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2016 08 07 1115 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


As online marketers, we need tools that automate our operations and help us further raise our traffic, leads, and conversions. There are many avenues you can use to advance these considerations.

One excellent and very low-cost ways to get that traffic is through YouTube. It is not so easy to target exactly the audience you are looking for unless you have some additional tools over the ones offered at YouTube.

This tool will give you a leg up on your competition, it will keep your costs down, and it will help you quickly hone in on the target audience you need to view your ads and take action…

Today I am reviewing this tool for you, and of course providing an opportunity to purchase it through my link and at the same time latch on to some great bonuses that will further help your online marketing efforts…

We are all in this business to make money, not that we need all the money in the world, but if we are putting effort into building our own business, it certainly is gratifying when you make some money doing it…

Video Drill helps you make more money for the same effort…Let’s dig in so you can see what I am talking about… 


2016 08 07 1115 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


Name Of Product:                 Video Drill

Developer:                                 Sam Bakker and

                                                           Brad Stephans

Cost Of Product:

                                              One Time $59.95 or $9.95 per month

MY RATING:                             10/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:   Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


Here is a short video to explain what Video Drill is and what it can do for your online marketing business…As you can see, this tool will automate a lot of the work involved in using PPC with YouTube…


Have you seen enough to convince you this program is what you need after watching the video and review synopsis above? If so click on the Green Button below and get started right now! 

2016 07 19 1308 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

Click the green button below to get instant access to Video Drill, this extremely effective video tool you need at a very reasonable price of $59.95 or monthly for $9.95!  

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

If you want more details, please read my in-depth review below (and see the bonuses I am offering with your purchase at the end too)!

Dave Sweney Banner e1456299188704 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

2016 08 07 1115 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


Video Drill is a tool that helps you quickly find the target audience you need when using PPC ads through YouTube.

It provides you insight also on what the competition is doing, so you can emulate or place ads using the same keywords that are working…

No more hunt and seek, hope you are on target, and then get sad when your money is gone for ads and you have no leads, no sales, or anything to show for the cost…

From the video above you can see some of the things it can do for you…Here is some more information for your consideration…

Video Drill Is…

(1) A cloud-based tool, meaning you can access it from multiple devices wherever you are and if you have a device such as a smartphone or an I-pad or similar…

(2) The developers are internet marketers and know their business. The tool was designed with internet marketers in mind. It handles and feels this way…

(3) This is an all-in-one video marketing tool. You can build and track campaigns, find keywords using the research feature, and rank videos easily with the tool.

Here are some screen shots that show you what you will see as you start to navigate Video Drill

I wanted you to be able to see what you will get once inside the tool and show you just how intuitive this tool is…

(1) Video Drill Dashboard Screenshot

2016 08 07 1100 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

Easy to understand what you need to do to get started with this simple dashboard view. Navigate to the task at hand with a click and go…

(2) Keyword Tool Video Drill Screenshot

2016 08 07 1101 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

You can quickly get results and then further refine as you wish to get to highly targeted keywords that are effective and will work best for your marketing campaigns

(3) Search Video Results Sample Screenshot…

2016 08 07 1101 001 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

The results of a video search using the keywords you have entered from your earlier research. Based on these, all the channels with the best potential are almost instantly shown to you.

(4) Build a YouTube Ad Campaign

2016 08 07 1104 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

Once you have the keywords, the sites to place your ads on, and you know what the competition is doing, then you can build your campaign, add tracking, and get them going right from the tool.

Bottom Line: This really is an easy tool to learn and use, but of course, there are tutorials provided along with the tool. If you do have any further support issues, you can quickly get answers through submitting a request to customer service…


You need Video Drill or a similar tool to help you save time, money, and frustration. It will help in all three of these areas of needs for the online marketer who is trying to make some money online with their own business…

Specifically here are areas where using Video Drill will help your online marketing program:

(1) You will save time.

(2) You will save money.

(3) You will save mistakes.

(4) You will sell more.

(5) You will get more leads.

(6) You will get leads faster.

Here are the problems that will be alleviated when you purchase and use the Video Drill on a regular basis for all of your YouTube PPC ads…

(1) No more guessing as to which keywords are working.

(2) See quickly which sites to use for your ads automatically rather than hunting them one by one. 

(3) Check on your competitors easily. 

(4) Get ideas on what your ads should look like from those that are working currently.

(5) Find new niches and keywords that will work for your products and services

(6) Lower your spend for paid ads with one of the biggest search sites on the internet (currently fourth biggest search engine). 

As you can see, Video Drill will help you and rid you of problems you may have experienced or are experiencing as you spend hard earned cash on paid ads to increase traffic, leads, and conversions…


I am a user of this tool on a regular basis, so first hand I can tell you it is a very useful tool that is not hard to navigate and is intuitive in nature to use…

Pros are as follows:

(1) Easy to use.

(2) Easy to learn.

(3) Cost is negligible compared to payback.

(4) Great customer support.

(5) fast customer support.

(6) Included Training Tutorials

(7) Bonus Pack (see below).

(8) Multi-Niche Ready.

(9) Flexible Tool at Flexible Pricing (one-time payment or monthly options).


There are no real cons with this tool that I have found. One of the things that you will notice about this website that is set up to help you make money online with your own business…I do not waste your time reviewing many programs that do not work well…

I would rather point you in the right direction to tools that DO work and ones that will effectively increase your productivity and your bottom line at the end of the month…

Bottom Line: This tool has a LOT of pros and no cons. The low price to get started using it means that you can easily make the cost up with one or two sales that you will gain quickly from using the tool…The rest is then gravy as I like to call it! It pays for itself again and again… 


There are further upsells on top of the basic front end offer, but you do not have to have these. I hate having to go through 8-10 pages offering me stuff I do not want after buying something…

If you want to avoid these additional sales offers, simply go directly to your download page for the program and for the bonuses that you will be directed to…

On a personal note: I do not appreciate the many OTOs as they are called (one time offers) and for some tools, I have seen, there were like 10! I have even gone so far as to ask for a refund because of this…


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

Bottom Line: This tool offers high value for a low cost. It can help your PPC campaigns using YouTube and also give you insight on what other top marketers are doing with YouTube so you can emulate and quickly grow your business and profits. This is a “strong buy” in my opinion…

2016 08 07 1115 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

Now It Is Time To Take Action!

Click the green button below to get instant access to this extremely effective video marketing tool/solution for a very reasonable payment of $59.95 one-time or select the monthly option for $9.95!  

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


Get Video Drill at the low price of $59.95 or select the monthky option for $9.95 and you will receive the following bonuses:

Bonus # 1 – YouTube Excellence Training package

2016 03 29 1140 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

This is a training course that I am currently selling at $19.95. With this training, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to tap into YouTube to gain leads, make conversions, and rank your own videos to get more views and build your brand and reputation.

I have a review of this here:

==> YouTube Training Course <===

Next, we have…

Bonus # 2 – Selling To The World

2016 02 28 1014 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

This bonus will help you with your general online marketing business. You have the solutions you need with YouTube through Video Drill and the course above, now you can learn how to leverage the power of YouTube to increase your leads and sales using the tips found in this book!

Also, I have this bonus for you…

Bonus # 3 – Presentations That Get People Thinking

2016 02 28 1015 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

When you go about the marketing that is required to build your sales having some good advice on what to do and what not to do is valuable. This training will give you lots of great tips and advice on how to get the biggest bang out of your presentations…

Lastly, check out this bonus for you today after you purchase the Video Drill tool…

Bonus # 4 – Produce Videos For Profit

2016 02 28 1012 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

This handy training will help you to best use YouTube to it’s potential. It drills down into the basics and advanced tips on creating effective and powerful videos that will get you views, leads, and sales.

If you have any issues, please send your sales receipt for Video Drill to my team at support@davesweney.com and we will get these bonuses out to you ASAP!

2016 08 07 1115 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

Now It Is Time To Take Action!

Click the green button below to get instant access to this extremely effective video marketing tool/solution at a very reasonable price!  

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


Today we presented a review of a handy, easy to use and effective tool called Video Drill that will help you lower costs and increase effectiveness when using YouTube for paid ads (PPC).

We showed you the features of Video Drill, showed how it works using an explainer video along with screenshots, and added a more detailed explanation in text content for you.

This tool is not expensive at all for what it does, and as a matter of fact, the price offered through the link here will save you a lot of money over other sources…

This tool represents yet another solid product that will fit well into your online marketing program and will help you make money online faster and easier…

The bonuses included will complement Video Drill and add in even more value for your purchase. They are available exclusively through the links you find on this review page. Overall this tool received a top rating from me and with reason…It is good!


arrow red 2 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


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David Sweney Online Siganture - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool

Dave In Italy 2 - Review of the 'Video Drill' Effective Ads Tool


Dave has been involved in sales for 20 years with offline products and has been fortunate to have traveled the world while realizing up to $4 million USD a month in gross sales of products he promoted.

He has brought that experience to the online world and this is one of his online ventures. This site is intended to present ideas, products, tools, tips and more that will help all those seeking to make money online have success.

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    1. Hi Samuel,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know about the problem….I will have a look at the link and get it fixed ASAP, and let you know via the email address you have provided…

      Also because you took the time to drop me this note, I am going to add in access to another tool that will help your online marketing business…Namely Audience Drill…

      Of course you will still get all the other bonuses etc. mentioned too (for both)…

      Cheers M8!
      Dave : )

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