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COST OF PRODUCT: Between $7 – $10


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Fiverr is a site that brings together people that have skills and experience that you as a marketer may need from time to time and most of the gigs start at $5.

With upsells the total price you can charge may rise, but in general even with any upsells you select, it offers a good service for getting work done at a reasonable price.

You have to check out the ratings and reviews when you select someone to work with, but I have personally used the service a lot and it works.

This product is built off that outsourcing platform…with some of their own additions to present what they call a Freedom Formula…



This tool purportedly teaches you how to combine a few things on top of the Fiverr opportunity to better maximize your results over and above the money you can make offering your services or fulfilling order gigs.

The methods they mention in the training are not breakthrough findings however, they have been around for quite a while. In looking through the sales video (painful), they did not reveal much that would cause me to believe otherwise, and the video itself was very poorly done.

What they suggest in the video is that you combine affiliate marketing, list building and fiverr to leverage each and create FASTER growth of all of your programs, and do this to make $3k USD or so a month working just an hour a day.

I believe you can earn a decent income online and this without a website if you do become a Fiverr service provider. To do this successfully, you have to work hard to get the gigs and to get good ratings from your clients. Over time the amount of income will rise and you could even hit that $3k a month level or more…

Can you do this in one hour a day as they are suggesting? Highly unlikely, in my opinion, and based on the amount of work it requires for me to just get a single review of a program out! So I think this claim is unsubstantiated.

I was not clear to me as to how they exactly proposed to meld the three tools for making money together, that simply was not explained clearly in their sales video.

The concept of making money offering your services through Fiverr is not new, many people have written about this and passed such advice on (at no charge).

Because of the lack of anything new, the confusing way the whole program is put together, and the generally poor quality of the sales video and the sales page, I will have to say this is NOT a program I would recommend to someone.

It appears to be geared toward the newbie that has the problems of:


(1) Needing to make money online (preferably fast), up to $3k a month (where did that number come from?),


(2) Marrying up Clickbank with their concept (?) of adding an affiliate marketing piece into their equation in a way that is not groundbreaking, and


(3) Someone who needs to build their list (lots of ways to do this that work faster).


The developers simply did not do their homework on this one, and likely the refund rate will be high, only the newest of newbies will not ask for a refund of this less than stellar product.

Although the product is quite affordable…In my opinion you would do better just getting started on Fiverr yourself without buying the product and save that money…

I have included a comment from another review of this product from a buyer that was quite disappointed:


This is a comment to another review found on a website which I think really sums up the value of the offer (edited for clarity):

“Hi Tom,

I always like to read your honest review of your product and trust your review before purchasing the item. In fact, you have inspired me to start building my own website based on my passion and review on products which i believe in or don’t believe in.

Today I’ve gotten your normal email again talking about this new product. I went ahead to purchase it and I was really disappointed. You are right about quite a number of things about this product. But I would actually advise those people who have not bought it, please think twice. Tom, you are just too kind to still give a green light for this product, when you should have just X’d out this product.

If you see the video which they are teaching about fiver and how to get the product and building your own list and blah blah….It’s nothing new! So to me, Joshua (product creator of 5vvr Freedom) doesn’t even deserve to charge this amount ‘cos the only new idea he mentioned is using Fiverr to build your list. But the rest of the vid (which i didn’t finish it and thought its really lame) is how to use autoresponder, and how to get product from Clickbank, for which a lot of people already know about this.

Sorry Tom I had to post my comment here so that I can let your other followers make their own decision and really think twice about this product. I seldom post my comment on your blog but this product is so bad that I have to post my comment here.


Tasha Nyam

This further confirmed my own opinion of the product so I decided to include it here for your review, so you can decide for yourself…



thumbs down 164x300 - 5rr Freedom Formula Frank Review

6 thoughts on “5rr Freedom Formula Frank Review

  1. Thanks for saving me some time and money on this one. I do not think I will buy based on your review. I was considering it but looks like you have saved me some time and trouble!

    1. Hi Jeanette, That is good! This program really did not live up to MY expectations, so I cannot recommend it to others…Stop by again, I am objectove in all my reviews and if there are good ones I will also say that! Cheers! Dave : )

  2. Thanks for this good review. I do not think I will spend any money on the tool, based on what you have posted as well as other reviews I have come across. 5rr is a good site to make some money with, but I don’t think this training will help me…

    1. Hi Darrel, Glad to be of service. There are a lot of good tools out there and some not so good. It always pays to do some due diligence prior to spending any money….The 5rr Freedom Formula may help some people a bit, but not sure it is for everyone. I have seen better, truth be told…Cheers! Dave

  3. This is a program that I looked at a few times and have not moved to purchase. Your review has convinced me that my hesitation was sound. I will likely just continue to work this on my own, I have some experience and knowledge already, and this will not help me. Thanks.

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