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Note: This is a special limited time offer from me to you that is valid for the next three days only…After this period (14 May), you will need an invitation to become an Ambassador for the ‘Builderall’ online marketing platform…

Hi, Everyone…

First of all, I want to thank you for stopping by. The fact that you are here tells me that you are serious about this online marketing business and you are willing to invest the time and effort to get your business off the ground to start making money.

Once you start learning about the steps you need to have success, you realize that you are going to need tools to automate the tasks and also organize yourself so you are ready to attack the huge online marketing market that is out there.

Perhaps you want to sell online courses, perhaps you want to create websites with videos for local offline businesses, or perhaps you want to write reviews about products and services for which you will get a commission on when viewers take action and buy what you are reviewing.

In all these cases and more, you will need to create videos, landing pages, get access and set up an autoresponder tool to send emails and collect leads, and then market to your leads. You may or may not have a lot of design skills, but as with many businesses, speed is of the utmost importance in online marketing.

As you learn more, you understand the power of having as many of these tools in one place as possible for your business. There are some very expensive solutions out there like Clickfunnels, or Thrivecart, or Kartra, etc. but I have something for you that offers MORE than these tools, and costs a lot less.

These platforms and tools all have one thing in common: They offer value and service, have been in existence for quite some time, have many thousands of users, have a good reputation in the market, and they are not selling garbage. They are premium programs that you can proudly offer to your leads.

Builderall is similar to these, yet it is unique in one way. They are new to the global market, although not new to the business. As such, there is NO saturation of the brand in the market (compare the MILLIONS of users of WordPress, the MILLION members of Wealthy Affiliate, or the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ClickFunnel users/affiliates).

It is a quality online SaaS tool that offers a huge value for the monthly subscription price, the capabilities it has can be applied to almost any market segment online, and it provides tools that online marketers need and will use on a regular basis. In short, you are promoting something that the market needs and wants.

So let’s drill down just a bit more…


Background of Builderall.

Builderall is a multifunction tool that you can use in tandem with your online marketing efforts to easily create online training courses, websites, opt-in and sales funnel pages, videos, mobile apps, and so much more. Similar programs cost much more and many do not have the features that Builderall has.

The platform is new to the global market, it has only been adding clients from across the world for a year, but in that year it has 36,000 clients already. On the JVZoo affiliate network, it was in the top 10 selling tools for the year.

In Brazil, it has been offering it’s services for 7 years already and is the top-selling platform for online marketing. Before you think that this is a small market, I will just let you know that behind USA and China, Brazil is the number three country for online marketing.

As they have rolled out globally, they have been building out the capabilities the tool has and also been fine-tuning their affiliate program as well. Strategically speaking, they know that the potential is huge with what they offer. Think of some of the big platforms like WordPress, 4 Square, Wix, etc.

The potential for the growth of this company and platform is tremendous. They are rolling out a redesigned back-end in August of this year (it is functional now but will be greatly improved on with this coming rollout). As part of their grand scheme to gain penetration across the globe, they have amended their affiliate program and it starts right now!

They will grow exponentially over the next few years, so this Ambassador Business program is one that can make you lots of residual income for years to come. The key is to get some active Ambassadors that you recruit who then take action to get more members using the platform.

If you are familiar with other such residual income programs that online marketing platforms offer, you know that one key goal as an online marketer is to establish a flow of income month in and month out with little additional work required once you have the income started.

Some great examples I can think of include Wealthy Affiliate (content marketing), Clickfunnels (platform for creating sales funnels and training sites, checkout pages, etc.), Thrivecart (focusing on opt-in, lead, and other sales pages and checkout pages), Kartra (setting up membership sites, websites, sales funnels, etc.), SamCart (great service platform that helps you create checkout pages that offer upsells and one page checkout), etc.

My Experiences with Builderall.

I have been a member of Builderall since it rolled out on JVZoo. Just like you, I was looking for a one-stop shop to take care of a number of the tasks we all have to get done on a regular basis. I now have at least 100 other tools and programs that I use on a very regular to not much at all basis.

This one is becoming a go-to daily use tool for me. Builderall allows me to quickly create professional courses that I can sell online, I can create videos and mobile apps and get them published in almost no time, and I can create lead pages, sales funnels, and offers fast.

2018 05 12 0701 - Special Invitation for the Builderall Business Ambassador Program

Image: Support Group for Builderall Platform

There are a number of ways to communicate with other subscribers of the tool, although there is no forum support area within the tool, which I would like to see. Rather, the owners have chosen to use the social platforms Facebook and YouTube as a place where subscribers and users can interact with one another.


2018 05 12 0653 - Special Invitation for the Builderall Business Ambassador Program

Image: Support Channel for Builderall on YouTube

There are a number of subjects that have been covered in the many training tutorials to be found on the site. As there are so many features and options, it often is a case of information or feature overload as opposed to a problem with the platform itself. Not to mention that some of the features require a learning curve to use effectively.

Nonetheless, with a bit of diligence and practice, you can pretty quickly get an effective website together that looks good on a laptop, an Ipad or similar, and on smartphones. When you run into problems, the community support sites can be essential to solving them.

The community of users are avid supporters of the platform, and they have shown a level of tolerance that I have seldom seen as the platform has adjusted to the many new users and adding features and fixes as they have grown. There are a lot of Builderall fans that want to see the like of the more expensive platforms lose subscribers as these people paying nosebleed prices look for better alternatives (as Builderall is in my opinion).

2018 05 12 0655 - Special Invitation for the Builderall Business Ambassador Program

Image: Facebook Support Group for Builderall Platform

There are glitches but more often it is operator error. When real issues come up, Builderall has a robust set of programmers and smart folks that get in there and fix them. They are very responsive from my own experience. That is extremely important to online marketers, as our sites and funnels are our lifeblood. If they are not loading are appearing properly, we are dead in the water.

Needless to say, I am sold on this tool and platform. I have seen the evolution from where it was when I started to where it is now, and I am confident that the new design that is coming in August (I think the launch starts on 27 July) will make this an even better platform for online marketers.

How Does This Affect You?

I have spent some time giving you some background information so you will understand the value of this affiliate offer that is so much more than just getting a one-time commission. This is an opportunity to grow a full-scale business and it is only open for the next three days.

After the launch window, the Ambassador program will be open by invitation only, and even as an Ambassador, you will be limited to recruiting two Ambassadors that you can then earn commissions from, plus you will earn 2d, 3rd, etc. level commissions.

Right now during this launch for the next 3-days, there are no limits on the number of Ambassadors you can recruit. After you will only be able to have two. So if you act quickly and have contacts that would be interested in also building a business, this is the time to contact them, explain what this offer is all about, and get them to take action. Immediately.

What Is This Builderall Business Ambassador Program?

2018 05 12 0219 - Special Invitation for the Builderall Business Ambassador Program

If you click on the image above you will be taken to a quite lengthy webinar replay that will be active for the next three days. It goes on over 2 hours, so you may not want to go through all that. In that case, I have a down and dirty page that will lay the program out for you.

You can quickly read through and see if this business may be appropriate for you. Have a look at the sales page for the Builderall Business Ambassador program (click on the highlighted text and a new window will open)…

Here are some screen captures from features of the Builderall Business Ambassador program :

(1) Recurring Commissions:

2018 05 12 0221 - Special Invitation for the Builderall Business Ambassador Program

Essentially, with most of the major platforms that Builderall can be compared to, the commission structure is set up in a way that provides you with one-level of payments. This means that the people that they may recruit later as they become affiliates you get no credit for.

Not so with Builderall. As you see, you get additional commissions from a second tier (in this case you will have 50% of the two Ambassadors you recruit) and all the people THEY recruit you will get paid an additional 7 % for each. This holds true for as many levels beneath the two Ambassadors as they may recruit…No limits…

This is what differentiates this program from all the other similar platforms out there. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

2018 05 12 0226 - Special Invitation for the Builderall Business Ambassador Program

It is kind of hard to see, but essentially you will be making a LOT of income on the tiers of customers that sign up for Builderall as time goes on and the platform gains recognition and users. There are NO limits on how many tiers you can collect on.

The percentage is not a great amount, but it is in the power of numbers that your income can increase, as members of your direct line, in turn, bring in more members to the platform. As there is a need for this kind of multi-functional tool in many niches, you will have an ample pool of potential subscribers.

Is This An MLM?

Multi-Level-Marketing is a bad word for me, I have had some negative experiences with them, and you may have had this as well. In my opinion, this differs from a typical MLM business model in several important ways that you need to understand.

When I think of MLMs, I remember looking at the experiences and statistics and what lies behind them (what information can be found, many do not publish any details on their total sales, members or results). The is little transparency. The people who get in early make a lot of money, the rest…Not so much…

The products that are sold via the MLM model are often overpriced and may not perform as expected or advertised. The whole focus of the company is on recruiting more people to become affiliates as opposed to offering something of value at a reasonable price.

With Builderall, none of this holds true. They have a tool that is needed by serious online marketers. Such marketers are willing to pay a reasonable sum of money for a solution that works. They expect to pay a price that at first glance for the uninitiated may seem too much. Clickfunnels can cost $299 (or more), SamCart is $100 to $200 a month, Kartra starts at $89 for a basic set up, $149 for a mid-level service package, and so on…

The features that you find on the platform equal or outperform more expensive platforms, and marketers looking for value will find this solution a good one for their needs. You are promoting something that is needed and used regularly. That they will get the Business membership at a decent price compared to the platforms I mentioned above will be a strong selling point.

Online marketing is a growing segment of global sales, and that trend has been true for a number of years, and it will remain a growing segment for the foreseeable future. There is a constant supply of new buyers of products and services, and a constant supply of marketers selling products like Builderall to them.

Results Possible As A Builderall Business Ambassador Member:

This means as an Ambassador, you will have two people working to get Ambassadors working with them, and so on. You will get paid an additional 7% for each lower tier member they bring on board. How many tiers down can you get paid this 7% on? Unlimited. You read that right.

Is this business model sustainable? Yes. Because there is a REAL service that online marketers need and want, you will always have customers for the platform. Is the main focus of the platform only getting new members on board as opposed to the basic tools and features? No.

The real meat of the tool is the ability to use it for your online business activity. Having the features you need (unless you have some unique or unusual needs, 90 to 100 % of your tools are there for you on one platform) means that you will stick with that platform.

Such an expense is a cost of doing business, you will save money with Builderall as opposed to the other similar platforms, and as an Ambassador, you can get it for free as soon as you have recruited your two (or more during the launch) Ambassadors. Remember this is a program you would pay for…

What Is The Cost?

There is a $100 a month fee to maintain Ambassador status. You get access as a Business Pro user, meaning you normally would pay $49.95 a month. So for an additional $50.05, you can add two Ambassadors (the commission from these two pays your subscription cost), and you get that additional 7% for unlimited lower tiers of subscribers).

Remember that this is a tool that people need as online marketers. Remember that most pay considerably more for tools that in some cases offer less (i.e. ClickFunnels). As you grow your reputation and credibility, more people will want to know how you are executing your business. It will be easy to recruit people directly (and get commissions) and if you have two active Ambassadors, you can create more recurring income for yourself.

Personally, I consider such a platform a cost of doing business. I tried out for 14 days a free version of Kartra which would have cost me $149 a month (no affiliate status or income involved, no chance to recoup the cost). I can do the same and more with Builderall and get the services for free.

Will You Get Sales Support?

Yes. There is a special section for Ambassadors within the platform that provides you a selection of promotional materials and sales funnels. These can be used to recruit Ambassadors if you need to get two, or it can be used to sell the platform to business managers and other online marketers.

Most of the bigger platforms offer this kind of support, so they are not doing anything out of the ordinary. I am a member of other platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate, for example, and they have a rich set of support materials and even teach you how to promote the platform.

You will get support also from me if you are working with me as an Ambassador. Together we will plan and execute sales strategies to grow the number of members we have signed up for Builderall. It is easy to promote as you are offering something of value that is needed and used.

Is The Builderall Business Ambassador Program Ethical and Sustainable?

In my opinion, you can ethically promote this platform to others. It has features and tools that online marketers need and will use regularly as they grow their business. The sum of the cost of the tools you must get if you used separate services is MUCH higher than what you will pay with Builderall. It offers a LOT of value for the money.

The Builderall affiliate program is also a sustainable model, as is the affiliate pay you can earn. Right now this platform has only been in the global market for less than a year, and in that time they have 36000 users (I am one).

The total pool of potential users is in the millions! I have no doubt that they will grow exponentially over the next few years and beyond. As an Ambassador, you are in the ideal position to prosper and grow a significant amount of recurring income as this growth occurs.

For what it’s worth…

I just attended an Ambassador call with the owner of the platform. In this live cast, he laid out the strategy for the growth plan for the company. As he mentioned, he is looking for Ambassadors to recruit Business Planners who in turn will bring in clients and more customers…

He went through the launch that they ran through JVZoo and explained why it was so successful. They hired a launch manager, who brought in 4 major affiliates having large lead lists, plus others. These main affiliates sold over 500 subscriptions each, and at the end of the launch week, they topped 2000 sales. In one week.

The idea behind this Ambassador program is similar. There is a coming revamp of the backend of the platform, and many of the kinks that they have been working to fix will be incorporated into the new look and feel. There will be a launch at the end of July.

Between now and then, Ambassador’s should be focusing on getting members recruited that have audiences that need the tools and features offered on Builderall. That way when the launch starts, these Business Members can reach out to their contacts and promote the new version.

Their goal is to sign up 1000 Ambassadors and have each recruit 10 Business Members (meaning 10,000 new accounts) that in turn can contact and add 10 new members (meaning that over the launch and follow-on period, they will grow the platform by a factor of three.

The company will benefit of course, but so will the Ambassadors that have had the foresight to get in and push to see that they bring in the right people. As far as the two Ambassadors that you bring in, the more active person you have, with many contacts, the better, as that will be reflected in your recurring income.

I will be pushing the platform, as I do with Wealthy Affiliate because it is clear to me that they have their heads focused on what matters – the users. Of course, they also want to grow, and this program will help them realize their long-term goal of being recognized and used by a million or more users.

So now is the time to take action:

Here is the link to the 2-hour webinar that explains in more detail about this limited time offer:

Builderall Business Ambassador Launch Webinar 

If you want the down and dirty version I have a sales page for you to review:

Builderall Business Ambassador Launch Program Details

If you just want to look at what you get as a member of the platform, I have a page as well for you to look at:

Explainer Video and Sales Page for the Builderall Online Marketing Platform

My Advice:

Lock this Builderall Business Ambassador Program opportunity in ASAP for yourself, it is open ONLY for the next three days. After that, you will need to find an Ambassador that is looking for an Ambassador to recruit for his or her business program!

This is a unique and valuable opportunity for you to build a significant amount of recurring commissions over a long period of time. Not only that, you can use the platform for your own marketing needs, it has the features and tools you need and use!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you on the inside of the program!

Also…If you have questions or comments, please add them below in the comment section. This is essentially a two-tier affiliate program on steroids, as you get the benefits of the two Ambassador’s sales efforts…The amount is not huge (7%), but over time, if you have active Ambassadors, you can realize some significant additional income…

This is in addition to sales that you make on your own account. The key is that the platform features and capabilities are the selling points, as you have with Wealthy Affiliate, Sam Cart, or Kartra, etc. As with Wealthy Affiliate, when you get a couple of premium members, your cost is zero, yet you have the chance to earn more while using the platform for your own online marketing business…

I have noticed that more such platforms are coming online all the time, and for me as an online marketer, they make my job easier. I can do more in the same amount of time. Additionally, my VAs can get more done too. I can shift their focus to the things that matter most. In my case, I have 10 e-com stores, plus IM websites and stores. ANYTHING that automates my operation effectively I am for…


Dave : )

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