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This is a handy add-on to the MonkeyPlayr video tool that is currently being offered at a reasonable one-time price (through the 26 May 2016).

I have purchased it for my own video marketing program, and it is quite simple to use and I can see where it will be very effective for my own video marketing program.

To use MailGate you will need to have the MonkeyPlayr tool, and if you need to see what that tool is all about, I have a review right here on the site for you to check ou…Below you will have a link to check that out…

Meanwhile, let’s get started in reviewing this neat tool that will leverage your current video efforts to the next level when it comes to getting new leads to opt into your subscriber list…

Mail Gate Tool Logo


NAME OF PRODUCT:         Mail Gate

DEVELOPER:                             Promote Labs, Inc

COST OF PRODUCT:            $40.00 USD

MY RATING:                                10/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:     Thunbs Up for Product

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This is a very simple add-on tool to the MonkeyPlayr tool that allows you to easily grab opt-ins for viewers of any video that you are showing on your sites or posts.

With a few steps, you can add in an opt-in form to the video you are showing, and by connecting with the autoresponder that you are using, grab the content information of viewers.

It works seamlessly with the basic tool and with it, you can quickly add new subscribers to your list. It has options to allow your viewers to decline to provide their contact information or you can make it mandatory to view the video.

Here is an image of what the overlay looks like:

MailGate Overlay for MonkeyPlayr

If you will notice, you can see the underlying video as the opt-in form is displayed. This shows the viewer that there is something to look at before they provide their information.

Note there is an option where you can just capture the email versus the first and last name along with the email. That form overlay looks as follows:


MailGate opt-in overlay email only

You can also change the button color and text for your call to action, so you can use this overlay for more than building a lead list.

Maybe you would want to provide information on a sale, limited time offer, etc. All easily done using this tool.

Literally by selecting the options you have and making some minor adjustments you can have your MailGate opt-in up and running in less than a minute!


Buy MailGate NOW by clicking on the button directly below:

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As stated the main use is to get new leads for your lists. Once you have them added, you can then build a rapport with them through email offers and information you send.

I like the feature of being able to overlay this on ANY video, it does NOT have to be your video. Let’s say I am doing a review (kind of like this one) and I wanted to pull in a video review by someone else from Youtube to show everyone how it works. I simply add this overlay and I can capture that lead.

Another way I can see this tool working well is for viral videos. Using the tool, you can capture an already popular video and add it on your site. To view it, or to continue to view it, the visitor would have to provide their contact information, and you have the lead!

This tool can be used to build segmented lists, which will help you later in your marketing efforts. Let’s say you wanted to build a list of people interested in online education. Simply set up the autoresponder you are using to capture these and you are on your way.

Perhaps the video is announcing a special or a discount for some product. That segmented list could then be used to send out targeted offers later because you know that these people are interested in deals.

The list goes on regarding how this tool can be used, suffice it to say that you are limited only by your imagination on how it will help you grow your online marketing business…


There are many reasons to consider this tool…

The pros include:

(1) Ease of use,

(2) Ability to quickly put the tool into use with many of your videos you are currently using for your video marketing program,

(3) Ability to integrate the tool with the main autoresponders in use today, and the relatively low cost

(4) The relatively low-cost it brings you for new subscribers over time  (it will continue to decrease because the tool is sold at a one-time price)…

(5) Also, this is a standalone product, there are no upsells to buy that may offer more features, it is what it is and does what it says it does (refreshing!).

The cons…

Regarding cons, really I cannot see too many. I guess the initial cost will be one for some ( I think the cost is reasonable but some may not), and the other consideration is that you will have to have MonkeyPlayr to be able to integrate this tool with (may require more money if you have not purchased this already).

Together, you are getting a great package, of that I can assure you. I have both and they work well to now, no issues whatsoever. The pros far outweigh the cons. Consider that you will save money on video hosting fees, and also that you will lower subscriber costs, this is a ‘no-brainer’ for me.


There are a number of bonuses offered by the product developers, plus I have added in a few as well.

Here is a description of each…


Bonus 2 for Commission Guerilla


Videos For Profit eBook

Video Cheats Bonus


Super Affiliate Shortcuts eBook


Conversion Rocket eBook

BOTTOM LINE: As you can see, these bonuses are designed to help you incorporate the add-on tool Mail Gate and MonkeyPlayr with the rest of your online marketing program.

You will get access to these bonuses after you purchase MailGate. If you are NOT redirected to my bonus page, please send me an email so I can provide you the link. A simple email with your purchase receipt is all you have to do, and again, only if you are not redirected…My email address is…

Buy the add-on, be sure to remember that to use it you will need the base program MonkeyPlayr, and get started now!

NOTE: In case you missed it above, below is the review page for MonkeyPlayr…This tool is being offered at a one-time price at the moment, but it will go to a monthly subscription after the Launch period is over (26 May 2016), so take action now! 



If you do not need to read a review on this useful and money-saving tool, you can also buy it right here…Just click on the image and you will be taken to the sales page…


Monkey Plyr Logo and slogan picture

Okay, I think you likely already surmised what my rating is for this tool, but still, again for you is the result…


This is a product that is simple and easy to use and offer a great deal of value for the money. It will pay for itself many times over as you use it for your video marketing efforts. It is rated a definite buy…

Thunbs Up for Product


This is a rather shorter than usual review of a tool, and the reason is that it is straightforward as to what this tool can do for your online marketing program and why you should consider using it. Remembering what the acquisition cost is per lead, it represents a real value and leverages the power you already have with MonkeyPlayr to be able to add new subscribers to your lead list  with very little extra work on your part.

In short, MailGate offers a tremendous amount of value for the price. I highly recommend you invest the money into the tool!

Buy MailGate NOW by clicking on the button directly below:

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10 things to know for lead magnets


I like to review tools that I either use personally or would use. Too many reviewers look for products that they can trash to get traffic to their sites. they add in sensational headlines, and not much real infor the reader can use…

My preference is to seek out good products that will do what they say they will. These are what online marketers need, not more hot air that does not help them…

Note that it is not always the case that a product is suitable, once I start doing the research, but mostly what I recommend here you will find useful either way. I just prefer to focus more on products that work, as MailGate does, in tandem with MonkeyPLayr.

Please let me know below in the comments your thoughts about this add-on tool for MonkeyPlayr. We all can learn when we share our experiences! Thanks in advance!


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