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If you are serious about making money online one of the fundamental and core steps you will have to make is to create your own piece of digital real estate that you can call home.

There are thousands of options to get this in place, and the price will range from free to thousands of dollars. My suggestion is that you explore the cheaper options to start with, especially if your are just  starting out.

You will notice that I focus on finding solutions to the many aspects of online marketing that involve little or no money, and of course there are some that are not free, but they do offer high value for the money they will cost.

Today I want to inform you on how you can get up and started quickly (like in under a minute – is that fast enough?), and then go into detail how you can get free training on how to further refine your website to make it into a money making machine for you.

Let’s get started…


We have mentioned a bit on this in the introduction, but basically having a web site will allow you to post blog entries, you can add in reviews of products, provide advice and articles oon tools, sell affiliate products, your own products, etc.

It just makes sense to increase your presence over and above the social platforms that you may be a member of, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, Google +, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Blab, Periscope, Meerkat, Skype, etc.

You can tie everything together using a website, and when all of these various platforms you use can link back to your website , it will mean that your reach will be more effective, you can build lists from various subjects you may be covering, and so much more.

It may seem daunting if you are just starting, there are so many things to get in place as you build your own online marketing business. Having a guide can certainly make the process shorter to the point where you are making money from your online marketing efforts.

Let’s look at the options you have to get a website up and running, and why I recommend you use SiteRubix over other such services…


There are many choices you have…Some of the free website building locations available to you include:

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Chart From Wikipedia site:

(click on the picture to go to this site)…

Rather than go into each, let’s just say that there are LOTS of options out there for you. The one that I recommend is NOT listed on that page. It is called SiteRubix, and it is a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Educational Project program.

The reason I recommend this free hosting site over any of the others is that it comes as part of a package. You not only have access to the hosting, you can use provided WordPress templates to quickly create your web page.

It also has some other advantages that set it apart from other free hosting sites. That includes in-depth training that will help you not only get your site up and running extremely fast, but you can learn how to make the needed adjustments to have an EFFECTIVE site.

Let’s see what I am talking about….




When you sign up for the free site, an easy one step process,  you immediately can get started. If you want to have the additional training that is available to you, you can sign up as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate.

For 7 days you can have the same access as premium members have, which means that all the training for the lower levels are open for your use. One of the included training modules is on how you can build out your website.

Here is what you are going to get: 

Wealthy Affiliate Building a Website Training

There are 10 modules in the training and here is what they cover:

Free Training Modules at Wealthy Affiliate

The training covers getting started to massaging your site to increase traffic, sell products effectively, posting relevant and useful information, SEO tactics, etc. You can immediately get access to the training when you sign up in a few steps…

That means you will have access to extensive  tips and guidance that would cost a LOT of money elsewhere for free! The format for the course is easy to follow and put into use on your own website, plus your free site is conveniently located right on the same platform as the training, so you do not waste time.

Demonstration of Building A Website

Showing someone is always better than telling someone how to do something I think…So I decided to make a short video so you can see just how fast it is to create a website using the free siterubix hosting service…Check out this short video and see what I am talking about!


Wasn’t that fast? Add in the training on how to get this site adapted to look the way you want it to, plus the option to get the full Affiliate Marketing training and support for free for 7 days, and you can see why I recommend this hosting site over others.

My Experiences

I went through a period of searching for a reputable program that was not just trying to sell me more of their stuff on their sites, I wasted many hours and lots of money until I found Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix where I was able to finally get a program in place that works.

I will say this. Having a website up and running is just the start, There are many other factors that you have to consider when trying to establish a successful online marketing program, Wealthy Affiliate covers it all.

A free website is good, but unless you know what to concentrate on, what SEO factors to consider and address on your site, what kind of articles to include, and how to get affiliate status to sell something, you are going to be stumbling around in the dark like I was for several months.

SiteRubix, the free hosting and websites you get, along with the training provided at the Wealthy Affiliate site, will allow you to much more quickly get an effective program in place. Over my 8 months with the program, I have not been disappointed once.

Have a look for yourself. Even if you have other sites already up and running, it is worth a bit of your time to see the difference in what you get versus what you have. I feel confident that a lot of your problems you may be having will be solved using these free services!


Although there are many options available these days for starting out with free hosting and website building tools, it pays to look at what you are getting and the limitations you may have with each.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a very stable, secure, and easy to use platform that is a top level host. The available templates (1000s) mean that you can select a look for your free website that is going to fit your purpose, whatever that may be.

If you also decide to take the free seven day access to the Wealthy Affiliate Educational Project, you can also learn how the site can fit into your overall online marketing program, how you can tie these into your social platforms, and get lots of help, training and support while doing so.

I urge you to try it for yourself, there is NO risk, no money involved, heck not even a credit card is required to get started!

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Please provide some feedback on this article, as it helps us all learn and get better at our online marketing efforts. Building a website using free hosting is something you can do with many sites, but Wealthy Affiliate has some unique advantages over others. Let me know what YOU think below. Thanks in advance!


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