SMART IM Checklists Volume 10 – SELF PUBLISHING

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I Use These Checklists To:



Question: Does This Describe Your Situation?


  1. You are struggling to create enough time in your day to get everything done…
  2. Even while you struggle, you see others that seem to have lots of spare time, they organized and getting things done while having time off…
  3. You are feeling frustrated and wondering just how do these people are managing to do it ‘right’?
  4. There are some keys to their success – they are using outsourced help!

These Self-Publishing checklists can help you get more done while keeping costs minimized! Learn more in this volume of checklists that addresses ALL of these concerns and MORE! 

Why You Need These Checklists:


  • They will save you time and countless hours of work
  • You will have the exact steps to take to get more in a smarter manner and get more professional results
  • They give you a short-cut to success
  • Lays out all the complicated tasks clearly for you sequentially…
  • Use them regularly as spot checks as you conduct your daily IM business so you know you are getting results!

What You Will Get:


  • 20 checklists that I personally use every day in my online business.
  • Each checklist is available in PDF format for you to easily print off and use.
  • You can also use the online interactive versions if you don’t want print.
  • Includes spreadsheets and tools that make it easier than ever to get results.


Why Buy Them Now?


  • Start using them immediately and start saving time and focusing on what matters.
  • Use them for your team to keep them focused on the tasks that make a difference to get more results.
  • You are getting a VERY low introductory price today!
  • I use these daily in my own business and know they work.
  • These checklists normally would cost you a LOT more.
  • Just for a limited time, you can get your hands on my SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 – Self Publishing at a MORE than fair price…

What Is Special About These Self Publishing Checklists?


  • They Will Help You Coordinate  All Publishing Content To Get A More Professional Outcome!
  • You Can Ensure That Your Content Is Effective And Know How To Get It Published.
  • You Can Scale Your Business Up Faster Using These Checklists and Guidance Found Within.

Which Checklists Will You Get?


Checklist 1 – Book Planning Checklist

This checklist gets you organized when planning your book publishing processes and expected outcomes. It leads you step-by-step through all the considerations and at the end, you will have a solid plan for proceeding. Unless you go through this you may end up wasting time, money, and effort. This is a checklist I use for every one of my publications.

Checklist 2 – Book Writing Checklist

When you go from the 10,000-foot view to the nitty gritty of actually writing your next best-seller, you will need to make sure that the important points that you will need to include are covered. This checklist helps you cover all the bases. I like it because my end product is a more complete project as a result of following the guidelines in the checklist.

Checklist 3 – Book Cover Checklist

This is where you make your first impression with potential customers or buyers of your publications. If you have planned carefully and used a designed that is eye-catching and attractive, you will be miles ahead. This checklist takes you through the considerations as you plan and design you cover.

Checklist 4 – Book Publishing Checklist

When you get past the writing content and design of your cover and have a product that is ready for prime time, the next consideration is how to get it published. The checklist walks you through the options and following it means that you will be ready to publish based on the intent of your project.

Checklist 5 – Book Marketing Checklist

Once you have decided how and where you will publish your book, the next thing to look at is how you will market the book. Using this checklist you can determine the avenues you will use to get it marketed to the public, if that is the intent. This is an important piece of the self-publishing puzzle and you ned to plan and have a clear vire of how you will proceed.

Checklist 6 – Createspace Upload Checklist

This is one platform that you may want to consider for using as you start getting your book out to the world. The checklist takes you through all the steps you need to follow when publishing there. What I like about this is you will not make any mistakes or miss something that could have consequences later for sales, etc. 

Checklist 7 – Lulu Upload Checklist

As with the last checklist, the focus for this one is on a particular platform for publishing your book. In this case, it is Lulu. You will have a clear step-by-step set of checks to make sure that you are covering all the bases and will have success in getting your book live and ready to sell to people.

Checklist 8 – Nook Upload Checklist

Yet another platform where you can get your book published and seen by the public is Nook. The checklist walks you through the steps you need to follow and using the checks you will ensure that mo mistakes are made and you get the book live as quickly as possible so you can start making sales.

Checklist 9 – Kindle Upload Checklist

This is possibly the best-known platform for publishing your book and yet many people make mistakes and have problems getting their books live and selling. This checklist takes you through the process in an easy to understand and follow manner. Well worth your time to pull out this checklist EVERY time you will get something published on Kindle.

Checklist 10 – Amazon Advertising Checklist

Using Amazon advertising is a great way to get sales and attention on your book, but there are some pitfalls that will cost you sales and views if you are not careful in how you approach it. This checklist helps walk you through the process and will save you time and money.

Checklist 11 – Book Online Advertising Checklist

There are a number of ways to advertise your publications, Amazon is one of the best known, but other options are there and can work for you if you follow certain guidelines. This checklist will help you go through what options are there for you and select the ones that work the best. Again, this is a checklist that I use often, and you will too.

Checklist 12 – Giveaway Model Book Funnel

One way to get more copies of your book out to the world is to offer a giveaway copy. There may be several reasons to do this (as in copies delivered can be a selling point) so there may be times when you will want to look into this model. The checklist takes you through all the considerations and helps you do this right. If you are planning on using this model, the checklist is an essential tool that you will need and use.

Checklist 13 – Free Plus Shipping Model Book

Yet another model to consider that I have seen used quite often is the free plus shipping model. The reason this works so well is that you can cover all of your costs of preparation and shipping, and often even make a dollar or two per copy that you send out. This checklist walks you through the steps to get this model in place, and following it you will avoid some pitfalls of not covering one or more areas as you roll out the model for selling your book. A must-have and use checklist, in my opinion.

Checklist 14 – Traditional Book Selling Model

Even if you decide to forego the other models that are covered in this volume of checklists, you will need to know what to do for a more traditional model when deciding how you will get your book offer out to the world. This checklist helps you make sure you have everything covered. Of all the checklists, this is one that most will want to have a look at when you are planning on the marketing. The checklist will help you.

Checklist 15 – Local Book Launch Checklist

Yet another area you need to consider and plan for is the local launch of your book. This presents an opportunity to get the initial buzz going, and you will want to make sure that every aspect of the launch is covered by your team. The checklist provides a step-by-step path for you to follow and is a useful tool for you that you will keep close by as you roll out.

Checklist 16 – Online Book Launch Checklist

Finally, this checklist covers all of the many tasks that have to be taken care of as you launch. Using the guidance you will fully be ready for the launch online and be ready for anything that may come after the launch. It is a very useful tool that you will want to have in your arsenal ready for use.

Checklist 17 – Book Lead Generation / Sales

One great opportunity that self-publishing offers is the chance to grow your leads and subscribers. There are certain things that you have put in place to leverage this however. The checklist will take you through everything you have to take care of.

Checklist 18 – Book Backend Checklist

What goes on behind the scenes can often make the difference whether your book will be a success or a flop. This checklist goes into what all you need to consider and address behind the scenes. It does so in a clear, easy to understand and follow manner. yet one more must-have checklist for you (one of many…in fact, this whole volume is something you need!).

Checklist 19 – Book Speaking Gigs Checklist

This is another opportunity to gain some traction when launching or promoting your masterpiece. There are some tasks that you need to consider as you prepare and carry out your speaking gigs. This checklist will make sure that you know what these are and how to handle them. Something that you will want to take a look at for each of your speaking gigs.

Checklist 20 – Book Translation Checklist

This last checklist is not insignificant. if you are interested in reaching a global audience with your book. You may very well want to have it translated into the local language for the regions you will be promoting the book into and there are a series of steps you need to go through to make that happen. This checklist provides a good roadmapo to get the job done right.


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