2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses
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Hi, Everyone…

There is a new page building platform being introduced to the market, and during the pre-launch phase, the developers are offering a one-time price for lifetime access and all future upgrades and improvements that will take place. It is called GroovePages 2.0 and the reason it is not 1.0 is that the first version has been in use for several years already.

This revised version promises to be state-of-the-art fast, full-featured, and versatile so you can create sales ages and funnels that load quickly and allow you to add all the sales tools that will help you close deals. Does that sound like many other platforms you read about? Yes, it does. But this one is different in some rather unique ways and I believe it represents a great value for you now and in the future.

Read my review and see why I feel this way, then make a decision, but it has to be fast, as this pre-launch offer is coming down soon. This is not false scarcity, it really is coming down!


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2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Product Details

Vendor: Mike Filsaime, John Cornetta 
Product: GroovePages 2.0
Launch Date: 4 June 2019
Launch Time: 10 Days
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: Lifetime Offer – Limited to Pre-Launch
Niche: Website, Sales Page, and Sales Funnels Tool 
Recommend: Highly Recommended
Guarantee: Yes (see below)


2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses



The Pitch for GroovePages 2.0

Here you will get a short version of the pitch directly from Mike as he walks us through what GroovePages 2.0 is all about and why you should get in now. It is about 15 minutes long, but well worth a listen:


GroovePage Image for Video - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses


This hopefully gave you an idea about what GroovePages 2,0 is all about, and directly from the product owner and developer himself! Mike is a knowledgeable chap with a great reputation in the market for providing solid solutions for some of the major tools most online marketers need to conduct their business.

If you are ready to buy this at a one-time pre-launch price for lifetime access, and perhaps you left the page I sent you to above to watch the explainer video, here it is again (you can buy platform access from that page):

Here is the link to buy

GroovePages 2.0!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!


If you need more information, no worries, I have expanded on this offer directly below…

Let’s dig down a bit deeper on who the developers are…


2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Who Are Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta?

Mike and John have been the minds and leaders behind some pretty big launches over the past few years, and most of them involve platforms that are not that much outside of what they are putting together now with the GroovePages 2.0 offer. Think Kartra. GrooveKart, GroovePages 1.0, EverWebinar, WebinarJam, etc.

They have the vision and the know-how to bring together the programmers, the marketing team, and make sure that this platform will be able to exceed the closest competitor they will have (only because of the branding) ClickFunnels. The project is big. If anyone can have success these two will, as they have again and again over recent years.

I have used the GrooveKart platform and it is good. Over three months I created a store, added many products, and had success. Because of some changes in the business model we are using, we decided to cut this expense to be able to invest elsewhere, but it was not due to the platform at all. It was great.



2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

What Can GroovePages 2.0 Offer the Online Marketer?

This appears that it is going after the cutting edge tools that you see with many other sales page and sales funnel building tools out there, but they are making it easier to use, faster to load (pages), and over time it will have more features than the competition has now. In short, you will have a “ClickFunnels-like” platform for a one-time payment.

You also will get access to GroovePages 1.0 and GrooveKart for 6 months and have the option of extending for a low $249 per 6 months (about half the price I paid). Beta access starts in late August for GroovePages 2.0 (or earlier) and in the mean-time, you get to use the GroovePages 1.0 and GrooveKart platforms.

When the launch does take place for GroovePages 2.0, it will cost $199 a month, close to what ClickFunnels costs. You as a pre-launch buyer will have lifetime access to the platform at no additional cost – ever. Note that the lifetime platform access is for your personal use for all of your websites and sales funnels. If you want to offer this platform to clients, you will likely have to pay an additional fee (this is yet to be determined).

What I saw in the video tells me that the new backend of the tool is going to offer you a very easy way to create your pages and funnels quickly and that you will be able to also add in e-commerce pages similar to what you can do now with GrooveKart or other product sales page builders.

In short, this is a heavy duty platform for the marketer that needs fast, reliable, and safe service for their own operations as well as for their clients and customers. Because of the experience of the creators, I have no doubt that this platform will perform as advertised. Note this is a pre-launch offer.

Let’s discuss what that entails…     



2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

What Is The Pre-Launch Offer?

Note that this is a limited-time offer that will come down either when the pre-launch dates are up or when they have reached 500 sales. This means they are raising a total of $250,000 USD for the final push to get the platform completed and running. BUT, does this mean you are risking all of your investment? No, not at all…

You will get immediate access to the tools that are currently marketed by Mike and are working well for thousands of other customers right at this moment. The price for these tools is not cheap either, as they are top-of-the-line platforms that you can start with right away while you wait for the GroovePages 2.0 to be officially launched…

It really comes down to this:

  • Pay $497 now – One Time…
  • Lifetime access to GroovePages 1.0 and 2.0 when it comes out.
  • 6 months FREE of our leading eCommerce software, GrooveKart.
  • A FREE ticket to GrooveKon Live.
  • And much more in terms of bonuses on templates, designs, blocks, etc.

You will get free access to all updates and improvements to the platform as they are introduced over the next few years and will never have to pay any additional money for your hosted websites and pages nor for your bandwidth or the amount of space they may require (depending on how much data you have some websites can be quite ‘heavy’ in the burden they place on the servers they are hosted on)…

One caveat, they are only allowing 500 backers for this project (no not fake scarcity). Remember, their goal is to raise $250,000 USD to finance completing the platform as quickly as possible. This special offer is your chance to save huge money down the road. You have to take a long term view of this offer and your business to see if they are a good fit.

If you are interested in a platform that will rival Shopify, you get instant access to the GrooveKart platform, and the $249 for 6 months that you will pay is dirt cheap compared to the fees you pay on Shopify, and you will have a lot of features that cost extra if you were on the Shopify platform.

Having access to GroovePages 1.0 immediately is also a plus. Instead of waiting for Beta access to GroovePages 2.0, you can immediately start creating your websites and pages on that platform. You are going to be able to tap into the power that you get with that platform and perhaps may even leave some of your pages there even after GroovePages 2.0 is released to you.

The GrooveKon Live event sounds like it might be a really useful one for you to commiserate with other users if that is the kind of thing you like to do. You get free access, but I am sure you will have to pay your own way there and back plus any other expenses for overnights and food.

In regards to a guarantee, I heard none, but you will get access to the other two platforms immediately once you pay for the GroovePages 2.0. So the guarantee may be that you will be able to get started immediately after paying, and will have the tools available to start creating your sales pages for products and services.




2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Pros and Cons of GroovePages 2.0

There are some real pros for this offer that may or may not apply to everyone. I just did a review on another platform that Cindy Donovan successfully launched Funnel Joy, and the price is much cheaper up front (although with upsells and add-ons, you will be spending a lot of money too).

This GroovePage 2.0 offer of lifetime access at a one-time cost of $497 is a big chunk of money for most people. Long-term you will save many thousands of dollars and headaches perhaps too. The support that I received as a GrooveKart member was excellent and fast, I imagine that it will be the same with GrooveKart 2.0.

If there are some cons it would be the up-front cost which is hard to handle for many people, plus you have to wait for the beta access while they complete all the final design and feature builds that are currently underway. Indeed you are financing this effort with your pre-launch purchase.

The money you invest is somewhat offset by the tools that you get access to immediately and thus brings your actual costs way down for lifetime access to a cutting edge platform. I have no doubt that the platform will be cutting edge, the developers have a reputation that they want to uphold.

But, is it worth your investment…that is the question…Here is my final verdict…



2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

My Final Verdict of GroovePages 2.0

I am going to give this a strong buy recommendation because I feel confident that you are getting a top-tier platform on the same scale as CiickFunnels for a one-time low price. You will save literally thousands of dollars over the coming years. The backers and creators of the platform have had a lot of experience building such platforms and they have had huge successes in the past.

If you are an online marketer that uses sales funnels for your services or products, this platform is a huge value for the money. In spite of the big chunk of money you are going to pay now, you will be telling yourself how smart a move this was down the road when you are saving $200, $300, or more in monthly expenses.

This is a BUY from me…


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Here is the link to buy

GroovePages 2.0!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!


2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

In Summary…

Okay, we have gone through the GroovePage 3 pre-launch offer in as much detail as I can provide at this moment, and also you have been able to review an explainer video from the product owner himself. You know what is coming with the platform and you know what you will get access to right now.

The GrooveKart and GroovePages 1.0 are top notch sales page and website platforms that are in use with thousands of users right at this moment. While you wait for the launch of GroovePages 2.0 you can tap into these platforms, and later get a discount on the GrooveKart platform if you choose to keep using it.

You will have lifetime access to GroovePages 2.0, all the improvements that are coming over the next couple of years, and never have to pay any additional fees for your personal pages and funnels. There may be a way too to get unlimited services for agency use as well as you heard in the video from Mike.

This is a very solid offer from a solid developer who has a lot of successes under his online marketing support belt already. I fully expect that this will be the case for this platform as well. My advice is to get this now and secure your savings for years to come. You will be telling yourself how clever you are too while saving!

Kind Regards,


Dave Sweney

CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC

SMART IM Tools, Training, Services and More…

P.S. don’t forget the bonuses…See these below…



2019 06 05 2224 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

My Bonuses for Buyers of GroovePage 2.0:

Here are the 3 (yes 3!!!) bonus training courses that you will get access to. Simply send me an email or comment here when you have completed your purchase, and I will send you access to all these sites. You will have lifetime access to view them again and again as you may need.


(1) Affiliate Profits Club Membership


APC250X250 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Learn The Secrets of Choosing an Awesomely Profitable Affiliate Offer

When you’re an affiliate, you’re linking your reputation to the reputation of the product and vendor. That’s why you want to be sure your hitch your business to good, honest people and products.

Now, this may all seem like common sense, but plenty of people overlook these steps. In fact, there are a whole lot of steps aspiring affiliates overlook when they’re setting up their business – and then they wonder why they can’t seem to sell more than one or two products a month.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure your business is set up the right way – the profitable way – by discovering the secrets of the super affiliates at Affiliate Profits Club. Check it out now to get in on my very special offer – you’ll be glad you did!

Next up…

(2) Product Profits Club Membership


banner250x250 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

You May Have Wondered How Product Creators Design and Sell Their Products?

This course will teach you how they do it!

Each product in your sales funnel should complement every other product in your funnel, which makes it easy for you to cross-promote them.

Now here’s where a lot of business owners stumble…

They create a lot of entry-level products, but they don’t know how to create mid-level or premium products. The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think—and there even some pretty slick ways to get others to create premium products for you, for FREE.

Do you want to know these secrets?

Then check out the Product Profits Club — and do it today while you can still sneak in the back door for free. Check it out!

Lastly, you will get access to…

(3) Power Copy Club Membership


banner250x2502 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Learn How To Write Copy That Sells!

Knowing how your prospects think and feel gives you a great head start in persuading them to buy your product. But that’s only half the battle. You also need to know the secrets of writing persuasive, cash-pulling copy. And the best way to do that is to go here to Power Copy Club.

If you sell anything online, you’ll want to grab your membership today. Check it out, and you too will know what the pros know about crafting amazing, high-converting sales copy!

Ok, we’re done…If you are still reading and NOW are ready to take action…I have you covered!

To save you from having to scroll up, here one last time is the link to buy

GroovePages 2.0!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Review of the Page Builder Platform 'GroovePages 2.0' - Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!

16 thoughts on “Review of the Page Builder Platform ‘GroovePages 2.0’ – Lifetime Now or Monthly Later + My Bonuses

  1. I notice that my web page builder has a few quirks that I have been hoping someone could address.  The improvement in speed is a real interest for me.  Drag and dro pfeatures will really help me.  

    Anything that is easier to use is a winner in my book.  Click funnels takes forever to learn and is very complicated.   if it helps me beat the seo game and fix my mobile problems, I’ll be super happy.  Not having to pay another monthly fee for software and actually being able to use it myself makes this a deal you can’t pass up.  

    How soon do you think this entire project will be wrappedmup?

    Thank you for the information.  


    1. Hi, Roberta…

      They will be rolling out the beta version as early as August from what I have heard. In the meantime, the other two platforms that you get access to will more than suffice for sales pages, funnels, and even e-com stores (GrooveKart). 

      What gives me such confidence with the developers of this GroovePage 2.0 project is that they know what they are doing and have done it numerous times in the past with platforms such as Kartra, GrooveKart, etc. They know what a marketer needs and know how to build it into the backend.

      It really is a no-brainer in my mind, as ClickFunnels will cost you $199 a month, and it has fewer features and is not as easy to work with. You are buying a brand that has a name, but really is being outdone by many of the newer and more up to date platforms that are out there like GroovePages 2.0


      Dave : )

  2. A very interesting review of a product that will always be welcomed by the internet marketer, newbies I know doe struggle with site building, as regards funnel building they are totally at sea in many cases so this product would fit the bill perfectly. You mention click funnels, I could never get on with it, the monthly fee was to high, so cancelled it, but this seems to be a much better all round product.  The lifetime offer is always a bonus

    1. Hi, Stuart,

      I had the same experience with ClickFunnels. For the price there just was not value for me at the stage my online business was at when I did the trial. I calculated the annual cost and for that money bought a WordPress interim solution and pocketed a LOT of money that I later used to grow the business with.

      The one-time fee means that for a lifetime you will have a page and funnel builder that is actually better than CickFunnels and you will save literally thousands of dollars over a year or two. It makes so much sense, and the developers are also quite experienced.

      They have been involved in some industry standard platforms that all involve building sales pages, product pages, and payment pages that convert well. Once you start drilling down with an online business, these are important factors in how many sales you will get.

      The expertise and experience behind this soon to be released page and funnel building tool GroovePages 2.0 tells me it is an investment that will be well worth it for every marketer that is planning for the long haul with their online marketing business.


      Dave : )

  3. Well certainly looks like a dynamic and modern way to build sales/landing pages for your website but I have had experience with a few of these page builders before (not all of them positive!). 

    My main gripe with them is that they all promise to be pretty easy to use, when in truth a lot of them are pretty picky in the way they work and the drag ad drop features are never that clever. Im wondering how simple Groove Pages is when it comes to page construction – is it easy to produce a professional looking page? Is it as easy as they claim?

    1. Hello, Chris…

      I can feel your pain when you mention page building sites that are “so easy” to use, as at the end of the day they often are not. Even if you have a drag and drop building feature when you look at the page on mobile and tablet views, you need to make changes so it appears nice on a smartphone. 

      That is an exercise in and of itself too, as often you have to leave certain portions of your page off or it will not line up correctly. I have been through this lately with the Builderall page builder and so I do know what you are thinking of. 

      No matter the page builder, there are certain idiosyncrasies that you will run into. I tried a trial of ClickFunnels and did not like the price nor the limited set of features they offered (in the trial at least). I walked away from that $199 a month platform. Many people swear by it, as many do with Builderall too.  

      With GroovePages 2.0, my guess is that there will be easier ways to address the desktop and mobile versions, but still likely you will have to make some adjustments. Strangely enough, I have an app builder tool that will take the entire website and turn it into a mobile app, and I have no problems at all. It looks great using access through the app!

      Regarding GroovePages 2.0 and ease of use, I can only say that from my experience using GrooveKart and WebinarJam, it is likely going to be an easy to navigate back end area for you to work with. Both of these are tools I use or have used for my own online business, and I found them easier than ClickFunnels.


      Dave : ) 

  4. Hello Dave. Very nice review on the GroovePages Platform. It’s a rare chance that you get once in a lifetime payment for a good platform as this. Really tiring to read(but have to) all about scam programs or programs that promise and don’t deliver.

    The price isn’t so high either. What people mostly need is reassurance from credible people so that they can make a buy and not waste their money.

    You giving 3 bonus training courses further “certifies” this platform as valid. I hope I will read good words about this platform in the future. Have a nice day.

    1. Hi, George…

      Yes, you are right that there are so many scams out there and the reviews can get tiresome to read and at times I feel like they are slanted somewhat in favor of whatever the writer may be pushing to buy in lieu of the reviewed product. Sometimes this happens when there is no relationship between what is reviewed and what they want you to buy.

      I choose to focus more on tools that will really help online marketers in their daily tasks. There are a number of good ones and some that are not so good too. The ones that I use myself are ones that I often will review, and also some that I get access to and can see what they are about. This is one that I have not used as it is not open yet.

      But I can say that the developers have copious experience with building page-building and sales funnel platforms and what they have launched has been hugely successful. The numbers they are raising now to complete this platform seem big ($250.000) but it is not for what they are building. Because they have done it before, I know they will do it again.

      As a backup and assurance, you also are getting access to GroovePages 1.0 which is being used right now by many medium to large companies and to GrooveKart, a platform that rivals Shopify and is much better, actually. This is why I can promote this platform. I know these guys will complete and the buyers now will benefit for years to come.

      The bonus training platforms are pretty standard but I do have a couple of surprises that buyers will also get access to of they buy GroovePages 2.0 through my link. I want them to be able to use what they are buying, so the bonuses complement the platform potential.


      Dave : )

  5. Groovepage 2.0 would be an amazing platform to explore when looking through the perspective of paying at once and becoming a life long member. This is easier as there wouldn’t be any course to have deep thinking about how to resubscribed again. Am meeting groovepage for the first time  and I have feelings that it would be far more better than clickfunnel. I wish to go deeper into this. Thanks for sharing this opportunity.

    1. Hi, Stella!

      Thanks for stopping by! The GroovePage 2.0 offer is still open although it will be closing soon. It really is a good deal if you are looking for a one-time payment solution for a page builder and website builder plus a sales funnel builder all in one.

      It is far cheaper and will offer more features than some of the older page builders that are a bit dated these days, and offer fewer features than some of the new ones like GroovePages 2.0. Once you start drilling down with online marketing, you will see how much you use these type tools.


      Dave : )

  6. Hi Dave,

    Nice review and good coverage of the offering provided.

    Quite a bit of talk about the upfront cost, yes it is a bit hefty but you need to take into account the tools and training provided to assess the value.

    The pay for lifetime subscription offer is a pretty nifty idea too for those able to meet that upfront cost.

    1. Hello, Shane…

      Thanks and I am glad that you were able to get a good picture of what you will get with the GroovePages 2.0 platform at this pre-launch price. They are throwing a ton of value into the offer, but of course, the price is still high for most people.

      They have done this with a few launches now, and it does help defray development expenses and also speed up the creation of all aspects of the tool. Just like Microsoft and other software developers, from what I have seen it does not stop. They are always looking for ways to improve their platforms.


      Dave : )

  7. Hi Dave

    Well, your review is really informative. Groove pages sure has a lots to offer(landing pages, sales funnel..)

    I think the lifetime offer is awesome! Yes it is a a big amount but I think it is well worth the cost.

    For me, I will give it some time to prove it worth before trying it. New product can be unpredictable.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi There, Adyn…

      The GroovePages 2.0 relaunch offer is closing very soon but it has raised a lot of attention and people are pouring in to get locked in at the low price that they are offering. It will go to a monthly price when launched, so I do hope that anyone who is considering the platform makes a move asap. 

      The lifetime offer really is a value proposition. I have used their GroovePages 1.0 and the GrooveKart platforms and these guys do know what they are doing when it comes to building such a platform. The latest version is taking all the lessons from the other launches and making a platform that is ground-breaking for us.


      Dave : )

  8. Hi, I have been looking for a new page builder for my website as I am having a few issues with the Elementor page builder plugin.Have you heard of it or have you used it before?

    I have been finding it hard to place certain pop ups on my posts which is getting annoying now and there’s only so much you can do with a free plugin page builder isn’t it

    I quite like the bonuses that come with groovepages but i’m not sure I want to be paying that price before getting a sneak peek. Do they have a free trial of groovepages? 

    1. Hi, Mathew…

      There is no free trial at the moment of GroovePages 2.0 but you will get instant access to the first version of the page builder plus Groovekart which are both fine products on their own. The new version of GroovePages is the latest tech and will end up being a cutting edge page builder.

      The difference between a tool like Elementor and this is that the tool is not based on WordPress and it loads much faster a big factor in conversions. The pages you build are ideal for sales pages and funnels as they are also mobile friendly. That means they will adjust for viewing on the devices that people are accessing pages from more these days.

      Elementor has these capabilities also but because the tool is built on a WordPress framework, they likely will not be as fast as the FGroovePages 2.0 sales pages that you create. You will have access to all the sales tools as well as part of the package no need to buy them from somewhere else.

      If you are doing a lot of sales pages and funnels, this is an ideal solution that will save you thousands from a platform such as Clickfunnels (and you will have the latest technology and more flexibility. Getting in at the pre-launch price means you save thousands.


      Dave : )

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