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2016 07 12 1410 - Review of CloudNet360 - A Complete One-Stop CRM Solution


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I have been doing offline marketing for over 20 years and online marketing for the past 15 months. In that time in the online side of sales, I have learned a lot…

Overall, I can safely state that you have to stay pretty busy if you are going to have success!

Bottom line is you need to always be looking for ways to automate your business so you can get more done in the same amount of time…

Hence my search and review today of this CloudNet360 CRM tool. 

I am providing you an honest and forthright review of this one-stop solution today for most of the tasks you need to get done to be successful at online marketing.

You can continue to buy bits and pieces of this tool or that software to patch your online marketing program together, or you can invest in a tool that is going to improve your work efficiency immensely…

Note that this tool will not do absolutely everything for you…but it will do most of the tasks you need to do on a regular basis…

For instance you will still need a keyword tool, video creation software, and possibly some graphic tools so you can prepare quality and engaging content, but most of what you need to get done for online marketing can be completed using CloudNet360.

Let me explain below, but first let’s look at the product details to get started…

2016 07 12 1410 - Review of CloudNet360 - A Complete One-Stop CRM Solution


Name Of Product:                 CloudNet360

Developer:                                 Consortium Of Owners

Cost Of Product:                    Three Levels (Monthly)

                                                           $79.97, $149.97,

                                                            and $199.97

                                                           Upsells:  Annual

                                                           Subscription (see review)

MY RATING:                             9/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:   Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of CloudNet360 - A Complete One-Stop CRM Solution


NOTE: One other huge advantage this CRM tool has over others I looked at. You can sign up and get a 30-day platinum level trial for $4.95. That is the cost of a cup of coffee!

Click the green button below to sign up now for an almost free trial of this extremely effective CRM solution!  

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Now let’s drill down on this CRM tool…

Cloud Magnifying Glass Pic - Review of CloudNet360 - A Complete One-Stop CRM Solution


CloudNet360 is a Customer Relations Management system. It means that using such a tool, you can automate daily taskings and track what is going on with your online business, take c are of your customers, sell and take in money, set up sales funnels, and etc.

The intent of such a tool is to save you  time and trouble learning 10 different systems or tools, everything is together and works together. Everything is integrated…

It certainly sounds like using a good CRM can be a time-saver, and having my own experience now over time in the online marketing world, a direction I want to go in…and I think most online marketers feel the same…

My Experience Looking for a Viable CRM Tool

I started out looking for a CRM solution that would work for my online businesses, and after doing a lot of research, checking out the options, looking at the features, and making my decision, I ended up writing this review!

If you go through this review completely, I can save you days of research and more days testing different CRM solutions to see which may be best for your online marketing requirements! I have done this for you and now am reporting my findings…

I have included content both via text and videos, so no matter if you prefer to read or look at a video, you can get a good idea for yourself and make a decision on what direction to go when it comes to a CRM solution.

There are so many options in the market today. One site I reviewed mentioned over 200 different CRM tools that are offered online for you! The big ones that have been around the longest or are most popular are the ones I focused on from that huge list of options…

There is1ShoppingCart, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Shopify, WooCommerce, ones I consider to be the big players (if having slightly different focuses and capabilities), and then there are some of the new players like SamCart, GreenRope, and New Kajabis.

Each has their positives and negatives when it comes to offering solutions for your online marketing business. They will not all be a perfect fit for your particular small business. This is where the research comes in…

Some of these are quite expensive, and others are more suitable for the big businesses rather than small businesses. After all my research I came up with one CRM solution that I consider to offer the best value for the cost…

That ‘one’ is CloudNet360. It has a ton of features all under one site and system which likely is a perfect fit for your small business needs no matter your niche or focus.

My analysis of some of the systems helped me reach this conclusion. My process was to determine the needs of my online businesses, then looking at what each offered.

My Criteria Used To Select a CRM Tool

In my case, I have a limited budget, and right now have varying monthly payments going out for one service or another that when totaled equal my starting figure for my budget.

I wanted something that had all the technical tools that are advanced enough to increase my efficiency of business operations, yet simple to work with.

The ideal CRM tool would be able to grow and scale up operations from my present level right with me, with no growing pains or major adjustments. The tool should not require a lot of add-ons or extra things to buy to make it do what I need.

Lastly, I wanted my monthly cost to be less than what I am paying now, or if it was to be the same or more, there had to be some really compelling features that would sell me on spending more…

Here are my findings from a few sample competitors of CloudNet360

Competitor # 1 – 1Shoppingcart

It has been in the market probably the longest of any that I reviewed. That seemed positive when I started looking at the features.

But…In spite of what it offers some features are missing that a small business owner will consider vital in today’s competitive market.

Not only that, the pricing of this system is a bit much when you consider that you will have to purchase external 3rd party systems. By the time you have everything you need, you have a cobbled together system you are paying a premium price for.

When you start mixing systems or tools, you end up in the same place I am now, having a bunch of tools that you have to learn how to use and which are not all integrated, so you really have not saved anything.

This system is just not going to give you the benefits using a fully integrated system of everything you need.  There are too many missing pieces for practical use for my liking.

Competitor # 2 – SamCart

It was this CRM tool that started me on the journey to see which tool is the best and was recommended by a very successful marketer that I think highly of named Sam Bakker.

Unfortunately, when I started looking at what was offered on this platform, it was the same as the others I later looked at…This is another system which requires you to use 3rd party tools to make it complete.

There is that lack of integration problem, and the pricing is again high because when you add in the other add-ons it means that you are still mashing together sub-systems and paying for these various pieces to get a whole system.

Here is a video to compare CloudNet360 with SamCart:

Competitor # 3 – Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is one CRM solution of two (Ontraport being the other) that I have heard the most about since entering online marketing. It claims to be a cutting edge system which comes with fully integrated CRM.

When I looked at what they were offering I must say it does have some nice features that will help your business. I was really considering this until….

I saw the pricing, then saw that you have to pay for set-up (that very high cost is negotiable), and added in the overall cost with add-ons you will need (same thing as the others above again!) I changed my mind.

For my taste, the pricing is way too high for what you get, and at the end of the day, you will still have a pasted together system…

You have to pay for extra features and then paying for an Infusionsoft ‘coach’ you will need just to be able to navigate and use the system.

Because of these considerations, I do not think this solution is a good choice for small businesses or me. The complexity of the system and also the high price to operate it were the determining factors.

Remember I was looking for something that is fully integrated, is reasonably priced, relatively easy to use, and easy to implement…

I have added a video below so you can better see what I am talking about…

Competitor # 4 – Ontraport

As mentioned, this is one that I hear a lot about as well when other IM people discuss solutions for CRM. It also is one of most popular systems after Infusionsoft.

I had high hopes as I started researching this tool…

In looking at the features and tools you get with this CRM, I can see why they have not had too much success with small businesses like mine.

After adding up the total cost and the technical complexity that is involved in implementing and using this CRM solution, I could not recommend it, much as I do not recommend Infusionsoft…

See the video to learn more…

Competitor # 5 – New Kajabi

This is a fairly new system compared to the ones I have discussed above, but it does have claims to that it can do the same things and better than the big and more seasoned CRM providers.

When I looked at the tool, I found it feels new and somehow is not as easy or nice looking as some more developed tools. Also, your choices are limited  regarding options. Lastly, you only have Stripe as a payment gateway.

There are some basic features that are lacking too, i.e. email broadcasts. It is quite expensive for what you get. If you are going to once again have to buy more add-ons to make a complete system…

This one is out…

I was ready to give up my search at this point, but pushed onwards, steady in my resolve to find ONE CRM solution that would fill my requirements!

Competitor # 6 – GreenRope

When I looked through this system, I thought I was there, I had arrived, I had the system to beat all systems…

This one is a pretty good fit for a small business. The price is reasonable, it has some useful features you need for your marketing needs like Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Social Network Marketing, and has a pretty much complete CRM.

Once I dug deeper some issues appeared for me. The advantages I just mentioned were offset by the complexity of the system.  You have to know a lot about using software to properly run this system.

That means you will have to take a lot of training and no doubt you will be a good and regular contact for the support staff to solve all the issues you will have getting it to run properly.

Now for the best of all the CRM solutions I researched:

MY SELECTION – CloudNet360

Finally! I have not mentioned all the systems I have looked at but enough so you can see what a variety of potential solutions there is in the market.

This is the one that caught my eye from the start and the one I have selected as being the best for the small business owner. It offers every tool that you will need for CRM and they are all integrated, and the price is right compared to the others I reviewed.

Overall the monthly cost is reasonable and you can cut your cost by a considerable amount if you pay on an annual basis. Plus no need to pay extra money for add-ons, with all the features there is no need of that.

The CRM platform will easily perform your everyday tasks you have as an online marketer, and the time you save by having it all integrated represents money because you can use the saved time to do other things like running your marketing campaigns.

I will talk in detail all the features in the next section below. You can use this tool no matter the niche you may be involved in…Coaching, teaching, affiliate marketing, physical product sales, digital product sales, membership sites, etc.

Altogether the CloudNet360 system has a bundle of very powerful sales tools which if used effectively will no doubt increase your traffic and sales.

One other huge advantage this CRM tool has over others I looked at. You can sign up and get a 30-day platinum level trial for $4.95. That is the cost of a cup of coffee! No other system offered a try before you buy option like this…

Click the green button below to sign up now for this extremely effective CRM solution at a low starter price!  

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of CloudNet360 - A Complete One-Stop CRM Solution


Cloud Magnifying Glass Pic - Review of CloudNet360 - A Complete One-Stop CRM Solution


Here are some of the features of what you get with CloudNet360 below…This is a true “all in one” business solution:

  • CRM / Auto Responder System –Total automation and powerful list segmentation.
  • Scheduling / Billing System –Plucked from the coaches and consultants wish list.
  • Shopping Cart / Customer Portal –Untouchable in performance and up selling capability. An amazing conversion sales tool.
  • Mobile Apps –A full suite of “business anywhere” power tools.
  • Affiliate System –Powerful sales leverage that works online or offline (proprietary technology).
  • Free Website Included –Or use your website, or both… the choice is yours.
  • Membership System –No need for 3rd party software because it’s all included.
  • Project Manager –Run your internal operation with ease and efficiency.
  • Ticket Support System –Reduce your support load and look more professional at the same time.
  • Live Chat –A proven lead generation tool.
  • Click to Call –The “sleeper” sales conversion champion of Internet marketing.

…and this is just a partial list!

Here are some more “drill down” features you also will have access to (there are MORE that you will see once you get access to the package!) …

  • Affiliate System
    • Multi-Website Capable
    • Private Programs
    • Super Affiliate Program
    • Offline Marketing/Affiliate Coupons
    • 2 Tier Affiliate System
    • Easy Pay
    • Mass Pay
    • Full Branding
    • Video Messages
    • Link Cloaking
    • Multi-Media Support
  • Website – 1 free if needed comes with the package
    • Fully Responsive
    • Modern Look and Design
    • Includes all the features a premium theme has
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
    • Optimized Checkout Design
    • Easy Branding
    • CSS Customization Possible
    • Time Delay Reassure (too long no action, buyer is prompted to finsh the buying transaction)
    • Exit Recovery (POPUP)
    • Auto Recovery (email, SMS, phone call)
  • Shopping Cart
    • Mobile Apps
    • Order Notification
    • Product Updates
    • Customer Tasks
    • Project Manager Tasks
    • 1-click Reorders
    • Digital Download Management
    • Guest Checkout
    • Regular Checkout
    • 4 Level Pricing for Registered Customers
    • 1 Click Upsell
    • Related Products
    • Fixed Bundles of Products
    • Variable Bundles of Products
    • Gift Certificates
    • Coupon System
    • Offline Affiliate Coupons
    • Trial Period for Sales
    • Multiple Payment Plan
    • Recurring Payments
    • PayPal and other payment methods
    • Digital Downloads
    • Physical Shipping Variations
    • Inventory Management
    • PCI Compliant
  • Scheduling Systems
    • Automated Online Scheduling
    • Mobile Access
    • CRM
    • Secure File Exchange
    • Custom Services like consulting, meetings, calls, etc.
    • Customer Portal
      • 1 click reorders
      • Past purchases
      • Special offer to customers
  •  Mail
    • Autoresponder
    • Newsletter sending capability
    • SMS texts
    • Positive/Negative Segmentation
    • Conditional Emails
    • Email Split Testing
    • Mobile Accessible
    • Integrate with all common calendars, i.e. Outlook, Google, Yahoo
    • Sales Funnels
    • Lead Activity Segmentation
    • Task Management
    •  Groups, list of leads by group
    • Opt-in forms
    • Add more fields to opt-in pages
    • Email history by customer

There is also support for your Customer Portal, a full-blown Membership System,  and you can use external tools such as Google Analytics, Wishlist, Digital Access Pass (DAP), WP, Drupal, Joomla, Blogs, facebook, and other custom sites…

As you can see, the feature list is very comprehensive and  covers all the areas you are concerned about as an online marketer, and it is integrated, meaning it all works together seamlessly.

You will need to have some video creation and editing tool, a graphics design tool, and maybe some social posting automation tools for your program outside of the CRM tool. That is about it…

In any case, you would need these tools whether or not you use CloudNet360, but the idea is that you can be organized and do most of your activities in one place using this CRM…

Once you set things up, which does not take long, add in your offers, your subscribers,  and any other data you may have, you are ready to support your business with this truly all-in-one CRM system!

Cloud Pencil Design Picture - Review of CloudNet360 - A Complete One-Stop CRM Solution


First, let’s cover the pros…

The pros are that you have a complete solution with this one tool. Most of the costs that you may have now for various services or products can go away, and everything works together seamlessly.

Another area that is a definite PRO for this CRM tool is the support. If you go to their Youtube channel, you will find hundreds of support videos for many aspects of online marketing, They truly are interested in your success!

Here is a screenshot of the some of the training you will find: