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In our ongoing series on ways to quickly make money online, today we delve into the mindset and process of creating your very own product that you can sell.

This is not that hard, although initially, it can seem daunting. I will use an example of a VERY successful entrepreneur, Richard Branson, and then we will discuss some of the details on how to plan and create your product.

Finally, I am offering you a training package that will help you through all of the steps required to get your very own product ready for sales. This is not going to be an expensive “break the bank” cost to you either, no worries…

Let’s get started!

Richard Branson Entrepreneurial Lessons 

When it comes to great businessmen and entrepreneurs, few can rival Richard Branson as a cultural icon of capitalism and business savvy. I think we can all agree on this statement.

This is a guy who has built – quite literally – a huge  empire from scratch and who has done this with a fun public image while involving himself in many exciting and daring adventures.

Similar to Elon Musk, he is a real life Tony Stark, a billionaire playboy and a roaring success by nearly everyone’s standards.

As such he serves as an incredible role model for any other budding entrepreneurs like you and me who are hoping to one day follow in his footsteps and leave their mark on the world and also in the business scene.

Here are some of the lessons that we can learn from Richard that can help steer the way for us, the pioneers of tomorrow.

Lesson 1 – No Fancy Education – No Matter

I am sure you know that Richard Branson famously has little in the way of educational qualifications, but he has never let that stop him. generic viagra

In fact that’s probably part of the reason he did strike out on his own…It motivated him to strive harder, achieve more, and succeed.

So please do not view any lack of a higher-education degree as a barrier to success. Bottom line is that If you have the skill, you have the skill – you don’t need a piece of paper to prove it.

Bottom line is that If you have the skill, you have the skill – you don’t need a piece of paper to prove it.

Lesson 2 – Controversy Is Good (Sometimes)

Controversy sells, and Richard Branson knows this well.

As you are aware, Branson does enjoy occasionally (?) drawing attention to himself and his company with some controversial stunts…

Heck, even the name ‘Virgin’ was one that was met with some hesitation when he tried to get it registered and it’s certainly not one that people forget.

Which is why it’s such a stroke of genius…

Lesson 3 – Weaknesses Becomes Strength

Did you know that Branson was diagnosed with dyslexia which is part of the reason he left school at 16?

However, he did not let this stop him…He, in fact, turned it into an advantage…

He reads everything out loud and thus gains a better understanding of the subject and it has helped him become a better communicator. cialis soft tabs 20mg pills

Lesson 4 – Build on Successes

Richard Branson has used each success to help launch his next project…

It all started with a simple newspaper for students, then moved on to selling papers and over time has continued into almost every other industry.

The lesson is that with high ambitions that may be out of reach now, over time by starting small, use each success to step up to the next bigger success, as Richard has done.

Bootstrapping is one example of this…

Lesson 5 – Have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C…

If you know anything about the Virgin brand, you know it  is somewhat unique in that it isn’t associated with any one service, rather it incorporates multiple kinds of businesses.

Of course, this spreading of risk and business types puts Branson in a position of incredible strength (which he likens to the Roman Empire in his book Business Stripped Bare). It means if any of his micro-businesses struggle, all the others can help hold it up.

Lesson 6 – Your Brand Is Important

It was perhaps fate and a little ironic that someone called ‘Branson’ would become the master of branding – after all, what is Virgin other than a brand that covers so many varieties of business?

By having set his business in this manner he can branch into any business he likes as long as the standard of service is consistent across the board…The brand is faceless when it comes to the kinds of business in entails…

This works because the brand represents a level or service and product that people gravitate to – it is a well known and trusted logo that they know is reliable.

Lesson 7 – The Sky is Not the Limit

Branson has shown all of us that you indeed can go wherever your imagination takes you. Remember he started into hot air balloons, and now he is on the verge of privatising space flight!

Which is rather incredible…

Bottom Line: Now that you know some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur, which are ones that you will also use as you create your own product, let’s mention some other things you will need…  

Want to Sell a Product? Things Not To Forget

OK, you have the drive, you are motivated to succeed, and you believe you are ready to make your move.

Creating and selling a product is an ambitious task and one that should definitely be celebrated.

Indeed, if you have the nerve to design and create your product – whatever type, shape, or form – to take something from a vague idea in your head to a concrete thing that people can buy you must have that  “drive”…

Drive to make others’ lives better, and yes a drive that might even earn you a lot of money…When you do create something that changes lives for others it IS an incredible achievement…

That’s all good and well, but along with this self-belief, it is extremely important to also inject some realism and reality into your intentions.

What I mean is that there’s a lot you need to consider moving forward and it’s crucial that you think about those things before you get too far into the creation and manufacturing process.

Here are some of the considerations that often get forgotten…

Just a few things as you get started, this is NOT an all-inclusive list!

(1) Safety

Remember that you can’t just sell any product or service without ensuring first that it’s safe and it’s not going to cause problems for others or yourself.

There are many products that won’t have much of a safety element to them, but plenty of others can create any number of hazards.

If your product is going to be used by children, if it’s going to be used around food, if it transmits or receives radio waves, or if it needs to bear load weight of any kind, then you’re going to need to meet certain criteria and possibly gain some certification.

This is something you should consider early on in your designs and business concepts…

Otherwise, you may find yourself having to rethink designs or materials once you’ve already spent money/committed in other ways.

(2) Coloring Schemes

Colors and combinations of colors are also important and obviously, you’re going to need to think about these before you order materials.

Likewise, it’s also important to bear in mind that the colors you choose for your product will also affect other aspects of your business plan…

Things such as packaging and your marketing, and other support materials.

Everything needs to have the same precise color code too if you intend to create a consistent image.

I know this may seem like a small thing, but I assure you there are a thousand of these small things to think about and plan for!

For instance…

(3) Storage and Shipping

Remember that creating a product and finding a manufacturing contract to make it for you isn’t enough to get it into people’s homes.

If you want to actually sell a product, you’ll need to make sure that your stock is stored and looked after and that you’re able to fulfil orders for your items.

It’s also worth thinking about where you plan on selling your items: whether you want to sell them internationally for instance.

Again you should consider these points early, as they may affect the laws regarding safety as well as the type of marketing.

Another point to bear in mind is that storage and delivery cost money and that needs to be factored into your budget.

Having a rough idea of these figures is crucial as otherwise, you can find yourself eating into your profit margin…

It may be that your item actually isn’t profitable and that you need to rethink how you’re going to make it or whether you should be pursuing that concept at all!

Going From Idea to Solid Product

If you are going down the path of creating a physical product versus a digital product you may find this even more daunting…

Your presumption may be that you need to be a big company with a large budget, have a warehouse and maybe even a manufacturing plant to create anything that has ‘parts’ or that can be sold in stores.

But in reality? Not so – The web has come along and made a massive difference to the way we approach product design, creation, and delivery.

Believe it or not, if all you have is an idea you’re good to go! And you won’t even have to lift a finger unless you choose to – it can all be outsourced these days!

Just read on and see what I mean…

Step 1 – Design

First, if you want to have a physical product, you will need to turn your idea into a design. This is a very important part of the process because it will impact on the cost of your product, its durability and more.

To create a design, you need a CAD file. Luckily, there are websites where people will bid to make these for you – for as little as $7! Fiverr is a good place to start…

If you need something a little more professional, just head over to a site like CAD Crowd or CrowdSpring and you’ll be able to find people willing to turn your idea into the necessary files.

And they’ll even give you the BOM (Bill of Materials) and other documentation that you’ll need later.

Step 2 – Make a Prototype

Remember that while we’re trying to get this done as quickly and as cheaply as possible, it is important that you make a prototype of your product.

Having thus will allow you to identify any flaws there may be early on also you can show your design to other people who may want to work with you or invest in your project.

This is not a hard thing to get done…ll you need to do is to take your CAD file and send it to a 3D printer – such as Shapeways. Within a short period of time, you have one!

Step 3 – Arrange Manufacturing

Once your prototype is in your hands and are happy with the way it works, the next step is arranging to get it mass produced.

That means you need to find a factory/manufacturer…

You send out proposals which include all the documentation that you got from the design stage…

Make sure that you include a rough order estimate. You also can ask for another free prototype at this point…

Step 4 – Obtain Funding

Unfortunately, you now need to pay a fair amount of money to get lots of your products manufactured.

Fortunately, the web has once again stepped in to save the day thanks to ‘Crowdfunding’…

Sites like Kickstarter will allow you to generate funding without giving away any of your business or taking out loans.

If that falls through, loans are still an option, but be careful.

One good option may be to get a loan through PayPal.

Step 5 – Find a Sales Representative

So nowyou just need to sell your products!

One way to do this is to simply find a sales representative, who is someone that will promote your products on your behalf to Big Box stores and the like.

Another option is to build an e-commerce store right on your own website, though depending on the number of orders you expect to receive.

You can also use a site like Amazon to promote and use all of the services they have… when will generic viagra become available


There are other ways to quickly get products stood up and ready for sales. Many involve even fewer steps than what I have described to now.

Three off the top of my head are:

(1) PLR – This is an acronym for Private Label Rights products. Generally, these are digital and include things like software tools, books, e-courses, or videos. They must be reworked and updated in most cases but this can be completed quickly…

(2) Branding pre-made products. Find a niche that is selling well and is evergreen in nature. Select products that are doing well in sales on Amazon, then buy your own unbranded products from a wholesaler, add your brand, and compete with the others in that niche.

(3) White Label Rights. Often developers will offer some of their popular selling products to others as a white label product. This means you can add your own brand and sell it as yours. Generally, you will want to stick with something that is popular and works well, and evergreen in nature also helps…

So now you have some ideas, let’s add in some further training to really drill down on product development. Please read on…


I have a basic training package and a one-time upgrade available on product development for you today. The training will give you all of the details that you need to get started…

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Basic Training – Your First Product

This is a package of materials that provides not only the course book, but also a mind map, a resource guide, and checklist. All will help you track your progress and enable you to quickly resume your training from where you left off…

There is one upgrade for this training…

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Upgraded Package – Your First Product

This upgrade includes everything that you get in the basic package and adds in video and audio files for your training. This is especially useful for those that learn better visually or ones that may want to listen to the training in any setting.

So, what is the cost for the training? Well not so much. I am offering the front end at $9.99 and you can add the upgrade for an additional $4.99. For less than a price of a meal at McDonald’s with your family, this can be yours…


The green “Buy Now” button directly will take you to the checkout page where you can pay and then get immediate access to all of this training.

As a package, this training offers you the chance to really drill down and practice your copywriter skills. As you plan your future doing business online, it will help again and again.

COST FOR THIS BUNDLE: Basic Training – $9.95 USD, Upgrade $ 4.95 USD

Now It Is Time To Take Action!

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This tutorial on making money through creating your own product is intended to show you how you can get started quickly and within a short period of time have your product.

There are many other paths to follow to do this, but getting motivated and getting started is the main thing…

The additional training I have offered you is intended to show you step by step in detail what has to be done. It starts from the beginning and walks you through the entire process in detail.

Whether or not you have decided to secure this training please do look at ways you can get the training somewhere so you understand what is involved and do not make mistakes that will cost you time or money.

So now – take action!

Best of luck!


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