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Today I have a new service based opportunity to review with you. I just joined this ready made software business and immediately thought of getting the word out as quickly as possible! It is THAT good!

Without further ado, let’s get started…


This is an internet based sell-on-to-business platform that can be used anywhere in the globe! You can build an big income stream and recurring income quickly, plus there is a solid software product made available to you backing this up.

The business is based around a huge “In Demand” service: “Reputation Management.” This is something every business needs with the growing popularity of review sites and social media.

Negative postings go viral and get out of hand quickly nowadays, with the many social platforms out there and in use, and unless you know when something negative is being posted about your business, you cannot take any corrective action.

The sooner you do address any negative comments, the better. Using this service your clients can take almost immediate corrective action. What could have been something very bad can be turned into a positive, and word of the client’s quick and positive action will also get around!

If you would like hear an interview with the author and creator of this product, see this video….



This Software as a Service (SaaS) business is an internet based software program that allows you to do reputation management for clients that sign up to your service. That is good and will make a lot of money for you, but…

This software can also work well to increase your own online business as an affiltate, a marketer, or anything where you need to find buyers that need or want your product or service. Think about the ability to immediately address a potential customer making a comment needing what you have to offer would do for your business!

The entire program and system was tested over an 18 month period to work out all the bugs, so it will do everything it claims to do right from the start. This is what attracted me as well, because so often when you try things they are half baked and do not work as they say.


Basically this software screens the entire internet using keywords that target your clients so if there is any negative comments, bad publicity, etc. they will know it immediately, and can go directly to the source and person making the comments and corrective action can be initiated.

Now the other entirely different angle that this program is useful for is the fact that it is a tool for all of your other online business. You can use the software to find people that are commenting up to the minute about the niche you add keywords for, and you can again go directly to the site and that person who made the comment to address their need.

The power of this just cannot be underestimated. Imagine using this to quickly build sales, lead lists, and profits for not only Rep Warn but all the other items you are representing! Although just starting myself with this program, I will be coming here to update on a daily basis how things are going with the two angles of sales available with this program.


The cost for being able to sell the services on to businesses and for your own use can be paid on a monthly basis or an annual basis. Annually the cost is a little under $500, and if you choose to pay monthly, the cost is $67 a month. I took the monthly plan for now, and if it goes well I will upgrade to the annual fee…

They also have an upsell that is a program called TRACE that helps identify local businesses/clients that could use services that you provide through the software. This upgrade costs $67 USD (one time). At first I was unable to get access to the entire TRACE program, but support was very helpful in getting this fixed quickly and now it is working properly. It is helpful also and does what it says…

With a little work on your side, and WITH OR WITHOUT THE UPSELL, you can present a professional landing page, and invoices etc. to clients that will make your operation and proposals more professional looking to these potential clients. See the video below to see what they sat the upsell is, and now that I gained access to the entire program I can say it too does what it calims to do…So it is worthwhile but not absolutley necessary to make money with this business. This program will just make the process faster…

Here is a video to explain the Trace Software:

There is a third upsell that was offered I did not take, and it is a software bundle intended to provide the extra tools one needs to do this kind of business. I have similar programs/tools already so I did not take this upsell. It was $197 USD. Good decision…

For the newbie, this seeminly high price is not expensive compared to the value provided. It will definitely make you more efficient right out of the gate! But again caveat is in order here…You likely can get this software cheaper as a part of another but (i.e.e bonus) free, so I would go with the basic package only, and possibly add the TRACE upgrade to build your client list faster…


In a word, yes. Good money. For clients you sign up for the service, you will receive the $97 a month they pay. So if you have one client you will make money. I am oretty sure there is a huge market for this, so likely you can make a significant amount of money over time. Remember the sales are recurring, so once you land a client, that $97 will be coming each and every month.

Of course you can also make money by using the software to find potential customers for your other affiliate offerings and any products or services you own or sell in addition to the income from the Rep Warn system too. I have used it a couple of times already and it looks very promising. I will let everyone know here as I start to work with this SaaS and market it to the local clients, as well as other sales of products I realize from using it…


They provide a good set of training videos and other materials, full support for locating and engaging clients, and if you bought the first upsell after the basic offer on their sale site, the additional program will to help identify potential clients quickly, and you can get started making money almost immediately.

NOTE: I had recommended NOT buying the TRACE upgrade, as it consists only of email subject lines and swipes…BUT this was only a piece of the prgram, and when I went to the support site, they quickly fixed the issue and now I can say it works beautifuly. It IS worth the  $67 USD charge in my opinion, now that I have seen the entire program…BUT, if you already have a lead building system, you can save some money by not buying this upsell!


I rate this product as a buy, especially the basic package and the first OTO (one time offer), which is the lead finding software package, and the second OTO, which is a good value if you are a newbie and do not have such software already, and give it an overall  score of 9/10*.

* Because it is so new I want to see how it works under pressure as I use it for both of the intents I bought it for, and this rating could change…


I will add updated notes , tools and tips that I use to keep everyone updated as to how this program works for sales to local businesses as well as for my other online sales.


The globe is big, and this tool can get needed help to the many local businesses everywhere. There is no saturation issue that I can see at all with this program, since there are so many businesses starting up in most places, there will be a vast and increasing market.

Note for your clients who sign up they are currently offering a 7 day $1 trial and thereafter the monthly rate is $97 USD per month or an annual price of $997 USD…This will help sales to your clients for sure!

screenshot rep warn trial page - Rep Warn Business Opportunity

Adding to the lack of a saturation is the fact that social sharing platforms continue to grow their influence on every business.  Many businesses counting on footfall or reputation  will be more than willing to shell out the small monthly fee to be kept informed of any negative comments so they can take corrective action immediately.

You can buy this program here:

reseller opportunity 300x250 - Rep Warn Business Opportunity

56 thoughts on “Rep Warn Business Opportunity

  1. Hi David this sounds like a pretty amazing tool. I like the fact that it can root out negative postings. As you point out it is hard to take action against something if you don’t know it is happening or where it is happening.
    Since it targets keywords for your client’s business do you still need to do keyword research first?
    I also like the way it gathers information through social media.
    I am just new to internet marketing so this is a tool that would be more beneficial to me in the future.
    Thanks for pointing out this tool and its many wonderful features.

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Thanks for stopping by to check this rep warn business opportunity out. I am of course just getting familiar with the software but what I really like about it is that ir is fully functional as soon as I signed up to the software page. It dies everything it says…

      This is a new type of service that really only the biggest media companies had available, and their proces are enormous for such a service. The price paid one year ahead is quite expensive for a one shot pay, I agree…That is why I selected the monthly option…

      Regarding the keywords I will play and see, but from what I gather, you would be looking for the name of the company or site (i.e. a hotel) so it would in theory pick up any kind of negative post that has their names in it. I will report back to you once I see what works best…

      Yes this is something that really is valuable for the client, because a lot of feedback is tossed around via the social sites, and this is a way to track when it may be negative. Getting right to the post and platform and answering their customer’s issue is a good PR move, and will be a positive for sure.

      As you are new to online marketing it may be a bit much to take in. I too am new but have been in business for a number of years. Online marketing is actually easier because as with this service, you can really do a lot of it from anywhere as long as you have internet access…

      Check back again and see how things are going…Rep Warn seems to be a simple to use platform that can work for not only clients looking for such a service, but also to get right to potential customers that need what you are selling…This could be an affiliate product or service, or your own brands…

      Cheers and thanks for your thoughtful comments…


      : )

  2. Very interesting read. I am new to the online business world and found your review very professional and informative. I am interested in trying it. 500 a year is a lot of money. This of course is relative to the return and the more you make the less 500 is to spend. How long do you feel it would take to start earning with this system? Thanks so much for your information!

    1. Hi Kay,

      Thanks for stopping by here, and taking the time to read the review and comment as well! Yes this is not a real cheap program, even at the monthly price 67 USD is sort of expensive. But I have to say that the potential earnings as you say are high. There are so many local businesses that could use this kind of service. The ones that are sensitive to bad publicity especially I think….

      I will be offering this Re Warn service as a part of my local marketing company services. I am standing up three, and I want to have a full plate of everything a traditional marketing company offers to some unique and new services like this is.

      On the other side of the coin, one of the reasons I made the decision that this is a good tool too have is that I can track potential customers for all of the affiliate products I am selling. I can easily type in keywords and find out who having issues and may have a requirement for the solution I am selling, and lead them right to my products…

      I feel I will be able to start earning money right away. There is the initial push to get members signed up over the next seven days, and for each I will make a small commission, and of couorse I will also see if I can’t get a few sales of affiliate products using the keyword search they have to track negative comments….

      Thanks again for stopping by and be sure to come back as I will update this almost daily to let all visitors know how it is progressing with this business. If I see that a considerable amount of money can be made, I will post…Also the same if not, that will be presented here.



  3. Hi David!
    Very Informative post! Honestly when it comes to online based businesses or any business about internet, I am really on to it. I have seen several products online, but this is exceptional and exciting since it is just new.
    Unfortunately, Like my always problem, I have a tight budget so I save first and eventually invest in programs like this.
    But I really wonder, What are the Rep Warn business opportunity awaits whoever wants to join in?

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for stopping by, first of all…Yes this Rep Warn software system is a good opportunity for the self starter such as myself who is working with online marketing and an internet marketer…Foe me, this fites well with other services I offer to include Press Releases, SEO support, Web Design, Video Support, Social Management Marketing, and regular marketing products suh as business cards, brochures, etc.

      There is nothing like this program on the market that is focused on the local small businesses out there that I have seen. The multi-national and large companies can get this type of service at a high cost, and cerrtainly will pay more than $97 a month. This software works as well at much more reasonable cost, so the potential market is simply huge!

      For myself, I have three locations in Dubai, Florida, and the Philippines, and I will use this Rep Warn service at each office. I am also looking to see how effectively I can use it to sell my other products I have on offer here and elsewhere. I am sure it will be quite effective. In shourt, I think the motivated user of this product can make a lot of money!

      Best of luck to you and appreciate the comment!

      Kind Regards,

  4. Well it certinaly sounds like a unique and original concept but how much money does it actuall pay you for doing this reputation management?
    I’m also a little confused on how it can help your own internet business – could you maybe go a little deeper into this side of things?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Online Reputation Management (ORM)has been around for quite a while…If you do a google search you will see what I mean. For many companies, having a pro-active program to address any specific negative comments immediately is a lot cheaper than cleaning up a mess later. There are numerous examples of companies having negative press on social networks that goes viral, compiunding the problem quickly. This is more or less the premise of the business model…

      So since this fits into the smorgasboard of products or services my marketing companies will offer, I decided this was worth a look. So once I set up the program, the first group of keywords I set up to watch was just this subject – ORM. I wanted to see what the competition was doing and some of the selling points they are using for their campaigns. Within 5 minutes I had a thousand recent sites containing info on ORM, plus posts, mails, and tweets/facebook mentions about the subject!

      Of course you would continue to narrow down the results by using long tail keywords so you get focus just oo the negative comments for clients, but in this instance I was not tryiong to do this, I was gathering informationo on the competition. I was able to quickly identify who was in the business, what services they offered, and even their pricing in some instances. Already I have a better idea on how to market this to local businesses in the three locations I am focusing on (Dubai, Jacksonville, Florida, and Manila, the Philippines)…

      The monthly cost to you as a reseller of their online based software tool is $67 USD, and if you buy the software tool to help you identify local businesses there is a one time cost of $67 USD…The tool is called Trace and there is a video above that explains what it does. You can do an annual membership which brings monthly cost down by about 60%, just as many such online based programs offer….For me, I want to check the efficacy of the program prior to committing so much money…

      The cost to a client is $97 a month. This price, depending on the contract you design, commits you to track their brand, keywords they agree to watch for, and even possibly track employees or former employees for any negative comments they may make. This monthly cost goes to you. all of it. So if you have 10 clients, you will make $970 USD. I think that we will end up with a lot more than 10 clients from this service, but we will see.

      Once your client is set up, just a bit of maintenance on a daily basis is required, for which you can do yourself, hire someone, or add another task to a current employee. So your costs will not be high, and the service is just another arrow in your arsenal of tools for your clients at a small monthly cost. As a standalone service it will work, but when meshed with a marketing service, it can be pitched to clients for your other services (like an upsell).

      As far as your other internet business, let me give you an example: I sell videomaker FX as an affiliate. I can use keywords to find posts that people make regarding having a problem with how to prepare videos for their businesses or sites, and immediately make a reply. Let’s say it is a facebook post or reply. I get to them almost immediately, let them know about this solution (adding my url for the review on my page here, or directly to the landing page (I want to capture the lead though so if that was the case, I would add an interim stop to sign up to my lead list)…

      Using this for other products or services, or even better, your own products (no affiliate fee, you sell full price) you can generate business, site visits, buzz, and authority immediately. You are targeting those people that have epressed an interest or a need for what you have to sell. No waiting and hoping that people will stop by and take the additional steps to go and buy what you are selling….

      Thanks for your comment and it certainly gave me a chance to explain more in detail about the use of this Rep Warn software package. I appreciate this. Please revert if you have further questions and I will get back to you asap!

    1. Hi M8!!

      I appreciate that you stuck around and even took the time to drop a line here! Good stuff! Appreciate your compliment, and if you need more information on anything, or would like to see something else covered, just let me know.You are more than welcome!


  5. Good day! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d ask.
    Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest writing
    a blog article or vice-versa? My blog goes over a lot of the same subjects as yours and I
    think we could greatly benefit from each other.
    If you happen to be interested feel free to send me an e-mail.
    I look forward to hearing from you! Fantastic blog by the way!

    1. Hi M8!

      No problem regarding off topic, I also do that sometimes with my comments! To answer your questions…Yes, I would definitely be interested in exchanging links and also doing a guest blog. I think that a team is much more effective than a single person in getting things done, and achieving goals and targets. I have been members of many teams over the years, in leadership positions as well as being a contruibuting member. They work! I will send you a mail, let’s get started! Thanks for your compliments and…talk soon!


  6. Wow, it is exactly what I was looking for! It seems to be a very good opportunity to reach anyone who is interested in your niche. And to defend yourself of any kind of moral attack that can decrase your reputation. Niche-specific search. I put it on my idea-list to give it a try.

    If it gives what it offers than it is a MUST for websites/e-businesses, especially for bigger ones. The bigger your business gets the bigger the chance that some one will put you down.

    What is your experience if I may ask? Do you think it is really as effective as it sounds?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for stopping by….From what I have seen and experienced to now, the basic program is what it says…The OTO upgrade I am disapponited with however..,I was promised a tool to drill down and get local businesses to sign up..This was attractive to me, it seemed promising…

      What I got was a text file of headers for swipes that are the “upgrade” (called Trace) at the same price as the basic price for the software…This is less than what I expected, and I am fighting to get my money back for what I consider to be just another fluff offer to take more money for the author….The basic package is all that is needed, do not waste money on the upgrades…

      The basic package is OK s far I have just started to experiment with the power of it, so I can not say too much .yet….I will be reporting and updating this review as I go along, so come back and see what I have learned!! I am hoping it will provide another “window” for me to see what the competition is doing plus get directly to interested buyers of my affiliate products…Let’s see…



      : )

  7. I can’t believe I never thought of this before! I had no idea how important my “reputation” is as I try to manage my websites and my businesses.

    This makes me wonder how many negative things might be out there about me that I don’t even know about! lol!

    Thanks so much for the information. I’ll be checking into this like YESTERDAY.


    1. Hi Debra,

      Yes I also had not thought about the repercussions of a “Negative Nancy” that could destroy your effort in the online marketing business, but it does happen all the time.

      Businesses count more and more on the word of mouth from social media to generate business, and they have to be quick to address their potentially damaging commenters in the various media platforms, and this software provides a way to do it,,,That is what I like about it…

      Thanks for stopping by and I look forwsrd to more feedback such as yours to clarify what this program can offer…If you have further questions, please ask!


      Dave : )

  8. Hi David. This is a very interesting article and I’m curious about how it might be used for things other than protecting your reputation. I think it could be a valuable tool for an affiliate marketer to use to drive traffic to his site. Have you been able to track traffic back to your site by using this tool yet?


    1. Hi Christian,

      I am just starting with using the software, but so far the basic package seem to be what it promises….I will add updates throughout the week here, so come back to see my findings…If it does what it says it can do, I am sure that I will be more than pleased….



      : )

  9. hi i am using rewarm but not so good at the moment what about WA i have heard a lot about them .can you say that WA does what it say on the box as rewarm does not seem to give out what it promise. and would like to change to some thing that does what it says

    1. Hi Jimmi,

      The software is call Rep Warn and it has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate. The program is designed to keep businesses aware of any negative comments or posts that may appear anywhere on the internet.

      In today’s world this is extemely important, because you must be aware of what people are saying about you. Taking proactive action will keep negative impact on your business to a minimum, and actually saves money when you consider what it might cost you later.

      This software does do what it says and that right after you register. So far I am very pleased with results. Again it has nothing at all to do with Wealthy Affiliate. If you read my review that will be quickly apparent.

      Thanks for stopping by, please come by here again as I report on an ongoing basis about how the prgram is performing for me…



      : )