This is a landing page creation app that I use on a regular basis and as a result of my successes with the program, I have decided to endorse it for my readers.

It has been on the market for awhile but there are likely visitors to the site that do not know about the app nor have they seen a review of it. This review is intended to fix that…Read on…


Landing Page Monkey


Front End Offer =    $37.00
One Time Offer 1 = $19.95
One Time Offer 2 = $67.00
One Time Offer 3 = $97.00


Best Value  – 9/10 Score



Below find a reviewer’s video of the software app Landing Page Monkey which I pulled from YouTube. The software has been on the market for a while, so pay no attention to the dates etc. The information applies today as it did then, and it also offers another perspective for you to in addition to my viewpoint.

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I have several areas I focus on with online marketing, to include affiliate marketing, video agency sales, marketing agency sales, and a hybrid on and offline business where I am selling physical products online using internet web sites.

For all of these endeavors, I needed an app that could quickly and easily create professional agency level landing pages that reflect who we are as a business and positively present our marketing efforts to the clients.

I have seen far too many spammy looking landing pages with garish graphics that look like they are simply thrown together on a landing page with no rhyme or reason. It definitely puts me off as a potential customer.

So almost at the start of intensely focusing on the online marketing business, I was looking for a decent and reasonable priced software program that could quickly create the pages I need and provide the tracking and etc. to do A/B testing of the pages…

After a lot of trial and error, and some money to be honest, I finallty settled on this tool. There are many other programs that are offered, some at no cost or ones that come with a trial. I went through at least four other alternatives before settling on this…


First of all, here is a quick down and dirty of its general capabilities:

  • Nothing to Install
  • Fast & Easy to Use
  • Works on ALL HTML pages
  • Works on ALL PHP pages
  • Works on WordPress/Blogs
  • Works in EVERY Browser
  • Works on Mobile Devices
  • ZERO 3rd party Script Clashes
  • 24/7 Support Included
  • Help Videos & Free Updates
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


OK, now that you know the general capabilities of the app, let’s dig down a bit more as to what it can do and how it works…

I have a lot going on daily keeping up with the businesses and sites I mentioned above, so for me I wanted something that was going to simplify my business. Landing Page Monkey does just that!

In fact, for me it turned out to be a game changer, because it freed me up immensely after implementing it for handling the myriad of other tasks business owners need to handle!

That probably sounds like a bold statement to you, but once you put Landing Page Monkey to work for you, I think you’ll agree with that statement.

That’s because this app gives the user a quick and easy way to make high-impact landing pages. I started out, like most people using Landing Page Monkey to create my basic opt-in pages.

First I set up a page with an opt-in form, along with a freebie to entice people to join the mailing list. I got this done in like 10 minutes! It looked fantastic and really looked professional.

The app was easy and quick – I added a background video to my lead-magnet page, and it really grabbed even my attention, the creator! Imagine how you’ll stop a busy visitor in his tracks too.

There are so many options, but one is the ability to add animation to your opt-in box, makes a great page look even better. You’ll definitely impress your visitors with your polished, cutting-edge lead page.

Why is that of concern? It is all about the end result? A better page and you will get a better conversion rate and a bigger mailing list for your use.

As I went along making different kind of pages, the capabilities of Landing Page Monkey kept on coming out more and more…I was just scratching the tip of the landing-page iceberg.

Next let me walk you through the kinds of pages I have created and additional ones that can be created using Landing Page Monkey: *See Note.

* NOTE: Landing Page Monkey has turned out to be a real work-horse for me, from literally 10 minutes after signing up and logging in, not to mention it has saved me hours and hours of time because of how easy it is to use! Take a look:

Sales Pages

I have used the app to creat wonderfully effective sales pages. Landing  Page Monkey works particularly well as a demo page when you set the demo video up as the background video. From the software itself, let me show you what I mean:

Let me show you a great demo of a video background page at:

===> <===

It gives you some ideas for your own business, doesn’t it?

Another way to do it is to put a static graphic as a background image, and insert your sales video into the box.

Here’s an example/demo for you at:

===> <===

Webinar Registration Pages

If you ever run webinars, or if you plan on doing so in the future, you can easily use the app for your registration pages. Landing Page Monkey can create a fantastic sales and registration page for your free webinars.

This page likely will be unlike anything your competitors are putting out, as you use your creativity and the ease of the app to create a totally unique layout.

All you have to do is to use the right copy in combination with Landing Page Monkey’s high-impact page design, and you’re sure to fill up your webinar’s virtual seats. It looks good and converts great!

Exit Pages

It is a fact that up to 99% of visitors will leave your site or sales page withoiut taking any action. Unfortunate but true. That means that virtually all of your traffic is leaving without buying or subscribing.

Even worse, most leave your site or blog post without clicking a thing. They may read your content and they move out. If you do not find a way to get such visitors on your mailing list, you’ve really lost a big income opportunity.

The above reads very harsh I know but these are facts, and as online marketers we need to face the facts and take action to alleviate the suffering.

Using the professional and captivating pages you can create at Landing Page Monkey will help you start capturing those visitors by creating a caaptivating opt-in page that highlights your valuable free offer.

Contest Registration Pages

I have a contest tool I like to use once in a while because it is so effective at getting people to opt-in for my mailing list or other purpose.

Assuming you are like me and you hold any sort of a contest every now and then, then this Landing Page Monkey is made for you! Using their quick creation process it is easy for you to get contestants registered by creating a contest landing page.

You can do it many ways of course, but you might consider including a background video on the page, showing some of the prizes contestants could win if they enter by signing up. That will pull them in!

Information Request Forms

One idea that the developers offer for a twist on a regular lead-magnet page, using a bit of the old school mentality is that instead of you offering a free downloadable video, software or other digital product, you offer instead an “information packet” through the postal mail.

They provide an example of the marketing niche of selling vacation packages…You can offer a “vacation guide” to be sent in the mail to the prospect. Such a guide might be a hard copy book or an external USB stick.

This way you can get not only the prospect’s email address, but also you can get their “snail mail” postal address. To do this, you can simply in a couple of mouse clicks add the required custom fields to your autoresponder form, move over to  Landing Page Monkey, and in a few short minutes you can finish a beautiful, professional landing page to start pulling in those leads.

Rebate Processing Forms

Yet one more way to use Landing Page Monkey is to create a rebate processing form right on your site. First you can add custom fields to your autoresponder, so as they buy you collect the  client’s receipt number plus other relevant information, then let Landing Page Monkey create the landing page for you! It’s very easy, it’s very effective, and this strategy will boost conversion rates.

OK…Now You Know…

So, you just learned from my experiences and from the app capabilities about seven different types of pages you can create super-fast with Landing Page Monkey.

But this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. Just look at your own business – any time you need to capture any sort of information onto a mailing list, Landing Page Monkey can create the page for you.

It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s profitable – so log into your Landing Page Monkey dashboard today and see how many high-impact pages you can create before the day is through!




Over the past three months I have used the app for opt-in pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, front end offers, exit pages and video sales pages. The app has worked flawlessly for me, and the pages look much better than I could have done on my own.

I also saved a huge amount of time creating all these pages. I did try a couple of other page creation softwares just to see the difference, but either the price was not close to Landing Page Monkey, or it did not perform as well. It came down to price and value provided and Landing Page Monkey won paws down!

The only one that came close was ClickFunnels, and it was priced at $297 a month! This is truly the “Mercedes Benz” of funnel and page creation apps, but the cost quite honestly is way to high for my liking. I believe in spending only what is needed to be spent to be effective.


I did a search on Google and Bing looking for testimonials for the app. I did not find any that said it was not an acceptable program, there were some that deadpanned it, but they were generally promoting another competitive product. Go figure…

This IS a program that I bought and have tested now for the last 3 months. It does everything it says it will do and then some! You are only limited with your imagination as to the pages you can use the tool for, and it really works well. I have saved many hours of work and also a lot of money by not having to pay a site such as click funnels or similar, plus I am not paying a designer at high rates to do my pages. Landing Page Monkey does a wonderful job and the pages convert!


Based on the many postive attributes this app has included in the basic package, and my personal use over an extended period of time, I must say that the program offers a huge amount of value for its price. The basic package does provide enough to have work effectively for you (I purchased the FE and OTO1 offers) , but have a look at the upgrades (OTOs) to see if they may work for you…

As of now, many thousands of people use it, and I have heard or seen no negative reviews (I checked this before I bought the app). On the contrary, there are many that swear by this app. I am saving you the time to do that here, but feel free to check yourself if yu need to, then come back here to buy! ; )

Compared to other landing page apps that are out there, this one is very reasonable in that there is a one time cost only, no monthly fees as with so many other similar tools, and it is just as effective, if not more so, than the competitors out there, due to its unique ability to add video to the background of pages, as well as it being so easy to use.


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - No More Monkeying Around With Landing Page Monkey

Thumbs UP! This definitely provides more value than it costs!


36 thoughts on “No More Monkeying Around With Landing Page Monkey

  1. I haven’t worked at all with landing pages yet, I haven’t quite gotten there. The whole idea of a landing page seems so simple, but I guess the simplicity depends on the medium used to create that function.

    I will look into working with landing pages among other things very soon, so that you for writing about Landing Page Monkey.


    1. Today I saw an email from a different affiliate marketer on this tool. Your review was helpful and confirms what the other marketer was saying. This tool seems legitimate. Can I get it through your site?

      1. Hello Taran. Yes you can. I also have a bonus page that you will be taken to when you do get it through me, and there you will have access to not only the bonuses but the software tool as well…Note this is a web-based tool, meaning that you just will have to gain access and then you can get there using any of your devices you may be using, very handy at times. Best of luck!

    2. Hi Bryan,

      Yes this is a part of the Wealthy Affilate program at some point I believe. Landing Page Monkey is a tool (web based app) you will need when you start to think about increasing traffic to your site and posts plus to get them to subscribe and take action (buy) on your affiliate offers, etc.

      When you are ready to get started, look carefully at the options you will find….There are many but most are limited or very expensive and monthly versus a one time purchase like this software is…

      This tool called Landing Page Monkey has been around for over a year now, and has been selling well, reaching the evergreen status (Meaning it is something that will sell well again and again over time, it is timeless). This is so because it really works, and provides such a value for the price.

      Some of the new landing page tools can make more fancy pages and add buttons, etc but they cost more…This on the other hand is a very simple and effective when you start, it can quickly get expensive as you start trying to automate and ramp up sales and overall online business!

      Please come back and have a look at other items on the page that may help you. For instance I just posted a review on my new CLICKS Magazine which will provide a monthly magazine right to your inbox! You will enjoy the up to date latest information found therein for keeping up and also possible areas you need to tace action in with your own online marketing program…



  2. Thanks for your review of landing page monkey. It sounds like a great product and a time saver. What exactly are the upsells for and are they necessary or just added fluff that is no benefit to me? I appreciate your honest review. I LIKE that i can save so many hours of work,making creation of pages easier.

    1. HI Kristie!

      Yes I really enjoy the ease of use, the effectiveness it offers, and the fact that it is fast. There are some newer tools out there with more bells and whistles, but they come at a great cost. When you are starting this is a good and complete solution that comes at a one time payment price versus high to very high monthly subscription costs.

      The upsells total three. The OTO 1 is called Rapid Mailer, and is a good one if you need something like this. It assists in setting up sending and tracking of your email posts to leads. Autoresponders do a similar thing, but they do not do a lot of things this OTO does.

      The OTO 1 costs $67 USD, one time only, as with Landing Page Monkey, but focuses on the mailing process end of online marketing businesses, as opposed to the landing pages area. I would look through and see if it is something you could use.

      Myself, I did not get it, not because it was not good, rather my list and sales sizes do not warrant soending the money at this point. Very shortly this will not be the case I am sure lol!

      The second OTO is more or less a training course on how to builf traffic quickly. It consist of 10 videos that walk you through the steps to get an aggressive program in place to get this kick started. I listened to part of the first, and although interesting, I felt I did not need it. The cost for this is $19.95.

      The third OTO is a an offer of info kits for you to give or sell to prospective clients. Giving away valued and useful ebooks and the like will entice these prospects to sign up on your list is the thought process here. It costs $97 one time only, not a bad idea….I also did not take this, I wanted to wait and see what was a smart move (I have a lot of free info already available).

      Hope this helps! Please sign up to my page to get your monthly free copy of CLICKS magazine, a monthly that will go out automatically to my subscribers and clients. This focuses on what is happening in the market today and has some calls to action for businesses, online and offline. Have a look on my page here, I just wrote a post on it a couple of days ago. You could get ideas for your Landing Page Monkey landing pages and campaigns you will create!



      1. This is a tool that I can use. I will be checking Landing Page Monkey out right now. It has everything I need from what you are telling me here. The price also is very reasonable, I have seen a lot of sites offer a monthly subscription for page creation and hosting, and they have much fewer features than this page creator. Good review.

        1. Yes Taran, this is an excellent and reasonably priced tool you can use often. It will save you a lot of money over time, and Landing Page Monkey is a very versatile and easy to use tool. Enjoy and let us know how it has worked for you!

  3. Wow your site is something to marvel at really professional ! It’s like a gambling machine things popping up and lighting up all over the place ,i love it .This site is definitely an eye catcher!
    Personally i think it is very informative and easy to navigate around.
    I hope it goes well for you take care!.

    1. Hi there Clive,

      Thanks for the comments on the site, I do appreciate them….I have not been told that it looks like a gambling site before, but that is not a bad analogy in a lot of ways lol!

      BUt what about the aeticle you came here to read? Did the bells and whistles distract you to where you did not have a chance to look through it? There is a lot of good information in the post that can help you get some action for yourself, and I am not talking about a slot machine!

      Commission Gorilla is an app that will leverage your conversions by up to 5x! That is a remarkable statement and seems to be untrue. BUt this is fact, data from over one year showed that this was the effect…If you offer bonuses to people that are buying products through your link, more will buy than otherwie.

      Add in the fact that right now the price is super low for what you get, and you can see where I am going…It should be something we all invest in asap! Even if you are a relatively new marketer, it can help you quickly, it takes little knowledge or experience to implement , and it is easy…Check it out for yourself!



  4. Hi Dave
    I’ve been looking for new ways to improve my website and Landing Monkey sounds like a really interesting idea. Building your own webpages can seem like a pretty long-winded affair and at least at the moment I don’t feel that I have the creative or technical expertise to be able to do that. If he wants to put a professional image across you need to make a great first impression – we all know how in a job interview your fate can be decided within just the first few seconds! I will certainly be looking into Landing Monkey to use on my website and I will let you know how I get on.

    1. I have heard that Monkey Playr is going to a monthly subscription? If so I guess I better buy it now, from your review this is an excellent and useful tool for my video marketing. Is the link on this post still valid for buying it through you?

      1. Hi Makendra, Yes you are right. The developers are having one last sales period where you can get lifetime access The link above still works, yes, and I have a bonus page that you can check out as well if you like…Here is the link for the bonus page: is the bonus page…The lifetime access offer is over as of 23 May, so I would suggest acting soon! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment to by the way….Cheers! Dave

    2. Hello Mark,

      Yes the Landing Page Monkey is a really good tool to use to quickly create those cool web landing pages you see some of the big marketers use. It does take a little creativity because there is not as much done for you (although everything is there, you decide how you will put the elements together)…

      Here is a tip for you: Use a program like Landing Page Monkey to quickly create a page that is modeled on one that is already successful and selling for other marketers. This is like reverse engineering, in that you work your way backwards from the successful page to seeing what it looks like, and then create one that is very similar (not copying)…

      You can take this one step further by doing research to see where the marketer is advertising the page and product, and but space on the same platforms! I can almost guarantee that you will be able to siphon some of those sales to your product, adding to your commissions!

      Cheers and best of luck…Thanks for stopping by and providing your feedback!

      Dave : )

  5. HI I new to website and affiliate marketing so coming across this has been somewhat helpful but I’m still a noob and I know the meaning of a landing page but actually not sure whatsit means as I don’t know what my landing page is they just seem to land on whatbpage they type in I am interested in this product but really haven’t got a clue

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for stopping by…Being a newbie is a point that every online marketer started at so this is no issue. You are likely feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the information, tips, tools, lessons, and etc. being thrown at you. Basically affiliate marketing (and other types of online marketing for that matter) all require three elements to be in place for a successful business…

      The first is an offer or something you want to sell to another. In affiliate marketing, often the offer is done either in a straightforward manner, i.e. a review or ad or a video, etc. The point is you have to present whatever it is you are selling in some manner. Content is still king (i.e. blog sites, reports) but you can also use a mix to give content a “kick” i.e. adding videos, pictures, infographics, banners, timers, scarcity, etc.

      Once you have this in place (or more posts/blogs/info) you then want to capture the leads that take action to possibly buy what you are selling. You want to do this because then you can establish a relationshio with them over a period of time and whether or not they follow through on buying that item you are selling, you want this. Once you have them in your list, you can send out value oriented emails with information or tools they can use and then when you do have something of value to sell, send that as well via email…

      To capture their information, online marketers typically use what they call an opt-in page or form. This is simply an area they can add their name and email, and get whatever you are providing as a goveaway for doing so….Then from there they may also be sent to the sales page (squeeze page or landing page as some call it)…

      These two areas are where Landing Page Monkey comes in…This tool can quickly put together a very effective page for you and all of the coding etc. is done for you….They use a very simple system that allows you to add a variety of elements to your form or page, and then you can review it prior to publishing…

      This form or page can be stored anywhere, but you have to set up links between pages so the prospect is sent from one place to the other as they take or do not take action. Simple concept and makes sense. Sales people have been doing this for ages, it now is just online!

      Lastly to have success you need people to buy. To get people into the system and buy, you need traffic. That is the other leg of the equasion (there are offshoots such as affiliate pages that come in when dealing with a series of such landing or squeeze pages, where you want others to pormote your product and provide materials to help them do so, but that is a bit more complicated that it has to be here)…

      So Landing Page Monkey can help to draw traffic as well. You attract people by giving away something they desire. The pages created help sell the giveaway and your site/product possibly. You can also create pages for other things like adverts for a webinar, a video sales letter, a contest, an event, etc. The possibilities are endless. This program not only creates the pages, their host provider will store it for you (all you need is the address or link then)…

      This is kind of drilling down a bit I know, but I hope it has helped. Also check out a site like Wealthy Affiliate, which is an excellent site to learn right from the start how to set up a successfull online marketing business. There you will learn about the above and a LOT more! The price is reasonable (I have a review here on the site of you would like to go through it at

      There also is another thing here (actually many things lol) that may interest you…I have just started a monthly magazione called CLICKS and it contains articles on the latest in the