or I did anyway) with other lesser known mentors.  It seems he is one of the good guys out there. I have had to deal with some hard sales people since I started my search, and I have to say that this was a soft sell compared to these guys.

Note that Rich has an affiliate program and as a matter of fact I am one too! The affiliate site is not found on some of your normal sites like JVZoo or ClickBank, rather it is operated by himself (hence maybe not so much hype as with other programs). But there is more: Right NOW there is an opportunity for you to join up as an affiliate as well! Read on…

PLUS: A Lucrative Affiliate Opportunity For YOU 

I have decided to stop trying to sell dime-sale products as an affiliate. The cost to advertise and time involved in promoting that sale versus a larger one like this mentoring program is similar. The difference though is the payout! I will now only focus on very good products and ones that pay out a higher commission.

This site is intended to educate the readers and I am simply not going to clog it up with adverts that you can find on a hundred other similar sites! I would rather focus on the top programs and tools, while providing more valuable information for you to help you make money online!.

The program that Rich is offering falls into this category: A high value product, and as an affiliate, a high commission when you get a referral that takes action and signs up! It fits perfectly with my intent for this site.

Here is the link you can sign up at:

JOIN through ==> Dave’s Affiliate Team

More Benefits YOU Can Get!

What is even better, as I go along I will be able to share what I learn here as I go through his course, telling you what I have learned and what actions I have taken, and the results. Therefore you will see me writing a LOT about my experiences over the next 11 months…

You will have a birds eye view and will be able to learn from what I learn. You will also have the opportunity to sign up yourself to is program, plus sign up as an affiliate and market it yourself!

Stated simply, there nothing like his program available in the market. It is unique and thorough.  Again, this is NOT an affiliate training site like Wealthy Affiliate (an excellent site and well worth investigating as well by the way to learn how to get your niche blog site started and monetized – this site is a result of that program!) .

I am telling you all of this for three reasons:

  • I want to have you follow my progress here as I go along
  • I want you to see the value I get out of the program, and
  • I want you also to make some higher affiliate commissions by having you promote a product that you can believe in and sell as something that has high value.

One thing for everyone…If you do decide to join Rich’s program I hope you do so under my affiliate link, and then join me in a mastermind group. It starts out with a webinar so you see what the program entails…

Here it is, Click On This ===>  Dave’s Invitation to Live Webinar

Believe me when I say this: A team is much more powerful than any single person. I have been involved in teams for years in a variety of settings all over the globe…They work!

As I gain experience from Rich’s program I will provide regular REAL feedback here to help you decide if you want to join his program as mentioned above. If you do sign up under me, we will have a special site on Facebook and membership on this site where we can regularly meet, exchange ideas and tactics, and grow together. These pages will not be visible to visitors to the site, only to members.

But, no worries, if the price of the program is too much as I know it can be for some people, you still will have my feedback of the program as I go along here on the blog, so it would be wise to bookmark this page or subscribe so I can send you regular mails updating you on what tips, tools and more you can use for your own business!

So Are You Ready To Become An Affiliate? 

I am pretty sure you have to act fast…I do not know how long it will remain open. I had no problem signing up even though I have not officially become a member of the mentoring program as of yet (I am joining two of his programs actually on a special deal I have been offered) and will do so Friday, 30 October.

Do you have a niche blog site that is in the making money online, or tools tips for making money, or a business help site, etc. Maybe you have an email list already and some of your leads would be interested in this?

If so, I highly recommend that you sign up to Rich’s affiliate program and promote it like I am doing here. This is something that you can ethically market to your readers…You are providing them a real service! Also let’s not forget you will be making a real good commission when you get a sale.

There is an affiliate page that has all kinds of affiliate marketing tools and tips. There are tested email swipes, banners, free webinars, etc. that make it real easy to promote this high quality product!

Once you sign up you will get an affiliate link (if the affiliate offer is still open) and you can grab a link on the affiliate page where you can recommend the prospect view a free webinar he is conducting on a regular basis.

So, now to get signed up….Please click on the link below…

Please click on this link:

Dave’s Affiliate Team


I hope that I have gotten your attention and I hope that you are ready to take action, as an affiliate, or a member of his mentoring group, and as a member of my group when you sign up.

Please leave your comments or questions below and I will answer them as quickly as I can.

Best of luck to all of us, and I look forward to working together with you all.


PS: There is a sign-up page for Rich’s free seminar that is now live. This is DEFINITELY worth your time. It is quite extensive and has LOTS of valuable information.

PSS: You can also sign up on the provided list while there if you want to be considered for his next coaching program opening.

Here is the link –

Daves Invitation To BGS Webinar To Learn More


100 thoughts on “Want A Lucrative Affiliate Opportunity With Rich Schefren?

  1. Rich Schefren sounds like the read deal. I was searching for reviews on his programs because I was referred to him by a friend. Because the money is a lot, I want to be sure before I commit. The information you have here has convinced me that he is not only legitimate but a guy that I can do business with. Thanks.

    1. Yes, Rich IS the real deal when it comes to mentoring for your online business. He has had a tremendous degree of success through the years and remains one today. Definitely worth your time and money, from what I have seen and know of him. Best of luck and I am glad that you could use the information I have added here…Cheers! Dave

  2. This mentoring program that Rich Schefren offers sounds like a program for the advanced marketer? Is it suitable for the newbie like myself do you think? I do think that your point that we all need mentoring at some time is valid…Also when it comes to affiliate marketing, this is one of the most liucrative, as you mention. There are some higher ticket items on Amazon that also are pretty good, but still not this high. Thanks for a good review and explanation on who Rich Schefren is and what he offers!

    1. Hi Melisa, Thanks for your feedback and comment. Yes I think that most affiliate marketers can use a mentor at some point in their development as effective marketers, it is a natural step you will want to take. At what exact point you will want to go with a mentor such as Rich Schefren is different for everyone, and as far as quality, I want to go with a winner, which Rich Schefren most certainly is….Lastly on your comment as to the good commission offered through Rich Schefren’s program, yes…The sales will not be as high in volume, but how many 10 USD widgets do you have to sell to get a 1000 USD if you are getting 50% commission (answer is 200)…Compare this to ONE sale of Rich Schefren’s affiliate program…Of course you want to mix it up when it comes to affiliate marketing, and overall increase your income….Best of luck and stop by again! Dave

  3. This sounds like a super opportunity for affiliate marketing. The cost is quite expensive though so I am not sure how many sales you could expect? In any case, you have opened my eyes to something: Why not promote some tools, programs, or services that are high end and provide more commission. The work is the same, as you state, and if I mix these with the cheaper offers I promote, overall I can increase sales. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marion,

      Your approach is exactly right I think. Having an affiliate program like Rich Schefren’s will add to the breadth of your offers, and even if you make one sale a year, the commission is huge! This is what attracted me initially AFTER I saw that what he has is real and has been around successfully for may years now. In internet terms, most offerings seem to disappear rather quickly from the internet landscape unless they are worthy of being in the market. Rich Schefren has a set of coaching and other programs that have proven themselves year after year.


  4. Hello There. I found your blog using google search. This is an extremely well
    written article on Rich Schefren and the affiliate opportunity he is offering. I will make sure to bookmark the siteand come back to read more of your useful articles and posts. Thanks for the post.
    I will definitely return.

    1. Thanks Cooper fo rthe comment and also for saying you will return. I always try to add valuable comtent here, and this article on Rich Schefren is yet anothe example. He offers true value and is therefore easy to promote. Win win win for all – you as the promoter, the persoon who takes advantage of the intelligence and knowledge that Rich has, and lastly Rish too of course. Cheers! Dave : )

  5. I am actually pleased to glance at this web site and posts which consist of tons of useful data, this one on Rich Schefren and his affiliate opportunity included. Yhanks for providing such data, I will now check out the chance to sign up as well. The points you bring out in the post have convinced me this is something I should pursue!

    1. HI Sam, Glad the post helped you out. I look forward to seeing you over on Rich Schefren’s affiliate site and working with you there. Please check out some of the other information I have as well here on the making money online with your own business site, I am sure they can help you be a more effctive online marketer, whether you are interested in affiliate moarketing, developing your own products, or offering services to thers. Cheers! Dave : )

    1. Thanks Sol, I appreciate the comment. This affiliate opportunity for Rich Schefren and his programs is a real one and valuable, in that you can make good commissions for offering a good product. They seem expensive compared to some similar offers you will find, but hos programs are effective as he is. That is why just as with other such good affiliate programs you can prosper and ethically promote it to others. Cheers! Dave : )

  6. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your informative post. I have recently started out in affiliate marketing and am looking at future endeavours to keep learning and progressing. I am glad I came across your site as I will earmark this for the future. I like the no BS style as you say. How long after commencing affiliate marketing did you wait before enrolling in Rich’s course? Also, I live in Australia. Will time differences matter?


    1. Good Day Toni,

      Congrats on getting started with online marketing. The beauty of it for me is that using the right tools and marketing, you can literally reach most corners of the globe, so your market os global, as opposed to offline businesses reach is somewhat more limited (unless you are using the internet lol)…

      Whether you are in Australia or in Tin=mbukti, I do not think it makes a difference, as long as you have a good connection and the ability to tap into the resources such as PayPal, Wealthy Affiliate, or a mentoring prgram such as Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System…

      On when you should consider entering such a program that is subjective. Personally, I would give Wealthy Affiliate a good push prior to entering into a mentoring or coaching program. Why spend a large amount of money learning basics when you can pick up all of this and more at a very reasonable price as what Wealthy Affiliate costs?

      This decision to enroll in the mentoring program from Rich Schefren was based on the position I am in now. With the many efforts ongoing in my business endeavers it just made sense to tap into the experience and success that his program can bring to my operations.

      Having said that, because this program is one that is effective, has proven to work over an extended period of time (as has Wealthy Affiliate), I can also recommend it and offer it through their affiliate program to readers here and to my lead list.

      As others have said, there are also cheaper programs and products or services you can promote, ut why not add these higher priced items as well if they are indeed offering a true value to your prospects. Myself, I will stick mainly to products that I use personally (there are exceptions, but these are rare). I can vouch that they work, and also explain why they work from my own use…

      I really appreciate your taking the time to stop by here today. Good feedback. I wish you well with your online adventure and lots of success. Please stop back and read about my progress with Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System mentoring program, then you can see an “insider view” of what such a program can do for your own busines!


      Dave : )

  7. I really liked your website because of all the information that you provided on it! You seem like you are very passionate about your niche! The one thing that I did want to bring up to you is that it took a few minutes for the page to load. You have so much information that you may want to see about taming down everything else. I know this wasn’t suppose to be a feedback thing. but I did think I should let you know because you may lose readers because of it. Good luck though and GREAT job with all the information. It is one of the sites the I have seen with the most content! Good job!

    1. Hi Tempest,

      Thanks for your review of my site, I have taken note of your thoughts….I am considering moving over to a dedicated host I am using for my other business web sites, that may help with the loading speed. This is important for visitors, as many will simply click away.

      Regarding the amount of information that you find here, when I look at Wealthy Affiliate and other such sites that have a lot MORE information and still manage to load in a relatively short timeframe, I am sure a move to a dedicated host having only a few hundred web sites will help the load speed.

      I am curious…Over and above your comments on the site you said nothing about the mentoring program and affiliate opportunity that the Business Growth System described in this post. Did you read through it and see all the things that are covered with it?

      What was your reaction to the cost…Do you think such a high price is justified? Many have commented this is a deal breaker for them…I prefer to think of the quality of the package and compare it to what higher education will cost you…Then in that light you can see what a steal it really is…

      Did you think the affiliate program was something you be a part of and offer to yor readers/lead list? There have been some comments they thought the commission was great. It is not all about money though for me. I have to believe that a product or services offers more value than what it costs. How do you feel?

      What has been your experiences with training programs? Have you been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for a long period and what is your feeings about the site? How does it compare to your other training? Do you think that bricks and mortar programs are more valuable?

      I have a ton of questions for you I know, but these are things that would add to the discussion on this post and would be valiuable for all readers to see, so they can add their input….I look forward to your feedback, and thanks much for stopping by and taking the time to provide the thoughts you have here!


      Dave : )

  8. Hi Dave,
    Initially when I first started reading the article I was thinking to myself that is a lot of money, but you can sign up for a free live seminar so you can have a free taste? To decide if you really like the program and see if it for you. I look forward to reading about your experiences as you go through this program. I think I will enjoy hanging with the Wealthy Affiliate community until my website traffic grows some more and actually be able to afford the mentor program you are suggestion.

    Yours Truly,

    1. Good Day Carlton,

      Yes there is a free seminar to set the stage so to speak. That webinar is worth having a look at, it is quite long but has a lot of valuable information…Well worth the time…

      Wealthy Affiliate is a very good site that meshes well with Rich Schefren’s mentoring program Business Growth System, but as you point out, having a good base is a wise move prior to combining the two in my opinion.

      That is where I am at – adding this mentoring program to my training agenda is going to allow me to implement what I have learned on Wealthy Affiliae along with my experiences with offline businesses to really ramp up my efforts…

      Documenting my experience will also be helpful because it will cement what I hace learned (I read somewhere that just taking notes, or in my case writing blogs, helps you retain 80% more than otherwise) and over time I can see in front of me the progress…

      Please stop by anytime and add your feedback, I have some other interesting posts that may help your program that may offer insights other than what you will find on Wealthy Affiliate.



      : )

  9. Great write up on Rich Schefren. I have heard of this guy, but only heard of him. I had not investigated further. The price tag is of course somewhat high, but I understand why. When you made the post you stated you were in the process of buying it. Did you finally buy it?

    1. Hello Marc!

      Thanks for your feedback…Writing about Rich Schefren is not hard to do because there is a lot of material available to work with! He really is a successful guy that is passing his experiences on to others through his Business Growth System mentoring program!

      Yes I have started the membership process with him and his program, I am enrolling in this porgram and one other that complements the mentoring program and Wealthy Affiliate, another excellent educational site (and more) involving online marketing…

      Stop by as I go through the programs, I will be reporting here what my experiences are and how they affect my personal growth as well as my online and offline businesses. It will provide readers an “inside view” of the programs and show how they can positively affect these areas…


      Dave : )

  10. Hi Dave,

    I have started to get into affiliate marketing and a friend suggested I try a coaching program to help me with my business.

    I started getting overwhelmed trying to figure out which one to go with. I really like your article about the Rich Schefren program. It does sound like it would be helpful, but I am not sure if the timing is right with me still being new to online marketing.

    Have you started with him? What do you think about the coaching so far?

    1. Hi Simone,

      First of all thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read through this long post lol! There is a lot of information contained therein, but I felt it was important because when you are asking people to plop down that kiond of money, they are going to want to know what they will be getting for it!

      Certainly Rich Schefren and his mentoring program Business Growth System is a valuable program. It can work for any business, nit just affiliate marleting ot some other online segment of marketing, They are all a business if approached properly.

      If the deliveraable that you are looking for has to do with online marketing and you are fairly new at it, I would recommend enrolling in a program like Wealthy Affiliate as opposed to this mentoring program. The reason I say this is that you will learn so much from that site and over a period of time be able to narrow down your path you want to follow.

      Once you have that behind you, then the next step could be a mentoring or coaching program. Many of these mentors will tell you they can get you started from zero and shape your efforts into a prosperous business, and they likely can have some success.

      But how much more will you get out of such a program if you have a clear end game in mind, and have already taken many of the elementary steps to move towards accomplishing that goal. You can take my advice for what it’s worth, of course, but I do not want to push people into a program like this unless they are ready and prepared to get every last drop of information from it!

      Best of luck to you and please stop y and let me know how you are doing and what direction you are going in!


      Dave : )

  11. It is great article on lucrative affilaite oportunity. I started to build my website and learn internet marketing few months ago, I have been learning something teachniques to improve my online business. I don’t know Rich Schefren Dave that I am too young on internet or affiliate marketing field. Thanks for your informative post here.I believe there are so many so called affiliate marketing guru or expert out there, then I don’t know what do I choose my mentor or appropriate training to myself. Many Thanks! Good Day!

    1. Hi Lokw!

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the discussion. There are many that are not aware of Rich Schefren or his mentoring program called the Business Growth System. He has been around for years, and many of the super affiliates now making the big bucks had their training from this guy!

      If you do some research you will see what I mean. Literally he has so much social authority due to his exposure after making this younger generation into millionaires or even multimillionaires! His programs are a mix of old school techniques that apply to any business and specific training on the world of online marketing.

      I am just starting so learning as I go along, but I believe this will be a life-changing experience for me as well as for my businesses, both the online and offline sort! Please stop by again and follow me as I go through this journey. There is a lot of other information that may be useful for you here as you travel along your own online journey! See you soon…


      Dave : )

  12. Thank you so much for provide this information, as i am a newbie when it comes to online marketing i´ve nevear heard before the name of Rich Schefren or seem any of his material arround, but its really good the fact that newbies like me can have so much material available that is relevant to complete our goals!!!

    1. Hi Maria Rosa,

      Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you also taking the time to drop your thoughts here. Yes when you are new there are so many things to learn and so many names that really do not mean much until you have a little tie under you belt.

      Rich Schefren and his mentoring program Business Growth System is one that has actually been around a while now. Not as long as Wealthy Affiliate, which has 10 years behind it, but certainly this is an indicator of the quality of their offerings in both cases.

      Please come back and have a look around when you have spare time, there is a lot of iinfo I have packed in. NOt to mention if you subscribe you can get the free magazine I publish called CLICKS. This provides the latest and greatest on what is going on in the marketing industry, things we all can use.



  13. Great article about this lucrative affiliate opportunity with Rich Schefren Dave!
    I have heard Rich Schefren’s name before, but I have never seen any of his programs or material’s before, so thank you for explaining a bit more about him and what he has to offer.
    At first glance the actual offer for his program appears quite high, and I know a lot of people believe that most of these online gurus are scamming people with these high prices, but I know many of these so called “gurus” are genuine people that want to help, and if you apply what they teach you can recoup the cost of these programs in a very short time frame.
    The trouble is that most people don’t apply what they teach and then label it a scam!
    If you want the results you actually have to do the work!
    I will look further into this program and if I feel it is a good fit I will take it up!
    It is a pretty good affiliate commission as well!
    Thanks for this review! 🙂

    1. Hey there John,

      You are so right that when people fail to apply themselves to learn and use the information provided from the many different programs that are available on the internet, they tend to shift blame to the program itself rather than look within themselves.

      I am heartened to hear that you have heard of Rich Schefren, he is a proven performer when it comes to getting results. As I have said in other comments, he has helped many of his clients reach multi-millionaire income levels over the years…

      If I can offer any advice it would be to make sure you are ready mentally to take on the additional stress and effort required to get something out of it. There have been quite a few commenters here that are enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate site, where they are provided a plethora of great training and advice on ho to get started with online marketing.

      My advice to many of them is to get through the training on that site and then move to a program such as the Business Growth System mentoring program. Much as you learn to walk before running, this analogy fits very well with the online marketing segment I feel…

      Lastly, yes you are right…That commission available is very high and for the same effort, you can make considerably more than with a dimesale product you are selling. There are exceptions for me. When I see a program or tool that will really help my readers, offers a good value, and is also reasonably priced and a viable alternative to more expensive programs, I will write about them here, and often I am an affiliate…

      Let me give you an example. I just added a write up on a program that I have been using for over three months with success. It is called Landing Page Monkey, and it has helped me immensely by saving time and enabling me to create pages that look far more professional than I thought I could put together. Here is the url,… – and you can see that my commission is not much. But it is a tool that many can use, so I wanted to get the iinfo out to those that I am sure can use it.

      That is also what this site is about. It is more than money…Please stop by again, have a look around, subscribe for my new CLICKS Magazine (Article on this at ) and read about my experiences with the Business Growth System mentoring program as well! I look forward to hearing more from you!



  14. Hi Dave,

    This is a very interesting article and one that could really help some people. I think it would really help the ones that are already seeing a profit and are happy to ramp things up and take things to the next level. At least that’s my perception of this program anyway.

    I like what you said about mentors and working in a team environment, I agree that is a valuable approach and one that can produce great results.

    Personally this is something I will keep an eye on out for but the moment I have my hands full with what I am currently doing online.

    Thanks for sharing and I’m keen to come back to your site and see how you go with the program. Cheers!

    1. Hello Tim,

      You are exactly thinking as I am. Let’s use myself as an example. My businesses are in place and growing modestly month by month right now. All the basics are in place, and day by day improvements are made to make them all more efficient…Online and offline by the way…

      This Business Growth System mentoring program for my strategy overall is perfect for where I am at now. We have so much potential to really make the online businesses take off, and these in turn will help the offline and hybrid businesses.

      Your assessment for your own program is also spot on in my mind. Unless you are ready and receptive to the lessons that can be learned and implemented from the mentoring program that Rich Schefren offers, you will not get the full benefit of the program.

      If you are in a program now such as Wealthy Affiliate (a GREAT program) I would suggest following that up and getting all the basics in place for your online efforts. There is simply no better place on the internet that I have found to do this.

      Please come back and add your feedback here from my posts on my own experiences of Rich Schefren’s program, and see how it affects my overall business performances. I have some plans that I will share here with others as I not only flesh them out, but also take action on. I would love your feedback and input!



  15. Hi Dave,

    I’ve been stumbled upon your website when researching some information about earning additional income from online. Currently I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate that was mentioned numerous times in your post 🙂

    So, this program seems legit but honestly I’m still hesitant because of the cost. (Almost) $400 per month is a huge amount for me. Can you explain some sort of additional benefit that make it more worthy than monthly cost at WA in term of training or curriculum?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi M8!

      Thanks for stopping by first of all and also providing feedback here…I do appreciate it, and that is what I am looking for with the visitors to the site. I think we all learn when the discussion gets started in earnest, and a lot of good things can result, to include all of us learning something…

      Congrats on being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it definitely was a place I was going to recommend to you and all (I am a member as well) if you were not lol! I think it is one of the best places to get your online marketing program in place properly in line with the expectations of the search engines such as Google or Bing, and get you traffic and conversions….

      Yes this Business Growth System mentoring program is legitimate, and one that you can promote with no ethical violations or your morals, while also making a very good commission as an affiliate. The cost is quite high, as is the quality of the program.

      Rich Schefren has an excellent reputation and has been around for quite a few years guiding lots of what are now IM multimillionaires to their success. He has done it himself by the way, he is not just quoting from a book! In any case please stop by and see what I learn that you can pick up on, and then later when the time is right, maybe you can join this or a similar program!



  16. Hi there, great site and very informative, I will surely be telling all my friends and family to visit to find out more about these opportunities and making money online. Keep up the good work David and look forward to getting more info through from your email list. Cheers, Michael

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by and the positive feedback. This Business Growth System mentoring program is something that is not for the faint of heart. The training you will receive is related to business in general and will help the online marketing business in many ways…

      Please do come back and see what my observations are in regards to the program and how it affects my businesses. I do think that if you or yuor family and friends are not ready, they may have a look at Wealthy Affiliate program.

      This is an excellent program where you can learn from the ground up everything you need to know how to properly set up your program…I have an article or two here as a matter of fact, please check out… – this will lead them in the righr direction and will be a lot cheaper.

      Once they get some experience and feel comfortable, I would recommend moving to the Business Growth System mentoring program and going from there to quickly build out that excellent base you have built with Wealthy Affiliate.



  17. Hello David. Thanks for offering opportunity to learn from person, which can open our unique talents.
    Overall, I think that we are lazy human beings. Instead trying to know ourselves better, we will pay to somebody, who will point to our mental assets.
    As I know, your mentioned price is not big. Robin Sharma for his workshops asks more as ten thousand dollars.
    Most important that you feel that is going work for you.
    I would like to know your progress with your mentioned program from Rich Schefren.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira,

      Let me thank you for stopping by…I appreciate that you can see the cost of this program, although a lot, is not out of line with other mentors offering programs out there…Many online marketers are not used to investing this much at one crack into their business/future…

      Certainly I hope that you do come by and follow my posts with updates on how Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System mentoring program is working for me personally and for my businesses. I look forward to hearing more about your own experiences as well when you provide feedback.



  18. Very interesting program you talk about here. I am a person that has been burned in the past on money making programs. I like the fact that you will blog about your progress with the Rich Shrefrem system. I look forward to seeing your progress.

    I would not be able to consider a program like this for myself at this time, but perhaps in the future. A program like the one you are describing needs to be a discission that is based on real facts. I hope it works out well for you. Cheers. Richard

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the discussion. It is a large investment in your future for sure, and because of the many scams out there, some large and some small, many will discard this out of hand after looking at the price.

      Rich Schefren and his Business Growth System mentoring program has a lot of legs behind it and real stories of people that have been able to ramp up their business rapidly from 1000s of dollars monthly to mult-thousands monthly, and he has some heavy hitters that have gone on to become multi-millionaires. This is not a joke nor a scam.

      I have gotten a lot of feedback where people are intersted in reading about my expriences as I go through. I am looking forward to sharing, and I likely will use several means to get it out, i.e. videos, webinars maybe, and of course content here on the site. I will keep everyone posted. The lessons will be incorporated into my on and off line businesses, so I can also speak from that angle…



  19. Is this program a one time payment or is there different upsells? Honestly I am quite hesitant when it comes to online businesses because I once purchased a product that didn’t gave me results. But I am really eager to learn affiliate marketing. I heard that it is a way to earn continuous passive income. Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. HI John,

      This Business Growth System mentoring program can be a one time payment or you can pay off in installments.. It is a lot cheaper to do it as a one time payment, the monthly payments are $397 USD for 11 months, whereas the one time is $2995 USD.

      Depending on where you are at with your own online business would determine whether this is a good fit for you at this point. I think that having some exeperience at actually doing the business will help, and just how much experience is a subjective thing.

      The program is quite intense. It does require a lot of effort and time, as with any advanced curriculum you may sign up for. Especially due to the cost, I think this makes sense.

      My recommendation is that if you are in the Wealthy Affiliate educational program (sign up if you are not, I have some reviews and drill down info on this on the site if you want to read more about it) get through that and when you are comfortable to go to the next level which is securing what I consider to be the best mentoring program avaiiable, Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System.



  20. Okay , i must say, this looks amazing.
    After reading this blog i realized how easy it can be to make money online, for the first time in my life i feel like i actually have a chance to make money, to make REAL money, no more minimum wage jobs, no more bosses breathing down my neck, I can finally be free AND rich
    Thank you for helping me

    1. Hi Fox,

      Thanks for stopping by today and taking the time to read through and provide feedback. Yes this affiliate marketing business can work. All it takes is a good program, product or service to promote, and then getting traffic to stop by and have a look.

      Personally I have to believe in what I am promoting, and this Business Growth System mentoring program is something I can ethically put out there for people to have a look at and see if it may be for them, It is a high proced item, but there is an even higher ROI possible for participants if the tenets of the program are followed and implemented…

      Stop by again and see hoe it is going for me as I go through this program, I would love to have you gain even more faith in the affiliate marketing opportunity that you have…Wealthy Affiliate is also a great way to get started, and I think you are a member? Best of luck!



  21. David, Thank you for a clear and complete review of Rich Schefren’s product. He has been a successful force on the internet and his reputation is solid. I agree with you that it takes the same amount of time and effort to promote an inexpensive product as it does a higher priced product – the difference being larger commission. Who wouldn’t want higher commission if given a choice?

    Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the high ticket price for the product including myself. I must say that it sounds like an excellent program to take your business WA to the next level and in the long run will pay for itself and be worth the expense.

    Much luck to you,

    1. Hello Angela,

      Thanks for stopping by first of all, and also for taking the time to add some introspective and valuable thoughts to the thread here. Yes you are right, Rich is the guy that has mentored and taught many of the other high earners that are involved in IM…

      I am glad that you see the value in the affiliate program as well. I could not promote this were it not a program that offered more than the price, much like Wealthy Affiliate does. The Business Growth System mentoring program that Rich Schefren has put together so many years ago is obviously one that has staying power because it is good.

      On the price for the program, it is high as you mention, and that will eliminate many people from participating. But although the potential size of the clients wanting such a program is small, with resulting fewer sales is made up somewhat by the size of the commission. You have rightly pegged this in your comment.

      Please stop by and see how I progress in this program, It will no doubt be an eye-opener for me and I am hoping that oihers will also learn as I do, and consider taking that next step to ramping up their online business sales and profits!



  22. This offer is quite awesome. Especially if your niche is in the area of online marketing. What I like is the focus on the education and not the “money making” potential, similar to Wealthy Affiliate. The proposed commissions in the affiliate program is also quite enticing.
    This is all about understanding how to grow your online business and maintaining long term gains.
    If you are already making a decent income in affiliate marketing, then I believe that this is a natural step in your progression.

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Yes your point on the natural progression is correct. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST site tolearn what you are supposed to be doing for a successful online marketing program,.and the lessons there can apply to other sales segments as well, i.e. eCommerce, product or service sales as I am doing with my Offline Video and Marketing Agencies.

      Once you have a firm grip on the direction you are going, then you are likely ready to take the next step in the education process and business growth process with Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System mentoring program. There will be a very limited number of people that want to take that next step, because of the cost and also they may be satisfied with the business they are getting from their efforts.

      There is a segment of IM people that will indeed want to take their effort to the next level and enroll in this proven effective mentoring program. I am such an individual. To make it clearer to those that may be wondering what it is all about, I will describe my experience here as the year progresses, and also show in dollars and cents what it has done for my online and offline businesses.

      Thanks for your feedback on this. Note the high commissions available as an affiliate are tremendous, and although there will be fewer takers, you do not have to sell so many of these memberships to get a decent amount of money. The program you are selling is also one that provides true value to the prospective member, so you can ethically promote it!



  23. Well it certainly sound like an interesting opportunity but there are a few alarm bells ringing in my head at the moment. I’ve been working online now for over 7 years and as soon as I hear ‘featured on CNN’ or ‘Business week’ I get more than a little worried. I’ll have to look into this Rich guy a little further – I like some of what you’ve said, but I’m not so keen on other things. Thanks for bringing this offer to the table!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes please do check him out, due diligence is good thing to do. If he passes muster, I would recommend signing up as an affiliate and promote him. I am taking the additional step of actually going through hie mentoring program, and have a very detailed set of goals that I intend to get out of it.

      The idea will be to document my experiences here and then create something brand new out of the notes, lessons, results, and etc. that I pick up and implement in my businesses. I hope that it will in turn help other people to get ahead faster.

      Cheers and stop by when you can. Likely it will be a couple of weeks before I start posting stuff reference the Business Growth System mentoring program.


  24. This sounds like an interesting product and even better affiliate program. Dave what you said in your article makes a lot of sense; if you’re going to put in the time and effort into promoting affiliate products, you might as well put all that hard work into high commission products with great value.

    This is the first I hear of this product, but I like what it’s offering. Learning the fundamentals that can help someone run their business with little input throughout the year is something I am currently working on. And like you said, your level of success is determined by your efforts. I am going to look into this; Rich sounds like he knows what he’s doing.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanls for stopping by and adding your input! Yes this Business Growth System mentoring prgram realy is a great value when I compared its cost and the developer’s reputation to other competing programs that are available on the internet.

      Please stop by throughout the year as i go through it so you can read about my experiences…I think it will help everyone in some manner, and also those that may be considering joining a program like this can see for themselves what it does and make a more informed decision.


      Dave : )

  25. Very interesting for someone that has the money to do it. I would want to learn more on Wealthy Affiliate first even if I did have the money, as I am new to this whole affiliate thing. I think it sounds like you have to be pretty educated in this stuff before you join that. What exactly do you sell for Rich? Is it just getting people to sign up?

    1. Hi Trina,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your feedback. This program is definitely not for everyone, and I agree that it will work much better for you if you are somewhat experienced in the online marketing business segment, and have a clear purpose and goal going in to the Business Growth System mentoring program.

      What I sell for him is the program I talk about in the article. In it I describe what enrolling and working your way through entails, and what you should expect as deliverables during the course and at the end. You should expect to have a business that has been optimized to attain rapid growth while leaving you more free time to do other things.



  26. Man a commission of $748.75 per sale on every “full pay” order of $2,995 USD that is pretty nice and Rich Sheffren’s products sort of sell themselves.

    $99.25 a month per sale for every “Payment Plan” order of $397 a month is a good commission as well, Have you got any sales yet?

    I know Rich Sheffren has worked with Dan Kennedy and Frank Kern and claims he did a lot of stuff for them. He is the real deal in My opinion. Have you heard that there is only supposed to be a limited time window to sign up for this affiliate program?

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Yes the commission is very good and on top of it there is value for he high price of his program, so I can ethically promote it. So far (I have not checked today yet, just having my first coffee) I have had some lookers but no takers. I really do not follow on a daily basis how many people are stopping by here, and from the social posts also I am sure I get some visitors…

      This is a program that is so expensive it will put off most people. Only the really serious prospect who has done his or her due diligence will see and make that next step. That lack of sign ups to now (only has been a short period to now since I signed up as an affiliate) does not surprise me, there is a limited number of people that can afford and see this value.

      I also do not know how long they will keep the affiliate program open. Since Rich does run groups of people through the year, it could be that they do not close it at all. My recommendation is to do due diligence and see if this is something that for you offers real value to your lists of people/customers, and if yes, then consider adding it to your affiliate program…


      Dave : )

  27. As many others, I haven’t heard about Rich Schefren before reading your review. I need to say that first I wasn’t quite convinced that it would be worth so much money, but after reading almost all (they are lot..) the comments, I started to understand the value of Business Growth System.
    I am still in the begin with Internet Marketing and cannot afford to join the coaching program but I already understand the value of time management. I have my website (I am also member of WA) and it is coming up nicely, but I have too little time for it so I guess it takes time to see some real results.

    So I think when I have reached steady income with my site, Business Growth System would be great deal to take my business to the next level and give me also time to start new projects.

    About the affiliate program. I am not sure what to think of the fact that anyone can sign up as an affiliate even without joining the coaching program. How can one promote something without personal experience? Even though I need to recognize that you did it! Or could you see inside the Business Growth System before making the payment for it?
    I can’t wait reading your experiences and progress with it.

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to offer some feedback. Yes this is a legitimate product that wisely used can leverage your business growth rapidly and offer you more time to address other things that may be important in your life…

      It is a good idea to get a solid base with Wealthy Affiliate, which in its own will provide a path to success if followed…I do think most people should have some kind of background that will help maximize all of the information, systems, tools and tips found in the Business Growth Systems mentoring program…

      Regarding adding yourself as an affiliate for the program, I think you can learn as much as possible (and information is available with some research using, what else…Google search lol)…For myself, I was looking for such a program myself, and after going through a number of other mentor programs, discovered that their mentors were Rich in many cases!

      Please do stop by and see what I learn, and add your thoughts as I go along, we can all learn from each other and benefit. That is what it is all about!


      Dave : )

  28. Hey David,

    I found here a humble and honest invitation to join an affiliate team. I believe all the word about you mentioned on BGS Program are all true. I checked already the website. Great review also you made. Maybe if ever the membership fee is not that much I will join your program. $397 is high and hard to lay for just one month membership fee. I hope you find effective learnings there that maybe you can pass on to us your viewers. All in all I will mark your post as an honest review of BSG Program. Thanks for sharing.


    1. HI Marcy,

      Thanks for your compiments, this opportunity with the Business Growth System mentoring program is good as a member and for an affiliate marketer as well…

      It is quite expensive but quality, and a product that you can ethically promote to your readers. As a member I will most certainly provide my perspective oon each part of the program as I go through the training, etc.

      Please stop by and catch up and add your feedback! This should be good for all of us!



  29. I think Rich Schefren’s program is a good option to make money thanks to promoting high ticket items. It’s a good idea to promote expensive products instead of selling cheap ones that will allow to earn a high commission faster. I think programs like this one is not for everyone because it requires spending a good deal of money. It may be a good option only for those that have experience in making money online. One of my e-friends, a member of WA have joined another similar program called SFM (Six Figure Mentors) have spent over $6000 and made somewhat over $150. That’s why I tend to believe this program is not for everyone.

    1. HI Rufat,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add your thoughts here. As to your points, I think you are spot on. This program provides a very handsome commission but the program is expensive so it should. I researched quite a bit about Rich and what he offers prior to requesting being added as an affiliate. I do not want to promote something I myself would not use. Most of the time I try the thing I am selling to make sure it does what it says.

      Regarding you real life example, this is also very true. There are many that think just by splashing a bunch of money out they will be able to have success and make lots of money. There is no free lunch I believe. Just as with all the education I have completed in the past, it does not guarantee success. It is how you apply the knowledge in real life that makes the money.

      There are several commenters here that have asked if they should pursue this program or stick with Wealthy Affiliate, or do both. My advice has been to consider the Business Growth System only when they have a solid goal in mind and are ready. If they are going through the excellent program at Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to do the business, they should stick with that. It is a lot cheaper and they will get much more out of that at the point they are now in their onling business career…

      For me, the two can and do mesh together well. They focus on different things that are necessary for success and make money in online marketing. But this is true for my individual situation only, and each prospective member should evaluate what they want from each, and have a clear path they will follow to get this. I am not interested in just selling such programs as Wealthy Affiliate or Business Growth System, rather I want people to benefit from them.

      This is one of the reasons I have decided to document my progress here for readers to know my experiences and results, so they can see what it can do and does in real life, almost like the case studies from your e-friends you mention. To make it even more real, I will be noting the affect on the businesses I apply the techniques to, in regards to the additional income and etc. that I can attribute to the program.

      Please stop by once in a while over the next year, see for yourself, and add your valued comments to the posts. It should be interesting, and I am hoping that it becomes a go-to site for those wanting to make money online themselves using both Wealthy Affiliate and the Business Growth System mentoring program. This is the pay it forward portion of what I do, and I always try to include this in my activitites!



  30. I seriously hope people continually stumble on to your site and really take head to the information being presented to them, as it can drastically change their current financial situations. It is hard to find good, reliable ways to make money online but it is incredible how much money can really be made just by knowing how to work the internet in your favor. great website!! ill be back to learn even more!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the laudatory comments, I do appreciate your enthusiasm….This post is designed to do just this…Get people motivated to take action and move towards making money online and have success…This Business Growth System is for people that are ready to make that move, and although being brand new does not mean it would not work, I believe that having some experience will make it work out better for you….Please stop by again when you have a chance and follow my progress as I move through the mentoring program with Rich! Cheers! Dave

  31. Really liked your post, great detail to help explain a program I’ve never heard of before. There is a fair bit of stuff I’m still learning about with the Internet. The more I check into different things it seems like there is that much more to learn.
    Like you, I also became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m presently learning there, but I will see how you make out with this new venture. I’ll take a better look at it after I straighten out what I’ve started at WA.

    1. Hi Travis,

      That seem like a good plan of action. I find it better to focus on fewer things with the notion of getting them done. It really helps me speed up the process and in the end I am more effective than trying to do 10 things at once…

      Appreciate you taking the time to read through this, I am in the middle of adding a short synapsis using video that will also augment the info found in the post. There is a lot to this Business Growth System mentoring program, and an easier introduction through video I hope will be the hook to get people to read further (the post)…

      On the lucrative affiliate opportunity this represents, it is the same. Many people will think you are only after the money, it is easy to be cynical in this business, but in this case, nothing could be further from the truth. This program provides true value many times over the cost, if used effectively by the member.

      Please do stop in as you get a chance and have some time away from Wealthy Affiliate! I think it will be worth your while, and I look forward to hearing how you are doing with your affiliate online marketing business!



  32. Hi Dave

    I haven’t heard of this guy before, but you certainly provide plenty of information. Right now I’m only really getting started in the world of affiliate marketing – do you think that this program you recommend would be good for beginners or only for those with more experience? It does sound very lucrative, but I do wonder how many people are really going to sign up and pay $3000 up front. I hope you will be able to let us know whether you think this program is worthwhile because personally I find $397 a month a very large fee to be paying!


    1. Hi Mark,

      Yes Rich Schefren does go under the radar a bit, especially for the likes of me and you, both relatively new in the online marketing world (although no longer novices, and with lots of experience in the business world)…

      Personally, I would wait until I had a clear picture of where I was headed in the online marketing so you can get the most out of the Business Growth System mentoring program. As a brand new IM guy I just think it would be too much of a leap. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a smarter way to go at the start.

      People will pay this amount of money if they see that it has value and will provide a return on the investment. I have and will in the future..It is a large monthly or one time fee, no doubt. On the other hand you are getting a proven performer that has shown again and again through his student’s sucesses that what he provides works, they have gone on to make millions of dollars….

      This is also why no matter the commissions, it is a worthy program to promote. The higher commission is nice, but if the program did not offer such a value, I would pass on it. Anyway, I do appreciate you stopping by and providing your feedback…Please do so again over the months so you can read how my own experiences work out!

      Kind Regards,


  33. Hey, I really like the concept of your website. Everything is very easy to read and its very simple to navigate from article t another.

    I have never heard of Rich Schefren before but i seems like a pretty good program. There are so many scams out there people have become weary of what to believe and what not or believe. But the way you describe makes it seem like a pretty legit program.

    the only things that would scare people away is the price. It seem pretty high and many people will not have that type of money to spend.

    I appreciate the info and thanks for reading my comment.

    1. Hi Dylan,

      Thanks for stopping by, taking the time to look through the article, and commenting. I know if you read all pf it and then look at the comments, it can take a consdierable amount of your time. I am asking a commitment from visitors lol!

      Thanks also for the laudatory comments, they are appreciated. I will always strive to get better at presenting iinformation in a format that people will want to absorb. There are those that have commented that the content here is TOO much, and that likely is true for a segment of visitors, So I will continue to improve the post, by adding in an explainer video that provides the down and dirty of the Business Growth System mentoring program along with the applicable lucrative affiliate program that is available to the affiliate marketer…

      I agree with you that the only detriment or impediment to the masses taking advantage to the mentor offering is the price…On the other hand, I understand why it is priced as it is, Rick Schefren is truly a very smart guy who can show that what he knows and teaches works in real life, it is not a pir in the sky thing like you sometimes get in a university setting (so the priciples and tools can be applied to achieve results, and quickly)…

      The other salient point you bring up are the number of scams out there…TOO MANY in my opinion, and their flaashy lead pages and promises of fortunes in minutes or days are just what the gullible want to read about….Rich Schefren is quite frank, in that he calls it the same….Then he contrasts this with his own offering, and of course it is a no-brainer after that (for me)…

      I do hope that you will stop by as I dicument my experiences over the course if the next year as a member of this program. I plan on showing real examples of my own businesses where I implement the tools, systems, and strategies from Rich’s Business Growth Sytem to increase business volume, efficiencies, and profits.



  34. Never heard it before. It seems very interesting for those who are struggling to make money online. I believe it deserves to give it a try and see how this works and all that stuff. I’m very interested on how the affiliate program works. I thin k I will register on the Friday webinar and find out. Nice article

    1. Hi Javier,

      Thanks for stopping by…The Business Growth System could be useful for those that cannot find a focus, I agree. In my case, I have a focus, and although I am not struggling, I want to rapidly grow what I have in place….

      The affiliate program is easy to sign up for as long as it remains open (not sure how or when they shut it), I have posted the links in the article above in a couple of places…I do recommend looking at that webinar, because it gives some good insight for your review/recommendation…

      Appreciate the compliment, enjoy the webinar and stop by again as I provide updates to the program from an insider’s point of view!



  35. You did an awesome job on your site, very informative. I think a liitle to much informative. You had me interested for awhile but then I stared to drift away. A lot of content to read and process… much content. Any type of question someone has…you sure will have the answer. Keep up the good work. Strive to Success. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Faith,

      Thanks for your thoughts…I am saddened a bit that you could not get through the content….Maybe you could consider reading through this in segments, as in coming back for multiple visits to take it all in…

      To your point, there are visitors such as yourself that are not interested in detail, they want down and dirty, and I respect that…To address this, I likely will add a video here for the content challenged, this would be a good thing I think, so thanks for that tip…

      Were you able to retain anything from the time you did spend on the post? Not anything at all specific in your comment on the content itself, so I cannot tell if you even know what was in the content. Because of that nothing in your comment that I can act on regarding clarification, other than to add a video…and this…Another perspective on TOO MUCH…


      For myself, providing content and thorough answers is important. There are those that expect this and to do less is not helpful to them in the long run, and you will not make more sales or get more readers by providing incomplete information…

      This program represents a significant opportunity to make a good affiliate commission. Those who will try to sell it to others need to understand what they are selling and be able to explain thoroughly WHY it is a good value, in spite of the cost…

      Believe me, if you write a 300 word whitewash of the program and ask people to spend this kind of money, you can expect readers to give it the same attention you did…In other words, you are wasting your time and their time, it will be obvious that your mainn interests are in getting those commission dollars, not informing them so they can make an informed decision…

      Remember, as I say, this program is very expensive for online world marketers…Anyone that is considering spending that much money investing in their business and advancement will want to know in detail what they are getting for this large amount of money – I do/would….

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I hope you understand my logic a bit better now. Please come again after I have added a short video you can get through without wandering off, I am sure it will be helpful and maybe even motivate you enough to be able to get through the content portion of the post!



  36. Wow!

    That is a very in-depth description of this opportunity. I’ve never heard of Rich Schefren. It sounds like a full-on training program if you can afford the price tag, but probably worth it if you’re in a position to do it. Their affiliate program sounds very tempting and extremely lucrative, too. I’ve actually been looking for a high ticket item in this area to promote. I take it you actually have to sign up for the program in order to be an affiliate and promote it?

    1. Hi Darren,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation…

      Yes there are many that have not heard of Rich Schefren, I also had not until searching for a mentor program…It is certainly a full on series of modules, calls, one on one conversations, and yes it costs a lot of money…

      The affiliate program is open to everyone, you do not have to be a member to sell it….The link is above if you want to join….There are a lot of support materials you can use, plus if you do some reseach you can add to your own review/post to help promote the program…

      Have a look and see what you think! Also, you can stop by here to get some real hands on tales of what is going on with the program and how it really works for a member (me!)…This is a program you can ethically be an affiliate for, in spite of the high price, because it has that kind of value…



  37. Even though your post was v interesting and informative I don’t understand why you would give such a lot of money to rich schefren to teach you how to use your unique skills when WA already does this.
    Maybe I am just missing the point of this post but what is so great about this rich schefren guy.I know he has his own internet marketing business’s and has helped a lot of people to become successful in internet marketing but so has Kyle,Carson and Steve.WA is so reasonably priced and has such good quality training and some many helpful members I would personally have no interest in leaving WA .

    1. Hi M8 and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add your thoughts…Here are mine…


      I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliates is a great site and the BEST on the internet when it comes to providing a complete and up to date program for getting started with the online marketing business. There is no doubt that it provides much more value than the meager monthly or annual cost to be a member of the site…

      It can be useful not only for the newbie, as I was, or a more seasoned Internet marketer…There are a number of members and the co-founders as well, who have a vast river of experience that can be tapped into for the many issues that pop up as the marketer conducts business day to day.

      Many members of Wealthy Affiliate are searching for what their unique strengths and weaknesses may be, and they may start out one direction with a niche and eventually swing to another niche when they discover the first is not working for them. This is a delf-directed course and site, for the most part.

      This is not a bad thing. There are people that will take the plethora of educational materials and run with them, and the classes do provide structure on how to tap into those many resources…Most of the classes are focused on the many things that must be addressed to have your own successful business…


      The Business Growth System by Rich Schefren, on the other hand, is not intended to address the angle that Wealthy Affiliate provides. Rather it is a focused program that helps you first identify your strengths and weaknesses, kind of like the Myers-Briggs-Personailty-Type-Indicator does…

      The intended result is you will have determined your strengths and areas of business you will likely b e able to differentiate yourself from the competition and achieve success with. It then moves to sharply focussing on your business, looking for ways to implement systems that will allow you to do more with less.

      Examples you should expect as deliverables include outsourcing, having automated programs to free you up, assessing people that can leverage your business using their expertise, how best to market your business, virtually every area of business is examined to see how to make it more efficiant and profitable…


      As you can see these two programs are not conflicting at all, rather they dovetail nicely with one another. Adding the two different angles can help you to get your business set properly (Wealthy Affiliate), then scale it rapidly up using best business practices (Business Growth System)…..

      I am not leaving Wealthy Affiliate, rather I am adding another source of information and knowledge that can add to what I am currently doing with Wealthy Affiliate. The Business Growth System mentoring program is certainly not for everyone. There are many that will be well served with Wealthy Affiliate and can over time establish a profitable business…

      Combining the resources and tools of both will allow me and others to more quickly and efficiently achieve the end goals for the businesses, will also prevent mistakes and wasting time, and in general will allow me to do other things that can positively affect others, using the successes experienced and profits generated, i.e. with my NGO activity…

      Great comment and thanks for your questions, it gives me a chance to explain where I am coming from…In regards to affiliate commissions, this is a program that is really similar to Wealthy Affiliate for me. I can ethically promote both, because I have seen that they are not scams, indeed they provide a true value to those that choose to participate in either or both programs!



  38. Hey There

    Excellent information thank you for providing us with such informative info. I particularly like the way you right your personality shines through your content and makes it easy to understand, even for me.

    I am familiar with rich and his works, he has taught some of the most well known internet entrepreneurs. I was very impressed with his success.

    I was thinking of purchasing the coaching so i look forward to your updates which may sway my decision.

    Thank you for this article I have a cousin I know will find this post very interesting as she was looking for similar information just the other day, I will share this with her now.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Jack,

      LOL I just posted a reply over at Wealthy Affiliate to your comment on my bio page, so I will not bother repeating myself here. It is good to hear that there are a few members on Wealthy Affiliate that have heard of Rich Schefren and his Business Growth System which is his coaching or mentoring program.

      I will be posting updates on my experiences as I go along and you are more than welcome to add to the conversation. I would welcome it. If you wanted to wait to see what my results may be, you could have further social credibiity to make you feel more comfortable about making such a large investment…

      Thanks for your input and I look forward to hearing more from you as we go along! Oh yes also I am willing to answer any questions your cousin may have, and I can also bring in the VIP Director Rich has working with me (this is just a fancy term to make me feel good I think lol) if we need to…That guy really is an expert, he knows Rich very well!



  39. I have just become a member of Wealthy Affiliate recently and it seems this would be a great next step in the journey. I do feel at this point it would be wise for me to stay the course with the current program I am in and look out for this in the future.

    I do have a previous online business that is lying dormant at the moment. There is an existing mailing list and original products that have produced revenue. Would you be suggesting this type of program for revamping an existing idea?

    1. Hi Manu,

      First of all, thanks for stopping by to have a look at this post. As a bit of expanation this Business Growth System mentoring program is something that I saw as being a need for my online business growth and for my personal growth. It is something I have considered for a long time…

      I do think that because of the cost involved, one should be ready and comfortable with making such a large comittment of money and time and effort. It helps to have a focus going in…Likely you will know when you are ready for this step. Wealthy Affiliate is a program that really gets one off to the right start when it comes to online marketing…

      Wealthy Affiliate has so much information and help that is of so much more worth than the small monthly or annual fee paid. The lessons are clear, up to date, easy to take action on, and the community is very active and supportive. I have been a member there for 4 months and can attest to all of these statements…

      The Business Growth System from Rich Schefren has a different focus. It looks more at the systems and exact tools/methodologies that are needed, depending on the business model the client has, to maximize the leverage that is possible through implementation.

      This mentoring program will allow rapid growth in an efficient manner, and this without the hands on daily attention from the business owner. The systems selected are ones that fit into the type of business you are operating, they can run largely on auto-pilot, they remove obstacles to getting things done, and they allow the business owner to focus on other things to a much larger degree than possible before-hand.

      The principles are the same for online businesses as for offline businesses in large part I think. Many online marketers do not have such offline experience bowever, so often they are mired down in doing the day to day mundane activities that do not allow the time to think and act on the strategic level…This hinders their growth potential…

      Now back to your situation….If it were me, I would stick with Wealthy Affiliate until you are ready to take that next step. You will know it inside I think when that time comes. The business that you have dormant can be reinvigorated at any time it sounds like, better to get through Wealthy Affiliate now and consider a mentoring program like Business Growth Systems at a later time…

      You can stop in here to get some insights from me as I progress with the Business Growth System, I hope to add something value for all as I go along. This will be a personal glimpse into the thoughts, actions, outcomes, and real impact on the businesses I apply the information from the mentoring progam…



  40. Hi Dave,

    The price seems very high, but in reading all the comments and your explanations I can see that this likely is a good investment. The biggest barrier I see is that cost…

    I have three children, and I am working hard to pay for their college education, month after month, year after year. Why am I doing this? Because I know that to help them have a better life than me, I have to give them a leg up on the job market.

    Many here cannot see this, and I do understand. But as with my children, I believe that an investment in education is never too costly nor the sacrifice I am making too much for their future.

    I almost feel like this is set up for an executive level program, as opposed to a starter who likely has little experience or knowledge. In that light, it makes perfect sense that the cost is high.

    You mention the the Business Growth System is cheaper than other mentor programs you did DD on. What is the difference between the programs, can you give me more details? I am interested purely for increasing my own knowledge, all my extra money is being put into my children’s college education!

    I did sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and was a member for a short while. I signed up after reading your review of the site. I must say it did deliver everything you said it would and more, so I tend to believe what you are saying with this program. I just cannot afford it!


    1. Hello Rea,

      Thanks for chiming in here to this very active debate/discussion so far on the Business Growth System mentor program operated by Rich Schefren. To answer your question on other programs, some varied between $2000 USD to over $8000 USD, without going into names or programs…Now…

      I must offer my humblest appreciation for the sacrifice you are making to make sure your children have the best chance to succeed in life by funding their education. I am sure this is coming at a great sacrifice on your part.

      The main point you bring out is so true however, and what I was trying to convey to other commenters here. You have to be ready to invest your timem, effort, and money if you hope to have the success you seek.

      I do not think these resources should be thrown away on the many scams you find on the ingternet when it somes to online marketing, but when you find a gem, you go for it.

      I wish you the best as you go along, and I hope the children realize what you are doing for them, and return the investment later by taking care of you!

      Please stop by to follow how my training goes as I go along and how it affect the businesses I am running. I am sure it will be interesting for the readers, and I hope we can keep the dialogue going so we can all learn!


  41. I can’t believe this is for real! Just look at how expensive it is! This reminds me of Affilorama, which also has a high price tag on certain parts of the product.

    So does it just teach you how to promote the product itself? I suppose all you need to do is get a few people each month to sign up and then you get some pretty decent money coming in, right? But do they teach anything else other than to promote their own product?

    What I mean is, Wealthy Affiliate has the boot camp course to teach you how to promote WA itself, but they also have the other course that shows you how to succeed in your own niche. Do they have anything like that here?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      I do understand your perspective coming from Wealthy Affiliate, which is an EXTREMELY reasonably priced site and education program…You are investing in your self by being a member, as I am…This is a great place to get a well grounded base to start your online marketing program…

      But…What if you want to take your business to the next level? What if you realize there are likely smarter ways to do business by leveraging available resources to scale up your operation quickly and the subsequent profits, no matter the niche or business focus.

      Believe me, this is how you have to think as a businessman in regards to strategy and to implement a vision for your company…

      So having said that, let’s compare…How much do you pay for a year of college? Nowadays it can be many many thousands of dollars. Would you say this is too much? If you were in undergraduate school, you might expect to pay less than the more advanced program I would assume, correct? I would…

      You pay this and put the time and effort in to complete your degree(s) on the expectation that over time you will realize a return on that investment of time and money many times over. This is the perspective you have to look at this investment…

      I assure you this is a REASONABLY priced program. One of his students who graduated a while back has a mentorship program that costs $7000 for a 6 month program…I have spent my dollars and other’s dollars to the tune of $400,000 over the years in education costs…I know what a leg up investing in your self can bring…I also know value when I see it, and this is a case of that!

      From your question(s), It sounds like you did not get past the cost when you read this article in regards to what it encompasses. I urge you to do your own research plus re-read again the article above, it has in general some of the things you will learn, but there is much more detail available on the internet……

      Here are just 3 examples of social proof of the efficacy him and his program (there are many more):

      1. You can see a short bio HERE…In essence, he has earned over 16 million dollars in IM (as of a few years ago!)…He is number 9 on the all time list of IM earners (again, as of a few years ago), he has been quoted in articles and magazines nationally (i.e. CNN, NewsWeek, etc.)…

      2. Here is an excerpt from a PR (press release): breaks all barriers that keep online business owners from experiencing what the gurus know. The website offers the “Internet Business Manifesto,” including material that every Internet entrepreneurs, marketers and professionals should study so that they can learn how to run a successful online business regardless of the stage their business currently is in.

      Written by Internet business expert Rich Schefren, the Internet Business Manifesto is a report that chronicles how over 26 millionaires who struggled with their online business system have overcome all odds and are now enjoying online business success.

      “Even if a business is struggling to live up to the expectations or has failed miserably, one can turn it into a multi-million dollar business after reading the Internet Business Manifesto,” Mr. Schefren says.

      Known for his Internet business coaching program, Mr. Schefren has been featured on, CNN, CBS News, Newsweek, TLC, NBC, The New York Post, ABC, ET, Discovery Channel and many more media networks. Mr. Schefren has revealed in an open conversation that his Internet Business Manifesto was inspired by the Internet marketing fundamentals of Dan Kennedy, a legendary copywriter…

      3. iTunes Reviews…


      The “Rich on Air” app gives you access to over 100 of Rich Schefren’s most elite business
      trainings, as easy-to-download audio recordings. Usually reserved for Rich’s clients only,
      these quick audio recordings will give you unique insights into growing your online
      business that you won’t find anywhere else.

      Rich Schefren has been featured in various publications, and profiled on every
      major television network, including FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel,
      ET, Vogue, Lifestyle for Men, New York Post and GQ just to name a few.

      * You Get 10 Trainings Free.

      * Listen in from Anywhere.

      * Choose what business strategies you want to listen to and nothing more.

      Simply download the app and start listening for your next business breakthrough.

      Customer ReviewsRich gives the best business advice by MichaelHartATL

      Rich is one of the most brilliant minds in marketing. You’re crazy not to consume any content he puts out.

      Get this app by JerryJerome3391

      Rich schefren is the #1 trainer of marketing and business growth. I love how smart, detailed, brilliant and clear his growth strategies are. You will LOVE his trainings on this app.

      Great App With Great Advice by Rich Schefren

      Rich Schefren is the one business expert worth listening to

      Bottom line I urge you to look past the price and see what is the “meat” of his program. Anyone who is ready (most are not) should carefully consider how they can best move to scale up their business. They should compare his program with the may others out there, and look at how some of his students have done. How many have become mult-millionaires as a result of implementing his suggestions?
      Also Marcus, please check back in here, because I will be adding posts on my experiences as I go along and I am sure then you will see more in depth what it can do for the participant, and why it is not an expensive program compared to the ROI!The high commission is nice, but bottom line, that is due to the cost of the program which is NOT that high compared to others…
      I also will put it to the test with two of my businesses and show in general terms what happens over the next year with each. I will provide some specific figures (not sure how much detail yet) that showcases tools I have implemented as a result of what I learn and what affect they have on the business. Should be fun and eye-opening, please stop by!

  42. Hi Dave, I hope that you gain massive value out of that program!
    Currently it’s still way too pricey for me, and I would like to focus on one thing at a time. It’s not the time for me to try out a new program yet.
    Anyway, it does sound like a value packed program.

    1. Hi Edward,

      I am pretty sure the value is there…Like Wealthy Affiliate, it is up to me to squeeze that value out of it lol! Much as with a college program, you can skate through and get a “poassing” grade, but that is not my intention!

      The price is high as you say ( I think everyone can agree on that hehe). But as with a post graduate program, generally the cost for such advanced theory, tools, tips, systems, and methodologies as what you get as part of the Business Growth System from Rich Schefren is high…as is the ROI…

      You are right that your mind set needs to be right to do this, and if you are focusing on getting other basic things in order through a site as Wealthy Affiliate, the best thing to do is to work your way through that excellent program first, and address this advanced level later. That makes sense…

      I appreciate you stopping by and hope that you come again to have a look at the progress reports I post here, and again provide your feedback, ideas, and input!


      Dave : )

  43. Hi Dave,

    Wow the course sounds amazing! Far too intense and pricey for me but I suppose to do something as serious as this you need the time and money to invest in your own brand and business which I do not! But I am interested in following your journey and seeing you succeed in building your dream homes.


    1. Hi Sammi!

      Thanks for stopping by and having a look! This Business Growth System mentoring course really is going to be intense, no doubt. I have not spent this much money at one time for education in a long time! I will be very motivated to make it provide a good ROI hyou can believe that lol!

      Also I am glad to hear that you will stop on by as I go through the course, I think it will be very informative and hopefully I can pass along a gem or three as I make posts to share with everyone this journey! Strange that prior to doing research I had never heard of Rich Schefren…Now that I know who he is, I am seeing signs of him everywhere!

      Have a great weekend and nice to see you here!

  44. I have actually been searching the web for online money making opportunities, and the Rich Schefren program sounds like a great way to earn money online as an affiliate marketer 🙂

    It does seem a little pricey, BUT the commissions are really worth working towards and will cover the membership costs 🙂

    Overall, Rich’s program sounds like an ideal way to learn how to make money online.


    1. Hi Neil,

      Regarding the commissionsm yes they are lucrative due to the high cost of the program, I like to actually believe in what I am selling also, and this program delivers value for the price. If you look at some of my replies to comments below you will see why I say that…

      Rich’s program is actually applicale to any online or offline business, but in particular the online markerter often does not have much business background as an owner or entrepeneur, and this program will provide a solid basis to get this in place…

      Having this knowledge in your arsenal of tools will save you time, money and work in the short and long run. Also it will allow you to see how you can scale up your operation rapidly even with a less than hands on focus, meaning yu will have more time to think on the next big project or business, or take time off to do other things like spend it with your family!

      Thanks for stopping by and please come again as I describe here my experiences as I go through the course!



  45. Hi David,

    I appreciate the detailed discussion of Rich Schefren’s mentoring program. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and like you mentioned, it’s the best.

    In the past I have considered finding a mentor. The right mentor can surely speed things up, but the costs you mention are substantial. You’ll also have business expenses on top of this as well.

    I hope you keep us posted about your experience as a student of Rich Schefren. I look forward to watching you succeed with his teaching.


    1. Hi Gary!

      Thanks for your words of encouragement! I mist certainly will keep evrone posted, I think we can all learn from what I go through, and that is important to me as well as me getting the training myself!

      Stop by once in a while and I will also post a bit here and there on Wealthy Affiliate about this!

      Kind Regards,


  46. Hi Dave!

    When I first started reading your article and saw the price I was very skeptical about this mentoring. There are so many scams online that it is impossible not to, you might agree with me.

    But then you were giving the facts and I really think now this training could be a life changing opportunity as you say. I know you have a strong reputation with the online business niche and the fact that you are part of Wealthy Affiliate makes me confident enough to place complete trust in what you say. However, I still need to check the references you provided to Linda and see for myself.

    As I am new to internet marketing and my business is also a couple of months old, is this training going to be worth at this initial point of my business? I mean, won’t it be better if I wait a bit more to grow my business and get more experience to be able to absorb better the information provided by Rich? What is your advice for a newbie?

    Thanks for letting me know about this opportunity. It looks great!

    All the best

    1. Hi Stefan,

      Thanks for stopping by and also taking the time to comment, adding your thoughts…

      I appreciate your vote of confidence in what I will endorse, place on this site, you are right that I would not be an affiliate of this program if I thought it was not legtimate. My ethics would not allow this. Having said that, this program is expensive, no doubt.

      To put the price into perspective, however, let me take you back a few years…I was a young NCO in the US Army and they were pushing us to get civilian higher education and were backing this up with a program where they paid for 90% of tuition costs.

      Over a period of 9 years, I was able to complete an Associate of Arts, a Bachelor of Science, a Masters and a second Masters, mostly using the Army’s money. My cost for all of this schooliong was less than $20,000 USD. That same education today would cost me at least $300,000 USD, which seems obscene.

      But the advantages that I realized through completing those years of schooling and degrees were invaluable. Faster advancement in the military, cherry jobs, knowing how to actually use what I learned in real life situations, knowing how to deal with people, how to develop them, and writing and speaking skills I developed all were affected by this schooling.

      This is the same as what this program offers clients/affiliates. The cost is small compared to what I paid, and REALLY small compared to what I paid then and would pay now for such advanced training. The payback back then was real, in terms of higher pay, a higher retirement income and the follow on jobs that were open to me because of my experiences. I am sure it is the same for having and implementing the knowledge gained through the BGS mentorship program.

      In regards to your question at the end of your comment…Being new to affiliate marketing and online business in general, I think you can and should wait, and get the experiences that are available at a much lower cost through a site like Wealthy Afflliate, and when you feel you are ready, you can make a move to get this highly focused training. It is almost like starting out working for an AA degree as opposed to going right for a Masters, it just makes more sense?

      In my estimation, taking that time and great training available at Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to understand the business much better and have a degree of focus as to your passion and interests prior to entering into this type of program. A lot of the things you learn in the BGS mentoring program are more related to business skills in general as opposed to creating web sites and writing content etc. but it would help if you had a direction prior to entering into the program…

      Now having said that, offering this as an affiliate to Strategic Profits programs to others can make sense in that it is a good program that has a high level of value for the participants, has a well established record of endorsement by authority sites, and a track record of producing millionaires and multi-millionaires through the program. This is legitimate and you can offer it to others…

      Due to the rather high cost, the commission is also high. As Leo, an Ambassador from Wealthy Affiliate has said in his recent posts, it takes the same work to promote a cheaper (say $10) item that it takes to promote a more expensive (say $3000 USD) item,

      This is simply leveraging your efforts. Of course the potential market is much smaller for this more expensive program, but on the other hand you are not having to selling 150 memberships to get a $750, you onlhy have to sell one…

      Thanks for your input, it is valued for sure!

      Oh yes…PLease feel free to stop by again as I get started so you can read about my experiences as I move through the program. My plan is to start a membership especially for this program where we can share our experiences on a deeper level and support one another as we develop our businesses to the next level(s)…



      : )

      1. Hi Dave!

        I really appreciate your time to give such an insightful reply. You have more than exceeded my expectations with that. Many thanks!

        I will definitely bookmark this page so when I get enough experience, I could think about a step further. The affiliate commissions is definitely amazing. It is wise to promote more expensive products but also keeping in mind about its quality, as you always do here.

        All the best


        1. Hi Stefan!

          No problem at all, I am extremely serious about doing my best to offer only value and truth to readers here. It will be a pleasure to have you follow along here as this grows, and I will be putting the lessons to the test with two real businesses I am involved in and very forthrightly show what the affect may be either positive otr negative!

          All the best to you as well!


  47. This sounds like a decent opportunity and one of the programs that is created with more effort. I have never heard of this man before but that doesn’t mean too much in my opinion, it’s whether or not his program is impound table and sound. The bone I would have to pick about it is the price, especially to new comers looking for their first on line opportunity and are not aware of the support and commitment they would need.

    1. Hi M8!

      Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the post/information….You bring up some valid points…


      The price for this mentorship program called Business Growth System (BCG) is quite high when you compare it to a complete program such as Wealthy Affiliate, which is a very reasonable $359 USD (?) for a year, more if paid monthly at $47 a month…Here is why:

      I. Focus of each…

      There is a difference is in the focus of the two programs…

      – In general, Wealthy Affiliate provides a complete and extensive platform for setting up an affiliate program, with lots of training and support, set up to take care of large numbers of individuals, whereas

      – BGS by Rich Schefren is set up to address the individual, the business model itself, and ways to cut through obstacles that each individual determines are there for his business to achieve maximum growth and hands off growth…

      II. Determining What To Pursue…

      – Wealthy Affiliate provides some guidance on how to determine a niche to pursue using general common sense logic

      – BGS starts the mentored out with an intensive self-discovery training phase that helps you determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what makes you unique, then moves you to decide how you can pursue a line of business that will take advantage of these unique abilities to stand out from the competition…

      III. Conducting Business…

      – Wealthy Affiliate does describe and show in detail how to best set up an affiliate marketing program and how to monetize it. There are numerous training modules and posts on the site that provide tips and tools for that…There are some areas that could use more in depth coverage in my opinion such as creating and using funnels, membership sites, and the like, but these kind of things may be covered in other areas of the site such as through blog posts of members…

      – BGS on the other hand sharply focuses on such things once you have determined your direction based on what talents you have that are unique…Ways to maximize your effort and create, as much as possible, a business system that can keep on going and growing without your direct involvement on a daily basis, and indeed postulates that not doing this is a waste of resources. I agree with this tenet…In any business, and this what online marketing is, you want to maximize efficiencies and lower costs, increasing profits.

      IV. One on One Mentoring and More…

      – Wealthy Affiliate by its nature does not lend itself to one on one mentoring to a large degree. There are just too many members to have a lot of this going on by Kyle and Carson…Thereare simply too many members for this to be effective…Having said that, there are weekly webinars, plus an extensive resource library of information and lessons and programs available, and that takes care of 90% of the need for mentoring an individual may have. Add to that the active membership on the site and you can see this works well, it suffices…There is a LOT of support offered to members for their buck!

      – BGS on the other hand, offers a more intimate one on one mentoring and smaller groups to mentored clients, and they are also provided with a large library of material they have access to 24/7, and a program that is structured more toward actual implementation of best business practices, similar to what an offline business must do. In the online marketing business, many times this training is just lacking, because many marketers have not had such training…Wealthy Affiliate touches on some of the points, but it is not as in depth as BGS…

      V. Last Points of Differences.

      – Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of value for the cost of their program. When I look at their competitors, most offer less valjue at a higher price, and often the focus is more on making the people at the top more money than really providing a full and complete training program…It does not tell you in detail how best to put in place systems and tools to make your business grow faster with minimal day to day involvement by yourself…

      – BGS provides lots of value for the price of their program too. I have checked into many other mentorship prgrams that are out there, compared what they are offering to the price they are asking for their service, and 9-% of them led me right back to Rich! These guys learned from him, they jacked up their price, and offer less than who they learned from!.

      – Of all the programs, Rich’s was the one that offered a comprehensive service and a start to finish plan or system to make sure the participant will be able to gain the knowledge needed to know what busines best suits the person, then efficiently develop a model and operate the business that will be able to grow rapidly due to removal of obstacles and use of efficiency/leverage tools such as outsourcing and putting into place systems…

      Now having said all that, this BGS program is definitely for a person that has a focus on developing their business and is willing to go through the steps to determine how to get this done, and takes action to do so. Nothing in, nothing out…

      Wealthy Affiliate can also lead one to success, no doubt. I know there are some members that are in the 6 figure range of earning money and more currently. The vast majority however are not, and without the intensive training that a program such as Rich’s provides, will find it taking a LOT longer to reach that level of success.

      Sorry so long, but I hope this gives you a better idea on the price difference and what you get for the money with each prgram…


      Also, there is a market for such a program, as evidenced by the fact this program has been around for 7 years. Therre are individuals that know they need such training and are willing to pay this sum (or more)! As an affiliate marketer, why not promote such a program that is legitimate, although expensive compared to one such as Wealthy Affiliate, where your commissions are rather healthy.

      Best of luck and again, I appreciate you taking the time to add your thoughts here! Please stop by again, I am sure there will be some more good points brougt up as we go along!



  48. Hi Dave, Your review about Rich Schefren is very well written and explains the insider view of the program. Sounds more like a scam to me, (sorry), although we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I myself have never heard of Rich, and I think his programs are way too expensive. I am afraid the program would be a hard sell! How many members does he have? You say it has been around for over 7 years, what is the proper name of the program? Thank you for writing this review, otherwise I would know nothing about Rich Schefren, gives me something to research.
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Linda,

      LOL I understand why you might be skeptical, but I assure you this is legitimate and a thriving business, and with reason…Let me start with the last questions and work my way back to the first…

      1. The name of the program is mentioned in the article several times,,,,It is called The Business Growth System

      2. Rich has been around for longer than 7 years but yes this mentoring program is that old.

      3. The exact number of members he has at any one time is likely small, he closes the program when a certain number of clients are signed up…

      4. Regarding price : This is not like Wealthy Affiliate where the focus is on affiliate marketing, rather this is a business generating and building program that can apply to any niche or business. In my case it will be applied to real businesses that I run both offline and online…This is getting mentoring advice from a proven multi-millionaire earner who has made it possible for others to become multimillionaires…Real examples below, do a Google search on these names: Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Alex Mandossian, Stephen Pierce, Alewx Jeffreys, and Yanik Silver

      This is some of his background story:

      His report called “The Internet Manifesto” has been quoted by some of the news channels in the picture below…

      What is The Internet Manifesto by Strategic Profits?

      A very popular report and has been downloaded millions of times. As a testament to its effectiveness, it has been featured in all major publications, including CNN, CBS, Vogue, etc. In my search for a real authentic mentor, all roads led back to Rick!

      So you see Linda, this is real but it is not for the faint hearted….This is for the serious online business person who is willing to invest in themself and their business…The results can be life-changing, just as getting an advanced degree at a bricks and mortar institution can be…No doubt an investment worthy of the pittance asked compared to that college expense I paid for so long ago!

      Thanks for your thoughts and questions, it does add to the conversation I hope to generate!

      Kind Regards,


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