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One of the biggest challenges to online sales is to develop landing pages that convert… This is an integral piece of sales online, as this page serves as the contact point that your prospect comes to AFTER your ad has compelled them to take action to get to that page…

This is an integral piece of sales online, as this page serves as the contact point that your prospect comes to AFTER your ad has compelled them to take action to get to that page…

You can have the best offer ever, but if it is presented in a manner that does not at once capture that prospect and clearly focus them on your offer, and cause them to take action, you will lose that sale.

Today we go over the components of a great landing page, how you can use a checklist to make sure that you have covered all the main components of the page in a manner that will assure success, and finally how to test to see how it converts…

Note that the landing page is a component of a sales funnel, and in that role, it must convey the offer in a manner that is congruent to what lies before and after…

The ad you use must communicate a similar message and even should be designed to coordinate with the landing page…AFTER the prospect takes action they will most likely be sent to a one-time offer landing page…

That page too must match well with the ad and the front end offer in all phases. You are simply adding more solutions or additional features to whatever was included in the base offer.

Finally the thank you page and the bonus page should also match. When you create landing pages, you have to keep this in mind as well, so it is more than creating a single page that converts…It is a process!

Let’s get started!


The definition of a landing page is as follows in the most simple of terms:

A landing page is any page that a prospect lands on after taking action on an ad or an offer for a product or service…

Here is an excellent review on the basics of what makes a good landing page…

[videoframes src=”” skin=”35″ controls=”1″ headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

All this sounds easy, right?

But think back to some of the purchases or offers you have looked at since getting involved with online marketing…

Do you remember the good ones or the bad ones more? Personally, I can remember only that the bad ones that REALLY stand out as being bad. Also, it meant that I did not take action to buy what they were selling!

The good ones I do not remember quite so much, more so I remember what I was buying or bought…

This is the case I think because these good ones had their message as the focus, it was clear to understand, everything “felt right,” and there was a single and strong call to action.


Unbounce has numerous posts on landing page creation and lots of critiques of sample landing pages on their website.

It is a place that is definitely worth a look and some of your time as you deal with learning how to effectively and quickly get started with your own landing pages!

Below you will find an excellent infographic that has been created by the good folks at “Unbounce,” an excellent source for good training and more. They call it their “Recipe for Success.”

Please read through this long yet rather straight to the point graphic, and then we will discuss it below…


the perfect landing page recipe2 - How To Quickly Create The Best & Highly Converting Landing Pages

Unbounce – The DIY Landing Page Platform


They break their recipe into 9 “ingredients” as follows in a humorous and light-mannered way that makes it easy to remember the main components you need to consider for landing pages:

(1) Unique Selling Proposition

What makes what you have different from every other similar offer that prospects may see? Why you as opposed to someone else when it comes to buying this product or service…

(2) Hero Shot or Video

The effectiveness of videos in landing pages cannot be overemphasized. If a video is not possible, then you must come up with an attention-grabbing Headline and by-line and some image that does the same…

(3) 3 to 7 Benefits

Without overwhelming the page you want to include the best benefits or the ones that prospects are most likely going to react to…What will be easier in prospects lives by using what you are offering?

(4) Show Context of Use

I have seen this done in several ways…Proof of performance, maybe a demo video, or other examples of the product or service where the prospect can see how what you have does what you say it does…

(5) 0 to 1 Enticing Forms

If you are going to have buttons or forms, keep it to one. Some landing pages can get by without a form at all…Let’s say it is a page where you are explaining the product or service and you also want to show the bonuses…

(6) 1 to 3 Trust Elements

Testimonials are an important social proof that most buyers today want to see before they put their trust in you and buy what you are selling. That is the result of the social platforms, the online eCommerce segment, etc.

(7) 1 Call To Action

Your landing page needs just a single and strong call to action…If yiu have more, you can confuse the prospect. They want to be directed by you…

(8) Spoonful of Post-Conversion “Sugar”

On your “thank you,”  “bonus,” or “download” pages, add in just a bit of something extra that they were not expecting…This will leave a positive memory of you and your promotion for the next selling opportunity you have, which likely will come!

(9) The A/B “Taste Test.”

Be sure to test variations of your landing page recipe to see which is the most effective at getting people to follow through and take action…

All of these points do make sense and I believe the steps can be used as a checklist for all of your landing pages. They offer good advice on things to watch for and include, as well as what NOT to include.


There are many tools out there to create landing pages, JV pages, opt-in pages, thank you and bonus pages and even banners and ads that all play a part in the sales funnel concept we mentioned at the start of the tutorial.

Some help you automate the process to a great degree and others leave more of the creation aspect to you. People tend to become desensitized if they see the same thing over and over again.

This is why copywriters who specialize in, among other products, landing pages, can demand and get loads of cash when they do projects for clients.

People want something that looks fresh, yet converts as well as the tried and true pages…

I suggest that you do some research on the possible tools that may work with your own online marketing program, and I will add a few here to get you started…

(1) Landing Page Monkey

This is another tool that allows you to create landing pages quickly and add-in components that are going to make sure that your offer gets the proper focus and attention.

I have a review of this you can look at here:

==> Landing Page Monkey Review <==

(2) Commission Gorilla

This tool helps you create pages that announce and easily consolidate your bonus offers for products you may be promoting. The tool is largely automated and works fast!

I have a review you can look at here:

==> Commission Gorilla Review <==

(3) Tools With Semi “Done For You” Solutions

(a) Optimize Press

Here is a video that explains using this service…

[videoframes src=”” skin=”35″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”Optimize Press Option” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

(b) Get Response

Here is a video that explains what Get Response can do for you (this is an autoresponder service that also creates such pages for you)…

[videoframes src=”” skin=”35″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”Get Response Solution for Landing Pages” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

(c) Xtreme Builder

Xtreme is similar to Optimize Press in that it can create entire websites quickly and effectively. The tool also allows you to create landing pages…

[videoframes src=”” skin=”35″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”XTreme lPage and Website Designer Tool” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

There is also a number of done for you solutions where you select the page you want to use, edit it to add in your content, and publish it on hosted sites.

These can be quite expensive and may offer limited features, so I would carefully look at what you need against what is offered, and of course at what cost.

Once you are familiar with creating good landing pages, you can save money by creating your own or having your team do them. Starting out you may want to use the semi “done for you” tools…


I have also packaged some further training that will be useful for you as you use one or more of the tools mentioned above to design your landing pages…

The first is a bundle of copywriting guides that will help you write content that converts…There are certain power words and headlines, etc. that will help you create more effective pages…

The second is a bundle of graphics for your use in landing pages and other online marketing projects you may be involved in. They can be used in banners, blog posts, landing pages, wherever you may need them…

Copywriting Training Bundle -Contains the following…

Training # 1 – Copywriting Crackdown

Training # 2 –  Copywriting Power Phrases

Training # 3 – Copywriting Success Secrets

Training # 4 – The Copywriter’s Manual

Training # 5 –  Copywriter Black Book

Training # 6 – $100k Copywriting Formula

Training # 7 – Copywriting Development and Strategy

Training # 8 – Copywriting Strategies Explained

Training # 9 – Copywriting Secrets From The Master

Training #10 – Basic Copywriting Skills

Training # 11 – 100 Advertising Tips

Training # 12 – How to Copywrite Right

Training # 13 – The Co[ywriters Swipe File Vault

Training # 14 – Squeeze Page Mastery

Training # 15 – Formidable Phrases and Words

Training # 16 – How to Write Killer Sales Letters

Training # 17 – High Response

Training # 18 – Profit Sucking Sales Copy


Bundle Cost: $29.95

This is a collection of 12 books, reports and guides that will teach you what works and why in regards to copywriting. The information will touch on all the important points that need to be addressed in a landing page (and more)…

Graphics Package  –

This is a package of graphics that you can use for every aspect of your online marketing program.You will be able to not only use them for your landing pages but on your social pages, your blog, your website, etc.

Here are the modules included and a sample of each


This is a great package to start your online marketing effort with, or also is good if you already have some on hand. They can be used in not only landing pages but throughout your online marketing program…

Package Cost: $39.95

Three points:

(1) OK, adding the cost for each of the above bundles you come up with about $50 USD. As with all online marketers, money for you is likely tight, especially if you are starting out…The less you  have to spend to start making money with creating and deploying your landing pages, the better…

(2) I am convinced these materials will definitely help you as you start your journey or continue on your journey with online marketing…You can use these materials immediately and get that first income in your account or additional income in if you are already making money!

(3) I would like to point out that one of the reasons you found your way here today and are reading this tutorial is because you are looking for a quick way to create your landing pages that convert…

Result: I am going to make you a special offer that takes into consideration all of these factors mentioned…Please read on…

Special Pricing For My Landing Page Support Materials Bundle


I am offering the two bundles as a mega-bundle for you today. This means that you save money!

Instead of the normal $29.95 and $39.95 for the copywriting bundle and the graphics package, I am going to sell these BOTH together…

Using the link below you can secure the two for $29.95, a  58% discount!

To get immediate access to the bundle, click on the green button below and you will be able to purchase, and after your payment is confirmed, you will be sent to a download page for them…

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - How To Quickly Create The Best & Highly Converting Landing Pages

NOTE: If you have ANY problems, please send an email to support@davesweney.com and I or my team will take care of you ASAP! Thanks for your business and best of luck with Fiverr!


Today we went through what a landing page is, why it is so important for your online marketing program, and possible solutions you can use to get started creating your own pages.

Additionally, I provided a checklist that you can use to critically evaluate the landing pages you want to use for your products or services…

Lastly, I provided you some additional materials that will give you a leg up as you create your landing pages. You will be able to publish more professional looking landing pages and ones that will convert.

The copywriting material will teach you what lies behind effective landing pages and how you can tap into the psychology involved in making compelling and converting landing pages.

The graphics will complement the copywriting material and when used with one of the page creation tools above or a similar one, you can quickly get started…

Now it is up to you to take action,…Buy the materials, use them, and start making your own pages for your online marketing business today!

Have fun and best of luck!


arrow red 2 - How To Quickly Create The Best & Highly Converting Landing Pages


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