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logomoneysite 4 - How To Make Quick Money Online - 25 Tips To Try TODAY!


In my ongoing series on how you can make quick money online, today I am offering a potpourri of tips that you can tap into. Rather than focus one particular method or tool, these will help generate some ideas.

The ideas you get likely will be based on where you are at with your online marketing program. This is good because I realize that everyone is at a different stage regarding their online business.

I have a second set of 25 tips that I will add to the next post in this series, so please do stop by again and see if these too can help your program… price of cialis in new zealand

So, let’s get started!


a4 - How To Make Quick Money Online - 25 Tips To Try TODAY!


I am going to list each one and then write a short explanation for them, one after another. This is a departure from most of my posts, it is intended to be a quick read.

Once you have identified one or more methods that might work for you, the next step would be to drill down, research how you can use the idea for your program, and then start!

(1) Create More Products Using PLR

Private Label Rights data can be videos, eBooks, training courses, tools, etc. You can quickly take the data from the PLR, update and add to it, and then market it as your own unique product. This saves you TONS of time… viagra discount

(2) Promote Affiliate Hot-Selling Products

Look at some of the major affiliate platforms like Clickbank, Warrior Forum, or JVZoo to see what is hot and trending…Request to promote these proven winners for fast sales…

(3) Add One Time Offers To Your Front End Products

When you have a customer that has already opened their wallet to buy your basic offer, you have what is called a HOT prospect. They are more apt to KEEP that wallet out if you offer a follow-on offer as part of the sales process…

(4) Install One Time Offers On Your Back End Page

Once they are into your sales funnel (series of offers, you can easily add more offers (I would not do more than 2 upsells personally, or they can be annoying)…

(5) Add an Upsell On the Checkout Page

When they are checking out, use that space to offer then a chance to upgrade their pending purchase right from that page. You would be surprised how many additional sales you can get doing this!

(6) Personally Call Your Customers

This is an old school trick, but I will tell you as a long-time offline marketer, this works and works well…Getting them to associate a face with a brand or a product really helps with the sale…

(7) Find Out What Your Customer Want

Conduct surveys, call them, track what is selling, see what is working best for your sales funnels, all are steps to help you determine what it is the customers are looking for…

(8) Raise Your Prices Up

Try raising your prices for a product. It could be that you are are undervaluing what the market will pay and losing money that you could be realizing…

(9) Lower Your Prices Down

By the same token, make sure that the products you are offering are not OVERPRICED. It does no good to have a high price on something that people perceive as too expensive (this and the last case will be helped by finding out what the customer wants and is willing to pay for…).

(10) Cross Sell On Your Checkout Page

This is a very simple method to increase your sales. Design these so that they can buy right from the checkout page or manually fo the cross-sell product page…

(11) Promote Your Backend Offers Through Your Email List

You do not have to count solely on your sales funnel to get the back end products in front of your buyers. Send them a follow-up email to remind them that they saw the back end offer during the sales process of the front end product they purchased, point out again the advantages, etc.

(12) Offer A Down-Sell On Exit

If they are on your sales page and decide to leave without taking action, add a pop up to offer them a down sell of the product they just looked at…Catch them before they leave – they are a warm prospect!

(13) Offer A Special On Exit

In the same vein, you may want to add in a special for the product that appears as a pop-up…It could be a price point issue that is holding them back from purchasing…

(14) Extend Time-Delayed Offers

This may get you some additional sales and it costs you nothing. take sildenafil 100mg

(15) Promote Back-End Offers Within The Product

When you do make a sale of a front end product, build in a page for that product to give them the chance to buy the up-sell. This goes back to the show them 5-7 times to get them to buy rule…

(16) Create Urgency With A Time or Quantity Limited Offer

This is a great psychological tool to get people to take action. It works!

(17)  Reverse The Risk (Offer A Money Back Guarantee)

This answers some buyer’s objections…Knowing that they will be able to get a refund can help convince them to move forward and buy…

(18)  Use Social Proof In Your Copywriting

This may be written testimonials, video testimonials, messages from facebook or other social platforms, or something else…Social proof is a VERY important factor today in overcoming objections of the buyer…

(19)  Use Video Sales Letters and Other Visuals

You probably know this one if you have been doing online marketing more than 5 minutes, but it bears repeating…Adding in videos increases engagement, and is more ways to reach the prospect over graphics and copywriting alone…

(20) Test Your Sales Copy and Improve Results

Very important to test teh pages, graphics, videos, to see what is working. Use A/B tests, and test one thing at a time…

(21) Tweak Every Part Of Campaigns

As you get the test results from the split testing, tweak the campaigns, continue to improve them, and increase sales!

(22) Build Anticipation Of Your Upcoming Product Offers

If you are rolling out a product, plan ahead not only for the creation cycle but also how you will let the market know you have a new product launching soon…It can make a huge difference in your sales…

(23)  Build a Segmented Prospect List by Product

Create separate email lists not only by product but also by the point in the sales process the leads are. This way you can retarget using ads that will address exactly what they need to hear to move forward…

(24)  Start An Affiliate Program

Get others to sell your products for you. Pay them ONLY when they have sold something! You are tapping into their hard work establishing their lead lists, and both parties benefit…

(25) Enter Into JVs With Other Marketers

When you join forces the best of both or all parties can be tapped into. The strengths that each brings to the table means that together you can have more success and sales than each of you would have separately… foglio illustrativo cialis 20 mg


There you have it…25 Ideas that you can use today! There will be some that may not apply to where you are at with your online marketing business, but I am sure there are a few that WILL work or you…


logomoneysite 4 - How To Make Quick Money Online - 25 Tips To Try TODAY!



Today was a lighter side style post on making quick money online. Many new marketers or even seasoned marketers need some fresh ideas to get them motivated and back in the game…

This short post on making some quick money online was intended to do just that for you. No sells or upsells, requesting a subscription from you, etc.

No, today I just decided to add 25 tips that I have gleaned from my own research throughout the internet on opportunities that are right in front of you…

Use these tips to advance your online marketing business, develop them and run with them. Enjoy and best of luck!


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