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AMS 3DBoxSet - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...


Affiliate marketing sounds like it should be so easy. I know that is the impression I had when getting started in the market segment. I could not have been more wrong!

That is the reason for the enigmatic title for today’s tutorial being phrased the way it is. I want to help all new would-be marketers get started properly with their program. Now, not when they have a year under their belt!

Personally, I wasted too much time and money before I got straight, My mission today is to save you from having to go through the same thing. I will offer you some good advice and solutions that will save you time, trouble, and money.

There are two training packages that I believe collectively will give you everything you need to set started quickly and do so in a manner where you will most quickly make money promoting products and services…

Using the tools I discuss, you can more quickly get an effective and successful affiliate marketing program in place, and you will be much happier knowing that you have the straight story from the get go, no runaround or wasting time and money…

So let’s get started!


If you are here reading this, you already know that when it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is one of the most appealing business models there is.

Why is this the case?

In simple terms, it is because this model allows you to realize some good income from home and after the initial work is done to set up promotions of products that you will get paid a commission on, you are not trading your time for cash.


I want to caution you that affiliate marketing is definitely not easy. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in for an unpleasant surprise. I was under this impression when I started, and I want to let you know now so you understand what you are getting into.

To be very successful you need to have a strong work ethic, be a self-starter, and have the ability to develop a plan of action. Then you need to have the tenacity to stick it out until you start seeing results.

If you do have these attributes, once you’re set up and operating your affiliate marketing business, you can realize a steady stream of passive income – and this for an indefinite period of time.

This is because work that you do today will pay off for years, in both sales and relationships with your clients, to whom you can offer more products and services to as time goes on…

I want to define passive income – many people may not understand that this simply means that you’ll be earning money while you sleep and while you go on holiday.

How does that sound?

I thought so…If I could see the people reading this, I am sure that most would be shaking their heads up and down!

So while the initial set-up may involve quite a bit of work, it eventually becomes a self-perpetuating program to the point where you can stop working quite as hard while continuing to sow more seeds that will provide you income for years to come.

Contrary to what you may have heard, affiliate marketing isn’t easy, but I would say from my experience to now it certainly is a lot easier than many other online business models.

It is easier to understand how it works, it’s easy to get started, and after learning the ins and outs, it is easier to execute than some other business models.

So I urge you to go into this business, because it does work and well, but  also go into it knowing that you must have realistic expectations.

Be smart about how you approach this business. If you can get the proper knowledge on what to do and when, plus how to do it, you can start earning a lot of money very quickly.

That is where this training package comes in…It will provide you the basics and also some very powerful strategies that you can incorporate into your affiliate marketing business to maximize your efforts and results from affiliate marketing.

Does that sound interesting?

Here are the basics of what you will get in this well thought out training package:


  • Provides you a mindset profile that you must have to conduct online affiliate marketing business successfully
  • Discusses the different systems that are commonly used today
  • Recommends the best one that has been proven through use over time and with the success rate
  • Provides the shortcuts you can implement to get to success faster
  • Adds the “rules” that you cannot break as you build your business
  • Points out some rules that you can bend or break without dire consequence
  •  Provides you clear guidance on a path to fast sales and profits for your business effort

As you can see this is an all-encompassing training book that will help you get started properly with online affiliate marketing. There is a wealth of information you can use from day one…  


I can say unequivocally that yes this training package will help your affiliate marketing program. It allows you to avoid some of the mistakes that many make starting out and cuts to the chase on what things you need to be doing.

If you pay attention, take notes, and put into practice the advice, tips, tools, and more that is provided in the training, there is no doubt in my mind that it will help you.

My advice is to invest in yourself and spend the time to go through the training thoroughly, taking notes and planning how you will use the training to create and grow your affiliate marketing business.

This training is good,  but for some people studying in an environment where they are on their own does not work. Many people learn better if they are in a group or a team setting…

For these kinds of people, I have another solution that is as good if not better than the training package we have been talking about. It is called Wealthy Affiliate, and I cannot recommend any other program over this one.

Read on to find out why…   


I would like to mention another program that dovetails nicely with the Affiliate Marketing Secrets training. I am adding it in the tutorial, because, like the training package, it offer good value.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate and it is an educational site that provides a full stop solution that goes as deep as any other program I have seen to date on the internet.

For the past year I have been an active member of Wealthy Affiliate, so I can speak from an insider point of view when I say that this is one of the best tools you will find.

If you take these two tools together, you will be well on your way to success. It will take hard work, I am not going to kid you. Starting any business it is the same.

So let me give you some highlights of the two levels of Wealthy Affiliate membership (outside of the free trial period) and what you will get with each…

Starter Level (Free) & Premium Level (Paid)

wealthy affiliate membership grid 1 - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

There is more…Please keep reading!!


329d9c5531240a18d81e511c2880a361 1451686199 cropped - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

TIP # 1 – For a more in-depth look at Wealthy Affiliate, please see my latest article on the subject here: 

===>   Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership  <===


329d9c5531240a18d81e511c2880a361 1451686199 cropped - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

TIP # 2 – You can sign up for right here! 

Sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account right from here, no need to look further! Just hit the button below and establish your account!

WA Free Sign Up - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

OK, so now you know about both educational tools I recommend today, so now let me also add in the link information to purchase the Affiliate Marketing Secrets training…   

AMS 3DBoxSet - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...


Here is what you will get when you purchase this training package from me:

“The Package”


  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets EBook

AMS M1 EbookHardbound - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets Checklist

AMS M7 ChecklistMagazine - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...


  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets Check Sheet

AMS M7 ChecklistMagazine 1 - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...


  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets Special Report

AMS M2 ReportFlat - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

You will have all the materials to quickly get to the meat of the training provided and get the most out of the training. There is a huge amount of information contained in the book, so having the support materials is very helpful!

329d9c5531240a18d81e511c2880a361 1451686199 cropped - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

Want this training for free?

This training will provide you a good start with affiliate marketing. I would recommend either purchasing this at the low cost I am offering it…

BUT, if you want to get the training for free, send me an email with a screenshot to support@davesweney.com showing that you have signed up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account…

I will get an email notifying me that a new member has signed up, but I need to be able to track it to the person who saw this and took action…

TIP # 3 – So to reiterate, your choices to get this training are…

(1) Buy below at $ 17.00 USD or…

(2) Sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and send me an email showing that your free account has been activated, and I will send you the download link for the Affiliate Marketing Secrets training…


Here is the link where you buy the Affiliate Marketing Secrets Training Program:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then... {will be activated soon)


Today we covered some basic elements of a successful online affiliate marketing business, why they are of interest to you if you are in the field, and how to implement these tactics.

The included training I offer is a good start and covers many things that will help you get a good start on putting your own affiliate marketing program.

Additionally, we covered an alternative called Wealthy Affiliate that dovetails nicely with the provided training package. This site will allow you to get support and training 24/7 to a much higher degree even than the packaged training.

Starting membership is free too with Wealthy Affiliate, and the first month of membership is offered at a reduced rate for those deciding to become a premium member…

If you were wondering where to start or what to do, the tutorial here and additional sources of information I have included will get you off on the right foot with your online affiliate marketing program. Best of luck to you and the most important thing is to take action!

Lastly, in case you missed it, here is the link for Wealthy Affiliate free account sign up:

WA Free Sign Up - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

Get started now!    


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Please consider taking a little time and sharing your thoughts on affiliate marketing with us here. Maybe you have had some good experiences and maybe some bad. Tell us what they were and anything you may have learned. When we share we grow together and that is what this site is all about! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


David Sweney Online Siganture - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then...

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Dave has been involved in sales for 20 years with offline products and has been fortunate to have traveled the world while realizing up to $4 million USD a month in gross sales of products he promoted.

He has brought that experience to the online world and this is one of his online ventures. This site is intended to present ideas, products, tools, tips and more that will help all those seeking to make money online have success.

Subjects covered are diverse, but in totem, you can learn a lot about the things that you will need to have success with online business right here. This includes things to do and things NOT to do!


12 thoughts on “Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets I Wish I Knew Then…

  1. Hi Dave

    This is first time I have visited a website like yours which is amazing! It has so much information about making money online and not only that it has all that you need to be successful!

    I particularly like your “Professional Development” section in that your conclusion states:
    “Since your attitude affects your altitude in all respects of your life, it is wise to take some time and invest in yourself. This course will set you on the right path to that end.”

    Guess what 20 years ago I have said I wanted to “invest in myself for a lifelong learning” and today I have actually achieved that goal. Well said Dave and good fortune to your online businesses.

    Cheers, Anna

    1. Hi Anna,

      Thanks for stopping by and making such a thorough comment! I do appreciate the laudatory comment, and I can say a lot of whatever you see here is a result of the training I recieved from Wealthy Affiliate! The training program they have is extensive and helpful.

      Staring out a site and program such as this one is so very helpful and will keep you on the straight and narrow path to standing up a successful online marketing business. The other training I have added to the tutorial, Affiliate Marketing Secrtes, is also a very helpful guide.

      That training is chock full of good advice that will further help you in growing your affiliate marketing program quickly. It has information that beginners can use right up to advanced ideas, tips, tools and more that you can use from day one of your entering the business.

      Truly you invest in your self when you commit to getting training such as these two programs, and no one can take that from you ever. You can also apply it daily to all your activities as it soounds like you have. Congratulations for that and best of luck. Please do stop by again as you may have time. We are constant;y adding new and usefu; content.


      Dave : )

  2. Thank you for a wealth of information on this article and congratulations your success. I’ve been reading a lot about online business success stories and am also looking to explore new ways to earn an extra income. Your offer to receive a free book if I sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate membership is possibly one of the best deals that I have seen so far. Infact, it sounds a bit too good to be true if I may be frank. Is there some sort of catch here? Will I be required to provide my payment details if I sign up for the free version of the Wealthy Affiliate membership? Forgive my bluntness on this enquiry, I’m just trying to assess whether this will be a suitable program to facilitate my learning.

    1. Hello Levi,

      I do appreciate the kind words, and any success I have had can be attributed to finally obtaining training resources such the two I mention in this tutorial, namely Affiliate Marketing Secrets and Wealthy Affiliate. I have leaned on both extensively over the past 15 months…

      The reason I set the buy portion of the tutorial as getting the eBook package for free by signing up free at Wealthy Affiliate is because more than making money on this, I want as many people as possble to get access to the two programs.

      Your question “Is there a catch?” is certainly a valid and good one. Let me clarify to you that there is no catch. Both of these tools will help you advance quickly and properly when it comes to affiliate marketing. I set this up so people will gain access to both, essesntially for free!

      Once you have signed up for the free account at Wealthy Affiliate, a simple email to me showing evidence will result in me sending a link to you with the download link for the other training package “Affiliate Marketing Secrets” completely free!

      You may be asking why. The reason is that I think both of these programs are “must haves” for would be marketers to get started and have success without wasting time or money. By giving away something of so much value I would hope that more people come to know that they can trust what I am providing for them here.

      That is an ulterior motive admiteddly, but one that is meant for good. Only if you buy the Affiliate Marketing Secrets will you have to provide payment details, and that through PayPal, so you are protected. In the case of signing up for Wealthy Affiliate, NO credit card details are required at all!

      I hope that this has anwered your question and I look forward to seeing you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate!



  3. It is very easy to get things so wrong at the beginning that you begin to second guess your self. I’ve been there but I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes.
    Beginners need all the help they can get because though affiliate marketing sound easy, it really is not.
    This post will come in very handy to both new and experienced marketers.

    1. Hi Dennise,

      I agree with you totally. In my case I was misled into thinkling as I signed up to a training site for affiliate marketing I was going to be shown the way to get started, and what happened was they really were just trying to sell me more of the crap they were selling to members in the same situation as me.

      Needless to say I did not stick around long once I realized it was pretty much all hype. They also wanted you to pay for the privelege of promoting their mediocre products! This was the MLSP and one other such site. After spending time and money, plus wasted effort, I moved to Wealthy Affiliate and have not looked back!

      I am glad you also realize that affiliate marketing sounds easy but it is not of done correctly and you really want to have success and make a living doing it. It requires planning, execution, review, and more work. It is true that over time you can have yourself some nice passive income from some of your earlier efforts, in that some are evergreen in nature.

      Wealthy Affiliate and the other training package Affiliate Marketing Secrets provide the best base from which to start your own online marketing business that I have found, hence my recommendations in this tutorial for the two.

      I wish you all the success in the world and please do stop by again, it is always nice to learn from others, and we have a lot of that going on all the time!



  4. This is a great article regarding affiliate marketing. I am also in the industry and agree that while it is the business model I always recommend, it is NOT easy. You have given some great advice here.

    I am impressed with all the info you have throughout your site. I have taken a quick peek at some of your other articles and I will be coming back for a more indepth read when I can devote the time. I am sure I am in for some great tips and help with my own business!

    1. Hello Sue,

      Thanks for your thoughts and compliment, and as a member in this niche it sounds like you know what you are talking about…It is likely then that you also know about Wealthy Affiliate and maybe the other tool I expand on Affiliate Marketing Secrets. Both are well known in the industry…

      Regarrding the rest of the site, I am glad that you took some time to look through some of the other posts and reviews, tutorials, etc. There is a wealth of information that I have added over the past year that can help you. Even if you are no longer brand new to affiliate marketing…

      We always look for feedback and more discussion, so do stop by add yours as well! Best of luck to you with your affiliate marketing efforts!



  5. You’re totally right about affiliate marketing not being as easy as it sounds. I’m a newbie and there definitely is a lot to learn. Still though, the learning curve is only big at the beginning then it stabilizes as you recognize trends and understand what you are doing. The ability to eventually be able to earn money even while you sleep is a great incentive!


    1. Hi Reyhana,

      Everyone starts as a newbie so that is normal. Even those affiliate marketers that are now multi-millionaires started out as newbies. This is somehow an equalizer I think and actually good. Personally I have worked with and conversed with more than a few, and they have been lovely to work with.

      That is the reason that you will find more prople willing to share their experiences and knowledge in the online affiliate marketing niche I think. It does stabilize over time, as you say, especially if you have good guidance at the start.

      The tutorial here is intended to provide a good base to faster reach that stable point and does so by recommending Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing Secrets, two tools that will point you in the right direction right from the start.

      Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to you adding more to the site as you peruse some of the other posts, tutorials and content that you will find here.



  6. Nice post!! A real hardwork can be seen in this post. It was so good to read it. Thank you so much for sharing this post.


    1. Thanks much Harsh for your feedback! There is so much to learn when you first start out online, and this post was designed to lay it out from my perspective regarding some of the power secrets I know now that I wish I had known from the get-go! really takes some luck and effort to get pointed in the right direction. I imagine that many, like me, wasted their time and money when starting out…Please stop back again and check out some more of the info I have here, likely there will be a few that you can use. Cheers and have a great day! Dave

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