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Videos continue to grow in popularity and use in 2016 by virtually everyone that is using the internet. Especially with users that access the net with mobile devices…

If you are like most marketers, over time you will have gathered a mountain (OK a virtual mountain) of videos that collect virtual dust somewhere on one or more of your hard drives or somewhere in one of your cloud storage locations…

Today I want to discuss why you are sitting on a cash cow, and how you can with a little effort milk that cow for jump-starting your traffic, leads acquisition, and even conversions you seek!

Since we are talking about video and repurposing, let me show you one that I had repurposed just last month:

Does that look interesting (it was easy)? Hopefully you can see the sense and purpose of today’s tutorial already!

Without further ado, let’s get started…


Let’s first look at some video content statistics…This is useful to put the reason for today’s short tutorial into perspective.

It is good to know what is going on in the market…I did some research and lots of interesting statistics started popping up…

Below is the best synopsis and some of what I found, and definitely these statistics paint a picture of where video content lies in the market today and where it is going:

1. Today 68% of marketers think original digital video content (what you and I are providing) will equal original TV programming within 3 years.

2. Marketers spend 44% of their budget on original digital video content, an increase of 7% from 38% two years ago.

3. Just on mobile in the US, Youtube now reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any other medium to include broadcast or even cable TV.

4. During “Prime Time” in the USA,  there are more 18-49 year-olds tuning  into YouTube than the top 10 TV shows on the networks combined.

5. Today 80 %  of the top 10 most popular and influential “celebrities”are YouTube “stars” with teenagers.

6. There are over 800 YouTube creators that currently have more than a million subscribers.

7. A large demographic group of YouTube subscribers (60%) had their perspective of a brand or a company influenced by such creators.

8. This year (2016) in one month more video content will be uploaded online than the three major U.S. T.V.  networks together have created in 30 years.

9. Even on TV screens, the hours spent watching YouTube videos on people’s TV screens has more than doubled.

10. By 2020, mobile video will account for 75% of total mobile traffic.

11. On Facebook, members are watching 100 million hours of video daily.

12. On Instagram over the last 6 months, video content views of has increased by over 40%.

13. Over half the population in the U.S. watches videos daily (55%), and over three-quarters watch weekly (78%).

14. Most Facebook videos are watched without sound (85%).

15. Snapchat videos get 10 billion views per day.

16. The three most popular video content categories watched are comedy (39%) news (33%) and music (31%).

17. This one is scary (kidding) – In March 2016 the most-watched US TV News was “Fox News,” with over 377 million views.

18. Food Network was the most-watched food brand TV in March 2016. with over 188 million views.


More Pertinent Stats Regarding Video Advertising…

1. There has been an increase of 114% by advertisers and media buyers in outlay for original digital video programming over the last two years.

2. Of media buyers over half plan in spending more on digital video content and on mobile video (63 and 62% respectively).

3. Almost one-third (32%) of all dollars spent for original digital video is used for native advertising.

4. By 2020, the total spend just in the USA for digital video ad spending will likely reach over $28 billion USD…This figure is huge compared to the $6.84 billion spent in 2015.

5. Also by 2020, the advertising spend portion for video will rise by over 30% – It was17.7 % in 2015 and will reach 23.2 %, a huge increase.

6. YouTube’s has a premium content service called Google Preferred and it reaches more people in the USA  using mobile than all the other full-episode players like Hulu or Netflix combined.

7. Currently, 20% of the market share of video ads in the U.S are placed using Youtube.

8. The click-through rate of video ads averages 1.84%, the highest of any digital format ads.

9. Monthly an Internet user will spend over 16 minutes just watching online video ads.

10. If advertisers in the USA used YouTube in addition to primetime broadcast TV slots, they could reach 56% more people that are age 18-49.

NOTE: Source for my synopsis of this data was an article called “29 Big Video Marketing Statistics for Media Brands” found on www.reelsseo.com.

So bottom line is that you can see where repurposing your on hand video will be worthwhile, is easier than creating all new video in many cases, and done faster to add as an effective element to your advertising campaigns…


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Based on what I have gathered over the past couple of years, along with the kinds of video information that most people involved in the IM field will undoubtedly have on hand here are some suggestions for you to pull out from your libraries…

  • Training Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Review Videos
  • Intros
  • Outros
  • Transition Videos
  • Posted YouTube videos
  • YouTube Creative Content
  • Backgrounds
  • PLR Video Content
  • Live video recordings

Here is another repurposed video that I use for one of my online businesses…This one literally took a few hours to complete, and it is a somewhat unique and forceful end product that we use on our eCommerce site:


Now that you know why you should look at repurposing your videos, the kinds of videos that lend themselves to repurposing, the next logical step is to look at the steps to repurpose them.

Determine what products you are selling, what the target audience is, what the pain points are for that audience, and using video, how you augment the copywriting content to support the unique solution you are offering…

From that point, you can use editing tools to cut and add in sections of video that you already have to support the campaign intent. Today adding in snippets of video content is quite easy using such tools as Camtasia, Explaindio, VideomakerFX, Vince3d, Viddyoze, etc.

Here are some reviews I have published on some of the above video creation tools that might help you:

===> VideoMakerFX Review <===

===>VideoMakerFX in Action <===

===>  Explaindio 2.0 Review <===

===> Training On Free Traffic With Video <===

OK, let’s move on…

What exactly you will have to do for each project is hard to talk in detail about, but basically you will rework the pieces that need updating, additional content, or things such as audio and overlays, bottom thirds, etc.

My advice is to see what you need to support the campaign you have, see what you have on hand, determine exactly what needs to be re-worked, set up a short plan to get it done, and at the end add it into your video sales pages, your posts, your YouTube channel, etc.

To expand on this just a bit, here are a few steps that I go through when planning for repurposing my videos:

These are based on my own experiences but have also come from the experts in the field who have graciously shared their knowledge with us all to make it mine…

There are three main focuses to keep in mind when you start the repurposing process…

(1) Develop your overall strategy first,

(2) Determine how you will connect your brand with users and have them connect with you, and lastly…

(3) Use products to monitor your video campaigns.

This means that your repurposing efforts and deliverable will be congruent with the overall marketing campaign you are setting up. Everything you do to change and update the content will support that and less wasted time is one result…

Where will you be using the repurposed videos? Will they be added to your YouTube campaign, your Facebook campaign, your Instagram campaign, for your video sales letters, perhaps your blog posts to support other content, etc.?

These two points will then determine the actual changes you make to the videos you have on hand, A little time planning on the front side will save you tons of time on the back side as you start editing, adding and cutting pieces of the videos…

Here is a third example of a repurposed video from the vaults of my hard drive….This is a version that I added overlays onto at the eCommerce site to make it fit the intent (remember congruence?)


Knowing what angle you are shooting for when you repurpose the videos means that the completed new video product will correlate with the message you are sending throughout your marketing campaign.

This means that essentially all you have to do is plug in the repurposed video and do the normal marketing activity that you would use, with a few caveats…See the tips below for more on this…

Because your new video represents a completely new take on a subject, make sure that you let people know about it using the normal social platforms, video platforms, and possibly using PPC or solo ads, etc.


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Because I want to offer you as much guidance as possible in this short tutorial today, I decided to add in some curated tips that I have gathered from various sources for you…

The Audience – It is very important that you determine who your audience is and determine the best way to reach them. This will give you a guiding direction for the elements of any video which are the content and text.

Make the Video Engaging. If you have engaging content you will have a winner. Finding new and interesting ways to drive traffic to your offer and through this to other related content will keep viewers coming back.

Build A Relationship. Your video content must convey a sense of building a relationship with viewers. If you create video content only advertises it can actually make it harder for you to drive increased traffic to your pages. Think about this as you plan for using repurposed content.

Brevity Is King. Try to keep the video short, sweet, and on point. Add the most important messages early on in the video, since view rates drop off significantly after about 45 seconds.

Clarity. Be very clear in your video exactly what your business or product is offering viewers. Remember that the video they are looking at might be the first and only communication with your viewer.

Calls To Action. Make sure you have extremely clear next steps you want the viewer to take after finishing watching your video. Do you want them to make a purchase, visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or other? State it or show it clearly!

If you are going to use the repurposed videos for ads, here are some special considerations:

Optimize Your Video and Funnel. Since you will be spending  money on your ads, you want to make sure that the repurposed videos are optimized…

  • Thumbnail – If you will use a thumbnail, make sure it begs the user to click on it.
  • Create Compelling Product Demonstrations – Show off your product’s features and benefits in a manner that entertains, educates, and compels the viewer to take the action you call for.
  • Have a Good Close – Add in a simple and clear call to action. The right call to action for you depends on your goals. That is the end goal for the video ad, to get that viewer to click…
  • If Your Goal Is More Subscribers – Ask for them to add you! This is a very easy tactic that many people do not do…All that can happen is that they either do or do not add you or subscribe…
  • Congruency – Your video, the squeeze page, and the landing page, all must flow and support one another regarding the message conveyed. If not, you will very likely lose the viewer…
  • Test test test! This one is very important since it is likely that some videos will perform better than others. The sample videos I posted are the same. The last one has performed the best, maybe because of the catchy music?
  • Metrics – It does no good to test if you are not using tools that will tell how the video versions are performing with your audiences. Get some reliable tools together that will show you what is happening regarding the video and with your entire funnel…You want to know what the behaviors are of your viewers for the entire funnel!

3TYaSSJ - Secure Massive Free Traffic Easily Using Repurposed Videos


Today we discussed the subject of repurposing videos, as to why, how, and where…and we explained how easily it can be to reuse some of your on hand video content…

The point was to open your eyes to the potential that you likely have right in front of you and to teach you how to take advantage of this… 

The statistics quoted in this tutorial show that video is here to stay, use of it in marketing is growing, and that it will continue to grow and evolve in the near and likely far future…

Since you likely have a lot of what you consider outdated video material, we looked at ways to rework and use it, cleaned up and all shiny new and ready for deploying once again…

Lastly, we looked at ways to deploy the new video content and fit it on with some of your in place marketing campaigns to give you a boost…

Using this tactic on a regular basis I am sure that you can get massive free traffic using these repurposed videos you have and also get more leads and sales…

The important thing now is to get started…

Take inventory of what you have and evaluate how you may be able to use it. It is a lot easier and faster to modify than starting from zero, and will cost you less likely too….

Good luck and see you next time! 


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As always, I ask that you like the tutorial if you do like it (above 1-5 star rating), share it with your friends if you think they will find the  content useful, and lastly, add in your feedback on this post on repurposing videos to increase traffic. When you do these things, it helps get the word out and with more discussion and ideas that are presented, we all gain. I do thank you in advance and look forward to reading and joining the discussion!


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Dave has been involved in sales for 20 years with offline products and has been fortunate to have traveled the world while realizing up to $4 million USD a month in gross sales of products he promoted.

He has brought that experience to the online world and this is one of his online ventures. This site is intended to present ideas, products, tools, tips and more that will help all those seeking to make money online have success.

Subjects covered are diverse, but in totem, you can learn a lot about the things that you will need to have success with online business right here. This includes things to do and things NOT to do!


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  1. Hi Dave,

    I just read through this latest post from you. It was interesting and useful for me because it gave me some ideas on how to reuse some of the many videos I have on my drive that are just sitting there now.

    Regarding the massive traffic you mention, where does that come in to your tutorial? Did I miss something or perhaps you are saying that repurposing the video and using it in my campaigns will help traffic?

    In any case another great post and I like the video examples you added, they are very cool! Until next time ….



    1. Good Day Rea!

      Thanks for the positive comments on the post. I do appreciate them as you know…

      On your question regarding getting massive amounts of free traffic, I based it on the statistics mentioned in the current state of video use by both marketers and internet users…If you are not using video, you are missing out on free traffic, and if you are using paid traffic, then you will get more results (if done properly)…

      On the last point you bring up, the examples I included were just a few that I have repurposed for the new site we have just recently gone live with. These were fun to do and hopefully convey a message that is congruent with our entire sales plan for the site.

      Have a great weekend and see you next time…I see that you also rated the post and thanks for that too! Please share as well if you think some of your tribe members would gain some value from the content!


  2. Hi Dave,
    Your site has some great information and advice about using videos in the online world. I was just discussing this with my husband. He is a plasterer, very rare tradesman in this day and age. Anyway I was telling him he should do some videos regarding plaster mixes, plaster repairs, etc…
    After reading you blog I am definitely gong to encourage him to pursue this for his business. Thank you for all the information you provided regarding making some extra money on videos. It is very informative and encouraging.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Glad you enjoyed and can use the information, that is exactly the intent! Your husband can easily get some videos created either using his own assets or if not, using an outsourcing sit such as Fiverr…There he can likely select some footage a seller has on hand and can modify for his needs…

      Videos will help get him some more business, no doubt…If he has a web site and for sure the video angle will help…Iin the case of our eCommerce site, we used a slider and added in a variety of videos and still slides to tell a story, get visitors to stay longer onsite, and of course hopefullu to buy!!

      The niche your husband is in has a lot of potential. Maybe the two of you together could work it and grow some ancillary business on top of actuals jobs he seeks? Lots of ideas I have for this, best of luck and have fun!