This category of reviews is intended to cover products that will help you in creating videos.  For the most part, I will only cover products that are worthy of use, and these will always be on the top of the review menu you will see pop up when you click on this page.

Generally, I give a rating for reviewed software on a scale of 1 through 10, the higher the rating, the better, I also give and overall “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” for the product, and explain clearly why I give the rating I award each product I review.

If there IS a product that I think is something you should avoid, I will add this in as well on occasion. I do not want you to waste your money or time, and there are less than objective reviews (too many) that really are intended only to get you to buy a product, so the affiliate can make a commission.

I will always be objective and frank in my reviews. I back up reasons that a program may or may not be a viable tool for your use, and this is based on my own experience and at times hands-on use of the tool.


Today more and more traffic is driven by videos. People are visually stimulated when you use videos, along with other triggers that you can build into your video that using only content (as in blog posts or newsletters, etc.) will not work as effectively for in attracting and keeping site visitors, turning them into leads and eventually buyers.

If you want to tap into every possible resource available to you in this online world (i.e. podcasting, email marketing, webinars, infographic creation, or similar) but lack the time or energy to do all of them, then the one that I WOULD recommend along with content and email marketing campaigns is video creation.

The software available today makes it possible for everyone to easily tap into this tool, and the potential traffic you are going to attract, as well as being able to more quickly build your brand and promote your products means you should be using video.


I like video creation tools that are easy to use, intuitive, and will quickly allow you to to create and publish professional looking videos that you can be proud of and ones that are effective.

You will need simple tools when starting with video creation, and as times goes on, and you become more adept at creating videos, there is no doubt that you will want to start adding in added features that will make the video even more effective.

So as you start out, the tools that will work best and easiest for you, are found at the top of my review list. As you become more knowledgeable and skilled, I have included reviews of some of the more robust video creation tools you may want to use.


I have organized the entire site so that you will be able to get good and accurate information that will help you in all the important areas of online marketing, whether you are a newbie just starting out, or more advanced and looking for that “just right” tool you think you need.

So, I wish you the best of luck with your online marketing business, and do not forget to have some fun while you work. Video creation is one of the areas of online marketing where  you really can get creative and come up with an end product that is entertaining, informative, and will help your overall business efforts!


If there are some areas of online marketing that you would like more coverage or details on, please let me know. I always ask for feedback on the posts, training, blog entries, and pages. I mean this, the site is intended to help you and educate us all on how best to successfully make money online with our businesses.


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