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Hi, Everyone…


Today we are going to cover some important tips pulled from our SMART training course called “eMarketers Club” for creating a lead page that will get conversions for you. It is not as easy as it may sound. Ask thousands of marketers who have tried and failed what they think…


We will bring up just a few things for you to think about, and offer you a special price for some training that will get you headed in the right direction for creating lead pages that work and for adding copy to those pages that will convert into leads for your business. What you do and don’t do is a very important piece of your online business…


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We have added this TOC so you can quickly navigate to the areas of the article that you are most interested in.

So now let’s start to drill down…


Your Lead Page and Copy


Imagine this…


You go through the work to create an awesome lead magnet. You’ve done your market research, so you know your prospects are going to fall all over themselves to get their hands on this product by joining your list. You feel good…


You’ve uploaded a killer set of autoresponder emails to help build relationships with these subscribers and close the sale. You’re so confident that you are already counting your money because you just know this email series you have created is going to turn those leads into active buyers.


So then you finally unleash your lead page on the world. You’re driving traffic like crazy to the lead page. Your traffic logs are blowing up like a sumo wrestler at an “all you can eat” buffet. But despite rocking the traffic logs, not much else is happening. You are devastated. What went wrong?


Tell you what, when you get a huge influx of traffic but just a trickle of sales, this indicates that something is seriously wrong. If the traffic is targeted and the lead magnet is pretty darn awesome, then you gotta figure that your lead page just isn’t up to par.


So let’s go over the top two problems with lead pages and how to fix them…

student 203x300 - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

Problem 1: Bad Page Design


Copywriters will tell you that you could write your ad copy on a piece of toilet paper, and if the message was good enough then people would read every single word. I bet you have heard this 100 times since starting with the online business. However…


Although such a sentiment makes copywriters feel all warm and cozy, it truly won’t boost your conversion rate. You might just have people bouncing off your lead page within a second or two. So much for building a big list, eh? That is what we are trying to help you avoid with the tips you have in this article.


Yes, the cold harsh truth is that your page design really DOES matter. Especially to the new prospects that happen to find your page it matters. That’s because your page’s design is what creates the first impression. It only takes a second to make this first impression, and if it’s not favorable then people will click off the page. That is the cold harsh reality.


Let me give you an analogy…


When your house is clean, your visitors don’t specifically notice just how clean it is. But if you had trash piled to the ceilings in every room, you can bet every single visitor who walked through your door would notice. This is perhaps a bit extreme of an example, but it really holds true with the design of your pages.


If you have a clean, polished page design, one that does not distract or send too many conflicting messages at once, confusing the viewer, most people don’t specifically notice the design of the page. It becomes a nonfactor.


But toss a bad design in front of them, and every single person who comes to your site will notice (and maybe even gasp in horror as if you had trash piled to the virtual ceilings). Point is, you absolutely need to present a clean, polished website.


So maybe you’re not a web designer, and maybe you’re not ready to drop the $1000+ some fancy-pants, latte-drinking designer wants. No problem. Because you don’t need to have any design skills when you have a tool like Landing Page Monkey or similar.


There are a ton of page builders out there today and they all will help you use a tested design that looks clean, presents your key information in a format that looks great, and is easy and fast to use. I highly recommend using one or the other for your affiliate business.


Another one I have reviewed is called GroovePages 2.0. Much more expensive, but a top-quality page builder that does much more than build an effective page too…I use this one for selling products (drop-shipping) and it has worked well for me.


This Landing Page Monkey app creates modern, cutting-edge lead pages for you with just a couple clicks of the mouse. I bought it several years ago and use it all the time. You never again have to worry about losing visitors to bad design, because Landing Page Monkey can even create the latest in lead page design, such as inserting a background video with just a couple of mouse clicks.


The point is, if you don’t know a lick about web design, then stop trying to do it yourself. There is already a ton of stuff that you need to earn about for doing business online. If your page screams “amateur hour,” then you bet your visitors will think your products and services are old and outdated as well. So be sure to make a great first impression by showcasing your goods using stunning lead-page design.


Next up…


Problem 2: Ineffective Copy


While the design is important in making that great first impression, it’s your actual sales copy that’s going to turn these visitors into subscribers. The words you use and how you use them. Remember the design is just to keep the attention on the copy you add.


Now here’s the problem…


A lot of wannabe online business owners building a list don’t know a thing about writing good copy. And even those marketers who do know how to write sales copy don’t necessarily write good copy. That’s because they know their lead magnet rocks, but they have a hard time explaining to visitors why it rocks.


This is okay and normal, as with any new business, you have to learn the ropes, learn what to do and what not to do. Nobody is born a natural great writer, or darn few anyway. Most of us have to get some lessons to show us what works and why. This is where we come in for you. We teach this to people just like you every day.


So let me share with you a few tips for writing an awesome sales copy for a page that grabs your visitors’ attention and gets them filling out your opt-in form…

sell - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

Tip 1: Know Your Audience


Before you write even one word of copy, you need to learn as much as you can about your audience. The best way to do this is to become a part of your target market for a couple of days. Do the things they do. Hang out in the Facebook groups and forums where they congregate, and eavesdrop like crazy.


For example, if you’re targeting golfers, then go golfing this weekend and spend several hours reading golf forums, groups, blog discussions, and even product reviews. Take notes, ask questions, find out what makes them tick.


The point is, the more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be for you to write copy that really connects with them and appeals to them. You will know what they want, need, and are willing to spend money on.


Next up…

sell - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

Tip 2: Focus on Benefits


When your visitors land on your lead page, they want to know what’s in it for them. Your headline, your bullets and nearly every word of your copy need to deliver the answer. That’s why your copy should focus on the benefits – i.e., what will users get if they join your list?


It might seem easy to write about how great your offer is, but unless you put it in terms of what is in it for the reader, you will not convince the readers to take action. They have to be shown how what you have is going to help them.


There are many more tips, but the next is a good one…

sell - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

Tip 3: Arouse Curiosity


Showcasing your lead magnet’s biggest benefits will help whip up the desire for your product and move people toward the opt-in form. You can give them an extra push by arousing their curiosity about a product benefit. That is, you tell prospects they’ll get a benefit, but you leave it a mystery as to how it all works.


For example, maybe you have a weight loss report, and you say something like this: “Discover the ancient herb that melts fat like crazy – it’s probably already in your cupboard!” This pulls the reader in and they want to know more. They are compelled to read on or take action to get what you are offering.


See how that works?  First, you promise a benefit (melting fat like crazy), and then you pique your prospect’s curiosity about which herb might deliver this exciting benefit. They only way they can find out is by joining your list, so they’ll do just that in order to satisfy their curiosity.


“So good design+ strong benefits + curiosity = one awesome lead page that converts like crazy for you.”


That is a simple formula but it works again and again. Now that you know this, have a look at some of the offers you may have seen in your niche. When you start looking at them with an analytical eye, you will see how they have packaged this formula into their copy.

You will learn to quickly see what is working on a page and why over time, and that is going to help you create your own effective pages and copy that will help you grow your business like never before!

student 203x300 - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

So Now Your Lead Page Rocks: What’s Next?


Pretty simple, really. If you follow the easily understood tips above, you’re sure to boost your conversion rate. Polished, clean design welcomes people to read your lead page, and good copy keeps them hook so they’ll drop their email address in your opt-in form.


Of course, getting people to join your list is just one small part of building a big, profitable list. Once they’ve subscribed, you need to find a way to hold their attention, open all your emails, and click on your links.


This is the ultimate aim of the lead magnet, the web page design, and the copy you create, but once you have that in place, you are not done.


These things will get you in, but will not sell anything for you. The solid base is important, but you need to think forward a bit to the next steps…


How do you do this?


It’s not something I can tell you how to do in one simple article. But the good news is that someone else has already put together loads of information for you to use to build your own profitable mailing list. And you can get your hands on it right now using the link I have added below…

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Today we have a special offer that will help you get a SOLID start with your affiliate business…It is training we call the “eMarketers Club” Course…


2019 12 23 1642 - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

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2019 12 27 1909 001 - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks


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Here is a screenshot of the support channel for the eMarketers Club Course…

2019 12 28 0703 - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

This is a Facebook-like site that has private channels for students of each course that we offer, but there are also other benefits to being a member of this site. You will get access to additional free training sessions that we record and post, you will get additional free materials for your business, and you will have a community to share your business experiences with.

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SMART Training – eMarketers Club Access


Bottom Line


What you’ve heard is true: the money really IS in the list. A good mailing list is one of the most profitable business assets you’ll ever own. Find out how to start creating this kind of list for yourself by clicking the link to the training offer we have for you at a very special price as indicated above – and just wait until you see your subscription numbers grow like crazy!


We have covered some basic tips and advice within this article but there is a LOT more found inside the training course. The support channels will get you, even more, help you need on a live and ongoing basis too. We are very happy to be able to offer this training package to you!


If you have any questions or comments, please add them below, we do track the published posts and follow up with answers and advice as we get in queries. There is no question that is a dumb question either. There are things we can all learn from one another, and we are very open to learning as well from you!


Lastly, look at the set of bonuses that you will get with a purchase of any of our training packages whether it is one course or all 10 that we have in this bundle of training courses. There are some assets that will help you immensely and the total value is $270. That is free for you!



Dave : ) 


Here they are:

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2019 12 27 1911 1030x502 - SMART Training - Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks


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10 thoughts on “SMART Training – Avoiding Lousy Lead Pages and Copy That Sucks

  1. Your posts so far have been very useful in moving my online business to the next level. One of the best ways to succeed in doing business online is to avoid lousy lead pages and copy that sucks. I have personally come across such pages and copies before and I got thrown away especially because I didn’t get exactly what I wanted and my curiosity wasn’t triggered too. My top pick from this post is knowing our audiences. This is one of the best paths to success. Thanks for sharing this SMART training course (eMarketers Club).


    1. Hey There, Mr. Blizy!

      Thanks for popping through and taking the time to drop a comment as well. The eMarketers Club Course is an excellent choice for anyone that may be working in the business and wants to get solid tips, ideas, and solutions for increasing their sales.

      The lousy copy really hurts online businesses and unless they are tracking what is happening on their published content, business owners will not have a clue as to what is the problem. This is where the training and tools we have come in so the marketers can learn how to measure the effectiveness of their program. 

      It helps in any niche too. We all are doing the same thing in large part, so the steps to have success in one niche will also work in another. Even a different market segment can be improved using the lessons that are taught in this 10-module course.

      Another positive that we have been told helps a lot with the training is that there are support channels where members can share problems, ideas, and solutions. It creates a community that will help those that may want to have the social side addressed as it can be lonely working from home as an entrepreneur.


      Dave : )

  2. Another great post with some really helpful tips. I think one of the things I struggled with early on was figuring out the whole page design in order to make it attractive and user-friendly. That is the first thing people see when they come to your site and if it looks low quality, you can bet that will turn people off, no matter how well you write. I guess only Craigslist can get away with looking shabby! Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi, Steve…

      Thanks for the kind words and I am glad that the tips will help you. You are right that people’s expectations are high these days, and also you are spot on when it comes to Craigslist! That has some really crappy stuff on it. I do not know how people expect to sell anything in some cases!

      This is where our training comes in. It is designed to get people’s skill levels up to where they can design nice looking pages and create copy that readers and traffic will want to take action on. That alone is not enough, but it is a minimum starting point I think!

      Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

      Dave : )

  3. Thank you for your blog creation information. Good gold design is worth it. I didn’t know the design paid off. You showed us that there are more types of design. blog well advertised then success is guaranteed. So far I have found some blog designs that are interesting for blog readers.

    1. Good Day, Kozakiv…

      I am glad that the article will help you in your business. It can be hard to put together a design and add in copy that viewers will want to stick around to read about, but it is not impossible. This is why we also put together the training offer and bonuses for readers.

      Right now the offers are all at a special price too for another 3 weeks Eventually the prices will go up, but for now we want to help as many people as possible so are making it possible for more to get in at a special price. I would act fast though, as when these specials go away, it will cost a lot more.


      Dave : )

  4. I think that all of these are true and you need a special type of landing page to pull people into the offer.The landing  page  needs to be organized, look good, and stand out from other landing pages in order for  people to want to go with your offer. Work on your copywriting and engaging writing first then work on your page.

    1. Hi, Jon…

      The landing page really needs to send a strong message to readers and traffic. It can do so through the design, the copy that you include, and also a video (I recommend using a video whenever possible). The key is testing to see what works once you have a page together.

      You have the idea exactly right on how to go about this – work on the copy then the page design. There is much more to be picked up from our training course, I do hope that you had a chance to have a look. You will get a 10-module video course and more.


      Dave: ) 

  5. Hi Dave, thanks for sharing some information about good landing page. I agree that both page design and copy are very important. Does the page ‘length’ also affect the retention of the prospect in the page? Also, does the SMART training offer the way to A/B our lead page? Thanks for answering my questions

    1. Hi, Alblue…

      Thanks for popping through! Yes, the length also has something to do with how effective the page may work. I have seen some that frankly for my taste are just too long. That is why I prefer to add a video as often as possible. People do not mind watching a video but will hesitate to read a long page of written content.

      For our A/B testing, we use tools that come with the page builders we have, and it is the same for some of the video page tools we use. They really make it easy these days to get the best results as you test to see what works and eliminate the ones that do not.


      Dave : )

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