2019 02 26 2144 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses
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Hi, Everyone…

It is seldom when I can take a lot of joy in reviewing a product, and more seldom that I personally recommend a product, but for this one, I do take joy and recommend this training. The reason is that I have been on the inside and have seen just how much value the buyer is getting with the Affiliate Oracle training.

You all know that I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate platform (if you didn’t you know it now!), but there is a segment of would-be online marketers who may not want to take the plunge with Wealthy Affiliate. For these people, the Affiliate Oracle training is a perfect fit.

I will say with full disclosure that I know the author and creator of this training package. His name is Adam Payne, and he is a top-notch guy in the online marketer world. His main focus is on video, everything video. He is considered an expert in that segment.

Part of his strength lies in his affiliate marketing skills too, and he has worked hard over a number of years to learn the ins and outs of how to effectively establish a viable online affiliate marketing program that he uses himself to make significant amounts of income from.

This is why I am so happy to see that he has put this course together. It is not a course by someone with book knowledge only. No sir, this is a course from someone who has been in the trenches over a long period of years, someone who has made the mistakes, learned what works, and is now offering the lessons to the masses.

Without further ado, let’s drill down and see WHY I am excited to promote this training product…


2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

Product Details:

Vendor: Adam Payne
Product: The Affiliate Oracle
Launch Date: 25 Feb 2019
Launch Time: Ongoing
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: Front End, $27, OTO Prices See Below
Niche: Affiliate Marketing Training 
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: Unknown (will get clarification on this)

2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses


Who Is Adam Payne?

First of all, Adam is an online marketer, a natural teacher, a video marketer expert, and an all-around nice guy. He offers candor that is seldom found in the IM world of hundreds of marketers and would-be marketers. This is where the training course I am reviewing today comes in…

The Affiliate Oracle is a brand new course that is being launched as I write this review. If you are thinking this is a typical course that is full of gimmicks and crap that gets created and sold too often these days, you would be thinking wrong. One thing that I so admire about Adam is that he hates this kind of stuff as much as we all do.

Adam knows very well that there is no push-button solution, no 5-minute work week, and no instant $312.74 profits to be made in your first day (or whatever imaginary number you want to use). There simply is not such a tool out there. People are selling unrealistic dreams when they add this stuff to their sales page.

Adam saw some years ago that there was a negative trend in the IM/MMO niche, where too many half-baked products were being offered that did not have value and decided that he had seen enough. He turned down a different path.

He decided to follow a ‘no-bullshit’ approach that he still follows to this day and he calls out these shite programs for what they were and are. Of course, you know he has caught some flak for that. Most products he will not promote. They do not meet his standard.

This change in approach affected his audience and had some negative repercussions with his colleagues (he has a much smaller circle of fellow marketers since he got off the bandwagon) but rather than eventually returning to the fold of reciprocal promotions and pushing crap to people, he has remained steadfast in his determination to offer solid products and to recommend only solid products.

So now you know about Adam…Let’s drill down to discuss his training offer…


What Is The Affiliate Oracle?

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The Affiliate Oracle Training Course

This training will take you through the mindset and attitude required to successfully promote products to other people. His mantra is that when you decide to recommend a product, you want to promote one that actually works, does what it says on the sales page, and will be backed up by the creator.

If you stick to such products, you will be well off in regards to the trust that your subscribers and followers attribute to you. They will build trust in your opinions and recommendations and they are far more likely to buy from you again and again over the years.

This is what I like to call ethical marketing. This is the case in all marketing segments, or at least it should be. If you want to get on the right path to success, this is a great place to start from. Not only that, you can rest easy nights and weekends knowing that nobody is going to be slamming you for selling crap.

This is the basis for the rest of the business you will build using the tips and case study that Adam provides. If this sounds familiar to some who have read my reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, this is because it is similar to what I believe and preach on that platform as well.

You have a certain responsibility to those who trust you, as they have belief in you and are trusting you to do the right thing. This is what I like to call leadership, and you as an online marketer need to be a leader for your subscribers.

Adam uses a combination of video training, tips, advice, providing resources, and a case study to walk you through his process he developed to establish and grow his affiliate sales and lead lists. It is useful and actionable information that you can incorporate into your own business and affiliate marketing efforts.

2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses


My Affiliate Oracle Review Video

I have taken the time to do a quick walk through and explain what you will see on the inside of the training site. Remember I told you that I have access to this course, right? What better way to show it to you than by recording an overview of what you get inside!

Here you go…



Ok, now that you see what you are getting, you know about the creator, you know it will help you, and now you are thinking “What’s Next?” Now it is decision time (maybe)…So…


2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

Are you ready to take action?

Here is the link to buy…

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses


Need to know more?

No problem, keep on reading…

2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses



What Type Of Training Are You Getting With The Affiliate Oracle?

This is a valid question. I do not know HOW many training courses that promise so much in regards to instant cash, no work involved, some ‘secret method’, a new stream of traffic NOBODY knows about, very easy money, etc. in their sales page but said very little about WHAT they are going to be providing.

The secret is often that if they told you how little is inside you would not pull out your credit card because it is just not worth your time OR your money. This happens too often, unfortunately. OK, let me get off my soapbox and get back to what you are getting in this course (yes Adam does want you to know!).

There are a series of modules that start with an introduction video and end with a wrap-up video. Since Adam IS an expert in all things video, that this is a video-based course makes total sense to me.

Here are the modules you will get:

(1) Welcome and Introduction

(2) Philosophy To Your Audience

(3) Tools Needed

(4) Choosing A Niche

(5) Domains

(6) Basic Website Infrastructure Setup

(7) Choosing Something To Promote

(8) Review sites – Preselling

(9) Tracking

(10) The Landing Page

(11) Building Trust Through Email

(12) Traffic

(13) Crafting Facebook Profits Bonus

(14) $10,186 Case Study

(15) Wrap Up


As you can see, this is a thorough look at affiliate marketing from start to showing case studies of how Adam has used these tips, tactics, and tools to build his own successful affiliate marketing business. It is like sitting down with Adam and picking his brain for a small amount of money compared to a mentoring session which would cost a LOT more.


The training is good and it is practical for every online marketer to enable them to grow their business faster and smarter. Of course, the training, as good as it is, will not provide you an automatic income. Far from it. Work to get the things in place that Adam goes through is required.


Now let’s have a look at the sales funnel that Adam has put together… 

2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses


What Does The Affiliate Oracle Funnel Look Like?

(1) Main Offer: The Affiliate Oracle ($27)

What You Get:
– Inside you will get a complete laydown of the methods that Adam uses on a regular basis that has allowed him to get on sales leaderboards regularly for reputable products he promotes and in the process earn some really great commissions.

– Adam does this WITHOUT doing a lot of launches or doing reciprocal promotions for other IM sellers who may be selling crap. Honesty pays it seems! Adam shows you how to conduct this affiliate marketing business honestly and ethically.

– The course is laid out logically and leads you through step by step Adam’s entire process for his affiliate marketing business. The case studies add depth and credence to the training. As I said, this is not some guy who has not walked the walk. Adam has.
(2) Upsell 1: The Conversion Point ($47)
What You Get:
-This upsell is a standalone product that normally sells for $97. It complements the front end offer and delves into the email marketing side of the affiliate marketing business. This training teaches you how to operate ethically and make money even with a smaller leads list.

– The focus is on how you can improve conversions using a small but targeted list through the power that email marketing offers, even in these days of push notifications, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. People may be on the social platforms a lot these days, but they still have email accounts too.

-Some of the areas that Adam covers is on relationship building, segmentation of your list, and the telling of stories. These are all powerful ways to get more out of your limited lists, and of course, this can be scaled up (but doesn’t have to be to see results).

Note this is ANOTHER training that I have access to, and I can personally attest as to the effectiveness of the training. Remember, Adam is a natural teacher, he knows how to break things down, even for a dolt like me! If I can get it, anyone can!
(3) Upsell  2: YouTube Ads Mastery ($97)
What You Get:
– This training course is out of Adam’s paid membership site, called Video Marketing Insider. Inside this platform, you have access to a wide variety of tools and resources that will help you in every aspect of your online marketing business when it comes to video.

– It will train you to do the proper research to create effective video ads and then teaches you how to effectively use the Discovery & In-stream ads that are available through the Youtube platform. This is a huge platform, by the way, and one that you should not be ignoring.

– I know many online marketers that DO avoid it because they do not understand it. That is a mistake that you can correct by securing this high-quality course from Adam. Like the other two, explanations and training is easy to follow and understand.

2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

Pros and Cons of The Affiliate Oracle Training

In regards to pros, I think you have felt them in reading through my review. The training is spot-on, up to date, easy to understand and implement, and it has proven to work time and again for Adam. You are getting access to Adam’s expertise and experience at a reasonable cost.

There are no cons to this training. It does what it says it will do, it is reasonably priced, Adam backs up his products, and you may even end up with a new friend who has a huge bucket of information due to his experience in the field. The downside is if you do NOT get this for yourself.
2019 02 27 0001 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

My Final Word:

This is a HUGE buy from my perspective. I have two of the three training products he is selling in this funnel, and they are top-notch that I would recommend to anyone. The price is right and you will not be disappointed. Of course, you still have to take action.

Adam can show you the way, but it is up to you to get started and take action to implement the recommendations that Adam provides. You are getting tons of value with The Affiliate Oracle. I can ethically promote this to the world, and I am!

Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses



I hope you have found this review to be helpful, and that you will see the value in the new training that Adam is launching. The Affiliate Oracle is definitely worth your time and money. You are getting the inside personal steps to success with affiliate marketing from a proven winner in the MMO niche.

The reason that he is a winner is that he is an ethical marketer, he is a natural teacher, he creates excellent and easy to follow courses, and he is not worried about how much money he is making nor having to promote crap products from others.

Before I close this down, also have a look at the bonus’ I have put together for you below. Get one, two, or all three of Adam’s excellent training offers as laid out above, and you will get access to ALL the additional training I have added below (These have a value of over $80, as I sell each for $27)…

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I truly would like to hear from you about anything on your mind. Questions, thoughts, feedback, input. All are welcomed. If you have some questions that I cannot answer, guess what? I will ask Adam!

Best of luck for your business in 2019, and have fun while you work.


Dave : ) 



Another Link to Buy is here…

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

I did not forget the bonuses (see below)

You will get access to these if you buy through my link

Bonuses for Buyers of The Affiliate Oracle Through My Link:

Here are the 3 (yes 3!!!) bonus training courses that you will get access to. Simply send me an email or comment here when you have completed your purchase, and I will send you access to all these sites. You will have lifetime access to view them again and again as you may need.


(1) Affiliate Profits Club Membership

APC250X250 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

Learn The Secrets of Choosing an Awesomely Profitable Affiliate Offer

When you’re an affiliate, you’re linking your reputation to the reputation of the product and vendor. That’s why you want to be sure your hitch your business to good, honest people and products.

Now, this may all seem like common sense, but plenty of people overlook these steps. In fact, there are a whole lot of steps aspiring affiliates overlook when they’re setting up their business – and then they wonder why they can’t seem to sell more than one or two products a month.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure your business is set up the right way – the profitable way – by discovering the secrets of the super affiliates at Affiliate Profits Club. Check it out now to get in on my very special offer – you’ll be glad you did!

Next up…

(2) Product Profits Club Membership

banner250x250 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

You May Have Wondered How Product Creators Design and Sell Their Products?

This course will teach you how they do it!

Each product in your sales funnel should complement every other product in your funnel, which makes it easy for you to cross-promote them.

Now here’s where a lot of business owners stumble…

They create a lot of entry-level products, but they don’t know how to create mid-level or premium products. The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think—and there even some pretty slick ways to get others to create premium products for you, for FREE.

Do you want to know these secrets?

Then check out the Product Profits Club — and do it today while you can still sneak in the back door for free. Check it out!

Lastly, you will get access to…

(3) Power Copy Club Membership

banner250x2502 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

Learn How To Write Copy That Sells!

Knowing how your prospects think and feel gives you a great head start in persuading them to buy your product. But that’s only half the battle. You also need to know the secrets of writing persuasive, cash-pulling copy. And the best way to do that is to go here to Power Copy Club.

If you sell anything online, you’ll want to grab your membership today. Check it out, and you too will know what the pros know about crafting amazing, high-converting sales copy!

Ok, we’re done…If you are still reading and NOW are ready to take action…I have you covered!

To save you from having to scroll up, here one last time is the link to buy this from Adam!


56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!

18 thoughts on “Review Of The Affiliate Oracle Training Course, OTO 1 & 2 Upsells, and My Bonuses

  1. Hello David, I haven’t heard of Affiliate oracle training before. In fact there are so many products online that if one is not guided might fall prey to online scams. However with your recommendation for Affiliate oracle training, it will make people interested in online marketing know that it is a safe product to purchase. Thanks for painstakingly carrying out a review on Affiliate oracle training course. It is interesting to know that Adam Payne is behind the product, I know him as an online business guru.

    1. Hi, Gracen…

      Yes, this is a brand new soft launch from Adam. It is not being launched on the big platforms, rather he has chosen PayKickStart, a relatively new platform. You are right that there are many other training products out there, and most of them suck.

      This one is different. If you do a little research on Adam Payne, you will see that he is well-known and respected. He has had a lot of success without pushing crap tools and products, but the ones he does promote you can count on having value.

      Adam and I are friends, but if this was not a good product I would tell him. Having seen it from the inside, I can vouch for its veracity and usefulness. There is a segment that will not sign up for a large platform like Wealthy Affiliate who will go for a product like this.

      They will pay less, pay one-time, and get the basics that are necessary to have success. I went through most of his training (not finished yet) and what he adds through having had success adds to the value. He has walked the walk when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

      It feels like you are sitting down with Adam and absorbing all his years of experience as you go through the training. It really would cost a LOT more to do a one on one session with him. That is why the price is a steal. His real-life case study also offers a lot of insight….

      Thanks for popping through and adding your well-thought out feedback!


      Dave : ) 

  2. Wow. This is a very thorough/detailed review. I’ve never heard of this before but this sounds like a good buy. One thing I would like to verify though is the $27 one time fee or a monthly subscription? I was intrigued by the term “ethical marketing”. Never heard of that too but it sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing by the way. This sounds like another good option.

    1. Hi, Sheila…

      This is a one-time cost for a very thorough training course with 15 modules that will lead a newbie to the point where they can start making a living with affiliate marketing. Many of the points are like a page out of Wealthy Affiliate training.

      The differences are that you do not have all the tools and the features. This is what I would call a bare-bones training course that is effective. The people that shy away from paying monthly for a platform like Builderall or Wealthy Affiliate will be good with this training course.

      What Adam, his course, Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall, you, and I all have in common is that we are trying to operate our businesses ethically. That is a great base from which to start for any business. There are too many that are in it just for the money. Not us…


      Dave : )

  3. Your review was articulate and well written. Ethical marketing as you put it is the best way to promote a product.  Building trust can be achieved by recommending the right products. Affiliate oracle from your review sounds good but I just think it is expensive. Wealthy affiliates goes for a cheaper price and from general opinion I would prefer it. Thanks for the review

    1. Hi, Aweda…

      Most certainly there is that segment that will want to go with a full-fledged platform like Wealthy Affiliate The approach is similar (i.e. ethical marketing, the steps are similar, and the tools are similar, and even some of the lessons are similar).

      The difference is that the Affiliate Oracle is a one-shot purchase with access for a lifetime. The cost ($27) is actually less than one month at Wealthy Affiliate. But again we are talking apples and oranges. Both are good, but one has far more to it.

      The upsells are complementary but not a part of the front end training product. They are not required if you are only going to want the basic affiliate training that you have. I think I was clear about this, but if not, these comments will help!

      This is not a fake offer nor is the person behind it only interested in selling something and running away with your money. Actually, the author Adam Payne is a guy that is much like the members of Wealthy Affiliate and the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

      He agrees that most of what is out there is shite and a waste of money. Because he does not promote bad products as many do in a reciprocal manner, he is not the most popular smart guy in the internet marketing world. But he does make good sales when he does affiliate marketing.

      The reason is that he promotes solid products. You can make decent commissions and a living, only with a small list as you learn within his training. This is not different from the mentality that is pushed on Wealthy Affiliate, as I said.

      This training will not be for everyone. It is going to be attractive to those that do not want to commit to $49 a month as you have with Wealthy Affiliate, and the lessons are much the same, without all the bells and whistles that you get (and need) with WA. 


      Dave : )

  4. Although I find Wealthy Affiliate to be the perfect platform it seems that Affiliate Oracle is a good program to consider. Being relatively new I can say that I had never heard of this program but from your article it seems something that could be interesting. I will look into it in more detail. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey There, Stratos…

      Yes, this training is a simplified version of the more extensive training that you will find within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is also less costly, so I consider it to be a good course that will get those that do not want to pay the monthly fees for Wealthy Affiliate or say Builderall on the right track.

      Adam starts out with a similar mindset in how he regards the current online marketing world. There is too much garbage, too few ethical marketers, and there seems to be you scratch my back I will scratch your when it comes to promoting each other’s products.

      Often these are not good products, but these big folks will push it anyway because they want the support on their launches of mediocre products. That is the reason there are so many bad products out there. Adam, although successful and well-known and regarded, does not operate this way.

      That attitude and experience are reflected in his training as well. No, it does not have all the tools and features surrounding the training as you have with Wealthy Affiliate. But then again, it costs $27 one-time, as opposed to the much higher cost for Wealthy Affiliate.

      This is why I say from having seen the training that it is comparable to Wealthy Affiliate Lite. I mean that you get the main points and ideas, you just will have to go outside to get some of the tools to make it happen. With Wealthy Affiliate, you have it all and more.


      Dave : ) 

  5. you really deserve  some commendation for making your research and finding out about this training program that is newly launched someone like my don’t have the privilege to source for that kind of information 

    looking at the review of the affiliate oracle training program I can say I am interested in participating because it going to comprises of Adams experience or complete laydown of the methods that he has used to make sales over  the year in the business and I like to learn from an experience 

    1. Hi, Ajibola!

      Thanks for popping through. Your access to the creator’s of such programs will improve over time as you get established in the market segment and begin to have a voice. As with any venture, this takes time and effort, but it is possible for anyone.

      The true value to Adam’s training is that it provides a mirror to see inside how he developed his own business to the point he is at now (successful, earning great money, creating products and training, and having fun) and using the guidance students can do the same.

      The steps and tasks are quite similar to other reputable sites cush as Wealthy Affiliate, and this for me affirms yet again that what Adam is offering has huge value for the price. There are too many marketers out there that are just in it for the money. Adam is not, as the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate ar not.


      Dave : ) 

  6. Thanks for your very thorough review of the Affiliate Oracle – it’s nice to see someone release a course who has the background and experience to make it meaningful.

    I’m also a member at Wealthy Affiliate and a quick scan of the Affiliate Oracle tells me that it covers all the basics a new Affiliate Marketer should know, but may not be a direct substitute for the breadth of content and support that WA offers.

    That said, the case studies included with the course are invaluable, it’s always best to learn from real-life examples rather than relying on theory (too many courses do that I’m afraid).

    From what I’ve seen, well worth the low cost of the course and your bonuses are a nice add on.

    1. Hi, Les…

      Yes indeed, Les, I so agree with you. Adam is the kind of guy that does not do a lot of talking the talk, rather he walks the walk and speaks softly but carries a big stick (reputation and proven success). It’s funny how you have different attitudes in this online marketing business.

      There are people like Adam (highly successful and ethical online marketer), Kyle and Carson (Wealthy Affiliate co-founders), or Andie Brocklehurst (seasoned online marketer, wise beyond his years), who all let their expertise and wisdom speak for itself (no need to toot their own horns).

      Then you have those that make a lot of noise, the ones that are always trying to make a splash, who generally try to suck up the attention in a room or in a market segment. As they say in Texas, often they are all hat (posturing for effect but not really much behind it)…

      As to what you get within the course from Adam, it indeed is not what you will get with a full-featured platform like Wealthy Affiliate. It lays out the basic requirements in a simple manner, keeps things focused on the steps that he has used for his own business, and then shows how that applies through the case study.

      You are right I think that the course is a good one. I consider it applicable to those people that want a basic path to getting started but are not ready to make a commitment to the higher cost Wealthy Affiliate or similar platform. There is a market for the training and buyers will be well-served.   


      Dave : )

  7. Hi

    I read the whole review of the affiliate oracle training course.I love the wealthy affiliate platform.I agreed with you that one can earn a handsome money in their limited time by doing the affiliate oracle training course.At first i thought that oracle training course is a typical course but after reading your review i found myself wrong.I strongly believe that your review is very helpful to know about adam and oracle training course.Thank you for such an wonderful review.I will share this review with my friends who are interested in wealthy affiliate platform.Your review will provide a great impact on my friends.   

    1. Hi, Hasan…

      The Wealthy Oracle training is not affiliated with the Wealthy Affiliate platform in any way, so please be sure to tell your friends what the differences are. Wealthy Affiliate is a full-featured platform that has a ton of features and services that you get access to as a member.

      The Affiliate Oracle training course is a detailed, complete affiliate marketing business development course based n the creator’s experience in the business. Adam shares his own experiences in how he set up and monetizers his affiliate marketing program.

      He tops it off by showing you a real-life example of how the steps he advises will allow you to make money using them. As he has had tons of success while remaining an ethical marketer, his voice and training are worth listening to and taking heed of.

      Even for such people like me, who uses Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall all the time, there are tidbits and nuggets of advice to be found in the training from someone who has been there, who has done it. Adam is a very successful online marketer.

      I do hope this clears up things, have your friends check out the training sales page for this, maybe it will help them get their own online business up and running. If the Wealthy Affiliate or similar platforms are too much to pay, this may be the solution. Solid training that works at a low cost one time.


      Dave : ) 

  8. This course definitely appears to be legit and much better than most other options out there. I’ve went through so many similar products and you’re right about how a lot of them never even tell you what the training is until you pay. The Affiliate Oracle seems to come with some pretty in-depth training, although I wish there weren’t so many upsells and that they would offer a free sample of their training. The cost is still reasonable though, but I do want to know if there’s a refund policy for it?

    1. Hi, Son…

      Thanks for your input and feedback to this review, you have raised some great points and asked a good question. The training is solid. I went through it myself and Adam lays it all out simply and clearly. This is especially useful for new would-be marketers, but even myself, as a more seasoned marketer, it has tidbits that I did not know.

      I think the training fits a gap between full-fledged platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate or Builderall and the crap programs that really promise a lot and deliver little. Adam’s training will provide you a simple road map to success, and indeed is the path that he used.

      Especially useful was the case study he added in. That is expanded on from a ‘behind-the-shoulder’ walkthrough of just how all the training works when you apply it. Adam has had success using the model as he teaches it in the course and this shows just how it can work for everyone.

      I am still trying to get ahold of Adam on the guarantee question. This is a question I have had myself, but I suspect unless there are some compelling reasons to request a refund, there is none. Let’s see. When I have the verdict from Adam I will update the review.

      By no means will have all the resources or the features that you get with a platform. This is the training portion only, with suggestions for sources of the tools that you will need to get started. These will require an investment but compared to other business models, affiliate marketing is one of the most reasonable to use.


      Dave : )

  9. Hi David-sweney,

    Nowadays many businesses work through on line marketing. I do not have this exception. I have read a total review of affiliate Oklahoma training. If I did not read this blog, then I could not find out more about Affiliate oracle training. The article is very good to me, though it will take a lot of time to learn and learn. I wanted to know that newcomers want to be connected, can they make affiliate Oracle training as well as earn fast? Like I can earn with Wealthy Affiliate Training. If it is possible to earn money as well as in training, then it will be good for newcomers. Its price is in my budget so I’m saving the article to join in the future. I believe that I did not make any mistake by joining the rich affiliate program. I’m already earning learning time and give me a positive sign about it. I believe I will be successful even after completing all the training. I’ll definitely come back to your next article. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Cpan…

      The Affiliate Oracle training course is what I would consider as a Wealthy Affiliate Lite version. It provides all the basics and will point the would-be affiliate marketer in the right direction in regards to mindset, steps to take, what tools to use, what to focus on (niche selection), creating content (reviews), monetizing the content, and then marketing.

      For those people that may not want to commit the amounts of monthly subscription costs to a program like Wealthy Affiliate (well worth the money, by the way) this training is an ideal solution. The cost os one-time for The Affiliate Oracle as opposed to monthly with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Quite naturally, you will have to go out and do much of the legwork yourself with the Affiliate Oracle training, as it does not provide the features that you would have with Wealthy Affiliate. That is okay, as you are not being sold this. You are getting insider access to a successful affiliate marketer’s mind on how he established and operated his business.

      That is a bit different than many programs you will find out there. Some just push training to sell more of their own products to members, while others make wild claims about how you can earn tons of money with no work, and some state you can make many thousands in an hour.

      These are all BS, as there is no such thing. As with any business, you have to have a plan, the tools to get the plan implemented, and the will to do the work required to use the tools and follow the plan to success. Adam (creator of The Affiliate Oracle) lays all this out clearly and succinctly.


      Dave : )  

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