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Video use for marketing continues to grow, in 2015 more than ever. I reviewed several sites and reports that were posted this year, and the statistics support what I am saying…There is a lot of money being made in this market segment, and YOU need to be involved and get your share!

So today, I’ll expand a bit on some of the statistics I found,  explain how you can stay ahead of the game, and achieve success with your program, setting yourself up to make some income from sales or commissions, no matter which segment of online marketing you are involved in as a marketer.

Today’s world has changed drastically from what it was even 5 years ago. Things are getting more and more sophisticated and the variety of video platforms have proliferated, to the point where the viewer now has a number of choices available. Today I will focus only on the big four in the first portion of the article, and after talk about how these come into play for a marketing department or company…

With the increasing number of platforms has come increasing complexity in the video world as well. To mention a few, there now is animated marketing video, company marketing videos, marketing video production, internet marketing videos, video affiliate marketing to get a referral or three, and really just so many other types of videos nowadays.

No matter what you call it, the intent when using video in marketing is to capture that segment of visitor that no longer wants to read a lot of written content. They are more attracted to video, it captures their attention in a way that content cannot, and if the videos are planned and prepared properly, videos can be more effective than some other kinds of marketing commonly used…

Here are some facts that back this up. They are useful in planning your video marketing strategy (you definitely need a strategy!) so you can better monetize it and satisfy your clients or your own sales goals…No doubt if you have any kind of video marketing service today, you need to know this  information!

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Some Facts and Figures as of June 2015

Social Media Platforms

  • Online video is a $6b a year market and growing quickly
  • Some statistics on the top 1000 Videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram in Q1, 2015:

Medium     Number of Views      Length                       Type Video

YouTube          17 million             12 minutes                       Music

Facebook        28 million            1 min 28 secs   Heartwarming/Shocking

Vine                   10 million                     6 sec                            Comedy

Instagram         1 million              Max 16 sec                 Pop Culture

Implications for The Two Bigger Platforms

The two big platforms, YouTube and Facebook, have the most views still today, but Instagram and Vine are to be reckoned with…These figures point to the make up of videos you need to plan for to be able to monetize them through social media platforms, as follows:

  • Facebook viewers look at quick short videos under 1 and 1/2 minutes (short attention span?), and these generate quick engagement
  • YouTube videos tend to be longer, have more detailed evergreen content, which builds viewer totals over a longer period of time, and engagement more slowly
  • Video marketers wanting to attract the quick, if somewhat transient viewer, who will engage quickly, should focus on facebook. For longer term viewership and engagement, YouTube should be the focus
  • Most engagement comes from creator pages versus the brand pages, meaning that where you place the video on both platforms needs to be thought out ahead of time
  • Facebook day 1 views comprise 50% of the total views for their videos, with the remainder coming shortly thereafter, so there is a big immediate rush of views, with follow on views coming shortly thereafter. So there is a limited staying power of videos posted there
  • YouTube gets 20% of total views the first day, and over time they will overtake Facebook in total views, all things being equal, depending on the subject, and makeup and professionalism the video offers the viewer

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So depending on the intent of your video for these social platforms, you must consider these statistics when you plan your strategy and plan what to post, how to set up the transcript.information flow, and the approach or angle you take with your effort to maximize effectiveness/monetization potential.

With Facebook videos, your time to get the message across is less, it will have relevance for a much shorter period of time, but if done properly can have an immediate impact. There are times when this is what you or your client is looking for – immediate impact!

One answer to cover both angles may be to plan for an introduction of the subject in two phases, hitting Facebook initially to kick things off for a campaign, then adding another longer version of your content to YouTube…

For the Facebook phase, add something that will capture the attention of the viewer quickly so they follow through the short video, try stunts, comedy, pranks, etc. Get your message across in an emphatic manner in a brief period of time.

Using YouTube, you would still want to capture the attention of viewers, so with this platform using unique and eye-catching thumbnails that you create are important to draw viewers in. Make them intriguing! Also, try to use influencers when possible to get better engIagement and longer visit times from viewers.

Lastly, I recommend doing split testing to see what is most effective with your approaches, incorporating your findings into future efforts and campaigns, and test, test, test – this is best!

Implications for Vine and Instagram


Using Vine, the length of the video is limited to 6 seconds, so obviously your message has to be relayed in a manner that will capture the viewer quickly and be captivating enough to make the viewer want to share and help spread the views, or take other calls to action you include.

This format lends itself to influencer led videos, focusing on the briefly on the brand you are advertising, and it should be put together in such a way that good engagement takes place with the viewer. Not so easy, but doable for sure with thought and creativity.

Therefore, planning ahead is most important when using this platform. Again, focus on the influencer aspect, and introduce the brand in some clever way as a natural flow in your video, and if possible design the video spot so it appears to run in a loop so the viewer will watch several times…


While Instagram is seemingly the least popular platform at this point according to the figures, it is a fact that it is growing rapidly. Using this medium, you have a bit more time to get your point across, but not much more!

It is important to have a creator that is popular, and one that consistently adds high quality videos will definitely have the edge over a newbie.

So if the creator is you, it means that you must make an effort to build your authority on this platform as a brand to get the most out of this medium, so it seems to me…

Again the point is to monetize your efforts, so this work you put in to become recognized as an authority is worth the effort…It is not that hard to do if you plan your path, and follow that plan.

Now as to the video planning…This type of video means the first frame of your video needs to be very catchy and also it must help let the viewer know what they are looking at.

I would consider adding a good title to all the videos you post on Instagram. Together they will make that first good impression – your thumbnail and title.

One last consideration – make sure your video is of high quality always. Following these tips will help build your authority on this medium quickly.

Note 1:

The above information was partially provided from statistics freely available on the internet throiugh my research, as well as from a Jun 2015 report issued by Ogilvey and Tubular, subject: Multiplatform Video Strategy.

If you want to dig deeper, I recommend doing a Google search for keywords you are interested in and include ‘2015’ in as well to get the latest.

Note 2:

I also have posted other articles here on the site that may be helpful for you to have a look at.

  • First I have some information on free tools, some of which involve video and other graphic sites found on the web HERE.
  • There is a review on the video creator tool I use often, called VideoMakerFX, found HERE.
  • Lastly if you  are new to online marketing, I have a good post on how you can learn properly how to set up your online affiliate marketing business and get that affiiate marketing referral you are looking for so you can make money! That is found HERE

So, this first part of my post today tells us some of the story for 2015 on the state of videos, and this story is useful for those of us developing animated marketing video, web marketing video, or perhaps fully into marketing video production in some form.

For a little entertainment I have added a short sales video for your pleasure. I created this using a free online tool called PowToon….It was done in literally 5 minutes!


For those having a marketing company that includes offering video services, there are other considerations in addition to the technical ones mentioned above…

Let’s have a look…

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Offline or Small Company Video Marketing  Strategies for 2015

You may operate a marketing company offering such services to clients, or you may be managing a marketing department in a medium or large size company that, as a part of its overall marketing porgam, has to develop a video. You may be an affiliate marketer trying to develop plans to better monetize your site and leads using video.

In all three cases, you need to develop an effective strategy as part of your overall marketing program to make sure it fits in and contributes its potential to your overall program.

Here’s an example: You can typically sell company explainer videos for $500 each, and it often will lead into other upsells to companies, so learning how to effectively plan your video marketing  is well worth spending a little time on how to get it right

Developing  an overall video strategy is an important part of the process to effectively use the dollars that you earmark for the video program you have, and to sell what the clients want and make that $500!

Also,  developing the strategy allows for you to determine and put in place measurable metrics ,  so you can see if you are getting a good return on your investment…

Just as with any other part of your marketing program, I would recommend developing a publishing schedule for a set period of time (i.e. 6 months, season, annual, etc.). Depending on the different kind of videos to be developed, having this in place will result in much more effective use of available time and resources…

In your publishing schedule, there may be a requirement for short form videos, ones that can be published on Instagram or Vine, or longer videos that may be used for the company website(s). Also there may be a requirement for other style videos such as explainer videos; demonstration videos; educational videos; practical videos; corporate HR, culture, or event videos; recorded webinars, case studies; and the like….

I would organize all these requirements, plan for each as to how, when, where, who for, etc. This way you have a good idea what resources you will need at any particular time during the period, and make sure you have everything available when needed.

A place to start after gathering the different videos to be completed would be to identify who the intended audience is for each, and work your way back to get to the steps needed for success with each…

Do not forget to plan for the metrics to measure your success. I mentioned this above, but I want to go into a little more detail…

Things that are of interest to measure include attention span of viewers, as in what is the acceptable level of viewers watching to the end of a video?

You also want to look at click through rates, how many of the leads are watching the videos, and lastly doing split testing to maximize the effectiveness.

Going through all these steps will improve your monetization efforts, and help you get more bang for the buck!


All the information included here is useful, and a quick look, but it provides a starting point for you. It now comes down to you incorporating the above points into your video marketing strategy, getting the resources and tools and creativity in place to implement your strategy.

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The Future

In another post I will go into why I think one tool may be better than another to get an affiliate marketing referral, or in making company marketing videos, or the actual recording or designing internet marketing videos.

Also if there is a particular tool or software, or technique you would like to read about, please let me know in the window directly below, or in the comment section. As always, thanks for stopping by, and please come again!

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  1. This is a very informative post on video marketing and the power it weaves.
    I have never heard of Vine, will be checking this out for more detail.
    I will be coming back for more from this resource rich site.


    1. Hi Kav,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes video really is an up and coming medium, and has been so over the years. In the future it looks like it will have even more of an impact on how we do marketing.

      Vine is a medium that really takes some planning to use effectively I think. The short time you have means that it is really hard to get a message as you need included.


  2. Thanks for informative article. At first I felt sad because people attracted to messages and pictures just for short time. It means that they do not think in this way as supposed to be reading books. They need information in a quick and easy to swallow way.
    Our mind is not able to contain so much short information, given in videos.
    Anyway, there some human beings who still have pleasure reading books.
    Okay, it enough whining. Famous video developer and marketer Jane McGonigal stated that videos help improve self-esteem and develop imagination. Not so bad.
    Overall various video platforms have bright future reaching more and more audience, especially starting from children.
    Your mentioned social video platforms has own identity and visitors. It means that they need to create stories which fit to them. I think that is not easy to choose best marketing strategy, but it pays great dividends if we can catch right customers.
    Now I have better understanding about these video platforms after reading your article. I look forward for more information.
    Thanks, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira,

      Thanks for stopping by and making some great comments on this post. You are right, there are still people that read (thanks goodness lol)…I agree also that the video appeals to a different part of the brain of the viewer…Images and videos are triggers for some people that written content will not have the same affect on…

      Using video does bring up its own set of problems however as you state. Planning and having a strategy will help get you points across in the manner the social platform you are using will work. Otherwise you risk wasting a lot of time effort and money…

      Please stop by anytime and see what others are saying, I am sure they also have lots of good points as yours were. Cheers!


  3. Hi,Dave thanks for the information about videos to help improve your Google Rankings.It looks like alot of work but it is necessary if you are serious about being a good affiliate marketer.I have made some Youtube videos but only very amateurishly(if that’s a word).I would like to make good videos to improve sales and thanks to your blog I can do this with some practise.
    Thanks for your help and all the great advice on how to improve your website.

    1. Hi Sonny,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting on this important subject for us all, as affiliate marketers looking to get referalls and sales using video.

      I am glad the points mentioned were helpful, and I likely will try to get an infographic and video together on this as well for those that do not like to read!

      Of course, another point of doing adding these would be it will help to get my rankings up and move to page one for the content as well lol.

      It is often easier to rank using videos on google (there are tools and white hat tactics you can use) than with content believe it or not, so it can help your content/site visits/sales…



  4. Woweeee a great post that was. Highly beneficial I’m certain for every one, Including myself that wishes to get into video marketing. It was easy to read and very thought provoking in actual fact when I have written this I am going to go and read your review and if anything like your post will be exceptional. 🙂

    1. Hi Simon!

      Thanks for your laudatory compliments, I am very serious about offering whatever I can here to help people do better and more with their online marketing efforts.

      Information that I glean from the internet and other sources that I think have application for us all will be added as I find it.

      I really recommend digging down on the subject of videos, their uses, how to design them for the platforms, and how to get them ranked quickly…

      This article is a start and intended to stimulate the creative juices and inquisitive nature we all have, and I hope we will get more advice and hands on experiences from commenters.



  5. Nice design! Very good design on your website! Wouldn’t have done it any better if it were me. Would have added a few more images in some places but overall not bad and I can tell you put a lot of effort into your work as well! Nice job! Keep up the good work!

    1. This is a good idea. Do you have more tutorials I could review to get a good start on selling my own videos to clients? I would even be willing to pay some money for an effective course!

      1. Hello Caiya…I will be adding more and more paid courses here, so check back often. So directly to answer your question yes there will also be some courses on how to sell your videos to offline and even online clients. Thanks. Dave

    2. Hi John,

      Thanks for the complimentary thoughts, i am continuously trying to imporve the site, there is so much left to do lol! The subject of this post was videos, and I hope that you were able to get some new information or ideas on how best to get your nest affiliate marketing referral through the use of video.

      It really is a segment of marketing that marketers can expoit if used properly to leverage all the other efforts they make in regards to content, infographics, PPC, etc. I plan on expanding more in future articles just how we can possibly do that!

      Hoping you stop by again and see the site as it morphs into more and more a resource point for ideas, tips, tools, etc. everyone an use. I also hope that you can contribute your wealth of knowledge here so we can all learn from yoy!



  6. Hi dave! Very informative post. I mean really! Actually i am looking the possibility right now to include videos onto my website. Although i don’t have really the gadgets to do it. Can you recommend anything that i can use as a beginner in video marketing? I want to develop this skill since your post really promises good things if i incorporate videos into my online business. Thanks in advance for your response!

    1. Hi John!

      First of all thanks so much for stopping by here. A bit late getting back to you, have been busy taking care of creating some videos lol! I do think that you would be wise to add a video aspect to your marketing efforts. This is such a big business opportunity, and it is growing, as you can see from the info above.

      The tools I use are VideomakerFX, some HTML5 animation software, Powerpoint, and etc. I am also in a learning phase and have a long ways to go to get completely familiar with all aspects (such as webinars, another wonderful tool and a subject for another post!).

      I would check out some of the free tools or trial period tools to see which would wpork best for you, then only buy what you need. As you see other tools out there to buy may work, you can buy them on a 30 day free trial basis, and get a refund if they do not work out. JVZoo is an excellent place to look, as is ClickBank…

      Now for some free tools: Check out this site: http://gauravmadaan.com/300-awesome-free-internet-tools-and-resources/ If you go to my blog post on Resources Part 2 on Wealthy Affiliate you will find more. Here those are: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/davidsweney/blog/r… and https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/davidsweney/blog/m… ….

      Lastly you can also do a google search for free video creation software, or free trial video software…That will get you to many sites that you can check out. If you send me a prviate mail on Wealthy Affiliate, I can also send you some free information I have to get you started as well. More than happy to do this!



  7. Geez this was a great post on video marketing. I think I have hugely under-estimated the power of video marketing.
    I am surprised that Facebook has more views that Youtube. Thank you for sharing all these stats and a closer look at how Youtube and Facebook viewers differ. It has certainly given me some interesting insight into video marketing.

    1. Hi Lynne!

      Thanks so much for your nice comment! Yes the video aspect of marketing is very powerful, and I too am digging down more and more to come up with a strategy that fits in well with my overall online marketing strategy.

      The thing is nowadays it is not hard to create a simple explainer video using PowerPoint (which you can animate and add music to) or one of the other available software programs, either ones that are cloud-based or park on your hard drive, to easily create what you need.

      I am glad that you found some value in the post, and look forward to hearing from you what steps you may have taken to get your own program planned and started. So far I am finding it fun to use the right side of my brain to come up with persuasive short videos…



  8. Hi Dave,

    This is a lot of good information. Thanks once again for your effort in putting this together…I love coming to this site to see what you have added. It seems each time there is more I can pick up and use!

    What is your favorite type of video to create and why? What about your least favorite (and why)? I ask this because I am interested in learning more about your own experiences.

    You mention you have not been doing online marketing that long, yet you seem to speak in a very knowledgeable manner about the field! I and likely many others appreciate your dedication and effort to provide us some valuable guidance that we really can use!


    1. Hello Rea!

      Nice to see you here again! You always have something positive to say, it is a joy to have you as a frequent flyer on this site! Please come by as much as you want or need, and also if you’d like maybe we can discuss you doing a guest post sometime.

      Now on to your questions:

      My favorite type of video so far is animated cartoon short explainer vdieos. They are easy to create using the software program I have (VideomakerFX) and they are extremely effective when it comes to capturing the visitor. Also I am a bit of a cartoon like dude, so it fits my personality lol!

      My least favorite video (meaning hardest to create) is the short documentary. This also does not have to be too long, but certainly more that the 2-3 minute explainer or animated cartoon video. By documantary, I mean telling a story from start to finish, including all the steps that need to bwe included. Examples I am speaking are, say, a company business plan that has the complete presentation picture included…Much more complicated and longer to prepare and do well…

      You last comment is also appreciated. Let me explain a bit…When I decide to do something, I do not go into the venture half-way. I immerse myself, trying to gather all the information on the subject at hand, and absorb as quickly as possible all the different aspects of the topic(s). Online marketing I find fascinating, and there are just so many things you have to learn and know about to be effective at doing it.

      So, please do come back again and add your own observations and learnings based on what you are experiencing with your online markeing adventure. I am sure we can all learn from it, plus it may provide you an avenue to vent once in a while!


  9. I like this site. When you say, “Here are some facts to back that up” I suggest going right to the facts instead of a paragraph and then the facts. It breaks up the flow and thought process of the content.

    There is a lot of good information in this post. I didn’t realize there was such a big industry in video marketing. I did, however, feel a little overwhelmed with all the information. I would have like to have had it in shorter bites.

    But overall I learned something and I would consider it as a business. Thanks.

    1. Hello Rawl,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your taking the time to make a comment. Your thoughts on the information flow is noted, I did a relook at the article, and have made some small adjustments. Basically I try to keep a conversation tone with my writing, almost as if I had an audience in front of me…

      Regarding your second paragraph, yes I agree it is a lot of information herein, but quite useful and pertinent if you are at all into online marketing. Articles are like that sometimes unfortunately. I like to provide as complete picture as possible when presenting information, and not dumb down ideas or simplify them too much…

      I would suggest that you try taking notes if that would make it all easier to digest. I do this often because it helps me remember everything and put it into perspective. I also mark the notes I make with highlighters of differnet colors, annotating main and sub-points. This really helps me make sense in my own mind of the information, and incorporate them into my own actions/plans…

      Thanks for your feedback and I am sure readers would find it useful if you could post/share your own experiences with video markeing in regards to your own online marketing business, whether affiliate marketing referrals, offline video marketing to local businesses, web marketing in general, etc.l.

      I think there is so much we can all learn from one another…Cheers!


  10. I’ve always been interested in making videos for Instagram but I couldn’t find a good app for it that is also free. Do you know of any for the iPhone that I could use?
    Putting videos together for my website seems like a good idea too but of course I’m looking for something free. I’m a cheapo because of being broke and needing to make things work this way. 😛

    1. HI Gina!

      Thanks for stopping by today….There is so much out there that you can use or try for free…have a look at this page to see what I am talking about: http://bit.ly/1eLsNMq – This gives a good review on 20 and from there you can try for yourself….I think once you have a video, you can upload to a site like youtube or vimeo, then they will be viewable by visitors (You can also embed them into your posts on your site)….I hear you on not wanting to spend a lot of money – I feel the same, keeping costs low is where its at!



  11. Hello there

    Thanks for this informative and easy to understand post.
    You have explained how to use video marketing and the advantage of it, unfortunately, someone like me can’t use video marketing, terrible English,.
    Unfortunately, not all visitors today want to read seas of text, don’t blame them, why take the effort when they can listen to it?
    Surprised that social media generate so much money with video marketing, but that`s to be expected with the number of active online audience growing by the day.
    Liked the way you have explained everything,was a very interesting read and l have to figure out how to deal with my language barrier problem and start producing some videos if im to continue with my online marketing and be a success.

    1. Hi Roamy!

      I have a lot of friends who are in the same boat when it comes to English, Either their speaking or writing abilities are less than what they would like, so they feel uncomfortable when it comes to natrrating or writing articles even….There are solutions however….

      You could outsource a project to someone in fiverr, you could get a friend to do some editing, or leave a voiceover out, only including info as I did with the quick sample video I included here on this post. That came from a free site called PowToon, and literally I threw it together in about 5 minutes!

      Video is an area I would recommend you spend time learning for supporting your online marketing business, because it is attracting such a large audience nowadays! Best of luck to you and please stop by again to drop us a line and let everyine know how you are doing!



  12. Hi Dave. Lots of great information here. So looking at Facebook and Youtube , longer videos would be better on youtube than facebook. I think your idea of structuring with a teaser on Facebook and longer video on Youtube will do wonders for my campaign. Thanks for that one. I love that powtoon clip. Its catchy and quick and straight to the point, going to give that a go too. .Really great tips like click leads monitoring and publishing schedule. Going to implement these. Thanks for a great article.

    1. Hi Roopesh!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Glad you were able to glean something out of the article, that is exactly why I decided to post it! I really believe there is a strong future in video for your affilate marketing referrals as well as every other aspect of online marketing…

      Let us know how things go as you get started with the video strategy, and if there are some hints or pitfalls you experience, let us know that too! I will add to the post as we go along and lessons are learned by all. Sharing is caring lol!



  13. I have bad conscious for video marketing. It is something I should spent a lot more time on, but I haven’t started yet. I think I’m a bit afraid of recording videos, but I work with animation so maybe I can make something cool for my niche site in the form of animation .
    What do you think about that?

    1. Hi Andreas!

      I think that is a great way to start….Recording a video with you either appearing or even doing a voiceover can indeed be intimidating. Years ago I was the same regarding public speaking. I forced myself to do it, and over time it became easier and easier…Now is no problem at all…I think that appearing on videos is the same….With practice it will be easier….Best of luck!

      Kind Regards,


  14. Hi Dave, you gave is valuable information with this post. Thank you so much. I know that online videos are extremely powerful for any business and that at some point I should give it a go. I am just starting in internet business and focusing on writing content at the moment but I was curious about video marketing.

    It was nice to know the difference between the platforms but there is something I would like to ask. If I decided to promote through facebook, what is the difference between posting it directly with facebook and posting a youtube video on facebook? Sorry if this is a silly question..

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Stefan!

      No problem at all, I am glad that you were able to get something from the information…The content portion of internet marketing is extremely important so it sounds like you are on the right track. Video is something that you can also fit in as you go along….

      Now to your question…To get an embed code for adding your video to a post on FB, it has to be hosted somewhere online, i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc. So you will have to do this on some video hosting platform…

      There are some good classes on opening an account with YouTube on Wealthy Affiliate, or yu can do a search and get more information as well…

      PLease stop by as much as you like and I appreciate that you took the time to drop a comment here. Best of luck to you!



      1. Hi Dave

        Thank you so much. Sorry for the English mistakes in my comment. I will check the classes on WA for sure. Thanks for the advice.


        1. Hi Stefan,

          Do not worry about this at all! My grammer is terrible and I manage to muddle my way through! Please come back anytime, and do not hesitate to add your thoughts, we can all learn!!

          Dave : )

  15. This is an excellent page full of facts and very useful information. It has given me some ideas for my own web site and I will definitely be back to learn more. I have some video making experience, but have never thought of incorporating it in my site. Thanks for this page.

    1. Hi Mike!

      Thanks a lot for your comments! They are appreciated, really! Please stop by anytime and I look forward to hearing how things are going…That is just what I want for this page….It should be a place we can all learn something from and share tips, tool, etc!

      Kind Regards,


  16. I never knew that video marketing was over 5 billion dollar a year market but I should have with the way vine has erupted. Videos are great because it provides a visual which is better because people dont like to read lol and I was shocked that Facebook has more video views than youtube, but you learn something new everyday. Thanks for the article it was a great read

    1. Hi Marc!

      Appreciate the laudatory comments, and I look forward to seeing you come by again and again. There are a lot of good ideas out there, and I would like to have a great deal of them be mentioned right here!

      Video is an important part of online marketing, and is not that hard to add to content marketing that most people are doing. It is so effective that I thought it important to get it out so visitors here can read about it.

      Cheers and have a great day!


  17. As a copywriter, I’ve witness the long sales letter shrink and transform into a serial video presentation. This single evolution to video had dramatically increased sales wherever it is used.

    I won’t claim the long sales letter is dead, because some prospects still prefer that approach, but it’s clear that the long sales letter has been shoved in the corner and all but neglected.

    This phenomenon has forced me to embrace video. I’ve been looking at Easy Video Suite as a tool for making videos, but then I see that you offer Video Maker FX. What is the difference?

    1. Hi G.C.!

      Yes I agree that long content is still around and likely the most used, in spite of all the hype about other means of marketing “taking over” but it is true that these other means are becoming ever more prevalent (i.e. infographics and video)…

      Personally I still do not mind taking a bit of time to read in depth about a subject, and there is so much more information provided using the long content format. The generation and culture now has changed however, and I want to catch this market segment, so I think we are forced to look at the alternatives…

      I use VideoMakerFX myself and find it works OK for what I am doing. As I gain more experience, I am sure I will want to look at some of the newer programs available that offer more bells and whistles. Easy Video Suite is not one I have tried to now. I have played with Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, and Video Vibe, which are all good…

      The free tool (you can also pay) POWTOON works OK as well…This is the quick sample video I included above. I guess it depends on what you want to use the videos for that you produce. In my case, I am pushing to offline businesses for their web sites and marketing campaigns, as well as affiliate marketing…

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment today, your valuable feedback and input is appreciated. I want to make this site a place where experienced people like yourself want to stop by and share their experiences and wisdom! Please feel free to come by anytime!



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    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks M8! Lots of work left to do, but over time I am rrying to build a site that users will get use out of to make money online with their own businesses…

      If there are any topics you would like to see please drop a note here or add to the provided window. That window sends a mail directly to my inbox….



  19. Video marketing is something that I really want to dig into. I recently noticed that Facebook changed their video posts to autoplay which is bit of a pain.

    I think Facebook is about to take over Youtube, but for me Youtube is so much better than Facebook. I also think that it is easier to rank for videos than articles because you get more engagement with videos.

    1. Yes I am studying this more and more as well. Using it quite a bit now for offline marketing clients, they also see the value in videos for their business… You are absolutley right on the ranking comment, if you use G+ and Hangouts you can get there even quicker! Best of luck and thanks for stopping by! Dave : )

    2. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add your input here! Yes videos are gaining in importance and i have not read anything that points to this medium not gaining in importance in the future…

      Facebook has a huge audience that reacts differently than youtube viewers, but yes FB seems to have an edge on getting your vids out quickly to a broad audience, depending on how they are presented…

      Youtube has the advantage long term however, and over time the views a good video will get likely will outpace FB…Another consideration not mentioned in this article is where you have the videos hosted…

      So important as you do not want to lose your videos if there is a sudden change in the “rules” that YouTube may come up with…Having them hosted in a couple of places makes sense to me…i.e. Vimeo, Amzazon S3, etc.

      Good luck to you as you ventue into this world, it is a lot of fune and can be very profitable!


      Dave : )

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    1. Hi M8, Just drop me a line here or if your prefer thee is a box at the end of each post I make where you can submit an email directly to my online marketing program inbox. I always am looking for feedback and suggestions for posts, articles, product reviews, etc. so I can better meet the needs of the site visitors. Cheers! Dave : )

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      Dave : )

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