INTRODUCTION Yesterday we covered part one of this two-part tutorial on branding. In that portion of training, we covered what branding was and why you need it for your online marketing effort. Today we will continue and finish up the training by discussing the social platforms in detail that are available to you and how best to use each. This will be of use to you as you plan your own branding campaign. At the end of the tutorials, you will be ready to take action and get started, or if you have started, you can use the points discussed to […]

Creating & Growing Your Powerful & Unique Online Brand (Part One)

INTRODUCTION I have heard from many people both in the online and offline marketing world that you have to create and grow your very own unique brand. This concept has been around awhile… Moving into the online marketing world, immediately there some businesses and names that stood out. These were the ones that took the idea of building a brand to heart and have run with the strategy. If there are any doubts that you may have whether or not putting in the effort to design and create your unique brand, this tutorial will provide you some very valuable information […]