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First…Some Facts:

Affiliate Commissions Available:

There are many different offerings that Rich has but as an example here is one:

Business Growth System

  • $748.75 per sale on every “full pay” order of $2,995 USD
  • $99.25 a month per sale for every “Payment Plan” order of $397 a month for every month sign ups remain members over 11 months in the coaching program


  • Many other commissions are available from various up-sells and down-sells that are offered
  • There is also two tier program i.e. affiliate sign ups get referrals, you get a commission as well!

Webinar Invitation (To Learn More About The BGS Program)


Affiliate Sign Up



Many of my colleagues at Wealthy Affiliate (I am a member) know that I was considering joining a mentor program, so was actively looking at various programs that are available. After a lot of due diligence, I came to know that many individuals that were offering such programs had been themselves taught by one person: Rich Schefren!

That surprised me, I had not heard much about this guy. Once I did the research, and found out how great this leader was, and what he has accomplished, I decided to try to go directly to the source, as opposed to learning second hand from other students, so to speak. I can now say publicly that I am enrolling on Friday 30 October in Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits 12 month coaching program titled Business Growth Systems.

To date I have not decided whether I will do a 1 or 2 payment plan or do a monthly plan. Any plan is not cheap, but if you want the best, and get the best, you have to expect to pay a good sum. If I take a monthly plan it looks like  will pay $397 USD each month over an 11 period, while if I choose a one time payment I will pay $2995 USD, a considerable savings over the monthly plan.

What Will I Use This For?

The first question is what will I get for this before what will I use it for…With sign up and payment I will have access to all course materials and weekly conference calls with Rich over the next year. There is more that I will go into further on in this post, but this is the basic service offered. It is a lot more than it sounds like, believe me. Rich has mentored many of the biggest names in internet marketing, has been featured in many national and international sites such as CNN, Business Week, Inc, etc. and provides a COMPLETE package.

So what I will USE it for is to attain my online business goals…The general goal I have for this move is to more rapidly grow and systemize my online and offline businesses in video marketing, other offline marketing services, plus fleshing out a brand new online marketing business that is rolling out in Germany, Austria, and Thailand. I want to learn from the best!

I definitely want to grow these businesses in the most efficient manner possible, and also grow them in a way where they can continue to expand with less direct involvement on my part. I will automate my businesses to the point they almost run without me while still experiencing growth over the next 12 months.

This will give me more time and money to spend on building out other opportunities like affiliate marketing and offline NGO activities I am currently involved with on three continents. Not only that, I will have more free time to travel as I like to do, and build out homes in China, Portugal, Florida and the Philippines as I desire.

OK, What Does Rich Bring To The Table?

Rich teaches the fundamentals that are needed to realize these goals for me and he can do the same for everyone, regardless of niche or business, offline or online, and lots more like supercharging your business efforts. For the right people who like the sound of what I am stating, ones that are motivated and ready to invest in themselves, the program is ideal.

The program that Rich offers is not some system that you try to replicate to make money online, nor is it a tool or service that will leverage your ability to sell affiliate products like some of the other products you see me promoting here. Rather, what Rich teaches are core business principles that teach you how to successfully build a successful REAL internet business!

Note for those interested: This program is NOT a particular method where you have to follow some magic formula to make more money online, it is not a secret technique or a below the radar system that allows you to make money with no effort, nor is it a piece of software you can just plug in and run with. Rather, Rich will teach you how to leverage your KEY ASSET: Your OWN unique talents!

Once you have identified these unique talents in yourself, you then will learn to translate them into a viable business model that can run without your direct involvement or as in my case, it will provide a means to make more efficient  my existing Internet businesses and add to them using my unique talents over and above where they are now, then automate them, scaling them up exponentially, and of course increase the resulting profits!

One last note: A lot of the results you may experience are up to you. This is similar as with other sites like Wealthy Affiliate*, where everything is there, and it is up to you to follow and take action . This means with Rich’s program all the tools are there for you, but again, it is YOU that must apply them to your own business to have success. This is no magic formula provided to you! It requires work and effort and discipline to take actions!

* For more information on Wealthy Affiliate, the BEST affiliate online marketing educational site, click HERE) .

What Now?

Since you have all the key materials and the foundation, and you are limited only by your effort/dedication/work ethic, you can advance at a very fast rate or at a slower rate, whatever may be your comfort zone.

This tried and tested program has been around for over 7 years, it has made many many millionaires or multimillionaires, and it has been updated over that time, so you start out knowing that what is provided really works today, AND you have Rich’s personal help along the way to ensure your success.

Right Now the Program Is Open 

I do not know how long the program will remain open (there is a limit on the number of people he can coach at any time of course) but Rich does close the program when his student limit is reached.

I have been told that there is a revamped and updated set of materials that I will have access to, so as mentioned, there is no outdated material that no longer works included that may throw you off (I have been the victim of this with other “programs”)…This is the latest version of everything that you and I will be getting!

There is no doubt that many people will be promoting this program until it closes. In spite of the hype, I can say everything I have seen points to this mentoring program being a true game-changer for those that join/follow the provided guidance. The names of successful graduates is long, and again, many are multi-millionaires now!

In spite of Rich’s success he is a low key person from what I can see….Not a lot of hype or BS you get (or I did anyway) with other lesser known mentors.  It seems he is one of the good guys out there. I have had to deal with some hard sales people since I started my search, and I have to say that this was a soft sell compared to these guys.

Note that Rich has an affiliate program and as a matter of fact I am one too! The affiliate site is not found on some of your normal sites like JVZoo or ClickBank, rather it is operated by himself (hence maybe not so much hype as with other programs). But there is more: Right NOW there is an opportunity for you to join up as an affiliate as well! Read on…

PLUS: A Lucrative Affiliate Opportunity For YOU 

I have decided to stop trying to sell dime-sale products as an affiliate. The cost to advertise and time involved in promoting that sale versus a larger one like this mentoring program is similar. The difference though is the payout! I will now only focus on very good products and ones that pay out a higher commission.

This site is intended to educate the readers and I am simply not going to clog it up with adverts that you can find on a hundred other similar sites! I would rather focus on the top programs and tools, while providing more valuable information for you to help you make money online!.

The program that Rich is offering falls into this category: A high value product, and as an affiliate, a high commission when you get a referral that takes action and signs up! It fits perfectly with my intent for this site.

Here is the link you can sign up at:

JOIN through ==> Dave’s Affiliate Team

More Benefits YOU Can Get!

What is even better, as I go along I will be able to share what I learn here as I go through his course, telling you what I have learned and what actions I have taken, and the results. Therefore you will see me writing a LOT about my experiences over the next 11 months…

You will have a birds eye view and will be able to learn from what I learn. You will also have the opportunity to sign up yourself to is program, plus sign up as an affiliate and market it yourself!

Stated simply, there nothing like his program available in the market. It is unique and thorough.  Again, this is NOT an affiliate training site like Wealthy Affiliate (an excellent site and well worth investigating as well by the way to learn how to get your niche blog site started and monetized – this site is a result of that program!) .

I am telling you all of this for three reasons:

  • I want to have you follow my progress here as I go along
  • I want you to see the value I get out of the program, and
  • I want you also to make some higher affiliate commissions by having you promote a product that you can believe in and sell as something that has high value.

One thing for everyone…If you do decide to join Rich’s program I hope you do so under my affiliate link, and then join me in a mastermind group. It starts out with a webinar so you see what the program entails…

Here it is, Click On This ===>  Dave’s Invitation to Live Webinar

Believe me when I say this: A team is much more powerful than any single person. I have been involved in teams for years in a variety of settings all over the globe…They work!

As I gain experience from Rich’s program I will provide regular REAL feedback here to help you decide if you want to join his program as mentioned above. If you do sign up under me, we will have a special site on Facebook and membership on this site where we can regularly meet, exchange ideas and tactics, and grow together. These pages will not be visible to visitors to the site, only to members.

But, no worries, if the price of the program is too much as I know it can be for some people, you still will have my feedback of the program as I go along here on the blog, so it would be wise to bookmark this page or subscribe so I can send you regular mails updating you on what tips, tools and more you can use for your own business!

So Are You Ready To Become An Affiliate? 

I am pretty sure you have to act fast…I do not know how long it will remain open. I had no problem signing up even though I have not officially become a member of the mentoring program as of yet (I am joining two of his programs actually on a special deal I have been offered) and will do so Friday, 30 October.

Do you have a niche blog site that is in the making money online, or tools tips for making money, or a business help site, etc. Maybe you have an email list already and some of your leads would be interested in this?

If so, I highly recommend that you sign up to Rich’s affiliate program and promote it like I am doing here. This is something that you can ethically market to your readers…You are providing them a real service! Also let’s not forget you will be making a real good commission when you get a sale.

There is an affiliate page that has all kinds of affiliate marketing tools and tips. There are tested email swipes, banners, free webinars, etc. that make it real easy to promote this high quality product!

Once you sign up you will get an affiliate link (if the affiliate offer is still open) and you can grab a link on the affiliate page where you can recommend the prospect view a free webinar he is conducting on a regular basis.

So, now to get signed up….Please click on the link below…

Please click on this link:

Dave’s Affiliate Team


I hope that I have gotten your attention and I hope that you are ready to take action, as an affiliate, or a member of his mentoring group, and as a member of my group when you sign up.

Please leave your comments or questions below and I will answer them as quickly as I can.

Best of luck to all of us, and I look forward to working together with you all.


PS: There is a sign-up page for Rich’s free seminar that is now live. This is DEFINITELY worth your time. It is quite extensive and has LOTS of valuable information.

PSS: You can also sign up on the provided list while there if you want to be considered for his next coaching program opening.

Here is the link –

Daves Invitation To BGS Webinar To Learn More


100 thoughts on “Want A Lucrative Affiliate Opportunity With Rich Schefren?

  1. Hi Dave, Your review about Rich Schefren is very well written and explains the insider view of the program. Sounds more like a scam to me, (sorry), although we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I myself have never heard of Rich, and I think his programs are way too expensive. I am afraid the program would be a hard sell! How many members does he have? You say it has been around for over 7 years, what is the proper name of the program? Thank you for writing this review, otherwise I would know nothing about Rich Schefren, gives me something to research.
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Linda,

      LOL I understand why you might be skeptical, but I assure you this is legitimate and a thriving business, and with reason…Let me start with the last questions and work my way back to the first…

      1. The name of the program is mentioned in the article several times,,,,It is called The Business Growth System

      2. Rich has been around for longer than 7 years but yes this mentoring program is that old.

      3. The exact number of members he has at any one time is likely small, he closes the program when a certain number of clients are signed up…

      4. Regarding price : This is not like Wealthy Affiliate where the focus is on affiliate marketing, rather this is a business generating and building program that can apply to any niche or business. In my case it will be applied to real businesses that I run both offline and online…This is getting mentoring advice from a proven multi-millionaire earner who has made it possible for others to become multimillionaires…Real examples below, do a Google search on these names: Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Alex Mandossian, Stephen Pierce, Alewx Jeffreys, and Yanik Silver

      This is some of his background story: http://www.strategicprofits.com/about-us/

      His report called “The Internet Manifesto” has been quoted by some of the news channels in the picture below…

      What is The Internet Manifesto by Strategic Profits?

      A very popular report and has been downloaded millions of times. As a testament to its effectiveness, it has been featured in all major publications, including CNN, CBS, Vogue, etc. In my search for a real authentic mentor, all roads led back to Rick!

      So you see Linda, this is real but it is not for the faint hearted….This is for the serious online business person who is willing to invest in themself and their business…The results can be life-changing, just as getting an advanced degree at a bricks and mortar institution can be…No doubt an investment worthy of the pittance asked compared to that college expense I paid for so long ago!

      Thanks for your thoughts and questions, it does add to the conversation I hope to generate!

      Kind Regards,


  2. This sounds like a decent opportunity and one of the programs that is created with more effort. I have never heard of this man before but that doesn’t mean too much in my opinion, it’s whether or not his program is impound table and sound. The bone I would have to pick about it is the price, especially to new comers looking for their first on line opportunity and are not aware of the support and commitment they would need.

    1. Hi M8!

      Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the post/information….You bring up some valid points…


      The price for this mentorship program called Business Growth System (BCG) is quite high when you compare it to a complete program such as Wealthy Affiliate, which is a very reasonable $359 USD (?) for a year, more if paid monthly at $47 a month…Here is why:

      I. Focus of each…

      There is a difference is in the focus of the two programs…

      – In general, Wealthy Affiliate provides a complete and extensive platform for setting up an affiliate program, with lots of training and support, set up to take care of large numbers of individuals, whereas

      – BGS by Rich Schefren is set up to address the individual, the business model itself, and ways to cut through obstacles that each individual determines are there for his business to achieve maximum growth and hands off growth…

      II. Determining What To Pursue…

      – Wealthy Affiliate provides some guidance on how to determine a niche to pursue using general common sense logic

      – BGS starts the mentored out with an intensive self-discovery training phase that helps you determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what makes you unique, then moves you to decide how you can pursue a line of business that will take advantage of these unique abilities to stand out from the competition…

      III. Conducting Business…

      – Wealthy Affiliate does describe and show in detail how to best set up an affiliate marketing program and how to monetize it. There are numerous training modules and posts on the site that provide tips and tools for that…There are some areas that could use more in depth coverage in my opinion such as creating and using funnels, membership sites, and the like, but these kind of things may be covered in other areas of the site such as through blog posts of members…

      – BGS on the other hand sharply focuses on such things once you have determined your direction based on what talents you have that are unique…Ways to maximize your effort and create, as much as possible, a business system that can keep on going and growing without your direct involvement on a daily basis, and indeed postulates that not doing this is a waste of resources. I agree with this tenet…In any business, and this what online marketing is, you want to maximize efficiencies and lower costs, increasing profits.

      IV. One on One Mentoring and More…

      – Wealthy Affiliate by its nature does not lend itself to one on one mentoring to a large degree. There are just too many members to have a lot of this going on by Kyle and Carson…Thereare simply too many members for this to be effective…Having said that, there are weekly webinars, plus an extensive resource library of information and lessons and programs available, and that takes care of 90% of the need for mentoring an individual may have. Add to that the active membership on the site and you can see this works well, it suffices…There is a LOT of support offered to members for their buck!

      – BGS on the other hand, offers a more intimate one on one mentoring and smaller groups to mentored clients, and they are also provided with a large library of material they have access to 24/7, and a program that is structured more toward actual implementation of best business practices, similar to what an offline business must do. In the online marketing business, many times this training is just lacking, because many marketers have not had such training…Wealthy Affiliate touches on some of the points, but it is not as in depth as BGS…

      V. Last Points of Differences.

      – Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of value for the cost of their program. When I look at their competitors, most offer less valjue at a higher price, and often the focus is more on making the people at the top more money than really providing a full and complete training program…It does not tell you in detail how best to put in place systems and tools to make your business grow faster with minimal day to day involvement by yourself…

      – BGS provides lots of value for the price of their program too. I have checked into many other mentorship prgrams that are out there, compared what they are offering to the price they are asking for their service, and 9-% of them led me right back to Rich! These guys learned from him, they jacked up their price, and offer less than who they learned from!.

      – Of all the programs, Rich’s was the one that offered a comprehensive service and a start to finish plan or system to make sure the participant will be able to gain the knowledge needed to know what busines best suits the person, then efficiently develop a model and operate the business that will be able to grow rapidly due to removal of obstacles and use of efficiency/leverage tools such as outsourcing and putting into place systems…

      Now having said all that, this BGS program is definitely for a person that has a focus on developing their business and is willing to go through the steps to determine how to get this done, and takes action to do so. Nothing in, nothing out…

      Wealthy Affiliate can also lead one to success, no doubt. I know there are some members that are in the 6 figure range of earning money and more currently. The vast majority however are not, and without the intensive training that a program such as Rich’s provides, will find it taking a LOT longer to reach that level of success.

      Sorry so long, but I hope this gives you a better idea on the price difference and what you get for the money with each prgram…


      Also, there is a market for such a program, as evidenced by the fact this program has been around for 7 years. Therre are individuals that know they need such training and are willing to pay this sum (or more)! As an affiliate marketer, why not promote such a program that is legitimate, although expensive compared to one such as Wealthy Affiliate, where your commissions are rather healthy.

      Best of luck and again, I appreciate you taking the time to add your thoughts here! Please stop by again, I am sure there will be some more good points brougt up as we go along!



  3. Hi Dave!

    When I first started reading your article and saw the price I was very skeptical about this mentoring. There are so many scams online that it is impossible not to, you might agree with me.

    But then you were giving the facts and I really think now this training could be a life changing opportunity as you say. I know you have a strong reputation with the online business niche and the fact that you are part of Wealthy Affiliate makes me confident enough to place complete trust in what you say. However, I still need to check the references you provided to Linda and see for myself.

    As I am new to internet marketing and my business is also a couple of months old, is this training going to be worth at this initial point of my business? I mean, won’t it be better if I wait a bit more to grow my business and get more experience to be able to absorb better the information provided by Rich? What is your advice for a newbie?

    Thanks for letting me know about this opportunity. It looks great!

    All the best