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Today in our ongoing series on making some quick money online we will be looking at sales funnels. Many people are mystified or terrified of sales funnels because they think there you have to be a genius to create and use them.

Many people are mystified or terrified of sales funnels because they think there you have to be a genius to create and use them.  This is why especially new online marketers are reluctant to use them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They are simple to set up, and even a newbie can get started quickly if they have the right training and guidance.

These are excellent tools that do take some work to get in place on the front end, but if they properly set up and you send traffic to them using organic or paid traffic, they can provide income for you quickly and regularly with little further effort…

Things have changed and so should we…No longer can you hope to have loads of success without using some of the tools available to you. There is too much competition…

Here is a short video on just how much has changed…

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So now that we have the entertainment out of the way, and you understand that you must stay abreast of what is working online these days for getting sales, let’s get started discussing sales funnels…


This is a system of sales pages and offers that are linked to one another and when buyers enter them, they are sent through the pages as part of the purchase process.

They generally have some kind of lead generation offers such as a lead magnet or a giveaway, and then a low front end or basic product that will entice the buyer into taking action and securing that product.

From there the person is sent to a one time offer or upgrade page, where they will have an opportunity to get added value or a different higher-priced product.

The different models that you can design might include a couple of “upsells” and “down sells” meaning that if the buyer decides the one time offer is not for them, they are sent to a cheaper version of that upsell…

Why would you want to go through all this trouble?   The big reason is that they work! People who have their credit card out and have just paid for your product are psychologically much more ready to buy again…

Presenting them an additional offer right after they have purchased means that your chances increase of selling that upgrade one time offer. It will not work all the time, but it does work enough that you need to use this method…


As just mentioned the main reasons for using sales funnels is that they can increase your sales and profits a great deal with the same amount of work on the back end.

Another reason to use these is that you can build your lead list quickly and even if the prospect does not buy the first time, you can retarget them using emails, Facebook ads, or other methods…

I have been asked many times to provide some kind of training to help people get up to speed so they to can benefit from sales funnels, and I have written several blog posts about them.

Today I am adding to that list of posts, but going one better. I am providing you some additional training at a reasonable price that will take you by the hand and allow you to quickly create your own sales funnels.

Before we get to that, let’s keep discussing sales funnels so you understand better what I am speaking of in regards to them. There is a process you need to go through to create funnels that work…


Very simply, here is the process you will go through…

(1) Planning Your Campaign.

(2) Designing the funnel.

(3) Designing and creating the pages and copy.

(4) Decide how you will accept payment/set this up.

(5) Decide if you will use affiliates to promote sales.

(6) Create the affiliate page if required.

(7) Publish all the pages and link them.

(8) Plan for customer support, plan B, etc.

(8) If using an affiliate platform such as Clickbank, Warrior Forum, JVZ00, or Zaaxa set up the product links, affiliate links,  bonuses etc.

(9) Conduct pre-sale activity as you move through this process, generate interest.

(10) Launch week plan.

(11) Post launch plan.

This list is very general, of course, and there are a lot of considerations you will have to think about as you go through this process…

Also, you may not need all the parts mentioned above if you are creating a simple affiliate promotion sales funnel. Often most of the funnel is done for you, so you will need only a bridge page…

A bridge page is simply where you send a prospect so they can learn more about the offer, and from there they can buy on the provided sales page you send them to.

That bridge page IS important because it gives you a chance to capture their name and email, and also present any bonuses that you may be adding to the product.

To help with this whole process, I am offering the below training at a very reasonable price.

Check it out…


This package is one that I have put together with you in mind. I want you to have everything you need to get started and get your first sales funnels deployed and making you money quickly.Basic Training Package

Training Packages.

Basic Training Package

box small - Making Quick Money Online - Using Sales Funnels

What this training contains:

(1) A Checklist.

This checklist provided with the training package you will use as an easy reference point to make sure you are on track as you go through the training course.

(2) A Mind Map.

This handy guide helps you by providing a simple layout of everything that contained in the course and using it you can get to any particular point that you want to look at quickly.

(3) The Training Book.

This is a complete training course that goes through from A-Z a proven process to help you learn how to plan, create and put everything together when it comes to sales funnels.

(4) A Resource Guide.

This is a guide that that provides further resources if you need them and they can help you further drill as necessary. The sites included will help you move on from this course to achieving ever-higher levels of success…

There is an upsell to this and it includes additional material that will further help you in your quest to get what you want out of life…


Upgraded Training Package


bundle small - Making Quick Money Online - Using Sales Funnels

Here is what you get…

Over and above the materials found in the basic package, you will receive the following materials with this upgrade:

(1) Module Videos of the Training

Because many people seem to learn more effectively through videos as opposed to reading through lots of book text and guides this is a good option.

These high-quality video modules follow exactly along with the text, and they are recorded with clear audio. You will be able to combine this with the basic package to get more out of the training.

(2) Audio Version of the Training

With this upgraded version you also get the MP3 version of the training modules. This means you are not limited to your desktop to go through it.

If you are ready to take it to the next level, and take action on changing your life for the better, which I recommend, have a look below at the sales page using the link I have added.

These two additional resources for the small additional money will make your training experience a much more enriching experience for you…

Complementary Training Tools with both packages include:

How to Build Effective Sales Funnels250 - Making Quick Money Online - Using Sales Funnels

Training Book # 1 – How To Build Effective Sales Funnels

This book will provide you a different perspective from the training although there is some overlap in what is provided. It helps to prepare yourself using different sources of information. This book does this!

Next, we have…


Sales Funnel Strategies 200 - Making Quick Money Online - Using Sales Funnels

Training Book # 2 – Sales Funnel Strategies

This book gives you a lot of suggestions on strategies to use with sales funnels. This is useful when you start planning and creating your sales funnels. It is always good to know what the end is before you start the beginning!

Next, we have…

productimage - Making Quick Money Online - Using Sales Funnels

Training Book # 3 – Proven Traffic Mastery

This book will help you learn how to drive traffic to your sales funnels you create using the training. Without traffic, you will not have leads, sales, or profits. This is true no matter HOW great your sales funnels are. This book will give lots of ideas…

Last, but not least, we have this for you…


2016 09 20 2338 - Making Quick Money Online - Using Sales Funnels

Training Videos  # 4 – How To Grow Your Business With Sales Funnels

This training will give you yet more ideas on how to use sales funnels to rapidly grow your business and get the most out of each funnel you set up.

As you may have noticed, the entire bundle works together to get you started properly with not only setting up the funnels but also how best to leverage them…

Your next question, I know is…

What Is The Cost?

The cost for these packages is simple. The basic package and all the books/video training # 4  I am offering for a one-time price of $29.95.

The one upsell you have with this training package is the video and audio upgrades to the basic training packages and I am offering it at a one-time price of $9.95.

Also with the upgrade, you will get a set of bonuses from me…That bonus page will be sent you immediately after purchase is confirmed…These will be yet more materials that you can use to get started properly and quickly with your own sales funnels!

You can order this right here, right now, using the green purchase button I have below. Don’t hesitate, start tapping into the strength that sales funnels will provide you!



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NOTE: If you have any problems downloading the material, please send an email to support@davesweney.com or to me directly at dave@davesweney.com. We will get back to you quickly with a solution!

How Can You Use This Training?

Obviously, the main purpose is to get started on planning and creating your sales funnels. There are many other purposes that are also important.

Checking copywriting, design, funnel effectiveness, testing, tracking, driving traffic, creating lead magnets, etc. are all part of what you will learn and use again and again with this training.

Having it handy and right on your computer for instant access when you need it is important as well. How much time have you wasted looking for answers using searches?

Of course, also the idea is to start making money using the sales funnels you create. When you plan them well, set them up properly, and test them as you drive traffic, you will make money. More money.

If you missed the button above, here it is again….

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Today we looked at a method to quickly make some money selling online. Sales funnels have been around forever, just in different formats or platforms.

What the internet has done is made it possible for you to drive targeted traffic to sites and products that they are looking for and need. No more shotgun approach as in the old days…

The steps in creating sales funnels were discussed and some screenshot examples were provided for you, and lastly, some valuable training via a bundle of training materials I have gathered for you.

Once you have these in hand, the next most important thing is to take action and use the material. Many people buy something online and then forget all about it.

You can make a difference quickly in your online profits and if you are just starting, you can quickly get these in place and start making money.

There are many ways to make money online, this is just one. What I like about this method is that you can get started without a website, without much of anything at all…

Other methods such as content marketing will require a lot of time and effort on your part to get the attention you need for traffic…There is a lot of competition out there.

I am not advocating not pursuing a blog or content strategy, rather I am saying while you work on these other strategies, you can be getting traffic using paid ads and making money right now.

Now it is time for you to get busy! Have fun and good luck!

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