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Hi, Everyone…

Today I am starting a new series of posts on my e-commerce journey. I will add in notes, thoughts, case studies, training, and tips over this series, and using the search feature on the site you will be able to find subjects of interest to you.

The reason I am doing this is to help you and myself. I regularly keep a diary of what my daily activities entail, and this is helpful as I go about building my online business. This series will bring some of the highlights of that running notebook right to you…

I also have Facebook groups and pages that I will use to share these posts, and between all of them, we will get the word out to as many people as possible. Of course, I will also work to make sure that what I post is going to help you.

As more people become aware of this series, I am hoping that they add their own experiences, their questions, tips, advice as well to what I have published, and together we grow our business. That is the grand plan for the series, now let’s dig into what I will cover today…

Where It Began…

I started my online journey a little over three years ago, not long at all compared to my background in marketing and sales (over 20 years) and my military career (25 years). I have, however, come a long way over these last few years, from a neophyte to having a pretty good grasp on the essentials of what it takes to make a living online.

I dabbled in offline marketing to businesses, as I thought with my background it would be an easy transition, and soon discovered that there were too many things I just did not know. It was a bit of money thrown at an idea, and it did make me realize I needed to gain a strong base of knowledge about online marketing prior to spending much money or effort, or I would be wasting my time…

Shortly after getting started online I came to across a super training site called Wealthy Affiliate. You can find reviews of that site right here on this blog – WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW. The excellent training and support I found helped point me in the right direction for all that has followed. I am forever grateful for having that site available to me.

Affiliate Marketing…

The Wealthy Affiliate site taught me how to set up niche websites (this is one!), plan for a niche to focus on, how to plan and create effective posts and reviews that included SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to get organic (free) traffic, and answer all of the many questions a newbie will have as they get started (I had a million!).

I started some IM sites and got busy creating useful posts on all aspects of online marketing, publishing posts on a pace that was unsustainable. Of course, it takes time to get attention to your content, and I found myself getting burned out. Lots of work, lots of content, but few results. This kind of marketing online takes time. You have to have patience and fortitude!

Today I still am into affiliate marketing, but to augment that income (commissions from sales of products, tools, and services) I decided I needed to expand my horizons for online marketing. I really intended to make this into a full-time income and I knew I needed to make some changes.

That is when e-commerce came to mind. I read lots of stories of people making massive amounts of money quickly. That was attractive to me (and likely is to you too!?), so I decided to dig into it and see if it was something that might work for me.

My E-Commerce Move…

There are a number of so-called ‘gurus’ out there that are anxious to sell you their latest idea or get rich scheme at a high cost (much like affiliate marketing ‘gurus’) but for the most part, I feel that these are a waste of money, at least from what I experienced.

The business itself is easy to conceptualize as is affiliate marketing. The devil is in the details.

These e-commerce series of posts you will find on my site will cover every aspect of planning, setting up, and operating a successful e-commerce business. I do not need a lot of money from you to pass this on, rather together we will grow.

Schedule of Posts:

I have in mind an orderly set of published posts that will take you from the beginning stages right through advanced techniques and tactics. Over time, you will have the complete picture to include detailed tips and advice, based on my own journey on how to go about your business.

Training, Tips, Tools, and Advice…

Inside the posts, I will offer you access to some of the materials that I have developed or purchased that will help you. Of course, I will most of the time give them away for free, or better said, in return for your email address and name.

This is an essential element of any online business. Building a list of people that are all interested in similar things will allow you to communicate with them on a regular basis. That is what I want to do. Of course, we will also build the Facebook group and business pages at the same time…

My hope is that we get a lot of interested people as more and more see that I am here to help, and there are a lot of other people that are just the same as they are – looking for some candid, no BS advice and training. Together we will make this into something special.

What’s In This For Me?

I get to lay out my thoughts and journey for you to follow, pass on my own insights as to what worked and did not work from my own e-commerce efforts, and you get to gain the insights and add YOUR insights, experiences, and advice. I like that.

Of course, I do have other services that I offer the online marketer: training, video creation, bot services, content, app services, etc. My hope is that some of you will decide that one or more of these will be something that you can use to leverage your own efforts and become successful faster when it comes to online business.

What’s In It For You?

You will have access to first-person, real-time details on how someone who is growing a solid business online is doing it. The steps, the mistakes, the successes and the failures. You can save yourself from making the same mistakes and go on to make your own!

Here you can share your own experiences with other like-minded people. Together we are stronger than individuals and you can lean on and tap into the other people who are also working their businesses. You also will get access to the many free tools and other content I will offer.

So It Begins…

Now that you know a little bit of where I have been and where I am going, and how I plan to help you get started or grow your online e-commerce business, I do hope that you will check in here and on the Facebook Group and Business pages I have to stay abreast and become a participating member of our community…

Here is an image of some of these Facebook pages:

2018 04 30 2111 - My eCom Journey - Dave's Daily Journal Issue #1What Are The Pages About?

If you look through the list, you will see that they are a combination of training, review, and online store support sites. Today, the Facebook platform has about 1.3 billion users a day. You simply cannot ignore that platform if you are involved in online business.

How Do I Use The Pages?

I have groups where like-minded people post their ideas, questions, hints, and tips, and we all share with one another. I also add in any such content that I find in the many other groups I belong to that can help us all. For the store business pages, I have a live catalog of items that are synced directly with the store websites.

To get more interaction with site visitors and customers, I also am in the process of deploying a bot tool where AI comes into play. Having a series of preplanned responses for customers and visitors increases engagement, helps sales, and lets these people know that you are interested in their business.

You will see that same bot here on this website soon, I am in the process of implementing it now across all of my sites (it takes time and planning)…The one I am using now is a slimmed down version of what is coming. The bot tool works in tandem with the Facebook Messenger tool, and it has a lot of promise (you will learn why as we go along with this series)…

Here are just a couple of shots of what  these pages (and the associated stores) look like if you go to Facebook and find them:

(1) PureWhite Shop:

2018 05 01 0341 001 - My eCom Journey - Dave's Daily Journal Issue #1

(1a) Facebook Business Page:

2018 05 01 0340 - My eCom Journey - Dave's Daily Journal Issue #1

(2) Reva 5 Star Shop

2018 05 01 0341 - My eCom Journey - Dave's Daily Journal Issue #1

(2a) Asscoiated Facebook Business Page

2018 05 01 0338 - My eCom Journey - Dave's Daily Journal Issue #1

I could go on and on (altogether currently I have about 20 websites of one sort or another, and many more social accounts supporting them). This seems like a lot, I know. It is. The only way to keep up is to have some automation in place as well as some help ( I have both).

We will learn more about how I manage all this and some of the problems I have had keeping up with it all (and maybe you can suggest some new techniques or tools as we go along too!). Over time you will see how I came to the conclusion that I needed to build this business platform as I have and continue to do…


Are There Other Platforms to Use?

Of course. Unless you have been under a rock for the past 5-10 years, you will know that although Facebook is an important platform, others out there are deserving of your attention as well. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. all have large audiences that you can tap into.

The top ones we will look at are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube. These are the ones I am most familiar with, so as I move into other platforms, we will share that trip as well here! There are so many ways you can leverage social marketing…

Some are better than others…

OK, What’s Next?

I am bringing the social side of business up early to let you know that there are legs in the idea of leveraging their use in your business. Before we get to the point that you can effectively do so, there are a bunch of other things you will have to get in place.

That is where I will begin, using a first-person conversational style of writing to keep this as informal as possible,  so you see what I have done, what I am doing, and how it can apply to what you are trying to do. Using my own stores, my own platforms, my own ideas, you will have an over the shoulder view of what I am doing…

My Call To Action:

With each post, I will summarize what was presented and then add in one or more call to action points for you. The intent is to get feedback, input, and results you may have gotten from taking that action. We will share here and on the facebook pages so all can learn.

What is my call to action for this post? Here it is, quite simple really:

Come back to read the next edition of the daily diary of my e-Commerce journey! 

Next time, I will offer you something of high-value for your subscribing to this website, my facebook page(s), or even buying something out of one of my stores (sales coupon)…Do bookmark this page, do come back! Thanks and talk again soon!


Dave : )

12 thoughts on “My eCom Journey – Dave’s Daily Journal Issue #1

  1. Hi, Dave…

    This is so right on target with what I could use right now! You already have one follower for this series. I am of course doing affiliate marketing but am interested in expanding my online presence to e-commerce as well…

    I would hope that some of what you will present are tips on how to set up a store, select a niche and products (how), and ways to sell more through organic and paid traffic means. I know that a lot of people are making good money, but even more are not.

    Your advice and all of us working together will help all who participate make a go of this e-commerce business. That is what it is all about. I look forward to seeing your next post! Thanks for starting to get more active again too BTW!


    1. Hello there Rea!

      So glad to see you pop in so fast! I just published this like 30 minutes ago! Yes, I do think that you and many others will be able to pick up some great tips on getting started and then fleshing out an e-commerce business. The e-commerce journey I have had so far has enough tidbits that I am pretty sure you will get a good idea of what you may want to or not want to do hehe!

      I will be posting almost daily now, so please do come again – I will have something special for you and all that decide to subscribe!

      Dave : )

      1. Great, Dave! I will be back as soon as you post the next chapter or whatever you are calling these posts…I think this is going to be a big hit for many people and I look forward to meeting them all! Rea ||

        1. Indeed, Rea…I am really excited to get this started, I have been intending to do so for some time. There is so much to cover, I think I will start right at the beginning of my e-com journey, as this way everyone can use my example(s) to compare to what they have done or are doing…This is a work in progress, of course, so we will massage this as we go along…Cheers! Dave : )

  2. Ooo that chat person you have in the corner there is real nice 🙂 I gave my email because I want to learn more about building my online business to its fullest potential and right now I am struggling with a few things. Right now my main source of traffic is from Pinterest. I have a facebook page but boy oh boy I didn’t know you could have a Facebook BUSINESS! Sooo cool! I would love to learn more.

    1. Hi, Sophia…

      Thanks for subscribing and I look forward to working with you on our journey going forward! This is something I have meant to do for some time, but it had been quite busy, so I needed to wait…Now is the moment to get started though, and I am quite sure that we all will be the better for our joint efforts!

      Yes I use these business pages a LOT, and have some VAs working them day after day, adding in posts, videos, and other related content. The idea is to draw in traffic to the stores or pages.sites, and using some of the other tools (and the products, tools, services, or content) get the visitors to take action (buy, sign up, subscribe, etc.)…

      I do appreciate you stopping by and subscribing and this can be the next steps for us all in our online journey! Have a great day and talk again soon!


      Dave : )

  3. Hi, great tips on how to build an online business you got here. I didn’t know about some of the pages before but after reading this I am going to look into them.

    You are perfectly right when you mentioned having a group on facebook with like-minded people share thoughts and ideas. It does work well.

    In overall, thank you for the great article and I will surely look forward to your next updates.

  4. Hi there, Richard…

    First of all, thaks for stopping by. These Facebook pages are just ones that I manage, there are likely many millions of sites out there, no matter your niche or interest.

    The reason I tap into that huge market is because so many people are there. Adding the bot tool and Messenger kind of meshes with the FB sites and your websites in a bridge like manner…

    e-Commerce is like affilaite marketing, in that there is a huge bunch of people that are active in the marketing segment. As with affiliate marketing, however, you have to be careful, there are scammers out there too…

    Please do stop by again and have a look at my journey – perhaps you will pick up some tips for your own online business…Much like the Wealtht Affiliate site, some of the things you learn can be applied to almost any segment of online marketing…



  5. Hey Dave, I definitely appreciate where you were, where you came from, and where you are going as you have gotten started the right way. I really like your green glow and I wonder where you got that from? The e-commerce is challenging but it appears you were doing the best way, journalizing your efforts can gain feedback on what you are doing great

  6. HI, Andrew!

    Thanks for stopping by, I most certainly appreciate it. I know that you are a contributing member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I for one have learned a lot there from you and many others, to include the founders Kyle and Carson! That is a platform I love! 

    If you will have noticed, I stepped away from being an active contributor on Wealthy Affiliate, and this journal is a reflection of the reason I did so. The last posts on Wealthy Affiliate that I made involved letting members know of the unforeseen and untimely death of my long time friend and business partner..

    That had a major impact on my online business, of course, and things are still ties up in the courts. What it meant for me personally, outside the big hole in my heart for my friend, was that all the things we worked on together and built were in one fell swoop wiped away for the most part.

    Rather than throw my hands up in despair, I decided that I needed to refocus my online efforts on re-building the business from the ground up, this time with no partner. This kind of thing has happened to me in the past, so it was not an unfamiliar position to be in, if not a comfortable position…

    This journal series will lay bare the steps I have taken and how they have worked out for me. It will include all the good things and the bad. My hope is that readers and followers will be able to learn from my story and be able to avoid some of the mistakes I made…They can more quickly reach a positive income with their online efforts.

    e-Commerce is a way to more quickly earn significant online income than with affiliate marketing. My advice would be do do both if you are capable, have the will and the time, and the desire. I will be here to assist and advise, and on the other platforms as well (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)…

    I do hope that you stop by again and often, everyone could use your insights and knowledge! 


    Dave : )  

  7. Very interesting article Dave :). I have also started my affiliate journey and have found some very useful tips in the article. I have a question about social media. How often do you think we should post on the social media our content so it does not look spammy to our readers?

  8. Hi Eugen…

    Thanks for stopping by, first of all…Congratulations on deciding to take action to get started with your online journey! I can recommend the Wealthy Affiliate site as an excellent starting point for you, as there you will learn a great deal about how all of this works.

    The e-commerce is covered to less of a degree than affiliate marketing on that platform, but there is enough to give you a start as well with a store and sales. Many of the lessons you learn apply to both online market segments. I am glad you also were able to get something out of this article that lays out my introduction for my e-commerce journey…

    Regarding social sharing, it really depends on what your goal is. In general terms, I would recommend posting a few times a day to each of the accounts that you start. Make these dovetail closely with what you are doing with your website, as it will bring you traffic and help grow your reputation and name in whatever niche you are working…

    Please do stop back again and ask any question you may have, related to the particular post or not. I am here to help, as many other folks that stop be here, and between us all, we will get you an answer. If nothing else, we may refer you to the place to get an answer.

    Cheers until next time!

    Dave : ) 

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