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Wealthy Affiliate, a site where newbies can learn how to properly set up their online marketing business, recruits new members through their affiliate program.

More advanced marketers can also benefit from this site too, and there are many members that have been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than 5 years, some as long as the 10 years that the site has been in existance!

That fact alone is a testimonial as to the veracity of this educational program..But of course there is much, much, more!

Here is a shot of the two co founders of Wealthy Affiliate:

kyle and carson - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

Kyle and Carson have developed a very generous program for affiliates, and provide bootcamp training on how to effectively promote this excellent educational and support site that members can use to learn how market Wealthy Affiliate to prospects.

As a part of this affiliate program, they also hold an annual conference for the very successful affiliates in Las Vegas. This year was no different, and as can be seen from the above video detailing the Conference experience, this year was another huge success.


January 25th to 29 of 2016 were the dates of this year’s conference, and the top affiliates found time not only to discuss the current state of the program and future enhancements, but also to have a bit of fun while there.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in existance for 10 years, as I said above, and over that time it has gone from a concept to a full blown all-in-one one stop shop for teaching from the ground up all you need to know about online marketing.

They have done so with a central thread or theme that runs throughout the sign up process to the many lessons, tutorials, webinars,  web hosting, service, and now even includes the ability to buy a domain, all right from the main site.

That theme is HELPING OTHERS. Everything they have set up, to include every part of their excellent and generous affiliate program has this precept as a core.

It shows not only in the affiliate portion of their platform by the way.

This premise permeates throughout the site, and it manifests itself overall by Wealthy Affiliate having the most complete package of training and support materials available anywhere on the internet.

As a premium member myself, since June of last year (2015),  I can vouch for this as being a true statement.

This site simply works, and works well, to help you as a beginner or advanced internet marketer.

Because of this, it is an EASY SELL to prospects. So if you apply yourself as an affiliate, you will very likely be able to join the ranks of the super affiliates in Las Vegas next year!

Indeed, this program has continuously innovated, improved, stayed ahead of the competition, and helped many hundreds of thousands of people over the 10 years.

In terms of similar programs, Wealthy Affiliate is like no other, since most come and go, and they simply do not provide what is to be found on Wealthy Affiliate, so they normally fade away after a short period of time.

Not so Wealthy Affiliate!

They have been around 10 years now, and likely will be 10 years from now!

wa uncover secrets 250x250 11 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesUPDATES FOR THE PROGRAM IN 2016

The co-founder Kyle has recently posted an update on the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program here:


This post gives all the details of the program plus gives you a clear idea of the overall direction that Wealthy Affiliate program is going and what can be expected if you commit full time to promoting the program.

308d3d2e21006289741b778222ec634e 1388699914 cropped - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

The above was the standard for 2015. If you referred 300 paying members to the site, you were eligible to participate in the super affiliiate conference.

Because of the success affiliates have had over the past year in getting referrals and premium members, they are adding new achievement levels you can seek to qualify for.

If you do achieve these additional sales, over and above the 300 mark, more benefits can be expected. The 300 count will remain, however, as a base to qualify for Vegas, so my suggestion is to work towards that 300 level, then keep going to see just how far you can climb in the ranks of the super affiliates.

pencils7 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates   OK – Back to the super affiliate conference…

Once you have achieved that magic 300 upgrade point in Wealthy Affiliage Upgrades, you are qualified to attend this conference.

Your costs to attend conference are almost completely covered by Wealthy Affiliate, from flights to hotel and transportation in between points.

A very nice thank you indeed for your effort on behalf of Wealthy Affiliate!

Here is what is included in detail when you reach the “300” Vegas Incentive:*

  • Flight Expenses Paid (up to $600)
  • Hotel Accommodations Fully Paid
  • Awesome WA Swag Package (high end goodies)
  • 3 Day Interactive Super Affiliate Conference
  • Meet With Other Uber Successful Super Affiliates
  • 2 hour Private Meeting with Kyle & Carson
  • A Spectacular Vegas Show
  • Drinks, Fun, & Maybe Even a Little Gambling 🙂

Note: Above is an excerpt from a post by Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder Kyle on Wealthy Affiliate site…

So is this achievable? I think so, if you have a good marketing plan and work diligently.

Think about this: To reach this 300 target, you only need to get an average of less than ONE premium referral a day!

In my opinion, this  ABSOLUTELY 100% achievable!


To get to this superaffiliate level, you are not left on your own by the co founders.

They have created an entire series of training modules or “Phases” of training, to use the terminology they use, to help you achieve this status.

They call the overall program “Bootcamp Training,” and this is  provided directly on the member site for your use 24/7 and as you have time.

Here are some details of this training:

wa boot camp - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

There are  7 Phases total of training at the moment, and they start from a very basic set of instructions in phase one, to the final Phase 7 stage, which is an extremely advanced level of training, and wherein you will learn how to use PPC and other marketing mediums to effectively promote Wealthy Affiliate.

As an example, here are the lessons included in Phase 1, “Starting Your Foundation”…

WA Bootcamp Training PH 1 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

WA Bootcamp Phase One Lessons - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

Here are some of the benefits and learning outcomes you can expect:

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamo PH 1 Benefits and Learning Outcomes - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

Note: You see at the bottom of the screenshot above a review. Virtually all submitted reviews are very positive from members completing the training. 

Each of the training phases has been reviewed and rated by members that have enrolled and completed the courses, and you can see below from the screenshots that the entire program consistently is ranking at the top by people completing the courses.

It works!

There are an additonal 6 Phases of training you can work your way through on your schedule, as you have time, and they include:


WA Bootcamp Phase 2 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates


WA Bootcamp Phase 3 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates


WA Bootcamp PH 4 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates


WA Bootcamp PH 5 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates


WA Bootcamp PH 6 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates


WA Bootcamp PH 7 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

What i like about this training series is that it can be applied to any affiliate marketing promotions that you as an affiliate marketer may be involved in.

This is an invaluable benefit you get with Wealthy Affiliate. Using this training, you can achieve success in many different affiliate programs that are out there to promote!

Possibly the best part of this detailed and thorough progam for me though, is that it comes free, as a part of being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. You would likely pay a great deal of money to get this training elsewhere.

b912667fa305162daf69a5c30adee969 1449431178 cropped - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesCAN I ACHIEVE SUPERAFFILIATE STATUS?

OK let me just say it this way, short and sweet…

In one word, the answer to that question is “YES!”

As Wealthy Affiliate has grown and shown that it is a viable and ethical program that, over many years, has helped hundreds of thousandsof people seriously wanting to learn how to establish their very own online marketing business, their reputation grows and grows.,

Will it be easy then to reach that 300 sale goal to become a super affiliate?


BUT remember that Wealthy Affiliate IS an easy sell, and if you use the extensive training provided free as a member, your chances are very good if you apply that training.

Here are just a few of the reasons you can achieve this milestone and make the next super affiliate conference in Vegas:


checkmark - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesNew Members Join  For FREE

Any prospects you bring in do not have to provide a credit card, they just provide basic information and can gain access to premium benfits for a limited time for free. There is no commitment financially. The concept of try before you buy applies – it works because there is SO much value provided once they are in and see what is there. Allowing prospects to have this  “insides” view is not offered elsewhere Wealthy Affiliate is now converting at 5x the industry average!


checkmark - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesWealthy Affiliate Program Converts 

The conversion rate from free members to paid members has tripled over the past year. The “freemium” model that is offered with Wealthy Affiliate works as stated, more people try it out, and more people are converting at the end of the free trial. This is the case because of the value that is there. Wealthy Affiliate is the number one converting program in this market segment. What they have set up works for you!


checkmark - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesWealthy Affiliate Retention Rates  

Retention is an indicator of the quality of the product or service, as is conversions above. In this department, Wealthy Affiliate continues to increase the percentage of people that stay after they sign up for free and see what the site has to offer. This helps you as an affiliate because over time you are going to build up a substantial source of passive income. This will provide additional money that you can take a portion thereof and grow your sales efforts, scaling up the reach you have across the globe, giving you even more sales and income!


checkmark - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesWealthy Affiliate is Unique

There is NO other site that has the package of training materials and support that Wealthy Affiliate provides. The levels of training provided for niche marketing and Wealthy Affiliate marketing, the web site hosting and themes offered for free as part of membership, the 24/7 help available, the active and helpful community, the many tools, tips and more that are found everywhere on the site, and lastly the experienced and successful online marleters you find ALL make this a one-of-a-kind place. As an affiliate you have a wide competitive advantage for recruiting peospects in many market niches that no one can touch!


checkmark - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesWealthy Affiliate Continues To Excel

In the short time I have been a member, I have seen one improvement after another. The co founders work tirelessly to stay abreast of the latest trends in the online marketing world, adding to the huge base of training that is already in place.

They bring these latest innovations to the membership, and this includes the associated affiliate program they have developed. It too continues to be refined, allowing you as an affiliate to have a better chance of success.


gift gold box - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesNEW AFFILIATE INITIATIVES FOR 2016

As I said, Wealthy Affiliate is constantly improving their programs. For affiliates this holds true as well. In 2016, there are a couple of new things that will make your quest to get referrals and upgrades to premium even easier.

As you put your program together and start having success, when you reach 10 sales at the premium level, you will get access to new features that will propel your affiliate program even more.

You will first of all gain what is known as “Active Affiliate” status within the affiliate program. Your success to that point is officially recognized by the site. This means that you know how to sell the program and can then scale up your success by a factor of 10, 100 or more easily.

Another additional upgrade coming is with affiliate training. New affiliate training supporting affiliates of the Wealthy Affiliate site will be deployed in 2016 to help you out even more than what is already provided with the 7 phases.

It is planned that the phase total will be increased to 12 by the end of the year, so you can check regularly to complete these additional courses as they come online and propel your own affiliate programs.

Remember each of these phases of training normally comes with 10 lessons, so this represents a 70% increase in training for Wealthy Affiliate marketing affiliates!

gainingtraffic - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesWHO CAN I PROMOTE WEALTHY AFFILIATE TO?

Again to keep this short I will put it in one word when it comes to whom you can pitch this number one educational program to:


The potential list of people that could use such a site is endless. There are over a billion people out there that are online at any one time, at times considerably more. All of them are potentially your market!

Of the many people online at given time, there is a sizeable percentage that are looking for ways to monetize their time on the internet. They may have day jobs, they may be looking for a new career, they may be retirees, they may be just out of college, they may just want to start something new.

The common thread with all these examples is that they have an interest in finding a reputable site where they can learn to put together their own online program.

That is where you come in…

Decide which market segment you want to go after, or which ones, and then tailor your recruitment program to the segment(s).

It starts with having a web site, adding lots of valuable information on what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, putting together an approriate lead magnet (giveaway), and then thinking through and testing how best to get traffic to the site (i.e. email marketing, PPC, contests, surveys, etc.).

All of this you can learn with Wealthy Affiliate if you do not already know how to put your program together. I have a lot of training here as well, and it is growing weekly, as I add more and more to this site.

The Wealthy Affiliate pitch is an easy one to present, because there are so many pluses that Wealthy Affiliate offers. Once potential members see them, and try them free, your chances of getting that premium upgrade are high.

imagesCAKQ47DF - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top AffiliatesCONCLUSION

OK I hope that you have enough information to take action now to get this most excellent affiliate program into your portfolio of programs. You need to get started asap to maximize YOUR chance of making the next Vegas conference for the super affiliates!

In my opinion, this programs is, as many others think, one of the TOP affiliate programs available to you, one that can do well for you, plus one that can help a huge number of people that need such a site as Wealthy Affiliate to develop their own online marketing business.

It is good to know that the co founders are standing behind their affiliates all the way.

As you start your journey to Vegas in 2016, remember you will also have an excellent chance to build a full time position working for yourself!

This affiliate program can  generate more than enough income to offset that boring 9-5 job where you are helping others make money for themselves.

It’s up to you!

WA Coffee Cup - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates


arrow red 2 - Super Affiliate Conference 2016 - Wealthy Affiliate Top Affiliates

One Last Point…

Please add your insights or questions below, I always am looking for ways to improve the ideas and solutions I post…We all learn when this happens. Thanks!