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2018 07 07 1425 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business


Hi, Everyone…

Today I am going to walk you through one of the best tools that will help your e-commerce business that I have found to date. As some of you may know, I have 12 e-commerce sites, some general and some niche stores, and I have a wide variety of products.

I had been looking for a long time for a tool that would allow me to quickly gather data about each of the sites to see what kind of actions my customers were taking while on the site. Heat maps in particular, but of course, I use Google Analytics and several other tools as well…

In my search, I came across a tool called HumCommerce. and decided to give it a test to see how it would work for me. It actually included a lot of features that I would put into the ‘nice-to-have’ category – ones that I knew eventually I would need as my business grew but not necessarily at the moment needed.

The pricing was decent, so I purchased a license and got started. Initially, I only add the tracking pixel to a few sites and watched over a month to see just how it would act and if it would be useful. This review is to report to you all what my experiences have been and how they relate to YOUR e-commerce stores.

Let’s drill down and show you what you get and what the tool can do for your e-commerce business…

2018 07 07 1416 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

Product Overview

Name: HumCommerce

Creators: Team of E-Commerce Business Owners and Software Engineers

Pricing: See the chart below…

2018 07 07 1412 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

My Recommendation: Highly Recommend this tool for your e-commerce business

Guarantee: This is a monthly service based on your use, as you can see from the pricing chart. The free account costs nothing, and you can use it up to 10,000 page views.

2018 07 07 1416 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

Explainer Video for HumCommerce

People love to watch videos and I do too, so for those of you that do not want to read through a lot of paragraphs, etc. here is a short review I have recorded for you. It will explain the features and used the tool has for your e-commerce business…

xxx [explainer video] xxx

Get Started Now

If you have seen enough to know this is a tool that you can use and need, hit the green button now and register and start. Note there is a free level of the account you can select to try it out and see how it will help you. Once your business has grown to the point you will need the paid service using the tools, you will be more than happy to pay the monthly fee.

Get Your Humcommerce Account Now

If you have seen enough to take action and sign up for a HumCommerce account here is the link:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business


If you would like to read more about the HumCommerce tool, no issue at all, I have all the ins and outs for you below! Please read on…


2018 07 07 1416 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

What Can This Tool Do For Your e-Commerce Business?

It comes chock full of useful features that you can easily set up using the intuitive, easy-to-follow directions that are found within the tool dashboard. To understand how it can help, you need to understand all the features it has. Once you know these, it will become apparent just how advantageous such a tool can be for your business…

Here is a down and dirty for you of all the features you will get access to, for both  the free version and the paid version (Hint: It is extensive!):


2018 07 07 1413 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business 2018 07 07 1413 001 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

HumCommerce Features Explained

There is such a large number of features, and they all work in tandem to provide you detailed insight on what is going on with your website. I will go through each as described on their sales page, adding in my own observations from my use of the tool over the past 30 days:

(1) Track User Activity

This set of features covers heatmaps, user actions on website pages or forms, full recordings of sessions, and the flow of users. You will be able to see in details what each visitor is doing, and this can help you make tweaks to your site to get more conversions through fixing bottlenecks or areas that are not working for you.

2018 07 07 1418 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business 2018 07 07 1418 001 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

(2) Track Google and Bing Keywords, Use Form Analytics, Track A/B Testing

These features allow you to track the keywords, forms, and pages you may be keying in on for a product, set of products, or a niche. The tool will connect to your webmaster tool and provide you with updates on the keywords you are ranking for.

As opposed to having to look at 2-3 sites, it is all in one place for you. You can analyze all these in relation to the actions your traffic is taking while on your site. When you have all this information in one place, it makes it much easier to make decisions that make sense for your business and also track the results from your decisions.

2018 07 07 1419 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

(3) Marketing Reports

When you run a business, it is very important that you track trends and results. With this tool, you have access to the data that matters right at your fingertips. No need to go to 3-4 sites to try and gather it all, combine it into one report, and then analyze.

It is all here for you and done easily with an initial set up and let it run. You will save time, and as we know, time is money. e-Commerce business likes speed, as does most things related to the internet marketing business. HumCommerce is the best and easiest way for me to track the business that I have found to date.

2018 07 07 1420 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business 2018 07 07 1420 001 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business 2018 07 07 1421 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

(4) & (5) Visitor Log and Real-Time Maps

You will be able to see visitor logs for your websites, and these have a lot of information that is useful. Things like where they accessed the website from, the main actions they took on the site, how long they were on the site, and if they went on to purchase or where they abandoned the cart at.

The level of detail is astonishing and it is much more than I expected as I started. Initially, you will not have much data, but over time, it is cumulative, and you will get a clearer and clearer picture of your operation. This can be very helpful to you.

2018 07 07 1421 001 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

(6) & (7) Sales Performance by Traffic Sources and Product Performance

As you grow your business, you will want to know what kinds of products are performing for you and also from where the buyers are coming from. You will spend money on traffic at times and also make effort to gain free organic traffic from various sources.

It can be very useful to know what sources are working for you. That will allow you to fine tune or focus on the ones working best, and either drop some of the other sources or perhaps take steps to improve the performance. If you do not know where the traffic is coming from, you cannot make such decisions.

Another aspect is product performance. There are going to be some hot-sellers for you, and you will want to know why they may be working. With the data you can track using HumCommerce, you can then drop the ones that may NOT be working, or change the offer, pricing, images, descriptions, etc.

2018 07 07 1422 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

(8) & (9) Category Performance and Sales Performance by User Location

Another important set of data that you are interested in as an e-Commerce Business Owner are the categories of products that you are selling. If you have a general store, like I have (three of them), you will notice that some categories are working better than others.

If you know the ones that ARE working, you can evaluate why they may be working, then apply the same set-up to the categories that may NOT be working. This is useful as you fine-tune operations, and as you gather more historical data, you can then apply the lessons to other stores.

Of course, another consideration that is of importance is where your buyers are coming from. The HumCommerce tool tracks where your users are coming from. You can then tailor ads, offers, and even the products to this set of people to help with conversions.

2018 07 07 1422 001 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

(10) & (11) Days to Conversion and Automated Insights

You will notice as your data collects that some conversions only come after a certain number of visits over days. As you tweak the pages, offers, and descriptions of products, you will start to see a reduction in days to conversion in general.

This can help for the other products you are selling within the single store, or as in my case, it can help you more quickly offer the products and deals that buyers are looking for on all your stores. By tracking such information, you will shorten the time to this happening in all stores and for all products.

Taking that to the macro-level, it also means that you will see longer-term trends that your stores are experiencing. You will be able to see the big picture and make strategic decisions based on the insights that you gain. As you evolve, your stores will too. Over time, you can only get better and better if you apply the lessons that are apparent from the data.

2018 07 07 1423 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

(12) & (13) Crawling Errors and Site Search Insights

You will be able to see if there may be crawling errors that the search engines may be having when it comes to indexing the categories, the pages and the products you have within your store. That is important to know about, of course, and you can see and fix any errors quickly.

Also, another aspect of this is that you will be able to see what exactly people are looking for through the search engines and build on that for other similar products or even categories of products. The more information you have, the more you can have a clear picture and of course make better decisions that will help you sell more.


2018 07 07 1424 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

How Easy Is HumCommerce To Set Up and Use?

This is a very valid question, as often when you have such a sophisticated tool as HumCommerce is, to get things hooked up and working requires a degree in something or other! This is NOT the case with this tool. I literally was set up within 5 minutes on my first website.

You can connect as many websites as you want to your account, it is the page views that are what is counted against your level of membership forHumCommerce. The free package allows you to have 10,000 views per month, which, starting out, means that you can focus on using the tool to increase sales without worrying about costs.

Is The Free Version Full Featured?

So do you suffer any consequences from using the free version of the tool over the paid versions? In one word: No! This is very generous, as most such platforms offer a free trial and then some minimum monthly fee. On one side, I understand this, as there are maintenance costs involved with such a tool.

In my case, I started out with a license, so at some point, I will have to also pay. But that will be when I can afford to. Right now I have no additional costs involved over the license which is paid for. Either way, you will undoubtedly want to keep using this service. It is extremely useful.

My Own Experiences with HumCommerce

Up to now, I have only 4 of 12 stores connected, but I am adding more as I write this. Once my entire e-commerce store package is together (I plan on having 25 stores in all) this tool will be even more important than it is now to me. It definitely is useful and being used.

You can set the dashboard that you first will see when you log in as you want, with widgets for all the features right at your fingertips. This makes it easy to see immediately what you need most. Of course, that may change over time, so you can modify what you see. That is a nice feature.

The huge amount of data collected is broken up into easily digestible elements in a menu that you can hide or have shown as you may need. The layout is easy to follow and understand, and in no time at all, you will be up and running.

Only over time will you see just how much of an impact this tool can have on your business, as the tweaks and results are documented and ready for your use/review. The more I have used HumCommerce, the more I realize that this is indeed an essential tool.

I was and am highly impressed with the way the tool works. It just does with no big problems or hassles, and because of this and the obvious benefit ot offers to users and business owners, I highly recommend it. The free plan is a good way to get started, and when you are ready, upgrades are there.

So, if you have read through to this point, you now have a really good idea of how HumCommerce can be working 24/7 to improve your operation and business bottom line…I want to wrap up this review, but add in a couple more important points before I do…


What About The Developers of The HumCommerce Tool?

I like their ‘About Us’ page (screenshot below) where they describe themselves as ‘a family.’ My experience has been nothing short of fantastic over the past 30 days, and they definitely back up their claim to having the interests of the users in mind, always. It is like a family.


2018 07 07 1426 - Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

That all sounds good, but what about the e-commerce store owners? What do they think of this tool? Let’s look at some reviews…


Real User Reviews:

Don’t just take my word on this tool. There are a number of HumCommerce users who rave about this tool. To provide you just a few examples, here are some from the HumCommerce Facebook page: