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Today I am reviewing yet another of the group of my own IM products that are being introduced under the SMART IM Tools brand. This product is one that will be of interest to anyone that is looking to draw in prospects to their online business and needs high quality and unique content that people will hunger after.

The product is called the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit. It includes everything you need to quickly add an attractive unique content lead magnet presented in a way that will help trigger opt-ins for the owner. These can be edited by and made even more unique (offered as a limited edition upsell).

These days it can be very hard to stand out from the noise that is common across the internet. There are more and more marketers that are seeking to make a living online, and the overall market size is growing, but to remain competitive you have to always be looking for something new.

This is where the SMART IM Lead Magnets come in. They are highly professional reports, eBooks, and white papers that allow you to offer something that your prospects want and need. They cover a variety of subjects, are available in a variety of formats for prospects to download and use.

They also come with an autoresponder campaign that includes swipes, PLUS a highly effective opt-in page ready to load up and use. Depending on the package selected, you can get up to 5 cover styles for the reports and the upsell adds in additional features that will be attractive and make the lead magnet even MORE unique.

Other features and options include having a FlipBook edition of the lead magnet, with or without your logo and possibly adding in a video and clickable Call To Action links within the document. These are lead magnet kits like you have not seen to date.

Let’s drill down and see what is on offer for you with the SMART IM Lead Magnets… 

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Product Overview

Vendor: Author: Dave Sweney
Product: SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit
Launch Date: Upcoming on 1 January through 15 January 2019
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Skill: All Levels
Pricing: $25 (1 Basic Lead Magnet Kit), $40 (2 Basic Kits), $35 (2 Basic Kits per Month), $50 (2 Upgraded Kits Per Month – Membership Level)
Niche: General Online Marketing – Lead Magnets for IM Niche 
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: 7-day money back guarantee (only if the product is not downloadable)

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses

So What Is Behind The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits?

Quite simply, what I have seen for the lead magnets that are on offer in the market have gotten stale. The content is outdated, the designs of the covers and the book itself are unattractive, they are generic and do not offer any opportunities to add in clickable calls to actions, etc.

In short, what is out there needs a revamping. There are simply too many other means of communication out there these days, and the old content lead magnets just are not converting as they did in the past. This was a problem I decided to tackle in the interest of my own business, and now for others as well.

Almost all the products in the SMART IM Tools packages are designed in this manner. I want them to offer real solutions or better ways to conduct your online business. They should be more effective, look better, work better, train you better, etc. That is the whole reason that SMART IM Tools came about.

This is how I and my team were thinking when we started this project. Lead Magnet Kits represents many hundreds of hours of planning and executing, and now the finished projects are ready to be offered to the public. What you are seeing in this review are the first two of many lead magnet kits that will be rolled out monthly.

Have a look at the features and options we have put together for you, and depending on how unique of a lead magnet kit that you are looking for, you can select a package that fits your needs. Note that we will also be taking on special projects as time goes on, so if that is of interest, please contact us.

Now, let’s look more closely at what you are getting and the options that you have with these kits…

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What Do You Get With The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit?

The SMART Lead Magnet Kit Basic Edition comes with a set of files that include the content file (eBook) in 3 formats (PDF, FlipBook, and embeddable iFrame coding), a set of 5 eBook covers, an autoresponder campaign consisting of 5 emails to send out to your subscribers, and an opt-in page that you can edit and use.

Each kit is unique in that they are limited in the number of copies published (1000 only for the Basic Level Kit, 400 for the Premium Level Kit), they are specially designed to offer a modern look and presentation capability (i.e. in a FlipBook format or as a Kindle or Mobi file), and the covers are presented in a 3D look.

They also come with a sales page that is easily edited and published, and with the optional upsells you can offer 2 styles of FlipBooks (one with video media if desired), your own links within the Lead Magnet, and even have the ability to add your logo and Authorship within the Lead Magnet!

Depending on your requirements, you can select the package that will fit your needs. The basic packages are ready to download, while the upgrades require some additional coordination with the SMART IM Team to embed the logos, the links, and your name, etc. into the kit content.

A Look At Each Element  Of the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses  yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses


SMART Lead Magnet Content — The content is fresh and current. The advice and guidance are based on the current state of the market. The subjects cover topics that are in demand and are being searched for online by people. This means that you will be able to draw in the maximum amount of traffic and your offer will be attractive and professional. Total game changer.

Having these will separate you from the competition by a wide margin. Remember that this is often the first contact you will have with prospective long-term followers who will buy from you again and again over the years. It pays to offer something that sets the tone for the relationship.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses


SMART Lead Magnet 3D Covers — One area that often gets overlooked is how you present the content to the prospects. I have seen 3D covers that just look the same as all the others you see out there. They get lost in the commotion of the traffic on the internet. Having a cover that fits with your content is very important. You get a professionally designed 3D cover with the kit. Not only one, but you get 5 different perspectives! This means you can test and see which work s better, or include a few. These covers will make you instantly look like you’re a professional who commands trust and authority.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses


SMART Flipbook — This is something that I have not seen much of in the IM market when it comes to lead magnets. Instantly you will be seen as someone who goes the extra mile when it comes to providing valuable content to your prospects. Additionally, with the Premium Kit version, you can add in media files such as video in addition to your own calls to action and links that are clickable with the eBook!

SMART Autoresponder Campaign — One area of lead magnets that I see needed some work was the swipes (email samples) that are provided. These often are not included, or the ones provided are terrible. Of course, you would want to edit any swipes to give them an individual taste or feel that fits your personality, but having a good set to start with helps shorten that process. That is what you get with our SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits.

Even when emailing your leads, you want to stand out and grab attention. You also want them to take action on your calls to action. If they enjoy reading your emails, they will open them. Open rates are already atrocious, so anything you can do to get attention matters. The emails you get the help you need to start off right.

SMART Opt-in Page — The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit includes a ready-made opt-in page that you can quickly edit to add in your autoresponder settings and download link, plus any other additional details or button edits that you want. The page is a clean minimalist design that has been tested and proven to be very effective in regards to conversions. You will be many steps ahead of the competition.

Why Do Our eBooks Look So Good?

Professional looking eCovers is just one example of why we are better than the competition with our lead Magnet Kits…

Each has :

— Well laid out table of contents.

— Headers and footers (depending on the design).

— Pagination.

— Ability to add media such as images, logos, clickable links.

— 300+ Google Fonts we have available.

— 50 different eBook templates we use with literally millions of unique versions possible.

— 10 different eBook themes we use (and more coming) so always you get a fresh and unique look.

Will The Rest Of The Kit Elements Help Convert Prospects Too?

In a word, yes. The 3D covers match the eBook exactly, and they look highly professional. They come in 5 different styles so you can add any number of views to your opt-in page.

The email swipes have been tested and are known to be effective, and the HTML page that you get has also been tested for its effectiveness.

Lastly, you get the FlipBook link, so your prospects can directly access this from their computer or phone. Also, you get an embeddable code for your websites so you can show them as a pop-up or within your webpage.

Who Are SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits For?

SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits are most suited for freelancers, independent internet marketers, small marketing agencies and small business owners who want to create lead magnets, publish Kindle books, create and sell eBooks, or publish white papers to attract potential clients or subscribers who that can then promote their products or services to.

How Much Do The SMART Lead Magnet Kits Cost?

Normally $29 for one, but during the launch phase and until we get the first 500 copies sold, you can get one at $25, and the upsell is also similarly on sale. From time to time, these lower prices may be offered again, but this will be done very seldom. If you want to lock in at the low launch prices, you need to act during the launch week.

These are complete ready-to-go kits that have sales pages where you can quickly edit and deploy using your website links, social accounts, and other URL links as appropriate. They are designed to be used with minimal effort on your part while presenting a highly professional appearance to your potential clients.

Are There Any Upsells?

Yes, there is currently 1 upsell. Remember you can also buy a Basic Kit package deals (i.e. 2 at less cost one time or 2 per month as a founding member of the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit Membership Club). These are reasonably priced as well, but there are people that will want to have a little bit extra to separate themselves from the competition.

For those people, we have created a Premium Kit and for both, a membership package. These options include a lower price in the case of membership and upgrades to the Premium package that can make these already unique Lead Magnet Kits even more reasonably priced and more valuable and unique. If you want to provide more value while having the chance to sell more within the lead magnet content one of these options may be for you.

Here’s Is What You Get With The Premium Kit:

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses


Upsell — SMART IM Premium Lead Magnet Kit.

With this package, you will have the opportunity to add up to 5 unique URLs within your content in the eBook. You will also be able to add your logo in two places, and within the FlipBook package, you can even add your own video if you want.

These Premium Lead Magnet Kits are limited to 400 copies per month. This means that even as you stand out, you do not have to worry about oversaturation of these lead magnets. There are only 2 created per month at the moment, so you will stand out indeed.

At some point, we may expand to 4 Premium Kits per month if demand exceeds our supply, but we will stick to the 400 copy limit for each published lead magnet kit to keep the scarcity and limited quantity aspects for buyers. intact. This means you never have to worry about over saturation in the market.

We also are considering adding in a special order package down the road as the program fleshes out and has shown a demand through sales and inquiries. This would be working with the client one on one to create a designed product to the specifications they are looking for. The price would be considerably less than contracting foer such a service online using one of the outsourcing services.

The Pros and Cons of SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits

I like to look at both sides of any product, even my own! So I will normally include a section in my reviews for this so you the reader can see both the bad and the good (and if applicable, the fantastic or awesomeness if that applies).

So here goes…

The Bad

— These kits do come in at a cost that is higher for a typical lead magnet you can buy in the IM market.

The Good

— They are extremely high quality, MUCH better than what is currently available in the IM market.

— You have unique and limited-edition lead magnets that will not be mass produced and over saturate the market.

— You get an entire set of complementary elements within the kit that will allow you to quickly get the lead magnets working for you and drawing in new prospects to your online business as subscribers.

The Awesome

— The FlipBook option looks great and is something not commonly found nor used in the market.

— Professional page layouts, cover designs, and opt-in pages you can quickly edit and deploy.

— The email swipes you get are tested and proven to convert and these can be added to your autoresponder and connected to the opt-in page so you are ready to collect names and emails.

— With the Premium Kit, you can add even more uniqueness and more of your own call to action buttons and links plus your logo and finally your own video within the lead magnet.

— Very real scarcity, as there are a limited number of copies available with the Basic Kit, and even MORE uniqueness with the Premium Kits (one-of-a-kind and only a total of 400 copies available for each).

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses


Bottom Line

There have been plenty of lead magnet offers that I have seen and tried in the market. Each has lacked one or more of the things that you will get with these SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits. None offer the FlipBook option, none offer true scarcity, and none have designs that are as professional looking as what you get with these kits.

Each kit comes in a set of folders that you will get access to with confirmation of proof of your purchase. This is lifelong access, by the way. They will be there for you a year, two years, or five years fri=om now. With the membership option, you can save money, for either the Basic or the Premium Kits.

These are for personal use only, as in you cannot resell these to others. You can give them away as bonuses, use them as lead magnets, or for training as part of a larger course. They have been designed by an online marketer for online marketers.

The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits have been designed and are authored by Dave Sweney, someone with years of copywriting experience writing contracts, books, articles, newspaper articles, blogs, reports, fiction, etc. He knows what it takes to create copy that sells.

If you need lead magnets that capture the attention of your prospects, offer something unique and are not saturating the market, these are the kits of choice for you. The founding member sale prices offered now mean you are getting in at the best ever offering price to the public.

Click this link to see the product pages of the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits…


Also, Have a look at our valuable bonuses below…

My Bonuses For Your Initial SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit Order

You are going to get free access to three membership sites that you can sign up for and gain access to exclusive training that will help you with your online marketing business.

Here are the sites and what you will get within each:

(1) Affiliate Profits Club Membership

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses

Learn The Secrets of Choosing an Awesomely Profitable Affiliate Offer

When you’re an affiliate, you’re linking your reputation to the reputation of the product and vendor. That’s why you want to be sure your hitch your business to good, honest people and products.

Now, this may all seem like common sense, but plenty of people overlook these steps. In fact, there are a whole lot of steps aspiring affiliates overlook when they’re setting up their business – and then they wonder why they can’t seem to sell more than one or two products a month.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure your business is set up the right way – the profitable way – by discovering the secrets of the super affiliates at Affiliate Profits Club. Check it out now to get in on my very special offer – you’ll be glad you did!

Next up…

(2) Product Profits Club Membership

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses

You May Have Wondered How Product Creators Design and Sell Their Products?

This course will teach you how they do it!

Each product in your sales funnel should complement every other product in your funnel, which makes it easy for you to cross-promote them.

Now here’s where a lot of business owners stumble…

They create a lot of entry-level products, but they don’t know how to create mid-level or premium products. The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think—and there even some pretty slick ways to get others to create premium products for you, for FREE.

Do you want to know these secrets?

Then check out the Product Profits Club — and do it today while you can still sneak in the back door for free. Check it out!

Lastly, you will get access to…

(3) Power Copy Club Membership

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses

Learn How To Write Copy That Sells!

Knowing how your prospects think and feel gives you a great head start in persuading them to buy your product. But that’s only half the battle. You also need to know the secrets of writing persuasive, cash-pulling copy. And the best way to do that is to go here to Power Copy Club.

If you sell anything online, you’ll want to grab your membership today. Check it out, and you too will know what the pros know about crafting amazing, high-converting sales copy!


Each of these club site bonuses will give you a LOT of insight on the subjects covered. They will help you become more successful in a shorter period of time. Of course, you will still have to put in time, effort, and your own entrepreneurial skills into your business, but these sites and the training can help you get there faster!

These are high-quality bonuses that you will appreciate for a long time and use again and again, as you can refer back to them as needed. They complement nicely the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits. Try them out and see for yourself!

I urge you to check them out whether or not you decide that you want to get the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits. They can and will help you and the low entrance fee (zero) means that you will be getting massive value at no cost. But remember you need to apply the training to get the maximum benefit out of them.

96 thoughts on “Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses

  1. Hi Dav, internet marketing can be very profitable, however it is becoming more competitive and one truly need to keep abreast by constantly looking for new stuff like you rightly said. I always love carrying out research on any product I want to purchase in order not to regret later, this is because of the increase rate of online scams. However, reading through your post, has clearly shown that this is profitable product for anyone that wants to provide valuable contents to his or readers, judging from its features and benefits.Thanks for your informative and educative post.

    1. Hi, Grace…

      You are so right to do some research before buying any product these days. There is so many subpar tools and programs out there floating around today, and people are not as naive as they once were. The fly-by-night operators are getting called out more and more, and rightfully so.

      Just as with other product creators like the owners of Wealthy Affiliate or Builderall, we want to provide te best possible programs for our customers, always. There is an old saying “It is just as easy to sell a good product as a bad one, but it is a lot less easy to hear about it later when you are selling crap.”

      Please stop by from time-to-time as we are adding new products to the SMART IM Tools brand to include chatbots. Exciting times, indeed. There is more coming beyond the few that we have launching over the coming months too, we are staying busy!


      Dave : )

  2. This is a great and simple to follow guide on the product  SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit. You laid it all out clearly and showed examples that helped emphasize your various points. One of the key features I love most about this product is the autoresponder campaign that includes swipes, PLUS a highly effective opt-in page ready to load up and use. The price is not too expensive and its also easy to use.

    Its obvious the pros outweighs its cons which makes it much more awesome.

    Thanks for sharing; This is a must for all affiliate marketers to read

    1. Hi Again, Wealthfather…

      Yes, these SMART IM Lead magnet Kits are really exciting offers that we have worked hard to put together. So far, the feedback has been super positive and based on suggestions, we are adding a couple of things here and there to make them even more effective for users.

      It is our idea that having a complete set of marketing materials to go along with the lead magnet itself will help the buyer actually deploy and benefit from them, as opposed to having them just take up space like so many tools do on many online marketer’s laptops and hard drives.

      We will continue to improve these kits and are always looking for suggestions. As with other products, we are looking for ways to get them into the hands of as many online marketers as possible, not to make more money, but to help more people. The money will come on its own if you are taking care of the customers.

      Please keep stopping by, the new products are coming and there may be some that you can use for your business, and of course, we always appreciate the feedback and input from you. These add value for us all, and make us better online marketers.


      Dave : ) 

  3. Well,oing through the articles, I discovered that one can actually make good content from the kits but I am skeptical because I have bought such kits before that promised such but at the end, it turned out to be that I had to write everything myself. So what assurance do I get that this kit will actually work the way it is been portrayed in this article?

    1. Hi, Linus…

      It sounds like you would be better off to prepare your own lead magnet. These kits are high-quality and have been edited to make sure all the pieces complement one another, I have laid out clearly what you get in them, so unless there is a problem with the download itself, I there is no assured guarantee other than replacement.

      I have had instances where serial refunders have purchased and then almost immediately asked for a refund, this of course AFTER they already have the content. This is not like a tool that you can restrict access to once the buyer has it on their hard drive.

      There are some tools that we can control the access to, such as our SMART IM Chatbots. If the buyer changes their mind or doesn’t pay, I can simply take away access to the tool. With these lead magnet kits, that is not the case.

      If you have any doubts, I recommend that you go elsewhere or create them yourself. If you have experience and the time, you will save money. I wish you the best for 2019! The SMART Lead Magnet Kits will be there for those people that are looking to trade a little money for a lot of time. This is what our program is all about.


      Dave : )

  4. Dave

    I am looking for something new. I like the fact that there are not that many Cons on this product. All of the benefits seem to fit my needs. I am going to check out the Affiliates Profit Club first. I feel that it will be most helpful with where I am on My website. Thank you Kari

    1. Hi, Kari…

      Great to have you stop by and please do check out the free training that you can access, that is why I have it there. These are all high-quality training courses that will give you a leg up on starting or growing your online business. The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits are also useful so do have a look at them as well when you are ready!

      The SMART IM Tools brand is growing in numbers of products and also the membership academy is opening it’s doors soon too. That will be a place where we offer a series of training, tools, services, and forums for each product we are offering, so have a look at that as well.

      Indeed, these SMART IM Unique Lead magnet Kits are just the beginning, we have much more in store for our followers and members coming this year. Best of luck to you with your online business in 2019!


      Dave : )

  5. I’ve often read up on and implemented some lead magnets in the past but yours appears to be far and away the best. They’re also a fantastic bang for your buck with only one upsell, too, which I respect. Your product is definitely something any internet marketer in any niche should at least take a look at, as I can attest that lead magnets do work, judging from my own experience. However, my magnets were more of a trial run so to upgrade to the professional level is the next step. 

    1. Hello, Todd…

      Thanks for adding your input on this review of SMART Unique Lead Magnet Kits that we are offering. They most definitely are on the high end of the market, so there will be limited amounts of people that will use them. But they will set the user apart from the crowd, something that is getting harder to do these days.

      Lead magnets really do work, I too have had success with them. I am always trying to come up with unique ways to get people to bite and sign up to receive the ones I offer, hence the move to offer others the chance to cash in on the work I am doing already.

      I wish you the best of luck for 2019, and please do stop by again, as we are adding a lot of new products that may work to help you grow your business faster. The products we design are intended to complement the Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall platforms, which are the two we use mainly for our business.


      Dave : )

  6. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for spending time giving us the insight of what to expect on the Lead Magnet Kits. This is my 6th month in as an affiliate marketer, it has been tough I have to say, amazon has just rejected my application since I did not make enough sales within 180 day. But you know what I am not gonna give up. Someone told me that every business takes about 2 years to be successful. I will check out the SMART IM LEAD KITS, thank you for the review. I really want to be successful in affiliate marketing. Cheers!

    1. Hi, Nuttanee…

      I am sorry to hear that Amazon has rejected your application. Have you tried to reapply? I started at one point with them and had the same thing happen. I applied and they approved another 6-month trial. In both instances, I also did not get any sales.

      This did not bother me because I decided to go in another direction and that has worked out much better. I promote MMO products, sell my own products, and provide training and other helpful tools for MMO now. I have been able to make a lot more money.

      I also went into e-commerce and now have 20 stores in various niches. That is using mainly a drop-shipping model after we had to revamp from selling our own products (from Thailand) when my business partner suddenly died. This forced me to change the whole business model.

      I guess what I am trying to say is that you are right not to give up. Just at the point when you think it will not work, it will start working. This has been my experience and I am sure it can be the same for you. There are other things you can try outside of the SMART Lead Magnet Kits. These are a piece of the whole.

      If you would like, I can spend a little time talking over where you are with your online business and we can discuss options and suggestions on how you might be able to turn it around to make the money you would like to make. Just drop me a line and we can set something up.


      Dave : ) 

  7. Thank you for this wonderful information. Truly the internet marketing spaces is so so jampacked and highly competititve. Newbies like me needs actual and deep informayion to help get through. Products like this Smart IM unique will really go a long way on helping newbie like me to grow my business. Thank you for sharing this vital post. It’s actually gonna be helpful

    1. Hello, Kehinde…

      Yes indeed, the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits have been designed to help out marketers just like yourself. They will make it easier and faster to set up a simple lead capture opt-in page and then you can build trust and grow your business through promoting products to the leads.

      It takes time to create quality lead magnets, and these are designed to be used as is with little editing. You have that time for taking care of other online business tasks that are always popping their heads up, i.e. creating more content.

      Please do stop by and see what additional items we add over time to our product line of SMART IM Tools, the lead magnet kits are yet one more example. We already have quite a few ready to go now, and you can review these in our shop pages right here on the website.


      Dave : )  

  8. Hello Dave, a really cool article I really enjoyed reading it, I really think the engagement is the new job, besides working for you, homework gives you more freedom and more accomplishment. I’m glad that as many people look for a way to start a life of entrepreneur on the internet.

    Have nice day paul.

    1. Hi, Paul…

      Yes, the work from home marketing segment is certainly a good one. You need to have a plan and of course some resources as well. The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits provide a vital tool in the quest to get leads and prospects and then build a relationship with them so you can market or promote your products.

      The whole idea behind the SMART IM Tools brand and in this case, the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits are to automate the process of developing and deploying these within your online business. These particular ones are focusing on the MMO segment (making money online) but we can create niche specific kits as well, depending in demand.

      Thanks for stopping by and please do stop by again. We are adding new tools and products to our SMART IM Tools brand, and there may be some that will help you grow your business faster! 


      Dave : ) 

  9. Hi there I really like your site it is very detailed, its simplistic theme is very easy on the eyes and the good use of logos tells straight away that it is an educational site. I like your honesty and your very clear reviews with clear ratings and your thoughts on the programs at hand and that you are helping people by encouraging them to invest in themselves by taking the wealthy affiliate course and that if they stick to it for a year you will give them some of your own educational material which I think is a good deal as it gives people something to aim towards

    The only thing I didn’t like is that on davesweneynow the top menu takes up a lot of the screen and every time you scroll up it drops down and takes up most of the screen I feel that it should be a little small as it feels intrusive to me other than that you’ve got a great site 

    1. Hi, Garry…

      Glad you like the payout of the site and also the manner in which I write the reviews I include. These are especially helpful for people stopping by to learn about the solutions that are out there for their problems or needs. The SMART IM Tool brand and the stable of products is designed with this intent in mind.

      As we grow, we listen to what online marketers are seeking. These SMART IM Lead Magnet kits are one result of that process. They will help, are unique, and relatively inexpensive (over hiring a copywriter to create them for you). The fact that they also have a complete support package helps too.

      This means you can use them almost immediately. It saves you time, gives you a professional look to your traffic and subscribers, shows that you know what is important in the market (the content is current), and presents a side of you and your business that you want to have out there in the community.


      Dave : )

  10. Am new to affiliate marketing and I wish to do great in it some day. Reading 

    is part of the job and in the processing learning new things ,having Smart IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits at your disposal 

    will be of a great value thing to have and learn from.and with the bonus that is included. It make me think you want someone like me to learn how to be successful in the online  marketing 

    1. Hi Ajibola…

      These SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits will definitely be a help for your online marketing business if used properly. As you are new it is important to get the basics in place, i.e. a nice website that looks professional and then add some content that people in that niche want to look at.

      It is at that point, when you are getting maybe 100 site visits a day, that you can add in a system to capture leads. This is where these kits come in. Rather than designing your own, and also the support materials like social ads/posts/opt-in pages, etc. you have it all with the kits.

      Please do stop back in when you are ready to get started with the SMART IM Lead magnet Kits, and there are other tools that will help you as well in the SMART IM Tools brand. We are working on quite a few and have a few launched to now.


      Dave : ) 

  11. Hi Dave,

    You really have a good line of digital products. Internet marketing is changing everyday and we need coaches like you to help keep us up to date. I also like how you have an affiliate program for your products and also recommended other good affiliate programs. I hope to check you out again when I am ready to make my site a membership site.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi, Olufemi…

      Thanks for the positive words. Internet marketing is surely changing a lot, technological changes are making it possible to present a more professional image to your traffic and leads all the time. Many of the tools and products out there will not survive long term, but for sure the market and usefulness of lead magnets will remain.

      They are changing in form, however. The old PDF handouts are just not attracting people like the old days, as people are looking for something a bit more flashy. Just as with the move to videos, the culture is shifting to a quick visual experience. such as video. 

      The SMART IM Lead Magnets play into that in that they offer a new way to present that information that is unique and novel and catches the eye of the people visiting your website. They are much more likely to want to get the lead magnet and will provide their name and email address. 

      That is the whole point of what we have designed. It is unique, looks great, is professionally laid out, and limited in regards to the number of copies that are available. True scarcity, not fake scarcity. When you add this to the rest of the elements of the kit, you are ready to deploy and leverage these quickly.

      Please do stop by again, no need to wait until you are going to start a membership site, The tools we have available will help any niche and any type of business you may be doing. For instance, we have the SMART IM Checklists volumes, SMART IM Deal App, and some journaling and blogging training, etc. 


      Dave : ) 

  12. I really like the idea of having some sort of blueprint of how to set up and operate my business, and I feel these lead magnet kits could serve that purpose. 

    I’m a little ‘green’ with my online marketing efforts at the moment, and could do with more experience, therefore I would like to know what the support network is like with this product (as I’m bound to get stuck at some point!). 

    1. Good Day, Chris…

      These SMART IM Lead Magnet kits are full packages, but indeed, as you mention, it can be helpful to have some ongoing support when you purchase and want to use them. It is with that in mind why we created a separate area within the SMART IM Tools Academy membership site that buyers of te kits will have access to as part of their purchase.

      This means that they will not only get the kits and all materials but will also have a centralized site to work with other buyers of the kits (remember there are limited quantities so the members will be limited as well). There any issues can be addressed (over customer support, of course). 

      We are thinking like you, Chris…How can we provide the best product to our customers and provide the best support while doing so? We are open to change and improvement, as I believe that this is one more step in the right direction! Great question and good that you brought this up! Thanks…


      Dave : )

  13. wow it sounds very nice and with all the content said to be present in this package, i in particular will say it will really be outstanding to use such well powered lead magnet tool it will make dreams come through because it will drag alot of clicks to site and with that you will earn lots ans lots of cash 

    1. G’day Oluwakay…

      Yes these SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits are super useful and ready to go. They can be deployed in a very short time, you only need to change the links and any other small editing you may need and then activate them after uploading.

      We designed them to be easy to use and also flexible for the users. So far, the outpouring of support and positive feedback has been overwhelming. It tells us that we are on the right track. We will continue to fine-tune the product over the months too.   

      Not only that, we have added in a support forum where buyers can get advice from us and more training plus a community where discussions can take place on how best to use the SMART Lead Magnet kits. They are unique as well because we really will sell only a limited number of copies monthly.

      All this means that you are getting huge value for the price.


      Dave : )

  14. Hey!

    This was a new information to me! It was really interesting text to read! You did a great job with writing this post, when even I (kinda newbie in online world) could understand what your product is all about! 

    How long does the membership last and is that really possible to get free access to all three membership sites? 

    Thank you for sharing this and good luck with your online business! 🙂

    1. Hi, Mira…

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment with feedback. Yes indeed, there is ongoing support for these SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits via a membership site with a forum where buyers of these kits can get support and also discuss with other buyers how best to use them.

      Also the membership sites I add in as bonuses are also free to join and access. They include a variety of subjects (I have 10 membership sites for this training) and there is no obligation whatsoever. I am trying to help as many people as possible.

      I know that the best way to get a following is to provide something that has real value before asking them to have faith in what I may be recommending that they purchase or use. This is a long-term strategy, but I have seen it work in many situations, so why not with online marketing?

      Please do stop by again, as we are always adding new content and this will help you in some way I feel sure. Best of luck with your online business, and again, thanks for your input. We really do listen and try to shape our business on what people are looking for and need.


      Dave : )

  15.  Thank you for sharing a review on your smart im unique lead magnet kits. your review was comprehensive. I am new to the affiliate world and still trying to find my feet. The FlipBook option looks great and is something not common in the affiliate world. As a newbie do u recommend your kit for me or should i gather more experience? Also is the launch phase over and how much does it cost right now?

    1. Hey there, Aweda…

      Welcome to the online marketing world! It is a wide open field and there are many market segments that you can approach the making money online niche. Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, training, or digital products are just some of the ways to make money.

      With all these methods, the key to growing and scaling up the business is to get a crowd of people or a tribe as some will say, and yet others will say “leads list.” The thread that runs through all of these is that you need to get people to follow you.

      The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits are designed to help you entice the people that are coming by your website from your other hard work posting valuable content using keywords that they are looking for. You entice them to sign up by offering them something they are looking for or need.

      These can take a great effort to put together. Lead magnets are generally something you want to look professional, and something that people will actually be able to get something out of. It should be easy to navigate, easy to download, etc.

      You also need to develop supporting materials for the actual content, i.e. ads, blog posts, opt-in pages, and even a set of email swipes. With the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits, you get all of this in a done-for-you package. It saves you literally about 8 hours of work, if not more.

      This is why what we offer has such value. That time you can use to do other things related to your business. As an online marketer, you will see that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done, That has been my experience.

      In any case, please do stop by again, as we have other tools that will help you and we are adding to the products all the time. Each month or more often, a new product or tool as added. We have excellent support and want to make sure that people use what we sell.


      Dave : )

  16. Looks like I’m being handed a success, after reading this article. I love the simplicity of this review and your willingness to help. I found it hard making people come back on a regular basis. I’ve made few bucks from online marketing, and I trust with this guide, I’m only going to earn more.


    1. Hello, Faftop…

      You can definitely use these SMART IM Lead Magnet kits to grow your online business. They provide really valuable and unique content that people stopping by your website will want to get for themselves. When they provide their name and email, you can start building a relationship.

      Once you have their trust you can start promoting programs, products, and tools that really perform as advertised and make some commissions from helping them with purchases that make sense for their business. This process can work well over time, and you can scale up your business.

      Please do stop by again, as we also have other tools and suggested products and marketing techniques that will help you further to grow your online business. Our main focus is to help other marketers and through our SMART IM Tools and products, it manifests itself.


      Dave : ) 

  17. Hello David, i quite liked reading the review as you seem to know exactly what you are talking about and are passionate to help. it was very good of you finding a problem and stepping up to fill it. thanks also for being honest in your review about the pricing and the upsells available. Most people just market their products and leave out very relevant details like that. i am still new to the affiliate marketing but when i do come across a problem this can solve i would remember this review. thanks once again.

    1. Good Day, Ghost (love that name)…

      Good to hear that you found some value in the SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kit products we have rolled out. They can for sure help a lot of people supercharge their online business through getting new leads that they can build a relationship with and eventually sell to.

      I have made every attempt to be straight with our offer as we want to operate ethically. There are too many online vendors that are promising the world in income, leads, no work required, etc. We know that this is misleading advertising and will not operate this way,

      Better to operate in an above-board manner and ethically. It is how we developed the SMART acronym and how we think as we work to create new products for fellow online marketers. Please stop by anytime and check out oyur new products!


      Dave : ) 

  18. Hi, 

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I can not find the details about IM products. This blog will be very helpful who want to know why IM products are best. The most important thing I just learn from here is this product is one that will be of interest to anyone that is looking to draw in prospects to their online business and needs high quality and unique content that people will hunger after. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

    1. Hello, Farhan…

      I am glad that you found some value in the post and information. Most definitely many people (but limited people) will be able to use these kits to grow their business faster. They could take the time and develop and prepare their own kits, but time is money.

      At some point in business, you want to match the two up and start trading time for money. I mean that as your sales grow, you can automate portions of the business to give you more time to address other areas or scale up the business.

      When you do this, your business will start growing faster and your income will as well. The money you spend on a kit may generate much more in future income if used properly and will also get you the time we all are looking for. Time for money on a one to one basis is nice, but time for 3x the money makes a lot more sense!

      Please stop in and see the other SMART IM Tools we have launching over the coming months. There are quite a few in the pipeline and we are excited to go and grow! We look forward to helping many people with their online business!


      Dave : ) 

  19. Hi David,

    U are giving a whole lot for just one price.For me as a costumer that makes me happy of course.

    It says something about u. It shows u care and are interested in helping others.From your article the most i liked is: How to make people come back regular. That is where the money is.

    So i am interested in that part.I am a beginner at online marketing and the part i have a problem with is to write content that converts people and i think this would be helpful.

    The part of your bonus i like most is the Power Copy club.because that is the part where u learn: “persuading them to buy your product”.

    I can’t wait to become a better persuader and converter.How fast can i begin ?

    Thank u for your help.Can’t wait to begin.


    1. Hi, Dahay…

      You can get started today! Just click on the button below the image of the training you would like to get access to, provide your email and name, and you will then confirm via email and be sent to the member login page. There you will fill out the form and be able to get instant access to the training.

      This is not a one-time deal either. You will remain a member and be able to go to the site for refresher training as often as you want or need to. There are a total of 10 website training courses I have set up for you and others, so please do come back and try them all over time. They are free at the moment!

      Once you are at the point where lead magnets will be useful to you in your online marketing program, you can tap into the ones we offer (or source from somewhere else, does not matter). Right now I would suggest getting as much knowledge and training as possible.

      The course on copywriting will help you with writing content. It is not easy for many people to come up with ideas, figure out how to write, and have it all make sense and look good on your website. I and others will be right here with you as you go through this learning process!


      Dave : )