The Lighter Side – Day Eighteen – Lead Magnets

INTRODUCTION In this latest edition of my Lighter Side posts, I look at lead magnets. You may be wondering what these are if you are not into online marketing, lead lists, email marketing, etc. If this is the case, no worries! Today you will learn what these are, why and how to use them, and finally, be able to look at my latest lead magnet… They can help your online marketing program in a number of ways, and are worth understanding and using on a regular basis as a part of your overall strategy… Remember that it is an adage […]


INTRODUCTION Hi, everyone! Today is a fine day for me…We are close to finishing out the many tutorials involved in creating the series now, only one more and a wrap-up post to go! There has been lots of good information already provided to you, if you review the other tutorials in the series, and the latest subject is no exception. We will be talking about, as the title suggest, lead magnets! Lead magnets are one of my favorite free traffic methods! This tutorial will give you a good breakdown on what lead magnets are, how they can be used, and […]