This is a front introduction page to the video thread I have created on the site for visitors and subscribers. Here I will add under one subject everything on the site that involves video.

The intent is to build a body of tutorials, courses, reviews of products and anything else that will help you get your own video marketing program in place.

Rather than you looking all over the site for information, you will be able to simply click this tab, and all the different posts and etc. will be there for you to quickly access.


This list may grow over time. As we get feedback and requests, new subjects and elements of video marketing will be explored and explained, and courses and tutorials will be published that will help you establish and grow your video marketing program.

Here are some of the areas we will cover:

(1) Starting a video marketing program
(2) Elements of effective videos
(3) Kinds of videos you can create
(4) Video off-shoots (i,e, streaming video, webinars, etc.)
(5) Video creation tools
(6) Editing software for videos
(7) Offline video creation
(8) Video script writing and programs
(9) Niche video creation
(10) Hosting video options
(11) Intros, outros, transitions, and closing for videos
(12) Marketing videos
(13) Other helpful video tools
(14) Animation videos
(15) Testimonial videos

For all subjects, a tutorial or review will  be posted, then any additional training or content such as a report, an eBook, or a course, either free or paid.

More Options For Added Training

Depending on what area we drill down into, I will also provide my personal experiences or the experiences of others to help you understand better how to do what it is we are covering.


This head post will be added as a menu item on the sidebar. You likely used that to access this page. If you hover your mouse over this item, all sub-items will open in a drop down menu, and you can then load the training as you may want or need.

Note there is also a comment section on each subject, and a bar embedded at the bottom of each page where you can request any subject or content that is not already included. This way we will get content that everyone needs here for all…


So enjoy and please request anything involving video for online marketing that you do not find here. We are building the site out and continually adding new content for your use, and any suggestions are welcomed!


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Please take a minute and let us know what you thought of this post, the subject in general, perhaps ask questions on anything video, or add in your own experiences with video. We all learn when we share, and I appreciate your cooperation in advance and look forward to reading what you have to say! Thanks!


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