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Today I am reviewing yet another of the group of my own IM products that are being introduced under the SMART IM Tools brand. This product is one that will be of interest to anyone that is looking to draw in prospects to their online business and needs high quality and unique content that people will hunger after.

The product is called the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit. It includes everything you need to quickly add an attractive unique content lead magnet presented in a way that will help trigger opt-ins for the owner. These can be edited by and made even more unique (offered as a limited edition upsell).

These days it can be very hard to stand out from the noise that is common across the internet. There are more and more marketers that are seeking to make a living online, and the overall market size is growing, but to remain competitive you have to always be looking for something new.

This is where the SMART IM Lead Magnets come in. They are highly professional reports, eBooks, and white papers that allow you to offer something that your prospects want and need. They cover a variety of subjects, are available in a variety of formats for prospects to download and use.

They also come with an autoresponder campaign that includes swipes, PLUS a highly effective opt-in page ready to load up and use. Depending on the package selected, you can get up to 5 cover styles for the reports and the upsell adds in additional features that will be attractive and make the lead magnet even MORE unique.

Other features and options include having a FlipBook edition of the lead magnet, with or without your logo and possibly adding in a video and clickable Call To Action links within the document. These are lead magnet kits like you have not seen to date.

Let’s drill down and see what is on offer for you with the SMART IM Lead Magnets… 

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Product Overview

Vendor: Author: Dave Sweney
Product: SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit
Launch Date: Upcoming on 1 January through 15 January 2019
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Skill: All Levels
Pricing: $25 (1 Basic Lead Magnet Kit), $40 (2 Basic Kits), $35 (2 Basic Kits per Month), $50 (2 Upgraded Kits Per Month – Membership Level)
Niche: General Online Marketing – Lead Magnets for IM Niche 
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: 7-day money back guarantee (only if the product is not downloadable)

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So What Is Behind The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits?

Quite simply, what I have seen for the lead magnets that are on offer in the market have gotten stale. The content is outdated, the designs of the covers and the book itself are unattractive, they are generic and do not offer any opportunities to add in clickable calls to actions, etc.

In short, what is out there needs a revamping. There are simply too many other means of communication out there these days, and the old content lead magnets just are not converting as they did in the past. This was a problem I decided to tackle in the interest of my own business, and now for others as well.

Almost all the products in the SMART IM Tools packages are designed in this manner. I want them to offer real solutions or better ways to conduct your online business. They should be more effective, look better, work better, train you better, etc. That is the whole reason that SMART IM Tools came about.

This is how I and my team were thinking when we started this project. Lead Magnet Kits represents many hundreds of hours of planning and executing, and now the finished projects are ready to be offered to the public. What you are seeing in this review are the first two of many lead magnet kits that will be rolled out monthly.

Have a look at the features and options we have put together for you, and depending on how unique of a lead magnet kit that you are looking for, you can select a package that fits your needs. Note that we will also be taking on special projects as time goes on, so if that is of interest, please contact us.

Now, let’s look more closely at what you are getting and the options that you have with these kits…

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What Do You Get With The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit?

The SMART Lead Magnet Kit Basic Edition comes with a set of files that include the content file (eBook) in 3 formats (PDF, FlipBook, and embeddable iFrame coding), a set of 5 eBook covers, an autoresponder campaign consisting of 5 emails to send out to your subscribers, and an opt-in page that you can edit and use.

Each kit is unique in that they are limited in the number of copies published (1000 only for the Basic Level Kit, 400 for the Premium Level Kit), they are specially designed to offer a modern look and presentation capability (i.e. in a FlipBook format or as a Kindle or Mobi file), and the covers are presented in a 3D look.

They also come with a sales page that is easily edited and published, and with the optional upsells you can offer 2 styles of FlipBooks (one with video media if desired), your own links within the Lead Magnet, and even have the ability to add your logo and Authorship within the Lead Magnet!

Depending on your requirements, you can select the package that will fit your needs. The basic packages are ready to download, while the upgrades require some additional coordination with the SMART IM Team to embed the logos, the links, and your name, etc. into the kit content.

A Look At Each Element  Of the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit

2018 12 28 1426 300x136 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses  2018 12 28 1428 300x136 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses


SMART Lead Magnet Content — The content is fresh and current. The advice and guidance are based on the current state of the market. The subjects cover topics that are in demand and are being searched for online by people. This means that you will be able to draw in the maximum amount of traffic and your offer will be attractive and professional. Total game changer.

Having these will separate you from the competition by a wide margin. Remember that this is often the first contact you will have with prospective long-term followers who will buy from you again and again over the years. It pays to offer something that sets the tone for the relationship.

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SMART Lead Magnet 3D Covers — One area that often gets overlooked is how you present the content to the prospects. I have seen 3D covers that just look the same as all the others you see out there. They get lost in the commotion of the traffic on the internet. Having a cover that fits with your content is very important. You get a professionally designed 3D cover with the kit. Not only one, but you get 5 different perspectives! This means you can test and see which work s better, or include a few. These covers will make you instantly look like you’re a professional who commands trust and authority.

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SMART Flipbook — This is something that I have not seen much of in the IM market when it comes to lead magnets. Instantly you will be seen as someone who goes the extra mile when it comes to providing valuable content to your prospects. Additionally, with the Premium Kit version, you can add in media files such as video in addition to your own calls to action and links that are clickable with the eBook!

SMART Autoresponder Campaign — One area of lead magnets that I see needed some work was the swipes (email samples) that are provided. These often are not included, or the ones provided are terrible. Of course, you would want to edit any swipes to give them an individual taste or feel that fits your personality, but having a good set to start with helps shorten that process. That is what you get with our SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits.

Even when emailing your leads, you want to stand out and grab attention. You also want them to take action on your calls to action. If they enjoy reading your emails, they will open them. Open rates are already atrocious, so anything you can do to get attention matters. The emails you get the help you need to start off right.

SMART Opt-in Page — The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit includes a ready-made opt-in page that you can quickly edit to add in your autoresponder settings and download link, plus any other additional details or button edits that you want. The page is a clean minimalist design that has been tested and proven to be very effective in regards to conversions. You will be many steps ahead of the competition.

Why Do Our eBooks Look So Good?

Professional looking eCovers is just one example of why we are better than the competition with our lead Magnet Kits…

Each has :

— Well laid out table of contents.

— Headers and footers (depending on the design).

— Pagination.

— Ability to add media such as images, logos, clickable links.

— 300+ Google Fonts we have available.

— 50 different eBook templates we use with literally millions of unique versions possible.

— 10 different eBook themes we use (and more coming) so always you get a fresh and unique look.

Will The Rest Of The Kit Elements Help Convert Prospects Too?

In a word, yes. The 3D covers match the eBook exactly, and they look highly professional. They come in 5 different styles so you can add any number of views to your opt-in page.

The email swipes have been tested and are known to be effective, and the HTML page that you get has also been tested for its effectiveness.

Lastly, you get the FlipBook link, so your prospects can directly access this from their computer or phone. Also, you get an embeddable code for your websites so you can show them as a pop-up or within your webpage.

Who Are SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits For?

SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits are most suited for freelancers, independent internet marketers, small marketing agencies and small business owners who want to create lead magnets, publish Kindle books, create and sell eBooks, or publish white papers to attract potential clients or subscribers who that can then promote their products or services to.

How Much Do The SMART Lead Magnet Kits Cost?

Normally $29 for one, but during the launch phase and until we get the first 500 copies sold, you can get one at $25, and the upsell is also similarly on sale. From time to time, these lower prices may be offered again, but this will be done very seldom. If you want to lock in at the low launch prices, you need to act during the launch week.

These are complete ready-to-go kits that have sales pages where you can quickly edit and deploy using your website links, social accounts, and other URL links as appropriate. They are designed to be used with minimal effort on your part while presenting a highly professional appearance to your potential clients.

Are There Any Upsells?

Yes, there is currently 1 upsell. Remember you can also buy a Basic Kit package deals (i.e. 2 at less cost one time or 2 per month as a founding member of the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit Membership Club). These are reasonably priced as well, but there are people that will want to have a little bit extra to separate themselves from the competition.

For those people, we have created a Premium Kit and for both, a membership package. These options include a lower price in the case of membership and upgrades to the Premium package that can make these already unique Lead Magnet Kits even more reasonably priced and more valuable and unique. If you want to provide more value while having the chance to sell more within the lead magnet content one of these options may be for you.

Here’s Is What You Get With The Premium Kit:

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Upsell — SMART IM Premium Lead Magnet Kit.

With this package, you will have the opportunity to add up to 5 unique URLs within your content in the eBook. You will also be able to add your logo in two places, and within the FlipBook package, you can even add your own video if you want.

These Premium Lead Magnet Kits are limited to 400 copies per month. This means that even as you stand out, you do not have to worry about oversaturation of these lead magnets. There are only 2 created per month at the moment, so you will stand out indeed.

At some point, we may expand to 4 Premium Kits per month if demand exceeds our supply, but we will stick to the 400 copy limit for each published lead magnet kit to keep the scarcity and limited quantity aspects for buyers. intact. This means you never have to worry about over saturation in the market.

We also are considering adding in a special order package down the road as the program fleshes out and has shown a demand through sales and inquiries. This would be working with the client one on one to create a designed product to the specifications they are looking for. The price would be considerably less than contracting foer such a service online using one of the outsourcing services.

The Pros and Cons of SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits

I like to look at both sides of any product, even my own! So I will normally include a section in my reviews for this so you the reader can see both the bad and the good (and if applicable, the fantastic or awesomeness if that applies).

So here goes…

The Bad

— These kits do come in at a cost that is higher for a typical lead magnet you can buy in the IM market.

The Good

— They are extremely high quality, MUCH better than what is currently available in the IM market.

— You have unique and limited-edition lead magnets that will not be mass produced and over saturate the market.

— You get an entire set of complementary elements within the kit that will allow you to quickly get the lead magnets working for you and drawing in new prospects to your online business as subscribers.

The Awesome

— The FlipBook option looks great and is something not commonly found nor used in the market.

— Professional page layouts, cover designs, and opt-in pages you can quickly edit and deploy.

— The email swipes you get are tested and proven to convert and these can be added to your autoresponder and connected to the opt-in page so you are ready to collect names and emails.

— With the Premium Kit, you can add even more uniqueness and more of your own call to action buttons and links plus your logo and finally your own video within the lead magnet.

— Very real scarcity, as there are a limited number of copies available with the Basic Kit, and even MORE uniqueness with the Premium Kits (one-of-a-kind and only a total of 400 copies available for each).

Build Your Digital Empire 3 300x282 - Review Of SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits, OTOs, Demo, and Bonuses


Bottom Line

There have been plenty of lead magnet offers that I have seen and tried in the market. Each has lacked one or more of the things that you will get with these SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits. None offer the FlipBook option, none offer true scarcity, and none have designs that are as professional looking as what you get with these kits.

Each kit comes in a set of folders that you will get access to with confirmation of proof of your purchase. This is lifelong access, by the way. They will be there for you a year, two years, or five years fri=om now. With the membership option, you can save money, for either the Basic or the Premium Kits.

These are for personal use only, as in you cannot resell these to others. You can give them away as bonuses, use them as lead magnets, or for training as part of a larger course. They have been designed by an online marketer for online marketers.

The SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits have been designed and are authored by Dave Sweney, someone with years of copywriting experience writing contracts, books, articles, newspaper articles, blogs, reports, fiction, etc. He knows what it takes to create copy that sells.

If you need lead magnets that capture the attention of your prospects, offer something unique and are not saturating the market, these are the kits of choice for you. The founding member sale prices offered now mean you are getting in at the best ever offering price to the public.

Click this link to see the product pages of the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits…


Also, Have a look at our valuable bonuses below…

My Bonuses For Your Initial SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit Order

You are going to get free access to three membership sites that you can sign up for and gain access to exclusive training that will help you with your online marketing business.

Here are the sites and what you will get within each:

(1) Affiliate Profits Club Membership

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