This is yet one more category of reviews that will be a integral portion of your online marketing program and warrants its own category of reviews due to the number, the price, and the effectiveness of such tools that are available to you.

Because there are so many options, it is hard to decide which of these tools may be the one that you can best use for your individual program.

Here yo will see a drop down menu when you click o this category, and the best-rated ones will always be at or near the top of the items in that menu.


There are three separate ratings you will find on each review generally, as follows:

(1) At the top of the review page, you will see a synopsis of the review results and stars, between one and five. The more stars the better the program.I give each program a rating for on a scale of 1 through 10, with the higher rating reflecting a better program.

(2) Secondly, I use also a number rating scheme, awarding between 1 through 10 for each product, with the higher number reflecting a better program that you can count on being practical and useful.

(3) Lastly, I will include a general up or down rating for the product, through adding in a  “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” for each reviewed product., and there will always be an explanation why I give the rating awarded.

Additionally, there will also be a thorough review in the accompanying content that you can read as well. From this content you will be able to see why I rated a product as I did.

Going back to the review menu, the ones that do not do so well will be found at or near the bottom of the menu.

The reason I at times do reviews on less than satisfactory products is that there are people that ask me what I think about a certain product, or I want to save readers from wasting their time and money. .

Many reviews you find when you do a search are intended only to get you to buy a product, so the affiliate writing the review can make a commission. Not here…

Each review you see here will always seek to be objective. You will find reasons a program may or may not be viable  for your use…I do include my own experience, if any, and at times provide either a video or screenshot examples of my hands-on use of the tool.


If you are relatively new to the online marketing world, you may be asking yourself why there is a need for such a tool.

Here’s why…: These help bring attention to what you are offering, whether to get a lead, promote a product, or sell your own product.

These help bring attention to what you are offering, whether to get a lead, promote a product, or sell your own product.

Such pop-ups must look professional, not be too intrusive, include elements that will convey your message clearly and effectively, and have strong calls to action.


There are many options to create such pop-ups, from WordPress plugins, to off-site creation sites, some that are very reasonable in price and a one-time outlay of money, while others are quite expensive and cost you on a monthly basis.

The job here is to provide you a clear picture of what it is that you are considering buying, so you can make an informed decision.


With no exception, any tools that are easy to use, effective and reasonably priced will get top ratings, while most will fall somewhere between the ideal and unacceptable.

So again, the tools that will work most easily for you are included at the top of my review list, and those less so will be in the middle to the bottom of the menu list for this category.


Read these reviews when you are considering buying such a tool. See what the competition may be doing and how the one you are considering buying stacks up against some of the ones reviewed here.


Lastly, I always ask for feedback for my pages and posts…Please take a moment to let me know what you are thinking, to ask me any questions you may have, or to add in any experiences you may have had regarding the subject.  We can all learn from your knowledge you share with us how to better make money online with our businesses! Thanks in advance…


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