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For online marketers, a new complete business in a box  package is being released very soon, I have advanced information on what is coming, and I’d like to share it with you.

The package is call Shopify Store Pro, and it appears to be a complete solution for the eCommerce site Shopify.


To start, there are three videos the developer has provided where you can see what is behind the software, and Nick (Developer) reveals quite a bit in them how he developed the package emulating what he himself did over a short period of time.

The information found in the videos is useful whether or not you intend to buy his package. It is worth your time to check them out. Again find them SHOPIFY STORE PRO (click on the highlighted text).

The videos explain very clearly just how simple it is to create a viable store, and Nick actually shows a bit of the process he uses to find products, how to find sources for drip shipping, and then how to use FaceBook’s smart pixel system to track the customers that do not follow through with buys.

He uses his software in conjunction with a third party autoresponder system called KlavIo that is especially set up to handle online stores, and it interacts perfectly with his site, providing follow ups and etc. as per actions of the buyer. The system sends out follow up mails to the point they buy, or after a fifth mail sent.

What Does This Software Do

Here is a short bit of info for each of the three offers…

 SSP ProductBox ConvertedV2 - Product Review - Shopify Store Pro

Basic Offer:

This is a course where you will learn how the author, an e-commerce newbie,  started at $0 and raised his sales to $300k in sales in under 7 months by using the exact system he is selling. He used Shopify to do this.

Customers will see how they can, just like Nick (developer), create a high sales and profitable e-commerce business with Shopify.  All aspects of training on how to do this are covered. How to set up your own Shopify store, How to select a niche, how to find and source products, how best to address customer fulfillment, etc.

Also, you will see how to determine the exact unique Facebook ad methods you can use to sell your products, by building highly-targeted custom audiences while you build a buyers list, and grow your fan page.  These are methods not being taught elsewhere as far as I know, so you will be ahead of the sales game!

Another thing customers will also learn are advanced profit maximizing strategies such as retargeting, cart abandonment customer win-back, and custom automated email marketing sequencing.

There are other e-commerce and Shopify courses on the market, but Shopify Store Pro” product is a business in a box solution that creates a real lasting sustainable business and solves all of the problems sellers face not addressed by the other courses for eCommerce.

So that is what you get with the front end offer…There are two one time offers that you really should consider because they fit with the system so well, they have been designed this way.

Here is the first one time offer…


SSP ProductBoxConvertedV2 - Product Review - Shopify Store Pro

One Time Offer #1 – Shopify Store Pro Product Uploader Software

This is a handy tool to quickly load your products up ‘en masse’ to your sales store website. Let me give you an example of why I think this is such a useful program…

Adding products to your store can be a BIG time-sucking pain. Uploading and properly mapping all the images, file names, and unique SKU numbers can take easily 30 to 60 minutes if you are selling t-shirts or something similar. It is a lot of work, and it has to be done right.

With the “Shopify Store Pro Product Uploader” a few clicks of a button you quickly and easily can add your products, map all of your SKUs, and ensure your customers always get the what they are looking for when they purchase.  Time saver…This program will pay for itself within a very short period of time.

I have an online store myself and can tell you this uploading process is a major problem. If you can automate the process, you should. You can also ask any existing Shopify seller selling items such as tees – this is a HUGE  problem. They will verify what I am stating here,,,

Lastly there is one additional one time offer Nick is offering, and here it is…

ThemeBoxConvertedV2 - Product Review - Shopify Store Pro

OTO #2  – Shopify Store Pro Theme

Shopify, as with WordPress, has a variety of theme options so you can design your store just the way you want.  When you sign up, you can use several very generic broad-niche themes. But they are vanilla themes, and do not have the catchy features savy store owners are looking for.

They lack the conversion boosting elements essential to maximize your sales. You can buy premium versions but they cost between $140 – $150 range, and do not add everything you may want.

This one time offer offers a solution: They call it the “Shopify Store Pro Theme.”  The style is excellent, it gives the store a professional appearance and your buyers will notice. Back of the house, it has built in conversion boosting elements such as countdown timers, strategically placed reviews, and social proof features, to name a few.

The theme is also easily customized to suit any niche, plus with all of the incredible marketer-friendly features it essentially pays for itself in no time flat. As another piece of the business in a box concept, this integrates with the rest of the package and will allow you to quickly get up and started with your own store.

Ok now for the question you all have…what is the cost? Ok here goes…

money1 - Product Review - Shopify Store Pro


The front end offer comes in at:

  • $37 (Basic Package)
  • $47 (AutoUploader Software), OTO 1
  • $97 (Shopify Store theme), OTO 2
  • NOTE: Add to this the cost for KlavIo (monthly subscription) if you choose to use the autoresponder service they offer (I recommend that you do, because it is set up just for online stores and you will get lots of additional business from using their software)

My Analysis

This package seems to be the real deal. The training provided by the author is excellent from what I have seen, he has thought this package out carefully based on his hands on development and use, and has incorporated all the lessons learned for this package.

My Rating:


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Product Review - Shopify Store Pro

I give this product a preliminary rating of 9/10, only because I do not have a working copy yet, and am going on what I have been able to review to now. I will try it when it is open for purchase, because frankly I need such a package for my online business efforts!


For the eCommerce marketer who is involved in online store sales, drop shipping, and etc. my recommendation is that they try this out. There is a guarantee, so if the buyer is not satisfied they can always request a refund.

The rollout date is two days away. In the meantime check out the free video training ==> FREE VIDEO TRAINING that is provided so you can judge for yourself on the value this program will bring to your online business efforts!

Once the sale of this product opens on 15 Sep, you can get it here by clicking on this ===> Shopify Store Pro!

Or you can click on the graphic below:

SSP Banner300x250 - Product Review - Shopify Store Pro

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8 thoughts on “Product Review – Shopify Store Pro

  1. I got this web page from my pal who shared with me regarding
    this site and at the moment this time I am visiting this web site and reading very informative articles or reviews at this place.

    1. Hi Estelle,

      Welcome to the site and thanks for taking the time to drop a comment! Please come back often now that you know we are here, and add in yur experiences or questions as well via comments. This is valuable for us all!

      Dave : )

  2. Right here is the perfect website for anyone who hopes to find out about Shopify. I learned a lot about the product and how it can help me in my own sales program, and now I will go check out the software. Thabnks, very useful post! Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

    1. Thanks Bertie, I try to give an objective review of a product or service, then add in my own recommendation for the reader. From there they can make their minds up and look further if needed before making a decision to buy or not to buy…Glad you found the post helpful! Cheers! Dave : )

  3. Nice article on shopify…Have you made any money using shopify? Some people I read about are making a killing, but others say it is nit worth the time or effort. What do you think?

    1. Hi Mickey, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts….I think Shopify is a great platform to make money with eCoomerce. If you look at the amount of people that are using it, and also at the overall sales they are achieving, it is a viable program to be involved with. It is the marketing that will make the difference as to how much money you make, along with the product selection of course. Am I involved in it? Yes, and I will continue to be…It provides another stream of income, which is my goal…Having a few streams means that when one stream goes down a bit, the other may go up, bettering the chances that you can realize good amounts of income on a regular basis for your online marketing efforts. Cheers! Dave

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