2019 06 06 0900 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses
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Hi, Everyone…

This is a product that caught my eye because I am always interested in finding tools that help automate the many tasks that we all have to take care of day in and day out. Content is something that you can quickly fall behind on. The more websites and niches you enter, the worse it can get.

Key for me is that any automation tool does what it says and not cause more work than it solves. I mean that when it comes to content, you want to provide fresh and unique information that is going to add value to the reader who stops by wherever you are publishing whether it be on a blog website, an e-commerce site, or perhaps on a membership site.

It is with this perspective that I dived into the review access I was granted to see what is inside, how it works, and determine if it is a practical tool for the likes of us in the trenches to consider using for our own online businesses. I do think you will pick up some valuable points fro this review, and whether you buy this or not, you can apply them to your business.

Let’s get started…


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Product Details


2019 06 06 0859 300x115 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses


Vendor: Neil Napier and Ijlal Ahmed
Product: Content Gorilla
Launch Date: 6 June 2019
Launch Time: 4 Days
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: $17/month or $27 one time (OTO Pricing See Below)
Niche: Content marketing, Viral Marketing, Social Marketing 
Recommend: Highly Recommended
Guarantee: Yes (see below)


2019 06 06 0859 300x115 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses


To help you get an idea quickly about what the Content Gorilla platform and the product is all about, I have added an explainer video that will take you through the highlights. Have a look and see what you think…


2019 06 06 0859 300x115 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

Okay, now you have an idea of what you will gain access to with Content Gorilla. If you are ready to buy this and get instant access…

Here is the link to buy

Content Gorilla!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!


If you need more information, no worries, I have expanded on this offer directly below…

Let’s dig down a bit deeper on who the developers are…



2019 06 06 0903 300x159 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses


Who Are Neil Napier & Ijlal Ahmed?

Neil is a long-time online marketer who has created a litany of products for fellow marketers over the years that I have known him. He has had great success and has helped and is still helping a lot of people with their businesses through the platforms he has built. This latest launch is intended to help with creating new and fresh content that is based on what is popular across the internet.

He had a partner named Ijlal Ahmed for this product as well, and although I do not know this person, you can bet that Neil did some close checking to see if it was a good fit to work together. Their newest platform, Content Gorilla, has a nice layout at first glance and my own access and checking showed me that this tool will help marketers. Ijlal Ahmed seems to have been deeply involved with this product.

If there is someone that is more serious about helping all of us online marketers get about our jobs of building our businesses, I cannot think of them. Neil is a go-to guy for solutions, and I have had very good luck with the products that I have used from his launches over the past four years. I have not tried them all, only the ones that fit with my marketing strategy.

Now let’s move on to what you get with Content Gorilla…



2019 06 06 0859 300x115 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

What Is Content Gorilla?

You can pull up the latest trending videos in any niche and create an article post using the verbiage found in the video. Of course, you will want to do some editing and perhaps add to the content that you pull in off the video to make it unique and perhaps add your own style, personality, and additional information that you feel is pertinent.

The advantage is that you can more quickly get to publishing that content and video, and you will be able to provide more content with the time you are saving (or get some other online business tasks done that are hounding you). You can also use what is popular on the YouTube platform and get more attention to your content as you share your version on your blog, your social accounts, and elsewhere.


Here is a list of some of the things you can do with Content Gorilla:

2019 06 06 0900 001 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

As you see, the list of features is huge. From converting the voice to text to adding relevant images, grammar correction, a content spinner (if you choose to use this tool), changing video tags to content tags, it automates much of the process of using content from the videos that you are pulling in.


Let’s have a look inside at the dashboard…

You can work ahead and schedule when you want to post your content to the connected websites, schedule them for posting later in the day, or do so immediately.  If you notice there is a WordPress plugin (item 4) that you can install so you can schedule and post this content without having to log in and posting manually (see the dashboard image below).

The sites you have added, the scheduler tool, plus the settings are found on the left side of the dashboard (items 1, 2 & 3). As you can see, everything is intuitively laid out and it is easy to navigate from area to area to get your work done. I found it really easy to set up and it worked very well for me.


2019 06 06 0853 001 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

Some of the other areas that I would like to highlight that are always of concern to the customer is the support they can expect. I went through the support links and they have a nice start with FAQ and also a support ticket system in place. I did not try to use it but all that I saw was working properly.

Note that Neil has always been able to convince his team of the importance of providing good customer support, and this tool is no different. I am sure that you will get what you need from them. I always have even though my use of their platforms for support has been minimal over the years.


Here is a look at the Knowledge Base:

2019 06 06 0853 300x297 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses


Lastly, I want to reiterate what you will get as a user of Content Gorilla:

2019 06 06 0901 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

That wraps up what all you get, and from the demo video, you can see what you will be able to do with Content Gorilla. I am pretty sure if you are looking for a way to automate some of the content creation tasks you are faced with, this tool can be a useful piece for you.



2019 06 06 0859 300x115 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

How Can You Best Use Content Gorilla?

I can think of many ways to use it and also many market segments of the online marketing world can use this. Whether you are using it for affiliate marketing, selling your own products, or for getting attention to the content that you want to promote, this tool will help. It is easy to set up and connecting it to your website is also fast and easy.

I would focus on the subjects that will enhance the other content on my website and then add native ads and pop-ups and banners to point people stopping to read and view the content and video to your offers. You might also add in a chatbot and possibly a lead magnet to further increase the results from having the content you generate from Content Gorilla.


Are There Upsells To The Front End Offer for Content Gorilla?

Here is what the front end and one-time offers look like:

2019 06 06 0902 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

As you can see, there are three upsells after the front end offer. The prices are as indicated, and during the initial early bird portion of the launch, there may be some specials (I do not know as of this point). Once the launch period is over. Content Gorilla will go to a monthly pricing model, which makes sense so they can maintain the tool and pay for hosting servers, support, and development people going forward.

So if you decide that Content Gorilla can work for you, my recommendation is to get in during the launch period and pay the one-time price. The prices for the upsells will also rise after the launch period, so the best time to get them too is during this launch week. Note that some are annual payment subscriptions too, either during the launch week or after…Please have a look at each to make sure you understand.

Now I want to go into what features you will get with each level of the product as indicated above.

Here they are…

(1) Front End: Main Product Content Gorilla

  • Convert any YouTube video into a fully formatted WordPress blog post.
  • Auto images: Image related to the video user select gets automatically added into the post to make it more appealing. User can drag/drop more images into the content if he wishes.
  • Built-in 1 click spinner to make sure the variation of content is unique.
  • Built-in 1 click grammar correction.
  • Video tags to Post tags conversion – helps with search engine rankings.
  • 1 click multi-publish. Publish the same post (with different variations of spin) to multiple blogs at the same time. (Ideal for building a PBN)
  • Advanced search allows you to fetch all videos from a YT channel and/or playlist.
  • The bulk poster. Ability to create instantly or schedule up to 10 posts for up to 10 days.
  • BONUS: Course on building a WordPress website from scratch that works best with Content Gorilla.


(2) One Time Offer 1 (Upsell #1): Added Features and Bonus Course

  • Tray feature: Let’s user combine up to 10 videos to make a longer, bigger post that go viral or even list-like articles that get ranked on top of search engines.
  • Syndication feature: Let’s user syndicate their posts to top social media channels using Buffer (& OnlyWire coming soon), increasing their websites social signals and in return giving higher rankings.
  • Scheduler: Let’s user 100% automate their content creation job. Truly set & forget. User can define a few keywords and frequency of the post and Content Gorilla will automatically post the content related to their keywords upon their defined interval for infinity. It’s almost as if they’re getting their own personal content writer.
  • BONUS: Training on how to monetize Content Gorilla created websites with Adsense.


(3) One Time Offer 2 (Upsell #2): Agency Version

  • Ability to add users plus user management panel and a course that shows how we’re making $3000/m selling a mass service of website creation and management.
  • Proof can be shown upon request.


(4) One Time Offer 3 (Upsell #3): Unknown…

  • This has not been added yet, but my guess it will be a reseller upsell or similar. I have seen this last option with many such products. It could be that they have not decided yet what to add or what to charge.
  • My recommendation is to have a look as you are going through the funnel.


Note that just the Front End offer will be enough as it provides all the basic capability that you will need to make the tool function as intended. The upsells are there to further enhance the tool and make it even more useful for your business.  

Pros and Cons of Content Gorilla

I think the pros are that you can more quickly create content and get it posted on your websites to start drawing in traffic to the other offers that you may have on your website. This is how I could see using it Most certainly you could also create an entirely new website and quickly add unique content as well then start using the traffic you will pull in for promotions.

Traffic is the main concern whether you have a new website or an established one. Once you start adding content using the Content Gorilla, you still will have to promote it on the social platforms and accounts to gain visibility. If you do not get the traffic you will not be able to get leads, sell anything, or make commissions or profits.

This tool does take care of one piece of that conundrum. Getting the content together can be painstaking and time-sucking. This tool will help reduce that for you.

On the other side, there is a cost in using such a tool if you are not diligent about how you use it. You need to make sure that the content that you publish (whether from Content Gorilla or elsewhere) is unique, engaging, useful, and helps improve the user experience for your site visitors.

This tool can be a crutch and rather than taking the time to make sure that the SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords are captured within the content as recommended, you could end up hurting your chances for getting additional organic (free) traffic from the search engines.

So the cons over the cost for me would be a tendency for some to be lazy and not follow the prescribed measures for content that they publish. Of course, these people likely aren’t doing it anyway, so it may not hurt them, but they also will not get the increase in traffic or business they may expect with this automation tool.

I have seen other tools similar to this one and had users complain that they did not get results when in reality, they were not using the tool properly.


My Final Verdict on Content Gorilla

I give this a green light and a buy recommendation with the caveat that you must understand what the tool is used for and follow through with any content that you may pull from YouTube videos as follows: It is edited and checked for accuracy, grammar, uniqueness, keyword density, etc. prior to publication.

The upsells are nice to have if you need the additional features, but not necessary to have a fully functional tool that will help you create more content faster for your websites and niches. Please keep this in mind and buy only what you need and will use. Too often I see online marketers but one product after another, only to have it sit on their hard drive unused.

This is a BUY recommendation from me…

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Here is the link to buy