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Hi, Everyone…

Today I am reviewing a tool that I can honestly say I am excited a lot about! If you have been thinking of entering into e-commerce sales, but have been hesitating because of the work involved setting up a store, adding products, doing all the other work you will have, the Storeless ECom Sales System is just the thing for you.

I know the creator of the tool, Precious, and have purchased his products in the past. Most recently I bought some training and case studies that he was selling in the eCom niche (As many of you know, I have a lot of stores from which I am selling products using a drop shipping model).

This tool is going to allow you to go right past all the work setting up a store, and if you already have stores, as I do, this tool will help too. One of the negative points of having a store is that customers can get distracted easily. They have so many things to check out on your pages.

Imagine how much better it would be to have one specific product that you are selling on a single page that shows ONLY that product…Images, features, specifications, and variations only address that product, nothing else. You can keep the potential visitor’s attention…

Add to that the chance to add in upsells, cross-sells, and a one-page checkout, plus tracking so you can retarget, and capture some of those missed sales. Plus you have access to a wide variety of sales page design templates that you can quickly edit. You get all that and more with this system.

Let’s get busy with this review!


2018 06 25 1054 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

Product Overview



Precious Ngwu

Product Name:

Storeless ECom Sales System

Launch Date:

25 June – 1 July 2018 

Launch Time:

11:00 EDT

Front-End Price:

$ 69 (OTO Prices Below)

Final Evaluation:

Highly Recommended


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

Demo Video

Ready to Buy The Storeless ECom Sales System?

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If not, read on, I have an extensive review for you below!


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

So Just What Is Storeless?

This has a rather off name for a product or a tool until you realize that it involves e-commerce and what it does – it literally allows you to start selling products online easily an in a manner that will save you a lot of money and be very effective.

Essentially you can create sales funnels that focus on a single product where there are no distractions as you get with a full-blown store. The tool is built around e-commerce, and the features and templates mean that you can get started quickly too.

There is no need for a store when you use this system, as all the functions can be completed within the tool. Taking payment, order fulfillment, targeting, retargeting, all can be done with this system. It does have a couple of upsells that further increase its utility but the basic front end package will get you started.

This type of e-commerce approach has proven to be much more effective over time, as you can keep the attention of the shopper, you can offer upsells immediately or on checkout, and you can retarget the customers who have abandoned their carts.

This review will go into the system and let you know what you can expect. For the record, I am a sting advocate of using this type of a selling tactic and believe this tool is just the ticket for the newbie or the veteran e-commerce businessperson.


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

Who Is Precious Ngwu?

I have known Precious for as long as I have been in online marketing, so it has been 3 1/2 years now. In that time, I have purchased and use at least 3-4 of his products on a regular basis. This will be another one, as I have 12 stores at the moment, and I want to use this for all of them!

He is very good at developing good products that work. This is no exception. I have taken a tour of the tool as part of this review, and as I said, it works and is easy to use. Literally, a newbie can get started in a few hours or less, although I recommend that they take a little training first (see my bonuses to see what you get that will help in that regard).

Precious always tries to help users of his tools. I am friends with him on Skype and he has never failed to answer when I need something in a very prompt manner. He also has had some home runs with his other tools, as I suspect this will be. Social Engage comes to mind, for which he received an award of “Product of the Day” on the JVZoo affiliate platform.

One of the things I like about Precious is that he does his research prior to developing products. This one is no exception. He actually left the IM product launch world while he tested this system in real life. Earlier he did a soft launch of an e-com product and case study that was a precursor to this latest product.

I bought that training and tool, and I am using it right now. It essentially was the half-way point to this tool. I know that you will not be disappointed in the support you get from Precious nor with this product. I guess you might say this is a pretty strong endorsement? Yes, indeed…


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

So What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Storeless Ecom System?


Very briefly, let me highlight some of the main features that the Storeless ECom Sales System offers you:


You Get Predesigned Proven High-Converting Templates (Product Pages)

Once your purchase and login to the system, you will see a set of templates already loaded and ready to be edited and launched. There is a good variety to choose from, and they cover all kinds of niches, from outdoor gear to tech gadgets and more. Not only that, you get actual sales funnels, so you can offer upsells and downsells in one smooth system designed to work together. What all this means is you can be live FAST and selling.


Fast Pages and Product Sales Funnels

One key factor in making more sales is speed. Shoppers these days expect pages to load almost instantly, and if they do not, they will leave. Their attention span is extremely short, and as with not having a lot of other distractions, this is a vital consideration for the e-commerce business owner.

These pages load fast. I did some testing and they scored in the top tier of pages every time using the GTMetrix page testing tool. The design of the coding used has allowed for this, so you can rest easy knowing that you are not going to lose business due to slow load times.

You also can collect leads and then market to them using email campaigns or retarget them using paid ads. With the second upgrade, you can also tap into your current store(s) and use that for all the regular sales tasks. Integration using an API makes this possible.


The Tool Is Facebook Ads & Google Ad Friendly

Facebook does not mind direct links to your store, and they also do not mind links to your single sales page or sales funnel. The system integrates well with Facebook and Google, (also for SEO) and you will be able to run ads that easily get approved by either Facebook or Google.


Are There Limits On Pages or Funnels You Can Create?

Good question and the short answer is no. At the moment, there are none. If this launch goes as other similar cloud-based tools have, I imagine that after the launch period it will convert to a monthly service (SaaS) which makes sense.

It does cost a lot to maintain such a site, and as it grows and grows, additional servers will be required, more staff to provide maintenance and support, etc. Plus there are always new things coming onto the market, and you want to stay on the cusp of what is out there to keep a competitive advantage, so a monthly cost might be expected at some point.

Because this is the launch period, you will not have to deal with this, as you will be locked into a lifetime license with no limitations on pages and sales funnels you can create. Now is indeed the time to grab this tool while the launch week is here.


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

Who Is The Storeless ECom Sales System Best For?

There may be some IM people that will not be interested in this tool. If they are not into e-Commerce or selling individual products, they will likely not have much use for the system, as that is definitely the focus of the features and capabilities it offers.

If you have ANY interest in e-Commerce sales at all but have shied away from investing much time or money into developing a store because it is too hard, this is for you. You will be able to quickly get a sales page of sales funnel set up and start selling.

So simply put, this is for ANYONE that wants to get into e-Commerce, whether brand new or a long-time marketer. All will be able to use the e-Commerce store owners would find Storeless extremely useful. You want to have a high-quality, performing, easy to use page too, and this checks these blocks too.

You also will get tracking data so you can see how your pages are performing for you, and make adjustments as may be required to improve sales and on-site retention, etc. You will get periodic data and performance reports and then adjust based on these figures.


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

What Are The Pros and Cons Of The Storeless ECom Sales System?

My Pros…

  • This tool can be used for ANY niche or product type.
  • There is no requirement to have coding or design experience.
  • The templates mean you can easily create pages and funnels that work for eCommerce.
  • Their online support is always available, 24/7 for your questions or issues.
  • As an owner of the tool, you will get access to a private Facebook group that will allow you to interact with the creators and other users so you can get help on issues or ideas you may have.

My Cons

  • So far I have not seen any significant weaknesses in the tool whatsoever. Let’s see how it goes once they have thousands of people using the tool, but knowing Precious, he will have planned for that, so it is a problem that is not there nor will it necessarily ever be.


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

My Personal Experience With The Storeless ECom Sales System

As I am an affiliate and knowing Precious, I was able to get access to the tool prior to launch.

Therefore I can safely recommend the tool to my readers and followers as I have seen it in action. It works as advertised and works well. Anyone can get their sales pages and sales funnels up and published in short order. To help with the research and strategies, I have included some bonuses that will help those that may need it.

There are some requirements you will need to have ready to get started, but these are minimal. If you are an affiliate marketer, you will likely have a PayPal or Stripe account already. You also will likely have an autoresponder service and know how to set up marketing campaigns.

With e-Commerce sales, you will also be dealing with transactional emails as the orders come in, you buy and ship and provide updates to the buyers with tracking information, etc. Newsletters, sales, and discounts are another area that you will likely already know about.

You also likely know you need a secure SSL and PCL compliant site and hosting for making any sales online. In that regard, you get that with the Storeless network. Your customer will be more at ease shopping with you since you have a secure interface and connection for their confidential transactions.

What is particularly nice about the system is the upsell ready design. This is one of the most important areas of online sales where you can increase the average spend and your profits too. This is a feature that is offered by others for a high cost and paid for annually.


There are only three steps to get started:

(1) Connect a payment gateway or an E-commerce store

(2) Add your product details 

(3) Set up a product funnel with upsells and downsells

That is pretty much it. Of course, there are some additional tasks for each of the steps, but if you can do these three things, you can sell products using this system. It is that simple.


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

What Does The Storeless ECom Sales System Cost?

I want to go through each level of the tool that is being offered, starting with the front end. Let’s see what we have…

(1) Front End Offer.

The launch is underway right now, it started on 25 June 2018.  As it stands, the price is lower than the advertised $67, but it will be rising during the week to settle at that price as the week goes on. If you have stores as I do, or perhaps are interested in selling without creating stores, this is for you. Get in as soon as you read this to get the lowest possible price.

As I stated above, I would not be surprised to see the business model for the tool go to a monthly subscription service, much like other tools do (think Clickfunnels, Convertri, etc.). Getting in now will save you LOTS of money down the road, and you will likely make the cost back many times over as you start selling your products.

The access you get with this will allow you build unlimited sales pages funnels, it can be used for any type of eCommerce business models you want such as drop shipping, free+ shipping, print on demand, private label or even a subscription model.

You will get access to dozens of sales page templates that are set up to best sell products, they have been tested and proven to convert (saves you the trouble of testing). You can deploy these as fast as you take the three steps above. The shopper will be able to pay and you can accept funds for orders into your Paypal or Stripe account.

You can also integrate with any other platform you may be using such as SamCart, Clickbank, ThriveCart, Paykickstart, GumRoad, InfusionSoft etc – the Storeless ECom Sales System supports these connections. You will be able to gather data and use this to shape your sales pages to further improve your sales.

Okay, now let’s look at the upsells that you will see once you have purchased the front end…


(2) One Time Offer 1 (OTO 1) – Storeless Thrive Upgrade ($99-$147)

You will have the chance to get some additional features with this upgrade that will help you in a number of ways both with using the tool and also for front-end sales with customers. You will get more templates, some of which are upselling and down selling oriented; retargeting templates; video templates; plus features such as A/B split testing capability; multi-payment accounts integration, more checkout pages and etc.

Do you absolutely HAVE to have all these additional features to make this system work for your business? No, BUT it is nice to have these additional features. After you have been doing the business for a while you will realize that having them will help you grow faster and you will be glad you secured these at the one-time low cost.


(3) One Time Offer 2 (OTO 2) – Storeless ECom Sales System Connector Add-on ($197)

This may seem like an expensive upsell, but read this through before you make a final judgment. This one time offer provides you an API that will allow you to build a digital bridge between Shopify or WooCommerce themes stores and Storeless.

It is a fact that many of the buyers of this tool will have stores already, as I have, and this upgrade makes a lot of sense because, with this connection, you can tap into what you already have built to complete the tasks that come with running an e-commerce operation.

You can also directly add products to the Storeless ECom Sales System from your store quickly, saving you lots of time creating the variations, images editing, etc. Having this integration will make your life that much easier. If you have 12 stores as I have, you will appreciate this upgrade. The cost is low for what you get and it is a one time expense.

With this upgrade, the Storeless Ecom Sales System funnels can be used to sell any of your products in your store, while your store backend can handle all the checkout/order and customer service you need.


Is There A Guarantee For Storeless ECom Sales System?

Yes, indeed. You need not worry, Precious is offering a 100% risk-free guarantee. You can request a refund within a period of 30 days. Try it, and if you simply can’t make it work for you, then get your money back.


2018 06 26 1631 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

My Bottom Line About The Storeless ECom Sales System

I like this system, I have tried the system and know it can make money for you, It is easy to use, it is effective, and the cost versus benefit is very reasonable. The market niche of E-Commerce is huge and growing. That will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

One good way to go to market is to use a one-page sales page and a sales funnel that includes upsells that have no distractions as a store has. Having a secure site, fast loading pages, a checkout page that includes upsells or cross-sells, and an attractively designed page all factor into your conversion rates.

This system addresses all of these requirements and more.

This is one of the best product or system launches I have seen this year. It is a strong buy recommendation from me. I do hope that you have gained some insight into what you get with this sales system. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below.

Also, do check out my bonuses I have put together for you. They include some training to help you understand the e-com world and how to plan and strategize for leveraging this tool as quickly as humanly possible to get started and making money.

2018 06 25 1054 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

Buy Now:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

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Best of luck and ask any questions you may have!

Dave : )