This category of reviews is intended to cover products that will help you in creating landing pages, squeeze pages, opt-in pages, video sales letters, etc.

You will see coverage of products that are worthy of use, based on my own experience, and likely they are ones I use for my own online marketing program.

The top rated programs will always be on the top of the review menu you will see pop up when you click on this page so you can see those first.

I give each program a rating for on a scale of 1 through 10, with the higher rating reflecting a better program.

You will also note I provide an overall “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” for each reviewed product, and there will always be an explanation why I give the rating awarded.

Further down on the review menu for each category of products I review, you may see other reviews for products that I think are ones you should avoid.

I add these to help you avoid wasting your money or time, and because there are often too many less than objective reviews you will find in your searches prior to buying a product.

Many reviews are intended only to get you to buy a product, so the affiliate writing the review can make a commission.

Each review you see here will cover the product thoroughly and will always seek to be objective. You will find reasons a program may or may not be viable  for your use…I do include my own experience, if any, and at times provide examples of my hands on use of the tool.


Using various pages are a crucial element to a successful online marketing business. Through the use of such pages, you can present your offers and add in calls to action to get the viewers to take action, whatever you want them to do.

Such pages must look professional, include elements that will convey your message clearly and effectively, and have strong calls to action.

If you have good pages throughout your program, from opt-in to thank you pages for product sales deliveries, you are setting yourself up for success.

That is the goal, after all.

There are many options to create such pages, from ones that are very reasonable in price and a one-time outlay of money, to those that are quite expensive and where you pay on a monthly basis.


The reviews posted here will provide you a clear picture and suggest options that will work well for your program and provide value for the cost.

Reviews of products that offer good value for the money and are effective will be found near the top of the menu you will see when you click on the review menu.

Remember viewers of your pages should be  visually stimulated when they see your landing pages, and they should be psychologically ready to take the action you are calling for.

Knowing this, the focus on the review of programs will be on what they can do, how hard it is to use them, are they effective, and the cost.

There are multiple tools and software available today to create pages, but they are not created equally nor are they always as good as what their sales page may portray.

Reviews are a way for you to get some social affirmation of a product prior to spending your hard-earned money buying it.

The job here is to provide you a clear picture of what it is that you are considering buying, so you can make an informed decision.


Tools that are easy to use, intuitive, and will quickly allow you to to create professional looking landing pages that are effective is what you need for your online marketing progam.

If you are just starting with page creation, a simple to use program is best. As times goes on, and you become more familiar at knowing what you are trying to achieve with your page, you may want to add more complex tools that have additional features you are looking for.

So the tools that will work most easily are included at the top of my review list, and as you do become more knowledgeable, I have included reviews of some of the more robust video creation tools.


This site is set up to provide good and accurate information to help you in ALL the important elements you need for online marketing, whether you are a newbie, or a more advanced marketer.


I always ask for feedback…Please take a moment and let me know what you are thinking, ask any questions you may have, and add in your own experiences have been. We can all learn from your knowledge on how best to successfully make money online with our businesses! Thanks in advance…


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