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Today we are looking at a “kit” that contains three white-label versions of professional video software tools. These have sold thousands of copies to marketers and for a limited time, they are now available at a special sale price as indicated below. There is huge value here for the online marketer and entrepreneur.

During end-of-year sales, you can often get such deals as this if you act swiftly while the offers are open. This is such a case. The kit price is starting out at an almost unheard of low-offering price and the price will rise as the number of sales for each pricing stage is reached. Of course, this means you need to act fast (the whole point of setting up such a pricing system).

Let’s get started!

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Product Details


Vendor: Soaring Eagle LLC, SMART Tools for Business
Product: SMART Video Creation Kit
Launch Date: 20 November 2019
Launch Time: 11 Days – Then Evergreen at $98 for Lifetime (when on sale)
Skill: All Levels
One-Time Price: $39- lifetime (100 sales)/ $49 – lifetime (300 sales)/ $59 – lifetime (300 sales)
Niche: Video Content Creation/Video Ads/Video for Social Posting 
Recommend: Highly Recommended – PLUS NO UPSELLS!
Guarantee: Yes (see below)


Daves Video Agency Favicon Logo 300x300 - Review of the SMART Video Creation Kit

Now let’s drill down just a bit on this offer…


Our Explainer Video for this Offer



If you are ready to take action, here is the sales page:


If not, please read on!


Some Interesting Current Statistics About Video

I want to include a synopsis of some data from a fellow online marketer who recently posted a blog article that details all the reasons why we all need to add videos to our content and marketing strategy. His name is Adam Payne and he has a membership platform that revolves around all things video. I consider him to be an expert when it comes to video marketing.

Here are a few points Adam brings out in his article…

“Who Watches Online Videos?

  • 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. (Google)
  • 71% of people watch more video than they did a year ago. (HubSpot)
  • More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years. (Insivia)
  • Online video has a 90 percent penetration rate among internet users on any device. (Statista
  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. (Insivia)
  • Most people watch YouTube during prime time—between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. (Think With Google)

Mobile Video Viewing

  • Mobile makes up 40% of global watch time on YouTube. (Social Media Today)
  • 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices. (eMarketer)
  • 28% of smartphone owners say they watch at least one video on their device per day. (Social Media Today)
  • Square videos are more effective than horizontal videos on Facebook. (Hubspot
  • 82% of people find it annoying or off-putting to watch videos with a ‘black bar’ where the video hasn’t been properly optimized to display in their chosen orientation. (Wyzowl)
  • Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. (Insivia)

Social Platforms and Videos

  • 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem. (Google)
  • Video campaigns on LinkedIn have 50% view rates. (LinkedIn)
  • 62% of people said they were more interested in a product after seeing it in a Facebook Story. (Marketing Land)
  • Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos each day. (Mashable)
  • Social video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined. (Wordstream)”

There is more, this is just a small sampling…Adam has done his legwork when it comes to videos and video marketing!

Note: Check out more statistics at this post in the  Video Marketing Insider blog area…By the way, his membership platform is a great source too for learning about and implementing video marketing strategies into your online business and is well worth the membership fees. I have been a member for some time now, and I do not intend on leaving anytime soon! Check it out for yourself at the Video Marketing Insider Membership offer page…

Now, let’s drill down a little bit more…

Who Is Soaring Eagle LLC?

Soaring Eagle LLC is a fairly new company but the owners are very experienced when it comes to online marketing. They have introduced their “SMART Tools for Business” brand and offer a number of services, tools, and training courses for all online business owners. They are growing their business and are interested in bringing new people to their program so know they have to offer lots of value at a reasonable price.

This offer is for a few of the video tools they use for the business and buyers are going to save massive amounts of time and money. The results they can get with their videos also look like they are coming from a media agency. Again, these are some of the same video creation tools that we use for our own clients!

The reason they are being offered now at such a great price is that we know there are a lot of marketers out there and business owners who would prefer to create their own videos, to save money and time. These three tools will do both. One video will save more than the cost of the three programs!

As part of full disclosure, I am the CEO of the company and so I have a vested interest in bringing only the best out to our SMART Tools for Business members and this is most certainly one of the best offers we have going currently. I and the company stand behind the offer and will ensure that customers get what they pay for (and more)!

Here are some demo videos of the three tools:

(1) White Label Viddictive

This is an easy to use video software you will love:


It is fast as you see – and as part of the sales price for this lifetime access deal, you also get access to one year of new templates at no additional cost. You can have fresh new videos every month!

Next up…


(2) White Label Videlligence

This is another tool that we use extensively for our own needs and requirements of clients. I am sure you will like it!


Pretty slick, right? This too is an easy to use software that helps you create professional-quality videos fast. You also are getting access to 1 year of new templates monthly as a member of the Template Club, so you will have access to new ways to create your videos and stay ahead of the competition!

Now for the last tool that you get access to with the SMART Video Creation Kit…


(3) White Label Stories

Instagram is a very popular platform and of course, the focus is on video and images. This handy software is going to help you create stunning videos for your account.


Do you see the power of this video tool? It helps you look like a creative genius and it does so fast! You will impress the heck out of your friends and also your customers!

Note you are getting white-label access to these programs under the SMART Video Tools for Business brand. All the features are as indicated, the technical support is from the original vendor, while we are taking care of the membership and access details. You simply cannot get a better deal for effective video software tools during this holiday season.

Our Onboarding Explainer Video for the SMART Video Creation Kit

This video explains what you can expect once you have paid for the kit…


We are only selling 800 kits at the prices indicated, so my advice is to act fast and secure your today! The sooner the cheaper!

More details about the offer follow… 

Are There Upsells?

None. We like upsells as much as you do, and although we have some for offers at times, we do not believe in keeping you in a sales funnel that runs 4 or 5 one time offers deep. We keep it simple. Generally, you may see a bump offer at checkout, but that is it. This particular offer has NO UPSELLS!

So…Let’s go over everything again…

Is There A Guarantee?

This is a SaaS offering, with the exception of the bonuses. As such we can add or delete your access to the tools, so yes there is a guarantee of 30 days, no questions asked. We would like to have a chance to make the tools work for you, as they are for so many other marketers, so before you get to the stage that you may want to request a refund, please get with us so we can try to help you.

Synopsis of This Offer


– 3 Proven Video Tools
– 1 Great Lifetime Deal! ($39 w/coupon)
– Great Bonuses
– Sales Page Link In First Comment
– Review Page Link in Second Comment


➡️ What Is Included?

You will get lifetime access to 3 White Label Versions of Professional Video Creation and Editing tools that will help you automate and quicken the process of creating your videos. The white label tools include:

– Viddictive
– Videlligence
– Stories


➡️ What Is The Price?

– For the first 200 sales, $39 (with coupon)
– The next 300 sales, $49 (with coupon)
– The next 300 sales $59 (with coupon)


➡️ Are There Bonuses?

All buyers will get

– Free access to 1 year of 2 template clubs for the White Label Viddictive and Videlligence software ($240 Value) tools, plus
– Access to 2500+ HD & 4K Video Backgrounds ($39 Value).

Here is a sample of the videos you are getting:

These can be used on any of the video creations you design and there are 45 categories of videos to choose from! Note they also are able to be used in commercial projects…


Some buyers will get

– The first 100 buyers will get a simple chatbot (with one CTA included) for free.
– We will work with you to build this chatbot and provide the code to embed it on your website ($125 Value).

A sample chat bot is right here on this website! Yours will be similar to that, and we can design it as you wish, and add in a simple script and one call to action, your choice. 

– TOTAL VALUE: $279 to $404 (REAL cost).



We are manually registering each user for access to the tools and bonuses, so after payment, you will get a thank you email and following that within a short period of time invitations to each the three tools, and one additional email containing the download link for the 2500+ HD & 4K Background videos.

Even at $59, this is a great lifetime deal (Normal lifetime price is $198) – we do have sales at 50% at times ($98), but you can act quickly and save even more right now. This is a holiday offer and our way of introducing you to our tools and services. Offer value and people will come is our motto!

We are also donating 10% of net income to Veteran’s Organizations to help those who need it most. This is a program after the heart of the CEO, who is a military veteran who served 25 years of active duty. Another thing we believe in is giving back to the communities and people that gave so much.

You also will be added to our SMART Tools for Business Membership and receive more special deals as they become available and get discounts on our services that we offer to our clients (we have a wide variety of tasks that we take care of for busy business owners, i.e. content creations, SEO services, Social marketing, etc.).

This offer is sponsored by the Soaring Eagle LLC, based in Minnesota, and the SMART Tools for Business brand/products and services. We look forward to working with you and getting you started with these three professional white-label video tools!

➡️ Also of Note With This Offer:

If you want to know more details you can have a look at our sales page at




Plus if you have any further questions, please give us a call using our toll-free number 1-888-315-3091 or send it to You can also leave us a comment on the review page and we will get back to you.


My Final Verdict of the SMART Video Creation Kit?

This is a great deal, and not just because our company is selling it. I know that many marketers will be helped to up their game as we all know just how important video marketing is these days for online and offline businesses. You are getting a tremendous value!

If you have any questions ask below in the comment section, please. We do reply to comments as quickly as possible..

Thanks for stopping by and see you on the inside!




There you have it in a short format!

30 thoughts on “Review of the SMART Video Creation Kit

  1. Wiw, what a great article, personally I haven’t heard about the smart video kit, but having gone through you post I really learnt more it’s development and how it operates, I like the way you also includes that customer, this prepared customers mind psychologically, to plan for the purchase fee, I have a friend who a I have to share this article with , I am sure it will have a great impact on him.

    Than you.

    1. Yes the SMART Video Creation Kit is brand new to the market, although the video tools have been around for a while and are used by thousands of online marketers. The thing is, video is so important these days, you really need to have an active program. These tools make that possible without too much stress.

      The review we have is a very open statement of what you get with the SMART Video Creation Kit, to include the bonuses and services. The guarantee is also something that we offer but based on past experience, we will not have to use that program much if at all.

      Thanks for popping through and do stop in again. We have specials like this that we offer often, and you don’t want to miss them! 

  2. It seems that video marketing is becoming more and more usual as time passes by. Better internet connections help with this and it seems that nowadays it’s more important than ever. We live in a world where visual are becoming the dominant way of interaction and there are many marketeers struggling to create good looking videos. This one here seems an interesting one. I will for sure keep an eye on it. Thanks for the info.

    1. Yes indeed, video is here to stay and it is getting ever more important. Online marketers have limited time to create videos, so these tools can be essential pieces of having an active and productive video marketing strategy that complements the other marketing you are involved with.

      This SMART Video Creation Kit offer was put together with that in mind. We also have our own experience to count on when it comes to what tools will help most and save entrepreneurs money. This set of tools does that and lots of money too over time.

      I like that it also adds that professional touch through the templates that you have access to. This means you can focus on the script versus the design and get your videos finished and published quickly. Thanks for stopping by! 

  3. I think I will want to try the smart video creation kit from what I have read here it seems like quite a good deal considering that the payment gives u access to tools for a lifetime. What in would be worried about would be whether they are a scam or not but clearly they have been online for quite some years now and there doesn’t seem to be any scam reports on them as I’m more about exposing scams and would like to use these tools to create my video scam exposing channel. Thank you for this review and explanations will work on getting started whilst the offer still lasts.

    1. Hi, Donny…

      Such video tools that automate much of the work will save you tons of time when you create review videos for your products that you are reporting on. You can tap into the SEO power of YouTube by publishing them there and linking them to your website.

      The SMART Video Creation Kit is a mix of video segments that will allow you to also publish the created videos to the social accounts that you might be creating in tandem with your website. There are all kinds of ways to integrate your videos into your business, and you should as that is what people are looking for these days!

      This lifetime deal is not going to go away, it will eventually turn into an evergreen offer at a normal price of $198. Likely though I will open it to our affiliate program and cut the price to $98. The idea is to make it affordable to the masses so all can benefit from having professional videos for their business.

  4. Wow for once we have a product with no upsells. This doesn’t happen too often.

    I haven’t been doing much video marketing because I suck at making videos, but this offer is really tempting. It looks easy to use and for now the price is just right.  

    Tell me is this a once-off price or a yearly price?

    1. Hi Michel…

      I feel your pain regarding the sucking at creating videos, it most certainly does not come naturally to me either. That is why I have used such software as you get with the SMART Video Creation Kit to get them out faster and having the look more professional.

      We use them for our e-commerce stores, for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, and of course on our websites too. Also having them posted on YouTube and linking them back to our websites gives us some SEO juice. I and the clients like that!

      This is a one-off price for 800 kits. The price will go up by $10 after 200 sales, then again by $10 after 300 more sales, and once gone, the price will revert to its normal $198/$98 on sale. I wanted to give back to the fellow online marketers out there, it is the season! Cheers! 

  5. Hello Dave!

    Congratulations for releasing this new Video Creation kit! Vloggers and other intensive video content creators would be glad to get those high-quality images & videos, and thus they will attract more people and get better traffics towards their sites if they are going for Affiliate Marketing. Of course, even regular vloggers like Instagram users can boost their follow lists with improved-quality videos.

    The first 800-sale prices are indeed affordable, and even though other content creators may find out about the Kit later, very likely they will still make a great deal – especially if they have already good earnings from the content they create.

    So, now you have to boost your sales and get lots of content customers!

    Bets regards,


    1. Hi, Peter!

      Thanks for popping through and I see that you have grasped the points of the offer. The SMART Video Creation Kit is one piece (a new one) of a bigger program that we are in a constant state of developing. That includes many services and tools, and even training.

      The thing that permeates through so much of what we are involved with is the videos used. They are handy anywhere, people like to view them over a lot of content, and the calls to action can be more effective. That is what it is all about in a small manner, so this kit is going to help a lot of people.

      The 800 figure might seem like a high figure, but it really is not. There are so many thousands (millions?) of marketers that can use the kit. But for the holiday season, why not provide some extra value? We aim to build relationships with this offer!

      All the best and enjoy the holidays!


      Dave : )  

  6. Wow, these tools are suitable for me to use for creating content about insurance. I have been looking for ways to do animation videos for this type of content. Thanks for this review, I will check it out for sure. Now all my videos are shooting me talking. I will try it out.

    1. Hi, Jon…

      Yes, the tools you have with the SMART Video Creation Kit can be used in any niche. They will speed yo the production and help you present a professional image for prospects. At the low pricing, you also are not going to have to pay a lot of money for your videos.

      If you go to Fiverr or similar you will pay much more! The one-time payment deal (we call it a lifetime deal) is really attractive. The money you pay once for the ability to create as many videos as you want is going to be less than what you will pay for one video on such sites!

      Please do come by again, we are always adding new packages and deals for our readers and members. Thanks for popping in!


      Dave : )

  7. Hello there thanks for putting out this article for the public it is of great need as everyone even the rich I long for ways to expand their business and would important tools like this, although I have met also of scam who tell that you  would make huge profit,after paying huge amount you tools that don’t add value but after reading this article I see this one is a nice catch

    1. Hi, David…

      Every business needs tools to be able to conduct business. Video creation tools are one piece of the toolkit that online marketers need. Much like a website, a social presence, offers and content, the video piece is an ever-growing important piece too.

      There are some issues with planning for and creating videos for your online or offline business. How to design the video so it looks professional, how to get to the point when writing script, what should the flow of the shots be when you put a video together, etc.

      These tools within the SMART Video Creation Kit solve many of these problems for the marketer and also they automate the creation process quite a bit. This means that the door is opened for many more marketers to start using video in their business.

      That is the whole point of us putting the SMART Video Creation Kit together. We want to introduce and make using videos possible for all the online marketers out there. We also realize that many do not have a lot of money to invest, so offering this low entry point means they can start. These same marketers will come back again for other services once they start having more success through using video, and we will be right there to help them out!


      Dave : ) 

  8. wow discounts I love discount because they help you get important stuff at a cheaper price back to these reviews I think it’s nice because tools are more better than attending seminars because you can pause and resume and  you would  get the full information at your own pace. Although I have a lot of experience with stuff like this but I think this is worth giving a trial

    1. Hi, David…

      Glad you stopped by and I appreciate you sharing your experiences with using video for business. These three tools are just some of the ones that we use on a regular basis to create videos for our clients. They are reliable, help automate the process, and look darn good whether used on product or review pages, on social accounts or on sites such as YouTube.

      That is why when selecting the tools to add to this SMART Video Creation Kit, I carefully considered what most users would be doing with the tool. These are proven tools, by the way, and many thousands of videos have been created and published with them.

      The great thing about videos is that with a few tweaks you can create something unique that tells a story that most people will not take the time to read.  I love them and it is nice to see more people watching them and taking action that you call for within the videos you create.

      Another good thing about the three I selected for the SMART Video Creation Kit is that they will not cost you an arm and a leg to buy. The lifetime deal for three premium tools at such a low price cannot be beaten I think! I am sure that the 800 we are selling in total at the low prices will be gone in no time at all. 


      Dave : )  

  9. What a pleasant surprise. I have seen your article and impressed to see that. It’s very helpful and informative. I love to know your site and want to learn more about your site. I am excited to hear from this information. I am willing to know more about your goal and which will help me to do better for the future. I am interested to visit your site.

    1. Good Day, Aysha!

      So nice to have you stop by and check out this SMART Video Creation Kit that we just opened up to the public! The video tools will help you get started fast with video for your website and business, and the results are very professional. 

      We aim to bring video creation to the masses with this generous offer, and I am sure that you too can benefit from them for your business. The tools are easy to use, the videos they create look very nice, and the cost is so low that it cannot help but be a bargain for most online marketers.

      Take care and all the best!


      Dave : ) 

  10. Thanks for summarizing such amazing tools and for the precious explanations given. I am an event photographer (weddings, baptisms, birthdays).
    I’m trying to create videos for my clients, but I have been struggling to find valuable informations. The advantage that i have by publish my videos on social accounts give me an confident reason to try smart video creation kit.

    I think my client will be very  happy when I will send the video with their special moments.

    Good luck! 

    1. Hi, Nimrod…

      The tools that you will get access to with the SMART Video Creation Kit are perfect for such use as your business. You can use the images that you have shot from the event will work to make wonderful slide videos and the clients will be very happy. 

      I have used some of the templates to create beautiful product page videos and they have helped sell more I am sure (comparing sales before and after the video as added). You can look professional for the clients and do it fast and easily.

      On one tool, you can post directly to Facebook or YouTube, saving time, while with another you can actually connect with your ad account and get started with video ads. These are just a couple of examples, using your imagination and creativity you can produce excellent results with these tools.

      Cheers and best of luck!

      Dave : )

  11. It looks like a really good program to learn the secrets of online marketing. It looks like the prices are reduced a lot compared to what it normally costs. I’m glad to find articles like this one, as you can find information that is on that program on this website for free. However, I’m not sure if all the information of that program is on your website or if I should get the program to learn more about it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello, Andres…

      Yes, the SMART Video Creation Kit is a really good package that the team has put together for online marketers, and I am sure that the 800 sales will be completed very fast. Even at the normal sales price of $98, this is a good deal. Because it is the holidays, and we are trying to raise money for VA organizations, we have put this special offer together. 

      The demos of how to use each of the tools is in the review, so if you have any question please look at them, then ask here if you still are unsure. These are tested and proven tools. Of course, it is still up to you to use them in a manner that will allow you to leverage the power that they provide for your online marketing program.

      The bonuses are also very nice for this offer, as the first 100 buyers will get a unique chatbot created especially or their website. That alone is worth $125 (our normal charge for a basic chatbot). The HD & 4K backgrounds are also a huge value.

      Thanks for stopping by, and do ask questions if you have them after looking at the videos on how to use the three video software tools that we have in this SMART Video Creation Kit!


      Dave : )

  12. Hi Dave. I have seen so many video making software, so far so good, I think this one beats them all. I took my time to watch the videos on this page and I must say I truly love them. I do not want to miss this offer because it is the best video making software offer I have ever seen (lifetime).

    1. Hi, Shifts!

      You bring up a good point on tracking the 200 sales. I have set a limit on the number of times the coupon can be used through the platform I use for product sales. The second coupon will kick in dropping the price to a net $49 once the first coupon is no longer valid. The same will happen after 500 sales. The third coupon will kick in.

      I will go in and adjust the sales page as we get close too so buyers will be able to see the follow-on coupons and pricing. In the end, I will open it up for affiliates as well and maintain a special price of $98 versus the full-on $198 price… 

      You are right that there are so many tools out there these days and some of the newer ones are much more expensive too. They have long sales funnels that force you to spend heaps of money for a little more convenience. These tools found in the SMART Video Creation Kit will do the job just fine until you are making enough money to warrant buying some of the more expensive options.

      The tools I selected to offer fell into this range. I can sell them at a more than fair price and users will get massive use from them for their business. It is a win-win for all. I do hope that the users will also continue to work with us for other tasks too, so for me it is not so much about making a lot of money from one kit. It is a long-term view for us.


      Dave : )


  13. Very true, videos convert like crazy! With videos, a business will get more conversion and more leads. How do I know if the first 200 sales has been made? I want to be among the 200 because I want that chat bot on this page. I really the way she spoke to me and chat with me. Thank you

    1. Hi, Techie!

      Love your handle, it is cool. You are exactly right, these video tools will help with conversions. I added them all to the SMART Video Creation Kit just for that reason. I have had really good outcomes with the many videos I have created and used.

      Please do get in early, the coupon will expire once 200 sales have been closed. and 100 will be gone before you know it! The total value versus cost for this offer is out of this world…Together, the three tools at $198 plus the $405 in real cost bonuses mean you are getting $600 worth of product for $39! 

      Thanks for stopping by, and do catch this deal while you can get the most out of it! 


      Dave : )   

  14. Hi Dave! Thank you for always delivering useful content and in this occasion I appreciate the effort you and your company have put into these products. I like all four things that are contained in this kit but I have been particularly interested in videos for Instagram and the ChatBot. Is there still opportunity to get it all at $39?

    1. Hello, Henry…

      I just checked and we are getting closer to the 100 but are not there yet. I am placing the offer on 12 group sites on Facebook soon, and my guess is that the remaining sales to 100 will go. So my advice is to get in early as possible if you want that chatbot (it is really a cool tool to grab and keep the attention of website visitors and get them to take action too)…

      The kit that I put together was really by design, as I remember very well what I was looking for when starting out with video creation for my business. These three will do a lot of different things for you. They will suffice until you get to the next stage of growing the business and as an example, I still use all three of these tools today (I do have others I use as well)…


      Dave : )   

  15. Hi Dave. I have been searching for a good video tool software because I want to increase my presence on Instagram. A friend send me the link to your post this morning and I’m grateful to my friend and I’m also grateful to you and your company I’ll take advantage of this discount.

    1. Good Day, Paolo…

      Great that the Stories tool will work for you. The templates that you have access to are amazing. They look so professional that others cannot help but be impressed. The other two tools in the Video Creation Kit are also as good, I use them all very often for our own business and for clients.

      The price is also a one-of-a-kind deal for this offer. I have never lowered the price to this point, but I do want to get as many people started with video as possible, and this is an introductory price for other services that we offer. The buyers and users will be happy and I think they will buy more services and tools from us for their business.

      Take care, stop by again, and see you on the inside!


      Dave : )

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