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18 thoughts on “Video Creation Kit Special

  1. As we live in a visual world videos will for sure become the main way of internet marketing in the near future so learning how to create professional looking video should be a must to everyone that is interested in it. This package seems like an interesting one and I will keep an eye for it as I am interested in using something similar.

    1. Hi Stratos…

      Yes indeed, one of the reasons I added in some current statistics from my video marketing mentor is that they really show just how much video influence is growing in the online marketing world. The SMART Video Creation Kit is set up to provide the means for everyman to start building a presence with their own videos.

      The price is also set to a low entry point for the three white-label video tools, and these are tested software tools that we actually use for our own business and for client projects. They just work, they are fast to render, and they look darn good (the resulting videos).

      Video is a vital area that every online marketer whether an affiliate marketer or a product vendor needs to develop right now so they can participate and benefit from the trends (and not get left behind). Content (articles) is not enough these days. 




  2. Hi,

    You came up with a very excellent and useful post for vloggers like me. Glad to know about an excellent tool like this. I will have a go at it soon.
    For sometimes I’ve being having different ideas of how to create some videos, and this would definitely help. 
    Thanks once again for the great share.


    1. Hi, Jordan…

      Since you are a vlogger you know the power of video and how it can positively affect your business, whether online or offline (for brick and mortar companies). The SMART Video Creation Kit is designed to help businesses promote their presence online quickly and using a wide variety of templates, create professional short videos that are perfect to advertise their services and products.

      The special prices that we have will be maintained until the quantities of sales have been reached and then we will revert to either the full price ($198) or run specials at $98. All price points represent great deals, and the special we have now is the best buyers will ever see. We do want to bring on more people to our wide range of services that we offer, so providing a deal like SMART Video Creation Kit is a good way to do that.

      Since we are also donating 10% of our net profits to Veteran’s organizations it also will be further helping communities and people that can really use it. So winners are all around. We win, because we get some new clients, the clients win, because they are getting a fantastic deal, and the veterans who have given so much are helped too.  


      Dave : )

  3. Fantastic. You really got me with this software. 

    I am an amateur photographer and every weekend I go to special events (baptisms, weddings, birthdays). I plan to create for each client a video with all the special moments I captured.

    Smart Video Creation Tool will be the best choice.  All the advantages you mentioned convinced me to buy this product. The special price of $39 is very advantageous and I think this software is worth all the money. 

    Thank a lot, and keep in touch.


    1. Hi, Nagy…

      I think this is the second time you have stopped by? That is great because it tells me that you have an interest and perhaps are getting ready to take action. This deal for the SMART Video Creation Kit is not going anywhere, we will always have it on offer.

      The difference is the price that you are going to get in at. The regular price of $198 is not much for the value and bonuses, and we do offer a special 50% off on a regular basis, and that is even better, of course. These prices you see are ones we created just for the holidays this year.

      They are our way of giving back to the business owners and veterans that have also given much. It is the right thing to do at any time of year of course, but especially at this time of year, we want to give. So grab your access now while the lowest prices are in place, and if not too late, you will also get the chatbot for your website.


      Dave : )  

  4. The SMART video creation kit sounds pretty cool and the fact it’s on sale is nice timing for me. My brand new affiliate site gets delivered this week and it would be awesome to make some product videos and niche specific videos for it, without needing to be a pro at video editing. This video creation kit sounds pretty cool my friend! Thanks for reviewing it I think I just might buy this 😉

    1. Hi, RiverDogg!

      First of all, that is quite a handle you have (I like it!). The second thing is, if you have a new website coming online this is the perfect time to grab these three video tools found in the SMART Video Creation Kit and get them working for you.

      I would recommend adding a YouTube channel, and start with creating related short videos with the tools t=for all the written content that you will be adding to the site. Did you look at the stats I included for videos? It is astounding the power that video can add to your business!

      Please act quickly and get an Avatar/AI chatbot from us for free ($125 value) as well for the site. They really do help keep people on the page and they can help with leads, offers, and conversions. I look forward to seeing you on the inside, we will get you set up asap once the low price payment is confirmed for the SMART Video Creation Kit.


      Dave 🙂 

  5. okay I have been looking  for the best video kit to make my own videos myself for the past 3 months I could not find a good one,the ones am seeing are not good for the final touches,but with what have seen in your post and some recommendations,thinking I all get one of this kits soon on here, I really appreciate your efforts  towards this post thanks alot 

    1. Hi, Rose…

      Great that you found this offer, I think it can help you quite a bit for what you are looking for…The SMART Video Creation Kit package will do all the things that you are looking for, it contains a combination of video creation and editing tools that will allow you to get started fast and produce professional videos quickly.


      Dave : )

  6. Hello there thanks for putting out this article I think this one of the best offers out there and I what everyone needs to get because you can’t see anything other than Video Software Tools, 2 Template or a pro video only or a pro video a template and may some HD video background  all these at a even high price.but t you can get all this 3 Pro Video Software Tools, 2 Template Clubs PLUS 2500 + HD Video Backgrounds at even lower price this si great.

    1. Hi, David…

      Yes, this is a great deal and we can likely get you started quickly once we have verified the payment. We are adding users manually, so you will receive a confirmation/thank you and then additional access invitation emails to the three tools plus one for the 2500+ bonus video backgrounds that you get.


      Dave : )

  7. Thanks admin for the offer and as well as this interesting article about video creation kit,  it has really been enjoyable from its start to its end and I have loved the features which come along with the video creation kit and also the benefits of using videos and am soon getting this video creation kit so as to improve on my online business. Thanks very much for the article in advance. 

    1. Hi, Mugalu…

      The tools in the SMART Video Creation Kit are open for purchase now, the kit is jumping off the shelves and the first 100 will be gone fast it is looking like. If you are interested in the chatbot bonus that comes with the initial 100 sales you will have to move fast! 

      We are very happy to offer this special deal to people that can use the tools to grow their business at a very reasonable price. We look forward to seeing you inside as well! If you have any further questions, just ask. That is what we are here for!


      Dave : )

  8. I didn’t know how much a video can attract people to your business. Those conversions are so huge and it would be great to get them on my business. The price smart tools is offering for so many benefits are amazing. I’m confident this is the best way to increase traffic to my business and create quality content along with the post.

    I’m glad to find a price like that one for such a great tool. I will be buying this before the price increases!

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello, Andres…

      Yes, these tools do work quite well and they are so easy to use that anyone can create professional-looking videos fast for their business. They are priced so low in the SMART Video Creation Kit package that they are affordable as well for all.

      For the early action-takers, the chatbot bonus is also something to have and secure while gaining access to the three video software tools. All in all, we are very proud to offer this extremely valuable package to the public. The low prices are limited and they will go back up, so get in while you have a chance!


      Dave : )

  9. Wow 3 Pro Video Software Tools, 2 Template Clubs PLUS 2500 + HD Video Backgrounds it’s a great deal because you can’t see something this nice for such a small price and after I read this article I worth getting even though the price is small because I have also similar stuffs like this and they didn’t bring anything better.

    1. Hi, David…

      Yes, these three video software tools that you get with the SMART Video Creation Kit are really what you need to quickly get started with video without having to learn a lot of complicated steps that you have with the ore complex software options that are out there.

      We have been using these tools for e-commerce sites, for affiliate marketing sites, and even for membership sites successfully. It is easy to recommend them because from our own experience they work and work well. That is why we added them to the kit!

      Because there are a lot of people that either do not want to learn or do not have the time, the tools can shorten the time to get an active video production program in place! The low price means that almost anyone can get in and get started! 


      Dave : )

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