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This is the ninth day of short lighter side posts for you here on the site. As you know most of my posts here are quite in-depth, cover serious subjects, and provide lots of valuable content…

This series of posts is intended to do the same, but in a shorter format that covers one point per post. Generally, I will add in an interesting video that is related to the point…

Today I want to cover failure. This is not a popular term and with reason. Who wants to fail? There are many ways to fail – in love, in life, in relationships, heck even doing the ice bucket challenge (see the video below for some epic “fails”)!

Let’s look at failure, and then mention some ways to avoid failing, as in ways to succeed! When you succeed you avoid failing. I am an optimist… Much better to see how to succeed than fail…

Most of us ALREADY know how to fail! More important is to learn how to have success…So this whole short and light post is about AVOIDING failure, even if we do fail at times.

Let’s get started… 


Because this is a lighter side post, I want to show you a very popular video that has almost 40 million shares on YouTube…Obviously, the poster of that video is NOT failing!

Note to Self: Obviously, the poster of that video is NOT failing! I can only imagine the amount of ad revenue that has been generated from the views!

Anyway, here it is…

[videoframes src=”” skin=”26″ headline_text=”Some funny fails for you today!” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

Just as an aside, the thumbnail that was selected for the video likely helped it go viral….It tells a story as well as a picture…It definitely pulls the casual internet surfer in, and it is quite funny…

So in my quick analysis, the reason this video did NOT fail for the poster is that it had the following components:

(1) Good thumbnail (catchy picture);

(2) Truly funny content that entertained (real people doing real stupid fails); and

(3) It was very engaging (So many funny ways to fail had me waiting for the next, and the next, etc)…

I personally looked through the entire video, and I am sure many others have as well…With the number of views, it looks like LOTS of people have!

While the people featured in the video all had “fails” of one kind or another, the mishaps that were shown do not reflect the publisher of the video.

Failure is all around us. We can learn from them and not make the same mistakes…You can even succeed from other’s failures, as the video’s producer has done… 


Since no one really intends on failing generally, I want instead to focus on and provide you some means of achieving success principles for your life…

Success comes in many colors and many ways. It is subjective to a degree, as in what I consider success is not necessarily what you may consider success is or looks like…

These principles will offer you tricks, tips, and ideas…


Here are my top ten suggestions on how to succeed…

(1) First Principle  – Stop Complaining

Whenever it comes to success and business, the best place to start is by committing yourself to not complaining. Of course, it is perfectly fine to raise concerns, to question dubious choices, and to remain thoughtful and analytical at all times.

However, needless and persistent complaining generally accomplishes nothing positive. To the contrary, it drags you down, reflects poorly on you, and can transform otherwise productive co-workers into cynical, whining unproductive co-workers.

In short, focus on solving problems, not complaining that they cannot be solved.

(2) Second Principle  – Strive to Reach Your Full Potential

One of the things that prevents many people from achieving the best possible outcome is complacency. Once they begin to do well at something in business— be it advertising, inspiring employees, or something else—they take a miniature mental vacation.

That is—instead of ratcheting things up further, they let things play out and contribute nothing additional. The usual end result of this is generally not positive.

So, instead of being complacent, push hard to reach your full potential at every turn.

(3) Third Principle  – Limit Your Use of Short-Cuts

Of course, some shortcuts are a good thing. If you can find a way to go from point A to point B in half of the time and there is no downside to the new route, then you should, of course, take it.

But in many instances in business, we do face tradeoffs. For instance, we might be able to cut costs by not giving employees a raise, but as a result, they might become disgruntled and intentionally shirk their duties.

So, in general, limit your use of shortcuts. But if you see one that’s good and doesn’t appear to have a downside, then seize it, but do so.

(4) Fourth Principle  – Be a Continuous Learner

People have different learning styles. Some learn all the time and find ways to incorporate that learning into their lives as they go. These people are continuous learners.

On the other hand, most of us learn in discrete chunks. For instance, we might find out how to use a new software program, but immediately after doing so, we will cease to learn anything new about it until it is absolutely necessary.

In general, those who learn in discrete chunks often find themselves at a serious disadvantage, as they often neglect to learn many important new things about products, people, and tools they interact with on a daily basis.

So try to be a continuous learner. It may be difficult, but you’ll be happy you made the switch.

(5) Fifth Principle  – Always Have a Plan – Even if You Don’t Use It

Some people serially-plan their lives. For each minute of the day, they have something scheduled. Like clockwork, their days play out with very few unforeseen events.

Initially, you might think this sounds boring and inspiring, but in business, it is the status quo among those who are most successful. And remember, even if you don’t opt to use your plan, at least you will have the option to do so.

(6) Sixth Principle  – Don’t Dwell on the Past

It’s impossible to go throughout a career without hitting a number of bumps in the road. No matter how hard you try, no matter how thoughtful you are, you are bound to hit snags in the road.

And when you do hit those snags, your reaction to them will forever influence your capacity for success. You can either learn from them, move on, and continue on your career; or you can harp on them for weeks, months, or even years—allowing them to drag you down at every step of the way.

No matter how bad your failure was, it’s over. All you can do now is work carefully to improve your future prospects.

(7) Seventh Principle  – Give Up When It’s Wise to Do So – Not When it’s Convenient

Most people give up for reasons of convenience. They hit a nasty snag in their career; and they simply cannot find a way to propel themselves forward immediately, so they just give up.

Instead of backing off, consulting a colleague, and then heading back to the problem with a refreshed and nuanced perspective, they give up before they give the scenario the chance to play out. As a result, they deny themselves the opportunity to fight back and succeed.

(8) Eighth Principle  – Listen to Those Around You

One common trait among those who are successful is that they listen and understand others. Instead of seeing everyone around them as inferior fools with nothing to contribute, they understand that most good ideas come from other people—not from them. If you want to be successful, too, you should follow this practice carefully in your daily business relations.

(9) Ninth Principle  – Have Patience

One of the most common traits among those who are successful in business is patience. Those who don’t have patience always find themselves trapped in the plans of those who do have it. So, do yourself a favor, and cultivate patience. Be the trapper—not the trapped.

(10) Tenth Principle  – Don’t Settle

In some cases, you will find that the deck is stacked against you and your plans; you will simply have to settle for the best you can get. But in most situations, this simply isn’t the case.

So don’t find reasons to settle when you don’t have to. Instead, push hard and persistently for the best outcome that you can get.

That is a start….If you want to read and learn more about the steps to success, I have something else for you today…

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Additional Resources

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Today we looked failures…A funny look at them, true…But failure is not always funny, and the consequences are not funny in real life many times…

Far better being an optimist that offers ways to succeed, thusly NOT failing…That is what I offered to you today. When we take the needed steps to succeed, we are moving in the right direction…

The top ten tips I provided and the additional book with 210 more tips, tools, and ideas will arm you against failure. Does this mean that you will never fail at something again?

Not at all, but learning from your failures is a must, and always thinking positive and taking the steps needed for success will lead you away from failure…

That is what this short and light post is all about today!

I hope you enjoyed! 


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2 thoughts on “The Lighter Side – Day Nine – Funny Fails and How To Avoid Failure

  1. Hey there ! Great article on basically how to become the best versions of ourselves. I agree with most of these except for one – listening to others. Well, I don’t quite agree on that because you didn’t mention who are these “others”. Because your environment will be the determining factor o your success. If you will listen to the wrong people – you may fall!
    Anyways just something to think about 🙂

    1. Hi Alexy,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding in your thoughts on avoiding failure! I do understand where you are coming from, some people will lead you in the wrong direction when it comes to success or failure. In fact some people revel is being able to provide you guidance that will harm you…

      I too have worked with such folks and my answer to that is I listen and learn what NOT to do hehe. There have been bosses that were terrible at management and mishandled people and their position…The good thing about those days were that we all rotated periodically from assignment to assignment…

      That meant that I only had to deal with these knuckleheads for a limited period of time. It actually was still a learning experience as I mentioned, plus I learrned about delaying gratification (something that seems so old school nowadays hehe)!

      Great point and thanks for stopping by….Please think about coming again, I am always adding new content here, and it may help you out with making money online with your own business!


      Dave : )

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