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Today I want to show and tell you about a free tool that can help your online marketing business be more effective and grow. The tool is called ‘Blab.’

Having tried it myself, running it through its paces, I can say this is indeed a tool that has legs to go and grow as a social media platform and it CAN help your online marketing efforts on a number of different fronts

The program is a bit like a combination of Google Hangouts, Twitter, Skype, and the old AOL chat rooms of the 90s – put these together in a blender, shake well, pour it out…and you have Blab!

Let me explain and get a bit more specific…

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Blab is yet another live video social network platform. I think that it is a viable alternative to its closest relative Skype when you are using that platform’s conference call capability, but in some ways Blab is a LOT better.

It does have elements of some of the other tools I mention above, too, but Blab is distinct from them all, to include Skype, so having said that I think it is destined to take its rightful place in the social networks we have available to us that are useful.

How it works is simple…After you get signed up, you can watch the live or recorded Blabs that interest you.  if you want you can also watch or participate in live Blabs as they happen or are scheduled,.

You can initiate your own Blab live chat, advertise the event, and get a sizeable audience to present your information. You and participants can also make comments, can ask any questions, and even go live with camera and audio too, because there are four ‘seats’ or windows for this purpose.

Sounds pretty simple and basic? Yes it does…so let me go through my experiences to date…


It has some very promising application for online marketing business to include affiliate marketing in my opinion. It is worthy of a look by all online marketers and besides, I think most people like to blab once in a while?

4b83fed30de1469b9e187a02573e2cfd 1454130788 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessGETTING STARTED

The concept of Blab is very simple. Provide a way to get a group of people together to discuss, teach, learn, and describe, sell, easily with very little hassle.

,It has followed this simple concept through in creating a great and simple site design that is also simply effective. Seems to be a lot of simples there, I know.

But simple is such an appropriate word to use in Blab’s case. You can go to https://blab.im/ and you can sign up, or alternatively, you can also download the app on for use on your mobile phone.

You can also sign up on the  Blab site and through the app by connecting the site to your Twitter account.

Note that you do not have to use Twiiter to sign in/up, you can skip the linking to your Twitter account if you just want try it out.

You will still be able to see live video streams, and to start with that is exactly what I did.

I don’t know about you, but I do not need extra useless apps hanging around on my phone or hard drive that just gathers dust. I have enough of that already.

I do think that you will see the value of the program within a short period, but check it out yourself…

To start with I connected without Twitter, but shortly thereafter, after seeing what Blab was all about, did connect, and I have not looked back…

Good decision…

In any case, once you are a member and signed in, you can then have a look through a ready made assortment of existing blabs you will be directed to, or if you prefer, you can create your own Blab session(s) easily.

I have started to participate in the Blab sessions after sitting in as a silent onlooker for the first trials, not taking any action on a couple. Last night I started to interact, and I could see the benefit very quickly.

By  participating, I mean I started adding to the discussion in the chats by typing in my input into the provided chat area, much like other such programs like Skype.

On Blab you can highlight your questions,  by starting your message in the chat section by starting the message off using a “q”. The question will then in a separate box to the left of the page.

Questions on Blab stand a better chance of getting answered if they are highlighted in this manner I think…Other platforms they get lost a lot of times if there masses of people on the meeting/chat/webinar.

So all the above is you being a member and contributing via chat…

If you are feeling brave, and maybe decide you want to go to the next step, you can join in on the chat on a more active level by grabbing one of four ‘seats’ available.

Each Blab session has these four positions open and available and hosts and co hosts can let attendees in or out for each blab.

These are live streaming video and audio screens for each of the four…

You can have less, one is all that is required, but it is a nice touch to be able to add or change people out during the blab…

All participants can see these fours video streams and hear the audio.

The video streaming and audio work well from my experience to now, I had no problems with the display or hearing well what was transpiring…

What was also very refreshing was the relaxed atmosphere of virtually every Blab session I was a part of or watched after the fact (yes there is the capability to rcord the Blabs and look at them later).

This is a screenshot of a Blab page, very simple as I said…

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I spent 3 hours  last night in a Blab session that was labeled  ‘Internet Marketing Pub.’

Participants included many active product developers and eBook authors in this particular Blab, and many subjects were broached over the time.

The session actually went over the scheduled 3 hour period because all the folks were having a good time.

There was a lot of really good information on product roll outs, designing of products, sales funnels, advice, past experiences, and etc. that were discussed…

This kind of information from really busy and successful product developers and marketers is not an easy thing to get ahold of or be a part of.

Just to get them such a crew in one place together used to be possible only at conventions and such. No more..

Truly this one session showed me the value of Blab. Anything that keeps my attention that liong has to be good.

The laid back ambience was also and easy banter was a good environment, and it felt like we were all sitting together at a stammtisch at a pub somewhere (fitting title for the Blab!).

Most participants were drinking a beer or wine too, and whiskey in one case. Myself? I had a San Miguel, but the range of beers was wide.

efe71d01ccaac3a2b7cb74ffc07bfdb1 1454131152 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessHOW TO USE BLAB FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING

OK all this is good, but let’s drill down just a little bit more. If this is just some chat site, we can get the same with any number of other such services.

I think to make it worthwhile, there has to be a good use for our business operations.

This platform can provide this.

Here are 10  ways how this can be useful for your program:

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessONE…

Small informal meetings between affiliate marketers working together on a project or a subject of the trade.

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessTWO…

If you are a product developer, you can help affiliates prepare to promote your product. Vice versa, if you are an affiliate, you can learn more about the product direct from the developer.

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessTHREE…

You can use it to promote any of the niches you may have a site for and increases your contributions to the niche. Get buzz going about you and your business.

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessFOUR…

You can use Blab to provide some training on a subject that you cover on your web site post or article. This builds your credibility and authority if you offer some additional value.

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessFIVE…

You can listen in, participate, and contribute to Blabs that may be happening or are scheduled as you see fit. If you add something to the conversation or have questions that participants can answer, all learn…

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessSIX…

Many times Blab can replace webinars. Some of the webinar services are expensive, cumbersome to use, recirdings are available for a limited period only, and reach a limited audience.

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessSEVEN…

If you are like I am, and you team members are spread all over the globe, this is an excellent platform to conduct team meetings

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessEIGHT…

Many times group mentoring would be as effective if not more so using Blab versus some of the other available platforms. The reliability of Blab at this point is very good, let’;s see if it remains so, but now mentoring works well with Blab.

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessNINE…

For product launches, developers can inform their affiliates or potential affiliates about their upcoming product, answer any questions, discover shortfalls prior to a launch, and establish or grow their relationshio with affiliates.

5c8883bcb4508ee14401f9f04196666b 1454132245 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessTEN…

This is an excellent platform for working together with others when you are in a JV relationship. It remains informal, yet business can still be discussed and brainstorming, mind mapping, and other useful steps can be completed using Blab.


215415cadf02125b433cb8014b298410 1454131317 cropped - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase BusinessCONCLUSION

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing and you can see how Blab can be if used. I do recommend that you head over to the blab site, sign up, have a look, and play around with this platform.

Myself, I am pretty sure Blab will be as big or bigger than Periscope, and be used like Skype, almost daily.

In any case now you know and can decide for yourself if this may work for your online marketing program. or your affiliate program in some manner…

Also if you would, please let us know your thoughts and any of your own experiencesusing Blab, and also add ways you could see using this social media platform. Let’s all learn from each other!


David Sweney Online Siganture - Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase Business

16 thoughts on “Learn Easily How To Blab to Increase Business

  1. I just entered the world of online business and your article about Blab blew my mind! This information appeared at the perfect time. All weekend I was thinking about how I’d love to have a chat with a bunch of brides who just got married at the beach and learn from their experiences to make my website more valuable to visitors. But, II couldn’t figure out how to talk with everyone at once. I figured I’d have to go old school and just use email. Silly me. I can’t wait to check out Blab. Great post. Awesome resource. I can’t wait to try ti. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alyssa!

      Thanks for stopping in today and also for the comment and feedback. It sounds to me like Blab is just the ticket for what you are trying to pull together, and it should increase your business when word gets around that you are using cutting edge tools like Blab to get things done…I am so glad to hear this…


      Dave : )

  2. Awesome page and content. I will definitely have to check out this blab. I’v heard of periscope before but blab is completely new too me. I’m really into trading so maybe they will have a blab page for traders. How often do you use blab? Thanks again for the awesome content.

    1. Hi Brittny,

      Thanls for stopping by to read this article on learning how to Blab to use in your business. I had a lot of fuun researching the site and also participating in Blabs…They are easy to particpate in and lots of good interaction taking place for every one of them. It really is like sitting in a roon somewhere and having a close chat or lesson, or in your case, traders.

      I think that would be an excellent platform for you and the others you want to bring in…There are Blabs on all kinds of subjects, you may want to see if there is a trader regular Blab going on already, and if not, take the lead and start one.

      The other nice thing about the Blab site is you can record them…I can download myself and place on the posts or whatever, but you cam also go to the page and get them…Not sure how long that will be the case, it costs someone some money to save and host them on a server, so that could change…

      So far I am getting there at least every couple of days, just to kick around a bit and see how it is progressing. We were talking about starting a Blab regular session for Wealthy Affiliate members just to talk about things going on there in a cool new kind of envorinment….If you are interested, let me know!


      Dave : )

  3. Great name. Great information. The value of community chats just really can’t be exaggerated. Thanks for the thorough description and tips on best ways to sign up. Looking forward to using Blab as soon as I get some more quality content and perhaps put my posts in an ebook. Still wondering how to do that. Any tips.
    Thanks again for the great in-depth information.
    All the best.

    1. Hi Beth,

      Thanks for the stop by and feedback, always appreciated! I totally agree with the community chat thought, it is such an effective tool if used to its potential. This is what Blab brings to the table for online marketers, and the reason I will pursue this means of comuunication further….

      That is an excellent idea regarding converting your posts into an eBook. There are several tools out there that will do this for you, ones that offer an advantage over Word or similar, in that they do the formatting for you…Have a look at the following site to get some ideas: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-create-eb… This will get you started….


      Dave : )

  4. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for providing this information about Blab. I try to check the page and was confused at first 🙂 Guess it takes some time to learn how to use it properly.

    I think this is a very good alternative to promote your product to some potential customers, or like you said, gathering some affiliates that are interested to promote your product.

    This is also a very good alternative to conduct group meeting. I agree. So, there are only 4 main people speaking and the others interacted through chat, is it right?

    Thank you Dave

    1. Hi Alblue,

      Thanks much for stopping and taking the time to have a look at the post on Blab. You really can learn easily oe to use it effectively in a few minutes. If an old dude like me can most people can I think.

      As you say the site page looks a bit complicated when you first land there, but with just a it of kicking the tires, you see how to maneuver and use it.

      I find myself going there more and more, I think the interactive and cross communication you can use will be the wave of the future.

      To me it represents the next logical step for the webinar, and better in many ways, because of the chance to see and hear other’s opinions in a multi-channel communcation setting..

      Add to that you can record the sessions and make them available for later review, and you have a potential winner.

      My guess is that it will at some point become a paid service, or perhaps an upgraded package for a fee, while a free level is available to the masses. Monetization has to be a consideration – another tool I just reviewed was WhatsApp, also a leap in the way messaging can be used in a marketing program.

      I like reviewing and suggesting ways such new technologies can be used, and the feedback is also useful for readers as they add in theor own ideas on things to use the tools for!

      Please stop by again, I am constantly adding to the site!


      Dave : )

  5. Good day! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with Search Engine Optimization?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m
    not seeing very good gains. If you know of any please share.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Emerson,

      When it comes to plugins, I like the all in one that make SEO a much easier task. I use Yoast myself, and it works well. Does many of the things automatically.

      Actually for this post on the Blab service and site the SEO was done using that plug-in tool. I do have an additional plugin to add in tags, which is useful for people searching for a particular sugbject such as Blab, because they can easily find a pertinent post on the subject!

      Dave : )

  6. That is a very good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read article!

    1. Thanks Kerry,

      Using Blab is certainly a good way to increase your poresence in the market both with leads and prospects, but also with other online marketers, which can lead to more JVx and collaborative efforts. Blab offers an opportunity to help your program and others. Cheers! Dave : )

      1. Blab is a streaming video tool that I use often. I like how you can interact with participants using audio, visual and even with chat. It works for me and I am increasing my leads using it. Recommend for all!

  7. This is a good name for gossip,” Blab”, I like it! Is it new, or has it been around for a while? I’ve never heard of it, but I like what it does. I especially like #3 in your post that says “get buzz going about you and your business” I think that it will be something that would benefit my online fashion business, so i intend to check it out to see. Does it cost anything, or is there a fee to use this app? I wonder because I am skeptical about apps that cost money. I wonder if it’s worth it or not. I thank you for introducing “blab” because I love to learn about new and different things that are going on online. Had to share. Great post!

    1. Blab sounds interesting and I agree that this kind of communication is the coming thing for connecting with your audiences and getting sales. I will be trying it myself! Good post…

    2. Ho M8….Thanks for stoppong byT…Blab is completely free to use, after signing up. So far I have been very impressed with the tool, and it is getting massive exposure in the IM world, with some of the more experienced saying that this represents a sea change in how we will be doing business from here on….Much like some of the other changes that have happened over the years, this one will affect just about everyone….Add in the othr platforms that are out there such as meerkat, periscope, facebook’s new platform and the planned Google platform, and it looks like a lot fo people agree! Try it out and see for yourself…It actually is kind of fun! Cheers Dave : )

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