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What It Does: This new software tool automatically creates FIVE stunning Amazon comparison sites in the red-hot kitchen appliances niche…Buyers will be able to see how the best products compare to one another and read your review, and when they click on the links, they will buy through YOUR affiliate link, and you get paid…

Demo Site: Have a look at the demo site and you will see what you are getting…You get 5 of these sites, each comparing 3 high-quality, popular kitchen appliances that are mid-range in price, are top sellers, and have numerous positive reviews (this means they sell!)… DEMO SITE

Launch Period: Starts 26 April 2018 at 10 AM EST…

Front End Prices: 

  • They are offering the front end product – 5 DFY Amazon Affiliate Sites – on a ‘dime sale’, starting at $5 early bird pricing (frozen for 2 hours), then rising every sale, capping off at $17.

There are two upsells (OTO1 and OTO2) plus one down sell too:

  • OTO 1: This is an additional 5 DFY websites and 15 products…You have a total of 30 products and 10 comparison websites and a landing page that links them all together…At the start of the launch, the price will be $17, but that is for a very limited period of time, and it will go up by $10 (so act fast!)…
  • OTO 2: This upsell gives you access to the tool to create your own comparison sites for any niche/products. It starts at $29.95 and will rise to $49.95 over the launch period (again, act fast!)…
  • Down sell: This gives you access to the tool for personal use only (no sales to clients) – It will cost $19.95 at the start of the launch and rise to $29.95 (need I repeat? act FAST to save money)…

My Rating of this Tool: GREAT value, WELL worth the price…

Now let’s drill down on what you get in detail…

Review Video:


Ready to Buy? Click on the Image Below to Get to the Sales Page! : )

2018 04 25 2139 - Review of 'Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment' DFY Resource 2018

Need more info? Read on…

My In-Depth Review of ‘Easy Comparison Sites’

I am always on the lookout for effective tools that will help you make money online using systems. Things that leverage your time and effort to most quickly get started and over time continue to make money with little additional work.

That is what this Easy Comparison Sites tool is…Read on to see why I am recommending this to you…


  • The developers, Barry Rodgers & Val Wilson, are seasoned marketers in the IM niche and this latest release has been created with the online marketer in mind from start to launch…2018 04 25 2220 - Review of 'Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment' DFY Resource 2018


  • The tool makes it possible to easily cash in on the Amazon marketplace as an affiliate marketer. Their tool creates niche comparison site(s) in a matter of minutes.


  • For the initial Front End Offer, they selected a popular sub-niche on the Amazon platform: Kitchen Equipment.


  • This is a very popular niche and one that consumers are constantly spending money in, for both new kitchen equipment and for replacement or upgraded goods.


  • It is evergreen, meaning you can cash in without additional work once your comparison sites are published. Drive traffic to these sites and collect a commission when that traffic buys the products…


  • They have researched the best selling, most popular products in this sub-niche, and whittled all the offers down to 5 product types. They chose the best 3 of each type, wrote reviews and created professional review videos, and then placed all this on a beautiful website that is mobile responsive and contains your affiliate links.


  • With the front end offer, you get 5 DFY Amazon Product Comparison sites, each comparing the top three offers in that type of equipment in the massive Kitchen Equipment niche.


  • These comparison websites are modern in design. They look professional and will send the right message to your interested buyers. You will come across as an authority and someone who can be trusted.


  • Another feature is that the custom-made software they developed allows you to add your Amazon affiliate links to these sites and then get them published quickly and with little hassle.


  • Your ability to earn Amazon affiliate commissions is a LOT easier using these professional comparison sites, and you will be doing a favor for people that are looking for such information.


  • If you are quick and get in at the start of this launch, you get ALL FIVE sites (plus bonus traffic training) for just one dollar each (if you get during the first couple of hours during the launch week)!


  • This is a web-based software – you simply add your personal/business details and affiliate links – no other coding or editing is required!


  • Once you have done that, download the files it creates, upload them to your server – you have 5 of your own niche comparison sites, reviewing top selling, high ticket products, all with positive real customer feedback, all with your own personalized privacy policy and YOUR affiliate links.


More Details About ‘Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment’ DFY Affiliate REVIEW

For the front end offer, the developers researched the best selling, most popular products in the kitchen equipment sub-niche, and whittled the list of potential products to 5 types of products:

  • coffee grinders
  • coffee makers
  • microwaves
  • roasting pans
  • wine cellars

The developers then chose the top 3 kitchen products for each type of product  – based on customer reviews – and created a product comparison site that compares the three. These pages are beautiful, they are fully mobile responsive and look absolutely amazing/professional.

You can see an example of one of the sites here. They have set this up in a web-based software so that buyers can add their details and affiliate links in just a few clicks. This literally takes minutes – you will NOT find an easier way to have your own commission generating affiliate comparison sites online.

Note that none of the products selected in the front end offer are cheap. They have deliberately selected only mid to high ticket products – affiliates get paid a percentage of sales value, so by concentrating on the more expensive products (but still ones that sell) you make much higher commissions.

You will see that the minimum sales price of the products you will be promoting is at least $200. They are quality products that people are looking for and buying – ALL the time. Crucially as well, ALL these products selected have positive customer reviews. Remember that real customer reviews are a huge factor in the final purchase decision of buyers.

Once they had all this together, they created a product comparison site for each type of product and the top three for each – that’s 5 comparison sites you will get in the front end offer (for $5 if you get in at the start of the launch).

For each of the three products on the comparison page, you get a written review and professional videos showcasing the product. That means you get 15 product reviews with video, presented in a beautiful, fully mobile responsive website. Remember that $5? THAT is a good deal!

See the sales page here for more information:

==>  Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment DFY Affiliate Review Tool

Need more information? Read on…

Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment DFY Affiliate Tool Sales Launch and Funnel Details:

Here are the offers you will see:

  • Front End Product – You get 5 DFY Amazon Affiliate Sites.
  • OTO1  – Another pack of 5 sites plus a landing page linking all 10 reviews together, so buyers get a full kitchen equipment mini niche authority site – again all set up in just a few clicks using the web-based software. This offer also has a built-in scarcity tool – the page is on a short timer which will massively increase conversions.
  • OTO2 (and also the down sell for anyone who does not upgrade) – This is access to the software tool that the sites are made with. With this upgrade, you can make an unlimited number of review sites yourselves.

Note: There is also a down sell that offers the software with a personal site license only. This means you can use it only for your own sites, you will not be able to offer them to other clients.

Pricing: These offers are starting at an extremely low price and rising over the launch week to the standard and reasonable regular price. The earlier you buy during launch week the better.

Sample Easy Compare Site Excerpt:

2018 04 25 2224 - Review of 'Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment' DFY Resource 2018

Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment DFY Affiliate Bonuses :

BONUS #1: 10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Cent

Learn 10 simple methods to drive free traffic. These are NOT outdated methods that used to work back in the day but have long since stopped working…This is a paid product, but you are getting this FREE with your purchase of Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Essentials Pack today.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Paid Traffic Handbook

If you prefer speed, paid traffic may be your thing. Paying for traffic will achieve a fast ROI over a minimum time period at a rate at which free methods just can’t compete – if you have done them properly. The secret is paying for traffic that is super-targeted to the goals that you want to achieve. This guide walks you through 6 different paid traffic methods, step by simple step – 6 of the best “actionable” paid traffic methods that savvy internet marketers use because they get results. Again, this is a paid resource, but you get it free today with Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Essentials Pack

BONUS #3: Profitable Facebook Ads In 7 Easy Steps

Facebook is, of course, one of the biggest paid traffic sources, so we are including this extra bonus. This guide – by a renowned Facebook Marketing Expert – sets out in step by step detail how to create a profitable Facebook ad campaign, in 7 easy steps. Including detailed instructions and screenshots, this is the perfect guide to get you started, even if you have never run a single Facebook ad before.

Why Should You Buy This?

Here is why:

  • Make JUST ONE sale from the 15 products reviewed and you will be straight into profit!
  • Set up once and forget…Just drive traffic to the comparison sites, the professional website and content will do the selling for you.

For this EXTREMELY reasonable price, here’s exactly what you get: 

  • DFY Niche Research with all the work done to select a profitable niche and drill down into profitable sub-niches
  • DFY Product Research into the best products, selecting 15 top products all selling for over $200 (meaning bigger commissions for you), and all with positive customer feedback
  • 15 DFY reviews, with listings of all the features and benefits of the top chosen products
  • 15 DFY professional review videos, one for each product reviewed
  • 5 DFY niche comparison sites, each with a beautiful, professional design, 3 full product reviews, 3 review videos, and an Amazon disclaimer & privacy page
  • All this set up in a web-based software, so you can add your affiliate links and create your sites with just a few clicks – ZERO coding required

You Also Get These Bonuses:

  • Free Traffic Training – 10 ways to get free traffic to any site
  • Paid Traffic Training – step by step training on 6 of the best-paid traffic sources
  • Facebook Ads Training – how to have a profitable campaign in just 7 steps

Remember: The key factor that determines how much money you make with affiliate marketing is choosing the right products to sell!

  • Select services or products that pay you GOOD commissions
  • Select services or products that have proven themselves to be TOP sellers over time
  • Select services or products that have a plethora of GREAT Reviews

Using This Tool:

Getting started with the Easy Comparison Site Tool can be done within a few minutes. No. Kidding. You will NOT find an easier way to have your own commission generating affiliate comparison sites online.

Remember that you will not just earn commissions on the direct affiliate links you add from the products, but also from other products that buyers coming through your link add to their shopping basket.

Because it is Amazon, statistics show that people DO add more items to their basket…

In fact, Amazon is considered the undisputed master of the upsell and cross-sell – they know the business. Of course, the more they sell, the more affiliate commission you make.

All you have to do is send traffic. The bonuses have got you covered!

DON’T WAIT – GET ACCESS TO ‘Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment’ DFY Affiliate Sites HERE (Click on the image to go to the sales page):

2018 04 25 2139 - Review of 'Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment' DFY Resource 2018

25 thoughts on “Review of ‘Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment’ DFY Resource 2018

  1. Very interesting and informative article for anyone who wants to earn extra money online. Being new to wealthy affiliate, am still in the initial stages of setting up my website and have learned many new things through this article. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I do think this is the sort of tool that would be useful for you as an affiliate marketer. In my case, I will be using this as a landing page, and add a link to the actual product pages within my e-com stores rather than sending them to Amazon. I am glad you learned a few things and wish you the best with your online business! : )

  2. Hi Dave,
    Looks like a great product, but am interested to know is it only for coffee Grinders, or does it include the ability to create product comparisons in other Niche such as vacuum cleaners, or pots and pan’s, women like to use in the kitchen. Something to that nature?
    Would love to find out more, I enjoyed your writing it is easy to understand an the video helps a lot too.
    Will bookmark your page so I can return to read more Thank you for such interesting into to help people like my self make money online VickiG

    1. Hi Vicky…

      Thanks for stopping by and yes with the upsell you can create as many comparing pages as you might need. The first upsell is adding a landing page and 5 more pages (so 15 product reviews) and a page you can show them on, while the second upsell allows you to build as many of these pages as you want…

      That second upsell alllows you to sell the pages to others, but if you only want to use them for your own online business, the downsell will save you money as it is cheaper. Personally, I have bought the front end and will buy the personal use tool. I will create these pages for my e-commerce sites…

      That is the real value for me personally, being able to quickly build these pages and publish them…I can see them being useful for other IM market niches as well, i.e. e-commerce, training, etc..I wish all the best when it comes to making money online!


      Dave : )

  3. Hi Vicky…

    Thanks for stopping by and yes with the upsell you can create as many comparing pages as you might need. The first upsell is adding a landing page and 5 more pages (so 15 product reviews) and a page you can show them on, while the second upsell allows you to build as many of these pages as you want…

    That second upsell alllows you to sell the pages to others, but if you only want to use them for your own online business, the downsell will save you money as it is cheaper. Personally, I have bought the front end and will buy the personal use tool. I will create these pages for my e-commerce sites…

    That is the real value for me personally, being able to quickly build these pages and publish them…I can see them being useful for other IM market niches as well, i.e. e-commerce, training, etc..I wish all the best when it comes to making money online! 


    Dave : )

  4. Hi, Dave…
    Long time since we have heard from you! Nice to see you posting again…

    This review on easy comparison sites for kitchen equioment was very useful and helpful. I do affiliate marketing and these sites look really professional! Thanks for the tip and I will be buying access to the tool.

    I am thinking of getting the upsells as well, they are not expensive and I could see myself building an entire website using these pages. It could be done quickly and then write in-depth reviews and send readers to the comparison pages…

    Thanks and please start posting more often! We all miss you and need your input to our online business efforts!

    Rea : )

    1. Hi Rea!

      Yes, it is good to be posting here again hehe…I have been very busy setting up my e-commerce business so have not had as much time to do a lot of affiliate marketing work. This has been the case for the last almost 3 months now…I will be more active going forward as things are falling into place on the e-commerce side.

      Your plan to use this Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipment tool will work splendidly. You can quickly get some good comparison sites set up for a number of top selling products on Amazon (not just kitchen equipment) and these are pretty much evergreen in nature…You do it once and you have some great looking content for your traffic. First impressions do matter, so having these will most certainly put your best foot forward.

      Best of luck and have fun!

      Dave : )

  5. These sites have virtually no SEO properties to them but some social interaction. They act as a gateway of landing page you would put after your lead capture page or just place in front of paid advertising.

    What concerns me is you called them evergreen sites but an Evergreen product is one people need over and over on a consistent basis and the rebuys pay you. Amazon only has a 24-hour cookie so even evergreen products through them are not evergreen to you unless you can get the customer to come back to your site before returning to Amazon when the need a new one.

    My take is that there is some value in the pages if you write reviews on your blog and then link this as a comparison page before they go to Amazon bor if you plan on doing Facebook Ads and Adwords as your primary traffic resources. It is good however that the cost for 3 sites is no more than $17.

    1. Hi, Andy…

      If you host the sites on the provided hosting your chances of adding SEO properties ARE somewhat linited, this is true…BUT you can host them on your own website (I would recommend this) and add your SEO properties…

      Yes, I also would recommend using them as a landing page, and back that up with a review post…Again, you can add links into the page if you host it on your own website or if you host it on theirs. 

      My definition of evergreen refers to products, content, or services that are going to be needed again and again. Whether you get repeat sales from the same customer or others, that niche of products will sell on a regular basis…

      These are what I call sustainable evergreen sites. From time to time, you may need to update based on changes in products that are popular, selling well, and are quality, but the ones included in the front end offer are pretty much are ones that over time have proven to sell…

      These can add a smart and professional piece of your overall strategy to earn income as an affiliate marketer. Are they the end all be all for selling such products and earning a commission? I would say they are an element in whatever your strategy may be…

      What I like is that you can also use this same format for a number of comparison sites if you have access to the tool that allows you to quickly create them. It could be that you will use them for e-com sites (as I will be doing) where you are selling your own products, or in other ways…

      Of course, for that you will need access to the tool, which IS an upsell…For personal use, that is an additional $19.95, but again, you have to think through what you need this for and how you will leverage the power of the tool for your affiliate marketing…

      I appreciate you stopping by, and best of luck with your online marketing business!


      Dave : )


  6. I am a little confused.
    Now I know how hard it is to find products to review on Amazon and then reviewing them takes so much time. With this in mind the product sounds excellent.
    My confusion comes from knowing where these reviews are hosted.
    Do you have to use a site they give you or can you use them on your own website?

    1. Hi, Karen…

      These pages can be hosted on your own website or you can use the hosting provided by the tool. As Andy mentioned below, for SEO purposes it would be better to grab the script on the edited page that you create when you add in your own touch and affiliate link as you create the page…

      This was you can also add other SEO steps i.e. tags, meta description, etc. to that page, and the page will also get indexed as any other page on your site does. I can see using the page in tandem with a review of one or more products that you are promoting…

      In my case, I will use the tool to create comparisons of related products on my ecom stores (i.e. watches, or mobile phone covers, or mugs, etc.)…I also have some other plans for the tool…Note that this is possible only with an upgrade for use of the creation tool, not with the kitchen products as offered in the Front End and One Time Offer 1 upsell…

      The real power for me is more that ability over the kitchen items comparisons, as I am not an active user of the Amazon affiliate program (although I do have an account with them)…It is useful and easy to work with, and it really looks professional…

      If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask…


      Dave : ) 

  7. These comparison sites are interesting. I have used an Amazon site builder before, but I didn’t get much traffic to the website. I hadn’t learned at the time that duplicate content doesn’t get ranked in the search engines. Do you know if these comparison site builders use the Amazon description and thus are using duplicate content to create their pages?

    1. Hi, Melinda…

      Good question and I have a good answer for you! It is true that you will want to make your review unique and unlike all the others who are just copying and pasting from Amazon or other review sites. As when you do a full blown review on products you are promoting, it is much better to use your own ideas and thoughts as you write the review.

      What you are provided is a DFY review, but you can easily edit that and create your own review and also give your own ranking for the products you are comparing. With access to the tool itself (over the pages that are done for you), you can do the same for any number of similar products in any niche. That is the truw value for me…

      What you also may want to do to get attention is to publish these comparison pages on your own website as opposed to using the hosting that is provided. That way you can ge the page(s) indexed and add other SEO additions. This also keeps people on your site, helping you rank higher.

      This DFY solution is simply a way to get a professional looking page created quickly and professionally. It is how you use them beyond what is provided that will really leverage the power they offer. You could create such pages on your own, and many do.

      Many more do not however, they either are too lazy or do not know how to create such pages. This tool eliminates all the toil of having to build such a page, and editing quickly to have a professional comparison page has a value in the time you save (over and above the professional look)…

      Thanks for your question and best of luck with your online maketing business!


      Dave : )

  8. Good Day,

    Same as you, I’m always on the look-out for new tools on the Internet to simplify information.

    In my humble opinion, the other thing better than a good review, is a good comparison.

    This tool seems to do just that. For the person setting up the tool, it seems the hardest work is done for them prior, and the only job left is to select high quality products and help their visitors make an informed decision.

    Thanks for the tips, I’m about to go try this myself.


    1. Hi, Sally…

      Yes this is a really handy tool if it fits in with your marketing strategy. In my case, I do a lot of promotions for my own stores, and having a professional comparison page would be very handy. It can be used as a landing page, and then refer them to the actual sales pages as they may desire…

      I would recommend hosting the pages created on your own website if possible, that way you can also get the SEO juice from the page. It is not hard to do, and that way you can add things like meta data, tags, and any additional pieces you use.

      The cost is minimal compared to the payback if used correctly. Having ways to get people to follow through once they get to your landing pages will be helpful and the social sharing buttons can tap into the platforms to get more shares and traffic…


      Dave : )

  9. I have never seen a product like this before, it is such a great concept for those who wish to earn affiliate commissions from amazon but have little tome or do not wish to do the heavy lifting in creating a website!
    Kitchen equipment definitely seems to be a hot niche right now so this product is spot on, i will definitely be looking into this more after reading your detailed and genuine review, thanks!

    1. Hi, Colleen…

      Thanks for stopping by…This is an example of ways to automate your online marketing efforts, albeit a small one. The more such tools you can find for your online marketing efforts, the more you will be able to leverage the time you spend on your business.

      I am the kind of person that looks beyond the stated use of a product or service to see if the overall value warrants the investment. In this case, it is true that these products are best sellers on Amazon and the page can augment other promotion efforts you create…

      In my case, I was looking beyind the stated use to see how such pages might fit with my e-commerce business. I have 10 stores that are selling a variety of products (general stores) and specific niche products (focused stores that only offer products related to the niche)…

      It was an epiphany for me, and I realized that such a tool could very well be a way to garner more organic traffic for the stores and statistically speaking, this means more sales. Right now I am gettinga 2 % conversion rate. I have heard of people getting 4 or even 5% conversion rates…

      Perhaps this tool an help me push to raise the conversion rate? We shall see, because I am testing it now on several stores to see what effect it is having. Of course, testing is essential to see results, and by adding in Google and Facebook pixels, I can track what is going on…

      Again, thanks for stopping by and please do check out some of my other posts, you never know what you might pick up. Please add in feedback too, because you never know what I will pick up from your knowledge and experiences (and all the reader will also benefit!)…


      Dave : )   

  10. Earning affiliate commission from Amazon will be cool .there are different benefits to this affiliate program. I think I won’t just see this for my self, my friends will also love to benefit from it, because it sounds really cool. Other promotions seems really cool too. Thanks for the article

    1. Hello,John…

      Yes gaining affiliate commissions through the biggest e-commerce platform in the western world Amazon is most certainly achievable and desirable. Even if the commission rates are quite low compared to other platforms, it is in the quantity of buyers that makes it worthwhile. Easy comparison sites that I have reviewed here help…

      In that quest to make commissions, there are a number of tactics that you can use, and the easy comparison sites that are pretty miuch done for you can fit into your overall strategy of how you are approaching affiliate marketing. This tool can indeed be of interest for you. 

      It is also a matter of leveraging your time…I always am pushing for ways to do more with the same amount of your time, or doing more in less time…

      Imagine for a minute, if you will, that you use such a comparison page in tandem with a review post, a link to the main Amazon site for the products, and you prepare such a page for 100 items, all mid to high ticket in price. Of course you must drive traffic to these sites you publish…

      Once you have done so, using good practice SEO that you can learn on platforms such as Wealty Affiliate or elsewhere, and add in social marketing techniques and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you will start to attract visitors to these professional sites you have.

      Again, the business is a numbers game. I mean that if your marketing technique is congruent with the offer and the actual service, product, or tool you are selling, chances are you will get a click through rate that is higher than average, as well as a higher number of sales.

      This review covers one small piece of the many that make up a strategy. It is however, a piece that can improve your overall numbers and your resultant commissions. That is what it is all about! Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you will visit us again!


      Dave : )   

  11. I like the idea of this software tool but I just cannot get over how complicated the title is. Nonetheless, this is a great tool for those who have a niche in cooking or decorating, or remodeling. I don’t think I am savvy in the affiliate business because there is a lot of jargon that I don’t understand like OTO and DFY and upsell. Your video walk through of the product was really helpful though. How are the rating scales for each product developed? Is it from personal use or customer reviews?

    1. Hi, Evette…

      The jargon in the Internet Marketing world can be daunting at first. I can relate as over many years of military service, there was an entire sub-set of acronyms and sayings that were commonly used and understood by members of the military.

      If you were coming into that environment for the first time, it would at times sound like a foreign language. I have had meny friends tell me about this when they get around those of us who were immersed in that scene for years, as I was. But no worries…

      Over time, just as with that military world, these terms and acronyms used in the IM (Internet Marketing) world will become familiar to you. It is a matter of interacting with the many other players that are working to do the same thing you are – make some money online!

      The reiew scaling is set by you, so it is rather subjective in that your rating may not match that of others. That is the beauty in my mind, because the rating then gives you license to expand on the rating as to WHY you selected what you did.

      This ‘social proof’ will help people see how you arrived at your rating, and it can help build your credibility with niche members. Over time, if you build on this and many other tools and content you create, you will come to be known as someone who can be trusted, and people will take action based on your recommedations.

      Of course, this comes with some responsibility too. I mean that you don’t want to sell out in the name of making a quick buck. Better to provide advice that is truthful and provide the pros and cons and your final evaluation of a product or service…

      It also makes doing this business easier. I would rather be straight with my readers and subscribers, so that they will always know that they are not getting bad advice and they will trust what I present. That takes some time, and it is easily broken if you do not live up to their expectations.

      Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your online marketing business. This Easy Comparison Site tool can help you present your case for one or more products that you are promoting, and when incorporated as a piece of an overarching strategy, help you immensely.


      Dave : )  

  12. This is a very cool product! It does all the work for you which is super time saving. My question is if many people are buying these same 5 review sites won’t it make it difficult to compete for traffic? How do you know potential customers would find your site and not someone else who bought this same “pack”?

    1. Hi, Nicke…

      Thanks for stopping by, first of all, nice to see everyone here…The ‘Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Equipmemt DFY tool is something that not that many people will have, and also there are many sites that are similar in design, but it is what you write and how you write it that can make your page unique. 

      I like to point out such tools within this Making Money Online, as it helps people do more within the same time while automating actions that really need to be automated. Much like autoresponders and the like, it just makes things easier.

      Note that in my case, I am looking past just that front end offer, in that I can use it for my e-commerce operations and stores easily. When I do an ad or a post on one of the social platforms, it is a great professional site to send them to prior to the actual product pages (this is one option, of course there are more)…

      The whole concept of affiliate marketing is to offer some value to potential buyers for whatever you are promoting. In this case, the items that are in the front end offer have a significant and regular demand, so if that is your niche, the page will be a good way to get their attention. 

      I would advise hosting such a page on your own website so you can add in additional SEO actions, plus add in pop-ups or perhaps a Messenger Bot to get further engagement and a new subsscriber when they come. Thanks again for stopping by, and I do hope you come here again. I post a lot of useful content that will help you achieve success faster!


      Dave : ) 

  13. Wow I didn’t not even know such things existed , super big time saver . I do wish they had more options and niches available, than I would buy for sure . Is this something that has new websites similar to this released periodically ? If so I’m going to have to watch out for it.

    1. Hi, Christina…

      There are many such tools out there like this Comparison Site for Kitchen Equipment one. Each is designed to help you do more in the same time.

      The problem comes in when they do not perform as expected or perhaps they are not maintained or updated as the rules change about SEO, looks, and etc. 

      This is such a simple tool that I cannot imagine that will be the case.

      There are more options for different pre-set items and pages, and one of the upsells even offers a nice front end page to send people to and links to the various comparison sites.

      All help you look more professional in the eyes of the visitor and potential client. Social proof is becoming ever more important these days too, so people really want to know what you think and why.

      With the last upgrade you can create your own pages (which is what I am interested in doing for my e-commerce sites), so yes you can adapt this tool to make it useful for all of the products you may be promoting in any niche.

      The creator of  the tool, Barry Rodgers, has been in business for a long time, and I am continually impressed at how professional he and his products are. They just work!

      Thanks for stopping by and I do wish you all the best success with your online marketing business!


      Dave : )

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