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Today I am reviewing this new training on how to best use PLR (Private Label Rights) content in your online marketing business effectively to generate income, credibility, and authority. PLR has gotten a bad rap over the years, with reason in some cases.

But if you know what you are looking for, and then you know how to repurpose it, then market and sell it to others, it can add some significant income for your business. It is worth looking at, but the key is knowing WHAT you are looking at, plus knowing what you intend to do with it.

Far too many people buy and buy more and more PLR and do absolutely nothing with it. It takes up space on their hard drives and essentially is a waste of money. I know a lot of people that tell me they have a lot but never use it.

This training will change all of that for you. The author is a seasoned online marketer that has been in the business for a lot of years. His name is Barry Rodgers, and the training is based on what he has learned through doing over those years.

So without further ado, let’s get into the guts of what you have with this training…

2018 05 24 1313 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

NOTE: This is a screen capture from the sales page…I wanted you to see who Barry is, plus show you a bit from his philosophy too…


Why Use PLR?

As you become a more seasoned online marketer, you will likely want to start developing and selling your own digital products. This is a way to generate more lines of income from your online efforts and will have a lot of other benefits as well.

Creating your own product can be a lot of work unless you have a system or work with someone that has done it before. Frankly, most people dream about it but never do it, as it is just too difficult for them. PLR is a shortcut for you.

As I mentioned above PLR stands for ‘Private Lable Rights.’ You are buying the rights to someone else’s content and depending on the license you receive, you can make changes, personalize, or alter the product as per license to turn it into your unique product.

Often you can even add your name as the owner and developer of the product you create. That is where the money comes in for you. You can quickly have your very own product that you offer to others in the niche you are working in and create income, build your reputation, and add to your credibility.

Who Is The Author/Trainer?

I mentioned his name and added a screenshot above, but I want to dig down just a bit because it is helpful to know that you are not dealing with someone who only teaches but has not done. Barry has been successfully using PLR in his online business for years.

He even has an earlier version of this training that has sold very well over the years, but as we know, things change and what works changes too. That is why he has totally revamped and updated his initial bestselling course which was called Complete PLR Mastery.

One of the reasons I agreed to promote this training is that I know Barry and trust his judgment and knowledge. He truly is a person that has walked the walked, not like so many other sellers out there that just talk. He can be trusted to publish a product that is professionally put together, easy to follow, and provides a lot of valuable information and advice.

This is the case with this training. If you have ever thought of using PLR, but have not taken action, this training will show you the steps to get it done. Properly.

So let’s dig down more on what is included in the training…

Right from the sales page, here are some highlights:

“Here’s what you are getting today…

  • Full 22 video step-by-step training on how you can finally profit from PLR
  • Fully re-made from scratch to be completely up to date ensuring you can profit from the information today!
  • Extra module giving you business models and easy to implement ideas to profit quickly
  • Real life simple case studies showing ways I have recently profited from PLR products

Here are just a few of the things you will discover inside Complete PLR Mastery 2.0:

  • Exactly where to find the highest quality PLR content (video 3)
  • The one type of PLR that is MUCH more valuable than any other (video 3)
  • Little known free tools that make re-purposing PLR quick & easy (video 6)
  • How to “borrow” authority for quick and easy paydays (video 8)
  • The golden nugget that comes free with most PLR that most sellers ignore (video 9)
  • The one reason why most PLR sellers fail and how to avoid it (video 9)
  • His “circular income” strategy that multiplies my income and earns him thousands (video 12)
  • The power of the “Bloody Hell” PLR Offer (video 13)
  • Plus loads more golden nuggets too numerous to mention here

But also included – and this is absolutely golden – are real-life case studies

  • How he turned $37 into $732 in just 48 hours with around 4 hours of (easy) work
  • How he used PLR to enter a sub-niche he knows very little about and made money immediately
  • How he rebranded a simple software product and made over $3.5k and counting
  • How he made over $7.5k just by adding extra value to existing PLR products
  • How he bundled royalty free content into a membership funnel that initially paid out over $2.k with people still paying monthly”

The case studies are from his own experiences. They are interesting and useful and complement what you are getting with the training. You will get a good idea of just how Barry does what he does and why it works. It is like listening, reading or watching over his shoulder as he goes about making money from PLR.

Why THIS PLR Training?

If you have PLR on your hard drive (and it seems most people have at least SOME) you more than likely are not doing anything with it. This training is inexpensive and will help you quickly take that PLR and turn it into a valuable and unique product that is YOURS and one that you can sell.

With this training and your taking action to implement the training with that PLR, you will be among the 10% that actually make money with it. Most people just let it waste space or they try to sell it as is without making it unique. In both cases, the marketer makes nothing.

I say again, the training will show you how to be one of the 10% that actually makes money with PLR. 

The training goes further though. It also will teach you what kind of PLR to look for, how to purchase quality content that you can easily edit and make your own. PLR has a bad reputation because there is a lot of crap out there. Knowing what to buy can help save you time, money, and effort.

The other thing you get besides the training and the case studies are tips. Lots of them. These are from a seasoned successful marketer, so they will help. They will set you apart from the other 9% of people that are actually making money with PLR. I say 9%  because you can be in the top 1%!

Here are just a few samplings of the tips I am talking about:

  • Finding quality PLR easily and quickly
  • Knowing what is quality PLR and avoiding junk PLR
  • Best and fastest ways to edit the PLR to make it unique
  • What you can do with less steller PLR you may already have purchased that is wasting space on your hard drive
  • Barry’s exact process for creating top-quality NEW products from your PLR that will sell
  • Many other tricks Barry knows and uses in his business… including how you can avoid the #1 mistake that most people make when using PLR

What Is The Cost?

Remember, in this updated for today’s online marketing world version 2.0 Mastery training, Barry is including FOUR case studies. Each details real-life examples of how he worked to turn what was ordinary PLR that almost everyone has on their hard drive into a unique product that he then made a profit from selling to others.

So here are the levels of training you can secure. There is the front end and then you have two upsells or OTOs (one-time offers) you will see as you get started on his sales page. The training is opening today (24 May) and for a limited time, you can grab the ‘Complete PLR Mastery 2.0’ at an early bird discount price.

  • Front-end: Complete PLR Mastery 2.0 ($10)

In this first offer, you get a total of 22 videos of training including several case studies. There is a mix of slide show and “over the shoulder” style videos taking people through the basics to more advanced techniques. This alone is enough to get you started on your way to creating your own unique products, but of course, there is more…

Next, we have the OTO 1…

  • OTO 1: Complete PLR Mastery Workshop ($97)

Barry is offering buyers of the front end training a unique opportunity to be part of his live 4-week workshop that complements the basic course. He will host a live event weekly for 4 weeks. In these sessions, Barry will take a PLR product, re-skin it, re-purpose it, and get it ready to be sold as his own product.

This is a chance to interact in a small group or webinar setting with Barry as he actually shows live how to do what he does on a regular basis. People who add this to their Mastery Training purchase will be able to ask questions and have an open discussion with Barry on other ways of re-modeling the content while he works. Following this, there will be an extended Q&A session where you can further pick Barry’s mind.

There is a second upgrade to look at as well…

  • OTO 2: PLR Mastery Personal Email Coaching ($97)

Barry is offering personal email coaching for takers of this offer. They will have access to Barry’s experience and wisdom on a more personal one to one basis albeit via electrons versus face to face. Nonetheless, this is a bargain considering the total amount of time and access you are getting.

If you were to look for a mentoring program, you would pay thousands potentially. This represents a great compromise in that you get a lot of value for the money and you get access to some great training that will help you advance faster. Remember you want to be in the 1% of the 10% that actually DO something with PLR! This upsell and program will help you do just that!

Bonuses for this Product From Barry

Note that Barry has included 3 Bonuses that are complementary to the training package (as I have – see the 4 from me below the Buy Button below)…

Here they are:

2018 05 25 0822 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

2018 05 25 0823 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

2018 05 25 0823 001 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

Note this training also comes with a guarantee if that will make you feel more comfortable:

2018 05 25 0824 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

My Evaluation of this Product

To prove to you just how much faith I have in the training, I will walk you through the training via a video I will prepare as a paying member! Yes, you read that right. I have purchased the training as well, at full cost so I can add to this review.

My intention is to give you an insider impression of the training. That way I can give you a true picture. Here are my access details, in an email I received after purchase:

2018 05 24 1910 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

I know Barry and have seen how he operates in the online marketing arena. He is a guy that takes things easy, but it comes from a state of competence. He knows what he is doing. In this training, you will get a glimpse of WHY he can be as he is…Plus learn and take action…

You can be in the top 1% of that 10% that actually DO something with PLR, and you can actually make money, good money, from implementing his tactics and advice. So in short, I highly recommend this Complete PLR Mastery 2.0 training for you. Remember, I just bought it!

Want to see my approval graphically (I like pictures!)?

Here it is…

Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

Now let’s get to the ‘How To Get This’ part of the review…

OK, I Am Convinced. What Is Next?

Very simple…

  • Directly below is my link to get access to the sales page for the front end. Once you have purchased that, you will be redirected to the other offers that complement this…
  • Remember the early bird bonus will go away shortly after launch and the price will rise over the launch week from 24 – 30 May 2018.
  • This training will remain available after the launch week from 24-30 May, so even if you come across this AFTER the launch week, go ahead and click the link below!
  • Be sure to check out the bonuses I am also providing when you purchase this training. I know how it is trying to get started making money online, I was there. These bonuses will help you.

Act NOW!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package


I am adding some of my own bonuses as well for this training. Here are a few, plus I have one surprise bonus that you will find out about once you have purchased the training from Barry. You have to buy to see what this may be…

These bonuses will complement the training and advice you get in the Complete PLR Mastery Course 2.0 and will help you sell more products and sell them faster. The surprise bonus will make you very happy and is worth much more than anything else in this entire offer.

How To Get These Bonuses?

Just send me an email to with your purchase verification (receipt) and once I confirm, I will send you the download links for the following:

2016 02 28 1155 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

2016 02 28 1151 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

2016 02 28 1014 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

Commission Guerilla Bonus 2 - Review of the 'Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0' Training Package

Best of luck!

Dave : )


6 thoughts on “Review of the ‘Complete Mastery of PLR 2.0’ Training Package

  1. Hi, Dave… This is a great review of the training package… I think it will be a good program to sign up for…

    I’ll be coming back to have a look at the video you’re creating, I do have some PLR on my hard drive… Perhaps I can make some money off of it…



    1. Nice to see you, Rea!

      This is an excellent training package and well worth the money. Actually, when you see the bonuses that you also get with the training (even purchasing just the front end will get you them) you realize just how much value you have.

      I too have purchased the training. Not because I do not have access to other similar training, it is more the fact that Barry is an experienced online marketer, and there is no doubt that I will pick some pointers up from his training.

      It really comes down to constantly improving yourself with this online marketing business. You have to keep up with the rapid advances but also learn the basics. This training will help fill in gaps in my own online education.

      Well worth the measly $10! Also, for you, the training can help you make use of that PLR on your hard drive. Almost every marketer I know has some. Barry’s Complete PLR Mastery 2.0 training course will help you start making money from it!

      Best of luck and let me know when you have completed your purchase, and I will get you the links for the bonuses I have added (the others should be in the training area)…

      Dave : )

  2. PLR is one of the dirty secrets of Internet marketing. Everybody says don’t use it! But then who is everybody? Every product owner I know and there are hundreds of them uses PLR including myself. I write PLR to sell because it is extremely profitable and I buy PLR because I can make bioproducts very quickly. This is a fantastic product to show you how you can have a sales funnel within hours

    1. Hi, Catherine…

      Great to see you stopping by here, first of all…Things abruptly changed for me in January when my business partner died and our business got caught up in the German courts…I literally had to start not from scratch, but darn near from scratch.

      In that regard, PLR has been very useful to me. As you state, it is being used a LOT more than the ‘Gurus” will admit to. In fact, I have seen some of their products that are re-purposed PLR and they are selling this for a premium price. That is okay for me.

      If they edit it, reskin the covers and graphics, and make it their own, and of course if it adds value for the buyer I think there is no harm. This is the case with what you provide I am sure, or you would not have such a successful business in selling yours.

      Barry is a really down to earth guy and I like his teaching style. Of course, he has been in the business a LONG time, as you have. He knows his stuff, as you do. I have not made the video associated with my purchase yet, I am going through the training as time allows.

      His training Complete PLR Mastery 2.0 is am updated version of the initial training he published some years ago, and of course, things have changed. From what I have seen so far, he starts at the very basic level for absolute newbies, and carries on through to the details and tips about what is working today. 

      Once I finish the course I will then create the video that supports the training package that Barry has put together. So far, I am very sure that this training is a bargain for the price (even now that the launch price is past that is the case). I like to promote stuff that works, it just is more useful for my subscribers…

      I look forward to getting back to Wealthy Affiliate regularly again, I am well on my way now with new stores that belong 100% to me. I do think it will be a month or so more before I do get there. I know that we had a wonderful group thing ready to go, unfortunately this happened with my business…

      As about 10 years ago, when disaster struck the business I had then, I had to focus completely on getting up and running again, and leave the less important things to the side while I did that. Please pass on my regards to the gang on Wealthy Affiliate and let them know I will be back! 

      Please take care of yourself and thanks again for stopping by!


      Dave : )

      P.S. I still write a lot with my comments, huh? : )

  3. Hi Dave,

    Complete Mastery Of PLR 2.0 Training Package sounds really good. Especially coming from someone who has actually purchased and used the product.
    Have you also tried the upgrades?
    I don’t know much about PLR. What products are available? Do you need a website to sell the repurposed PLR?

    Thanks for a great information, I’m thinking seriously about trying it. I’ve wasted a lot more than $10 on useless stuff, might as well try this. There’s a lot more value than that just in the bonuses.


    1. Hello, Ed!

      Great that you stopped by, thanks for that! Always good to see some of the Wealthy Affiliate friends here, it is a small world and we seem to always run into on another in one place or the other across this huge internet! 

      I am glad you found the review useful and I do think PLR is something that has a place in an online business if used wisely. 

      As Catherine says in her comment, many are using it without admitting it…I do not believe in hiding something like this, rather I want to help people do something with the content they are buying.

      Too many buy this PLR stuff and just let it gather dust and take up space on their drives. Barry Rodgers is a great teacher and a proven marketer who has been using PLR successfully for years. 

      That is why his training is spot on as well. His revamped Complete PLR Mastery 2.0 course is one that I jumped on to promote, because I knew it was quality.

      I did not go for the upgrades, as I am quite short of time…I have a total of 17 websites between video stores, PLR store, this site and one other IM content site, and etc. 

      The training is now more expensive but still offers a lot of value. The launch price is gone, so do not be alarmed when you go to the link…

      In any case, having gone through a great deal of the course to now, I can vouch as to it’s effectiveness and can say it will help you if you want to use PLR…

      This can be a tactic to add to your online income quickly. No matter the niche you are pursuing there is likely some PLR that is associated with it that you can tap into.

      Even if you use it to create content for your blog, or perhaps a lead magnet, or something entirely new, Barry will help you as he explains this and more in his training.

      Best of luck, Ed, and thanks again for stopping by!


      Dave : ) 

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