The Lighter Side – Day Seven – Procrastination

INTRODUCTION Procrastination is a behavior that harms everyone that falls under its spell. The lighter side post today looks once more at this phenomenon and what we may be able to do about it. This is a subject that we look at in a lighter frame of mind, but the consequences can be quite serious if procrastination sufferers carry it to the extreme. Online marketers have a hard job, There are so many things that we need to get done daily. Once things start slipping, that list of to-do items keeps on growing, and ovwr time, we feel ovrwhelmed and […]


INTRODUCTION This is an obstacle that  many or even most people run into with many aspects of their life, to include the online marketing business they may be involved in… Obviously, it is an undesirable period that all want to avoid. The term is sometimes  confused with taking down time or a vacation or just a planned break from whatever task a person may be involved in… Procrastination is an entirely different animal, and it can take its toll on a lot of things in one’s life if not addressed head on and conquered, or at least controlled. So today’s […]