6 thoughts on “How To Quickly Protect Your Email Account – Security

  1. My email security sure means a whole lot to me. I’m receiving hundreds of emails daily and while most of them are not personal, I wouldn’t like anyone else to be reading them.
    Also, someone with a bad intention could just delete emails with the sole purpose of me not reading them.
    That’s why I consider my email should be as protected as it can be. Great guide, Dave
    One question tho, why should my birthday be innacurate?

    1. Hi Aless,

      I think everyone would agree with you on the impact our emails and accounts have on our lives, both personally and professionally. Who wants to expose themselves needlessly to the many hackers out there that seek to gain from the data to include financial in some cases that we may have within our emails…

      On the birthday tip, it is just another way to throw people off from having more information that they can use to gain access to your protected information. I have done this on several of my accounts, but not all. As with the recovery account you create, the less association with who you really are the better…

      Thanks for the positive comments as well Aless and please feel free to stop by anytime!



  2. Great article, wish I had read this many years ago. I used to set all my passwords the same for all my email accounts. One got hacked and it was a chain reaction that took months to straighten up. Good thing none were attached to any financial stuff. Was still a nightmare. Loved the tips on backing up, need to do that. This is so related to making money online. We belong to so many things it is extremely important to protect ourselves. Thanks agian

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your positive comments on the tutorial, and I am right with you on the password thing. Security was never much of a concern as a civilian after being in the military for many years. I thought there was not much of a need…

      The hacking into the major companies databases changed all the for me. When I saw that the hackers were going after these guys, I knew it was time to change the way I looked at security of my own data. Most people wait until they get hacked to take action, and of course then it is too late…

      I do appreciate you sharing your own experiences with security issues and it does bring it right to where all of us need to be, but where most are not – having a plan in place and knowing what you will do if there are some compromises…



  3. This is a very informative article, I send emails almost every day and I have rarely thought about the security of my email account. I guess I never thought that it was so important. However, you made some valid points I had never thought about someone hacking into my email to get info to access my bank account. I definitely need to implement some of the things you are suggesting in this article.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that this article on the security of your email mau have helped you. That is the whole point of what this site is about, helping others….Please stop ny again for more tips that will help your online marketing program…Cheers! Dave

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