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2016 08 06 1047 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test


Today I am taking a look at a training membership site called Work1099 (Special). This is a hands-on review, in that I actually signed up for a 30 day trial at a cost of $7.

This is the same price that everyone can subscribe for, and after the 30 days, there is a monthly fee of $29 to remain a member and have access to the training, templates, and content.

I am a member of other training sites that offer a great value (Wealthy Affiliate is one, BakkersBoard is another, etc), so I go into this review with open eyes, knowing what the standard should be for a membership site…

To provide you with the best information, I will be walking you through my experience, as well as adding in explainer video so you can see the site “live” through my laptop screen…

So without further ado, let’s get started!


Name Of Product:                 Work1099 (Special)

                                                           Membership Site

Developer:                                 Matt Rhodes

Cost Of Product:                    One Time $7 (30 days)

                                                           (Monthly) $29.99

MY RATING:                             8/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:   Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

Click the green button below to get instant access to Work1099, this extremely effective membership site that provides loads of training at a very reasonable price!  

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2016 08 06 1047 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test


This is a membership site that contains over 10 years worth of internet marketing experiences provided by the website owner and online marketer Matt Rhodes.

There is a wide variety of subjects and training provided, and the sales pitch was very convincing as to the veracity of what was being offered.

I did some research on Matt because I truthfully had not heard the name in the online marketing circles that I am involved in. This is not a positive or a negative, this is a big market…

The background and testimonials that I found were all positive.,. I searched scam, fraud, etc. using Google and found nothing at all of consequence…

So next it comes down to the voluminous training that you have access to as a member. Things change rapidly in the market, as you know likely, and what worked 9 to 10 years ago will not today.

Here are some of the training courses and business plans that are covered on the site:

  • New Year Strategy Plan
  • Build Your Own High Ticket Offer
  • Fast Focus Formula
  • Pathetic Money Niches
  • The Virtual Contractor’s Manual
  • Fiction Book Formula
  • 4 Hour Outsourcing
  •  4 Hour Wealth Building
  • 4 Hour Software
  • 4 Hour
  • Info Product Empire
  • Easy App Formula
  • Kindle Recipe Goldmine
  • Free Content Formula
  • Copywriting Crash Course
  • PLR Classroom
  • $20 in 20 Minutes

Each of these courses or training comes in modules, and for some of the training courses, there are many modules, while some there are single training or have fewer modules…

They go into a lot of detail from a first person perspective on what to do, when to do it, and why. So far from the courses I have looked at, they are useful and helpful…

Here are the categories of subjects that are covered in the entire body of training… 

2016 08 06 0957 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

2016 08 06 0958 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

2016 08 06 0958 001 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test2016 08 06 0958 002 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

As you can see, the list of subjects is quite extensive. Matt has poured everything he has learned over the years into course content for members…


If you are a new online marketing entrepreneur, it can be very helpful to have some solid guidance that you can refer to as you put your program into place.

This is what I searched for when starting my own online business, and believe me this is not easy. Too many programs and tools out there are ineffective, outdated, or plain scams…

So it was with this in mind that I signed up to get a 30-day test run. I spend more than that on a coffee these days, so it was well worth the cost of $7.

Not having gone through ALL the training at this point (there is far too much to do in a couple of days, let alone in 30 days), I have to say that a lot of great information was there.

You will definitely get a leg up over trying to learn by doing on your own. Many of the mistakes that will happen as you start your own online marketing business you can avoid when you implement his training.

It is sometimes valuable to see what others who have had success in a field have done, how they did it, and what hints and tips theyy can provide you to help get you to where they are faster.

That is what I see in this membershipe site. LOTS of information provides that you will have to go through to glean out what can help you. It is good that the categories are listed, so you can quickly get to the exact type training you are looking for…


The definite pro that stands out right away to me is the initial cost. The $7 trial that you [pay is very reasonable, and even if you decide the monthly subscription is not worth the money, the up-front offer most certainly is.

The training provided is also a pro. It drills down in some very specific nuches and also provides a lot of general knowledge subjects that an onoine marketer will need to have success…

The con I would say is that they do have a set of “tools” they recommend you use and these come at an additional cost. Having been in the online marketing business for more than a day, I can say you will need tools.

Do the tools have to be the ones suggested on the Work1099 site? That is up to you but I have a strong feeling that you can source similar tools for less money thatn he is asking ($397 1 x or 12 x $39)…

Personally, I have my own set of tools that I have acquired over time, so this recommendation was a no-go for me. For the newbie, some guidance is helpful. though, so I do understand why the offer is there, and such tools you WILL need…

One other con that some may think of: The ongoing cost of membership…I would not agree, as an investment in yourself and your business involves such costs, or it should.

The other areas I think could use some improvement on with the membership site are:

(1) There is no way that members can communicate with one another regarding the training, their own insights, etc. If you look at a site such as Wealthy Affiliate, and see what they offer, that is the direction matt should take this site…

(2) There are no webinars offered over and above the training provided. Rather than offering chances for engagement, the training is much like an online classroom, one-way communication and no opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback…

(3) There is no blog capability for members. Having something like this would allow more interaction and encourage members to make this membership site a regular part of their workday…

(4) Adding the ability for members to add in their own training on subjects that are directly related or not would be helpful and again raise engagement…


To this point, I have seen only the tools that they recommend as additional costs over the monthly subscription charged. Essentially this is something that you can purchase or leave…

My recommendation is that you continue to use the tools you normally use unless there is something new that you find you need. Over time most online marketers do buy the bits and pieces they need.If  

If you are brand new to online marketing, I still would do due diligence to see what tools are available outside of what the membership site offers…

The set of tools offered at $397 (one time and lifetime access) are as follows:

  • Conversion Checker (tracker)
  • Website Sales Tester
  • Keyword Tool Assortment
  • Amazon Product Search Analysis Tool
  • Etsy Competitive Review Analysis Tool
  • WP News Curator Plugin
  • Survey Creator

Again, these tools are available elsewhere and likely at a lower cost. Plus you may have many such tools in your arsenal. They are tools that you will use often IF you are going into the niches that the tools address (and you will need more than these)…

Other tools that I can think of off the top of my head you will need include:

(1) Video and audio capture, editing and publishing software

(2) Audio and video conversion tools

(3) Graphic designer tools

(4 Page building tools

(5) Social interface automation tools

(6) Link cloaking tool

(7) On site heat mapping tool

(8) Other tools that free up your time to spend on getting traffic to your offers…

There are more I could mention, but I think you get the idea. What is offered as an upsell is a start, but an expensive solution and not all encompassing as to what you will need for a full fledged online marketing program…


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

Bottom Line: Work1099 (Special) gets a strong endorsement from me, it does provide a lot of value for the cost. There are areas where what is offered could be beefed up, and I mention these…Of course, as with any training, it is what you do with the content that will make it worth the investment or not…


Now It Is Time To Take Action!

Click the green button below to get instant access to this extremely effective membership site training tool/solution at a very reasonable price!  

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Get started with Work1099 (Special) at the low introductory price of $7 and you will receive the following bonuses:

Bonus # 1 – Faster Growth With Facebook Retargeting

2016 02 28 1122 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

If you are not tapping into retargeting when you use paid ads you are losing money. This training will provide you the information you need to get going with retargeting and provide some helpful hints on how to make retargeting working for your online marketing business!

Next, we have…

Bonus # 2 – Selling To The World

2016 02 28 1014 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

This bonus will help you with your online marketing business. You have the CRM solution, now you can learn how to leverage the power of CloudNet360 to increase your leads and sales using the tips found in this book!

Also, I have this bonus for you…

Bonus # 3 –

2016 02 28 1015 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

When you go about the marketing that is required to build your sales having some good advice on what to do and what not to do is valuable. This training will give you lots of great tips and advice on how to get the biggest bang out of your presentations…

Lastly, check out this bonus for you today after you sign up for a free trial of CloudNet360…

Bonus # 4 –

2016 02 28 1118 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test

This handy training will help you rediscover Facebook ads and show you how best to add this marketing strategy into your overall program. The changes that have been implemented in the Facebook program means if you are not using it to get more sales, you are missing out!

If you have any issues, please send your sales receipt for Work1099 (Special) to my team at support@davesweney.com and we will get these bonuses out to you ASAP!


Today in my review of WORK1099 (Special) Membership Site I covered the good and some areas I think could use improvement. I added in the type training, upsells, and overall rating.

If you read through the review you will have a good picture of what you are getting when you sign up and pay your $7. It does offer a lot of value for that price.

I also mentioned some areas that could use improvement, i.e. a chat feature, a blog feature, webinars, aility to add in member training, etc. All of these additions would make the site more engaging…

Overall though, the price is not unreasonable and the WORK1099 Membership Site is a good value for potential members. This is true as a starter in the online marketing world or someone that has a little more experience.

The upsell they offer for the tools they have are rather high-ticket of you are starting out. Putting out that much cash in one fell swoop is not possible nor desirable in my mind. Save that $397!

Rather use the massive amount of training provided to get you program on track, and send in a lot of support tickets when you have questions!


arrow red 2 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test


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Dave In Italy 2 - Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site - Hands On Test


Dave has been involved in sales for 20 years with offline products and has been fortunate to have traveled the world while realizing up to $4 million USD a month in gross sales of products he promoted.

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