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I was looking for a simple to use tool to make infographics. I wanted something that was not going to break the bank, and one that was fast, easy and effective.

You know that Infographics create a higher level of interest for your blog posts. Using them you can present a lot of information quickly for your visitors. It looks good on your page too.

As long as it is not overused, it is quite an effective tool. This makes a lot of sense to me and is the reason I decided to find a tool that would create them for me without a lot of hassle.

What I found at the end of my search was simply what I consider to be the best infographic creator tool available at a very reasonable price.

Below see a demonstration of how to use the program and you decide for yourself!



See how easily this tool can quickly create an eye catching infographic that will appeal to site visitors? This program requires almost no designing skills, they do that for you

I particularly like how easy it is to include main points of your information and support them through the ready to grab pictures, graphs etc.

Now back to your blog…To support the infographic, you can build your blog post around it. The infographic makes adding content supporting the infographic easy.


So here are the points from my review:

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Upgrade options are available if you are not a creative type person. These are not essential however, and a base product purchase will work perfectly well.
  • Using this easy tool to creat infographics makes good sense when time and money is considered. Time costs money, This tool takes less time so you are saving that time for other things
  • Infographics inclusion allows your keywords to naturally appear more often in a post, and will result likely in a higher ranking from Google. This tool makes this easy for you.
  • Lastly is the convenience for factor – for you and your visitors. The ease of making infographics is what you get. For site visitors, many will want to share or like such a post and they can easily click and share your infographic.

Bottom Line:

Because of the ease in working with this software program, its effectiveness in doing what it says it will, plus the low cost , I consider this to be the best infographic creator in the market today!

My Rating: 9/10

Notes: I have tried it, use it, and like it!

Note 2: Buy this tool by clicking right here =====> INFOGRAPHICS

6 thoughts on “Is This The Best Infographic Creator On The Market?

  1. Hello there! Appreciate the good info you have provided here for creating infographics…I will have a closer look at this tool. Keep it up, there are to few objective reviewers out there that provide the complete picture. You do…

  2. Thanks for this excellent article on infographics. I use them sometimes, but now that I have read this, will use them a lot more. The information was helpful. Do have a source for your infographics or do you create them yourself? I will definitely come back again.

    1. Hi Ira, Thanks for the stop by and appreciate your feedback. Infographics are an excellent tool to get a lot of info out to the reader quickly, stimulate their brain activity visually and get their engagement – means that you are more effective as a marketer at the end of the day…As to your question, I generally use sources that provide good ones that I can edit and use. I have created some myself, and used a powerpoint template to put them together. They looked good, but it is a matter of time and effort. When I add up the time (value) I can more easily buy them. All the best and please come back again! Cheers! Dave : )

  3. Quality posts with relevant and engaging content is crucial to keep your viewers
    on your site…Infographics can help with this, and I see that you use these in various places within your website. This was a good review, I learned a lot. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Beulah,

      Sorry for the very late reply, I just saw this in my spam folder for some reason. Thanks for your comment and thoughts, I do value everyone’s feedback.

      Infographics offer a good way to present a lot of information in a small footprint, and they help make the content more interesting for the reader.

      I do use them every so often, as you noted, and it is for that very reason. The other thing that I like to add to text content is a video. These, like infographics, help keep your site visitor on your page…

      The tool I have reviewed here works very well for the infographics I create, they are done quickly and look sharp.


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