2018 12 26 1934 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review
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If you have been following my website for any length of time, you will know that I love to review tools that will really help and be used for your online marketing business. Today I am reviewing one that is a must have from my perspective.

I have purchased this for my own online marketing business, and in a short time, it has become one of my favorites. It is called ‘Sqribble’ and right now you can get $20 off until 31 December (normal price is $67 for the Front End, $47 at the moment).

Let’s get right down to the details of this super publishing tool that does so many things well, and at a decent and fair price!


2018 12 26 2003 300x78 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


Product Overview



Adeel and Ali Chowdhry

Product Name:


Launch Date:


Launch Time:

Launch Is Over

Front-End Price:

$ 67 ($20 Off Through 31 Dec)

Final Evaluation:

Highly Recommended 


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


2018 12 26 2003 300x78 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review

A Quick Explainer Video…



First of all, this tool called Sqribble is a brand new cloud-based tool that has been specially designed to help you quickly create eBooks, reports, white papers, or other digital books on the fly, quickly and easily.

This review is going to be giving you a detailed look at what you get, show you some demos of how it works, and I am even going to show you an example of one of my creations using it (yes I not only am promoting this, I actually LOVE it for my business!).

We’ll be covering who it’s for, how much it costs at the moment, what kind of upsells that you will see as you go through the funnel, whether they are worth your time and money, and also address some of the pros and cons of the cloud-based tool.

The creators are experienced online marketers, and they have created and launched many useful tools over the years. They are not fly-by-night marketers who will introduce a product and then stop supporting it in a year. They have a reputation that is stellar in the market, deservedly so. Adeel and Ali Chowdhry are their names:

2018 12 26 2002 300x178 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


2018 12 26 2005 300x112 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review2018 12 26 2006 300x115 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


So Just What IS Sqribble?

As mentioned above, Sqribble is a cloud-based easy to use eBook creator software. using the tool, you can quickly create extremely professional looking eBooks, reports, checklists, lead magnets, etc. There are templates that you will have access to inside the tool, and with a very few clicks, you can create something really nice.

The tools will save you a huge amount of time and money and help you present a more professional appearance with your followers, website visitors, or subscribers. Having used it for the last month or so, I can vouch that it does what it says…

I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw the sales page, as most such programs promise so much but fail to deliver. This one promised a lot of features that we all would like to have. Some I simply have not seen anywhere else, So quite naturally, I was a little bit cautious going in…In spite of my misgivings, I decided to purchase and try the tool.

I bought the Front End, The Pro version, The Flipbook tool, and the 3D book cover tool. The two upsells that I passed on were the template monthly service (10 new per month) and the tool to get clients that need books written or designed/published. This is because I simply will likely not be using such services, so had no need to spend the money.


2018 12 26 2006 001 300x128 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


To get back to what you get in the package that really caught my eye, here are just a few features I will mention: 

Automatic Content — As a part of the database, you get access to content from internet based on a URL. It works by pulling in the content and then you can edit and fine-tune as you wish. Sqribble makes it easy to quickly grab content or upload content and will even automatically format it for you (you will have to do some editing and copying and pasting to make it look right).

Essentially this means you really do not have to start from zero. You can pull this content from your website posts and pages, from a Word document, or from the included library of niche articles. It is so much easier than many other similar tools I have tried. Truly this is a game changer for online marketers.

Having used it for a month, I will tell you I have been able to get SO much more done and have the results look great. I do not mind writing, but this saves me time in getting more done in the same time. I like that!

Gorgeous Book Covers — I have some tools that I use specifically for covers for books, reports, lead magnets, and the like, but all of them are hard to work with, and the results sometimes are unpredictable. It looks great on the screen, but when I download them, they do not look good at all. They just look flaky, not real, and the dimensions are not right. Sqribble is different.

I will include a couple of examples of some of my created covers so you can see what I am talking about. They really are seriously impressive (OK, I am not unbiased here, but see for yourself!). You can use these on a book sales site like Kindle or Amazon no issue, and they instantly make you look like you’re a professional, someone who commands trust and authority.

Cover and Table Of Content Samples:

2018 12 19 1254 210x300 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review 2018 12 19 1256 212x300 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review 2018 12 19 1255 001 213x300 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review 2018 12 19 1255 211x300 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


Creating Flipbooks — This feature is really one of my favorite tools that Sqribble has added to the software.  Using this you can turn your boring and ‘everyone is doing it’  flat books into interactive flipbooks, complete with sound effects and a flipping page action. Something I had not seen before, this instantly caught my attention. It makes your digital book look, fee, and sound like a real book — the pages turn in an animated manner and you have choices of backgrounds to make the book stand out even more.

To show you what I am talking about, I have included a copy within this review. This is one of my own creations, by the way. This is the real deal and what you can expect when you too add this tool to your Sqribble package. It really looks nice and professional. See for your self:

Flipbook Example (this is one of mine!)…




Why Do Such Features Matter?

If any of you remember your school or college days, how many of those books were boring, long diatribes that contained lots of information but were hard to get through, because of a lack of design? Added to this point, people you want reading your material have choices – there are thousands of books, reports, white papers, or lead magnets available to them.

These days it is ALL about standing out from the crowd and grabbing people’s attention. This tool allows you to create value and engage your readers better. The novelty may wear off over time as more people transition to this new style of eBooks, but especially right now they will work well for you.

Another thing to consider is that this new animated and professional looking content presentation will become the standard in the future. Now you can stand out. Later it will be expected. Starting now with this new technology means that you are ahead of the curve and ahead of your peers. At the low entry cost, it is an excellent time to get in using the best tool on the market.

People will ENJOY the experience of reading through your book while ‘flipping the pages’ and they are much more likely to stay around longer on your pages. Oh yes, that is another really handy feature I love – you can embed them on your pages (as I have in this review) using a simple code that the tool provides. You can add in your call to action or your pitch and have people ready to make the move you are looking for!


2018 12 26 2004 300x152 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


What Other Features Does Sqribble Have That Are Ground-breaking?

I have found that Sqribble is such a versatile tool, and it has a ton of more features that I find useful. Here is what I am referring to:

Automatic Table of Contents – Yes You can simply edit the already formatted table of contents, quickly and without fuss.


Automatic Headers and Footers – If you have used other tools, you likely know about a headache that can result in making the headers and footers all lined up and look good. Sqribble takes care of all that for you! Having used it myself, I can tell you it works flawlessly.


Automatic Pagination – This can be such a pain as well. Sqribble does it automatically, and you can then change your TOC easily once your masterpiece is done. This feature too works as described. I have seen it in action!


Drag and Drop Design – This is so simple to work with, The page editing is similar to other modern drag-and-drop’ page creators that you will find out there, except this is oriented to creating an ebook. Intuitive and easy to work with, you will quickly be able to make any design changes you need to.


Add or Delete Pages – This is another feature I liked about the tool. You can quickly delete whole pages ot add pages as you may need for your project. Depending on the level of access you purchase, you can also pull in designs from various templates, make some quick changes, and have a completely new page too.


Add Your Own Media – Handy indeed. You can add in your images, diagrams, etc. as you may want. You can add in URLs that are clickable and will send your readers to the link you have added, and you can add in your logos to build your brand. Very versatile indeed!


300+ Google Fonts – This is something that you may not think is a big deal, but over time you will se the value in having some variety (in this case a LOT of variety) so your best sellers will stand out and look good to the readers. This is a nice feature. Right now I am sticking with the suggested fonts as I create my books, but i know there will come a time when this feature will be appreciated by me!


50 Book Templates (covering 15 different niches) – With the basic package you will get access to these templates and from this starting point, you can edit them as you want to create a completely unique cover that will stand out and look good to your prospective readers. Lots of options!


10 Different Book Themes (1 click changes the color scheme of your book!) – There are 10 themes included with the front end, which is more than enough to keep your creations looking fresh and unique over time. You can change the color scheme, add in your own media, and voila, you stand out and look great!


Import Content From a URL – I mentioned this above briefly, but it is worth drilling down a bit more on the feature. You will appreciate how fast you can pull in the exact content that you are looking to have in your book, no need to do a lot of typing etc. This tool will pull it in for you, add it to your book, and then with some fast editing, you are ready to publish!


Manually Add Content – As also mentioned, you can pull in content from Word or similar and do the same as with the URL content you add. I have used the feature and found it to work flawlessly, although some formatting editing was required (nothing major and quickly done).


All of this is what I have discovered so far! Every day I use the tool I am finding more ways to make my work output better. Truly this is one of my favorite tools I have purchased this year (and there have been a few good ones!).

Although there is a ton of features that the creators have packed into Sqribble, making it hands down the best eBook creator tools I’ve seen or used, there is one slight negative point which I’ll cover down below. Nothing major, but worth mentioning…


2018 12 26 2007 300x124 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


So Who Is Sqribble For?

Sqribble is designed for almost anyone. The people that will get the most out of this powerful tool are freelancers, independent internet marketers (i.e. bloggers, affiliate marketers, or content marketers, small marketing agencies and other small business owners. They all will want to create lead magnets, publish Kindle books, create and sell eBooks, or publish white papers. This is the ideal tool for them.

Another feature of the tool that will help you is that you have commercial agency rights! That means you can create an additional stream of income either using the tool yourself or having a VA employee create the books for you, for client’s work, and you have the ability to create unlimited eBooks which you can then sell, keeping all the profits!

They also give you a ready to deploy agency website with a pre-filled portfolio that you can upload to any domain for instant authority. This is really nice and using this you can easily show your prospects what you have on offer. This is a great bonus for you as you get started if you want to make some money creating books for others. Also, a professional website like this could very cost you $600, so it’s really a good bonus.

Also included is an in-built “Client feedback tool” allowing you to collaborate with your clients on the eBook projects you may be doing for them easily (I love this feature). You can have them review the project and make any suggested changes in notes that they leave for you, and in turn, you can show them what has been done/corrected.

There is also an excellent tutorial series available, showing you how the tool works. Likely you will not need this much, as it is such an intuitive and easy to navigate and use tool, but it is nice to know that if you need it, you have it. To go along with this training, there is a Facebook group too that can be useful for ideas, suggestions, etc.


2018 12 26 2008 300x144 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review


OK, How Much Will It Cost Me?

With all this value and the many features, you are likely thinking a LOT! It does sell normally at $197, which is a fair price, considering what you get, BUT the special price is a one-time $67 right now ($47 until 31 December 2018). This is for the front end, which will give you the ability to do many of the things mentioned, and you will be able to produce LOTS of eBooks that look great.


Are There Any Upsells?

As I mentioned, I personally bought 2 of the upsells, and they do add additional flexibility for me, based on my needs, but you do not need them to have a functional tool. Right now there are 4 upsells. Based on the constant improvements I have seen over a month, I would not be surprised to see more upsells later as they build out the platform even further. Some of the upsells might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.


Here’s what is being offered  at the moment:

Upsell 1 — Sqribble Professional. ($97 one-time)

If you add this upsell you will get 150 more professional eBook templates (the best ones are in the professional version), more graphics and even more ready-made content for all kinds of niches. This is offered as an extra, of course, you do not HAVE to have it (I bought it and am glad I did because I have so many more options now). This is a great option for those like me that want more variety, content and heavy users.

Upsell 2 — Sqribble Prime. ($29.99 per month)

This is a monthly template service where you get access to 15-premium “limited edition” new eBook templates within your Sqribble dashboard every month. Over time your library will grow and help you stay standing out from the competition. The price is less than two bucks per template! This is much cheaper than you will find on the stock sites.

Upsell 3 — Sqribble Fantasia 3D. ($77 one-time)

This includes 2 features. This is an upsell I chose as these are features that will help me truly stand out!

1.) Unlock a 3D cover creation tool inside right your dashboard. You can turn those regular boring ‘flat’ covers into more lifelike, realistic 3d covers. They are great to get more attention and they make your books look and feel more like the paperback or hardcover books. Remember, people DO judge a book by its cover, so something to keep in mind.

2.) The feature that I particularly was attracted to. You can create ‘Flipbooks’ that turn your work of art eBooks into highly interactive and animated works with pages that turn (with sound if you like) just as in real life. You can link to these flipbooks, and you can embed them on web pages (as I have) with a single piece of code. This is really fantastic and I was so glad to get this as part of the tool.

Upsell 4 — Auto Job Finder software. ($37 per month or $197 one-time)

Many people want to make some money off their investment in Sqribble and I fully understand that. You can provide a professional service and there is a demand out there. The question often comes into play “How can I find ready buyers of my copywriting and publishing skills?” Auto Job Finder will automatically find you related jobs across various freelance websites. Once it has something, it will notify you so that you can compete for the jobs. This tool is a huge time saver and a potential money earner.

My Pros and Cons for Sqribble

The bad

— The 3D cover tool is locked behind an upsell. I would have liked to see that as part of the front end as I think most people will minimally want this. However, the flipbook and 3D cover tools you get are well worth the price and they are a one-time buy, so I can live with that.

The good

Easy to use – I have seldom been able to so quickly start creating products that have real value so quickly as I have with Sqribble. It was an investment I am so glad I made, the ease of use was a definite bonus (I had prepared myself for a learning curve which was not needed).

Glitch-free – It really works as advertised and does that well! I have been very impressed over the last month of use. I was able to get my first eBook published within 30 minutes with no problems whatsoever. It actually was fun creating that first masterpiece!

Unlimited use (one-time payment) – This is a big one. Many video creation tools have limits on the copies or use of the tool, and if you need to create more you will end up paying additional money. Over time this can amount to a lot, so no limits was definitely a positive for me.

The Truly Awesomeness Of Sqribble!

— There are a ton of simply beautiful templates allowing you to let your imagination run wild. You will look like you have been in the business for years!

— Professional page layouts that you get. These simply allow you to get started fast, no worries about yting to make things fit together or look good or match up in colors, etc. Simply choose a template and start!

— Automatic content (saves time). This is a biggie. If you are like many, a power out or internet interruption may happen at the most inopportune time. You will be constantly reminded to back up (save) your project. When yoyu are working it is easy to forget. When you do lose something, generally it will involve a lot of lost work. This feature helps prevent that.

— Flipbook creator (available through 3rd upsell). This is what I just HAD to have as it is so unusual and professional looking. You can embed these onto your website or simply share the link with others. A great innovation that others will look at and want.

Bottom Line

I have tried a few eBook creator tools over the years, but up to now, I have not worked with one as good as Sqribble. It truly is the top of the line tool that will make your life easier. It is not buggy, it is easy to use, and it works, in every part of the tools and cool features you get.

The designs and the templates are very professional looking, the layouts help break up your content in natural places, and you have the ability to redesign as you may want or need quickly. The ability to add content automatically using a URL or a document file makes this a must-have for anyone who does not have time for hours slaving over a book design, writing some content and then messing around with formatting issues.

For me, another strong selling-point is the commercial license and unlimited books that you can create. This means that you could very well create a side-business just with this tool. If you handle it right, you could do very well I am sure. The tool will not be what holds you back, as it performs better than advertised.

This tool called Sqribble has been developed by Adeel Chowdhry, as I mentioned above. There is a certain peace-of-mind knowing that the creator is someone who has a solid reputation and many quality tools he has launched into the market. He is an internet entrepreneur with over ten years of experience. It shows with the latest, Sqribble.

Here is what I think: If you’re planning to create eBooks, reports or Kindle books in the near future, for yourself, others, or your business, you really owe it to yourself — and you owe it to your sanity — to pick this up as it’s a tool that you’ll definitely use in your business.


Click this image to see Sqribble in action:


download banner6 300x300 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review

Do Not Forget The Bonuses You Will Get:

Bonuses for Purchasing Sqribble through my link:

There are bonuses from the creator and bonuses from me that you will gain access to. Both sets are valuable additions and totally related to webinars. They will help you do more with the tool and experience more success.

Bonuses From Me:

(1) The ‘More Money” Manual

2017 09 20 1230 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review

This bonus will help you strategize on how best to use the Sqribble tool. Yet it is important and congruent to this promotion, as there is indeed more to making money online than just having an eBook creation tool.

(2) Surefire Webinar Conversions

8 ecovers 2 - Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review

This bonus will help you learn how best to use this new tool that you are purchasing in the best possible manner. Of course, you will also have to consider some of the products you make such as lead magnets, eBooks, or even courses that can work in tandem with webinars you create. This is will help you understand the concepts behind webinars and some of the ways you can use Sqribble in tandem with webinars.

How To Get These Bonuses?

Once you have purchased Sqribble you will be sent to the purchase page on JVZoo, there you can download the link to the site. To get the bonuses from me, just send me an email to dave@davesweney.com with your purchase receipt and I will send you the download link for these bonuses.

I wish you the best of luck and please let me know what you think below in the comment section. I do think you are making a good move by securing this eBook publication tool at the offer price, it is a great deal. If you have any questions, you can also add them below. Let me know how you like the tool too after you have it!

16 thoughts on “Honest Sqribble Ebook Publishing Tool, Plus Demo, Bonuses, and OTOs Review

  1. This looks absolutely awesome.  I have always wanted to write a kindle book.  In fact I have a lot of the words so called on paper already.  I just need to sit down and see if I really have all the time that I need to put that book together.

    Im a little out of my niche here.  Is this something I could use to get my book on Amazon.

    I cant wait to hear your answer


    1. Hi, Dale…This is a tool that you can definitely use to publish on Kindle and several other book sale sites. The output can be a FlipBook, a PDF, a Kindle format, as an HTML file, etc. I just love it so far. It is easy to work with and although I have not used the article library, I have heard from other users that it is good too. The best thing with this for me is the price, It is reasonable for what you get. No kidding, it provides huge value…Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your book! Cheers! Dave : ) 

  2. This is a brilliant looking tool. I have made ebooks in the past and it takes a lot of effort to create ebooks that are clean looking and professional. This tool seems to do a lot of the work for you so you can focus on the content rather than the look.

    Also, I really wanted to know if there were any upsells. Four is a lot. I think I will get the base product and the first upsell. That should be all I need for my content creation needs. Thanks for reviewing this!

    1. Hi, Eric…

      Yes the tool is really good. There are a lot of upsells (that normally turns me off), but the ones of interest for me are the first and the third. The professional (upgraded number of templates) was a good add on, and the FlipBook and 3D covers were all exactly what I needed. I most certainly think you will be happy with the first two (FE and OTO1) if you do not need the additional features.

      There is an option too for a similar tool to the FlipBook upgrade that is cheaper but does not include the 3D tool. Many people already have such a 3d cover tool so I think I know why they bunched that with the FlipBook feature. In any case, you can check out the Deal Fuel site where they have a FlipBook tool that has some additional features that FlipBook does not have…

      If you are a writer of books, or creating lead magnets, or perhaps creating checklists or training books/manuals, etc. this is a tool that will help you 10x your productivity. I can state that based on my limited experience to now. It has made just that amount of a difference for me.

      Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck with your online marketing endeavors!


      Dave : ) 

  3. Thanks for sharing this software. I never know such a thing exist, I have been using Page, the apple software, but it gets tricky when you have to do your table of content, the pictures, blah blah. It is nice that Sqribble comes with the Templates too. Will definitely look into it, might worth my $49.

    Happy Holidays

    1. Hi, Nuttanee…

      Happy Holidays to you as well. This is a brand new tool (of course it has been tested thoroughly prior to launch in early November) that is catching the internet marketing world by storm. The reason is that it just does things so well and truly delivers on hat it promises (too little of that these days).

      I too have experienced the same problems when formatting the books and other content based materials for my online and offline business as it sounds like you have too. It can get quite frustrating and a real pain in the neck (literally). 

      If you need to put something together fast, and you already have the content that just needs to be formateed prettily and have it look professional, this tool works great. Even if you need to write or discover some content it will help due to the large library of articles that you can use as a base to start from.

      Although that is not something I have tapped into, I hear it has a lot of good content. Of couorse you will still have to make it unique, so in my case I prefer just to write my own. In some cases, however, I will use some of my own material I have on hand and rewrite it as well.

      The price is good right now, and I do think it will rise again after the end of the year. I paid more for mine, because I got in late at the launch. Most definitely I am pleased with the tool though, and even the higher price does not change that. It ois probably the best (most useful) tool I have purchased this year!


      Dave : ) 

  4. I am a very slow writer but since I am now owning a blog, I spend most of my time writing.

    Before reading your review, I thought this is just another boring ebook creator. But now I am blown away! I am really impressed by what Sqribble has to offer especially the automatic content function. Seems like something useful for me to improve my writing efficiency. 

    Thank you for your recommendation!

    1. Hello, Grace…

      Yes the library of content you have available can likely give you a starting point for which you then can build into your own unique content by editing, adding additional information, and even focusing on some keywords that you are trying to rank for.

      I would also check out some other tools that can be very useful in your case too. I have one that I purchased that pulls in content from across the internet using keyword searches. I can then use the content to write my own post in my own words (edited from the content pulled in and based on my research).

      These kinds of tools simply were not available to the online marketer a few years ago (at least not good quality tools), but these days they are. Part of the online marketing business is automation, and to do more with the same time or perhaps in less time, such tools as Sqribble and etc. can help.

      It also is a matter of how you appear to your followers I think. Using a tool like Sqribble makes you look like a hero to some out there hehe. Of course the tools makes it easy to look professional, and you still have to put in the work, but less of it.

      Best of luck with your online marketing business and writing! have a Happy Holiday!


      Dave : ) 

  5. Great post and good info. 

    I never heard about it, even after having my business for quite a while. 

    Everything that can help me to build it out and become better is in my opinion very good, of course I’m aware of scams, so that is why I check reviews like yours to be totally sure it is safe. 

    Now, to see that this is genuine I’m certainly going to try it out, as it kan increase my business soon. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it. 

    1. Hi, Emmanuel…

      Yes there are indeed a lot of tools or softwares or training that is either an outright scam or minimally a waste of time and money. I too an a bit wary because of all of these out there. Every once on a while, a good offer pops up, as this one is.

      I went into the purchase of Sqribble expecting that I would get less than what was advertised, and was so surprised that it not only did what it said it would, but they have since improved it several times (over the last month). That was a REAL surprise for me…

      There is no doubt that you will be well servied with Sqribble. It will help you create professional looking eBooks very quickly. Of course, you will still have to put in the effort to make sure the copy is good, and that you have complementary images, charts, or data…

      But it takes away the burden of what is involved with creating such works of art. You truly can end up with something that you can offer on a site like Kindle iin a minimal amount of time. My recommendation woulfd be to do all your copy off the site, then when ready upload or import it to your chosen template.

      That way, you can simply adjust the content and media to fit the template and focus on that aspect. This is what I have been doing and it has worked out well so far. This is a tool to help you do more in less time, and get better than average results.

      Best of luck with your online marketing business and be sure to check out the Sqribble special offer before it goes away on 31 Dec 2018! If you have any further questions, just drop me a line here in the comments, I check the webste quite often.


      Dave : ) 

  6. I’m so glad i read this review, i really love the idea of sqribble. Writing ebooks is something i definitely want to do, but right now i am wondering, could you use sqribble for writing aritcles, like 1 to 2000 words, using the auto fill content feature? In other words is there flexibility on how you can use the templates and features in sqribble? for writing blog posts?

    1. Hi, Zardoz…

      Thanks for stopping by, first if all…I do appreciate that! In regards to your question on how best to use Sqribble, rather than posts for your blog, I would consider it for creating reports, short eBooks, white papers, or other similar unique lead magnets.

      That is where it’s real power lies in the bigger picture. However, you could most certainly tap into the article library for some ideas for your posts on your website. There are other automation tools that may serve you better in that regard though.

      I have one that pulls out fresh content from across the internet based on keywords, and from there you can add that to your own content and come up with some fresh and unique content quickly. It helps create content for posts and page articles much faster than if I did it all myself (i.e. Google search, etc.).

      In either case, I do recommend that you edit and make the content your own. This way a new perspective can be provided to your readers. It also means you get no ding from the search engines for duplicate content. Although of course you will find duplicate content on the internet, you do not want to have it on your site.

      That was a good question and I appreciate you asking it. It does bring up another possible use for the tool that I had not thought of. I am sure others will have yet another take on how Sqribble can be used as well, this is what I love about what we do.

      Have a great holiday and best of luck to you with your iinternet marketing adventure!


      Dave : )

  7. This sounds like an amazing software, I never knew something like this existed. I have just created my website recently and started blogging. Although, writing ebooks is definitely something I see myself doing in the near future, is it possible for me to use sqribble’s templates to better my articles and blog construction on my website?

    1. Hi, Solomon…I would use another tool for creating posts. Most certainly Sqribble could be used in such a manner, but the cost is prohibitive if that is the main reason to use it. There are cheaper means of getting content together for posts or articles. This tool is not going anywhere, the creators are solid and will be supporting this tool for a long time. When you are ready to make full use of it, then you can spend the money and really leverage it as piossible. Good luck to you and your online marketing business! Cheers! Dave : )

  8. This Squibble ebook tool actually looks amazing and super easy.  What I love is that I would be able to customize my books.  Now with the $49 version, you get the flip feature?  I absolutely love that – it looks just like a real book and is just so much better than the usual pdf looking ebook.  I’m super excited to create ebooks to give to build my email list and make me look professional.  Can’t wait to get started.

    1. Hi, Babsie…

      Yes, Sqribble is a tool that really outperrforns what it promises. It is refreshing when you see that these days, as often it is the opposite. 

      The Flipbook feature is an upgrade (OTO 3) that comes at an additional cost, however. There are some alternatives that will cost you less, but you will lose the ability to make such a book right within the software.

      If you go to a website called Deal Fuel, you can pick up a tool that is similar to Flipbook. It has the same capabilities and even a couple more (i.e. you can embed video into the eBook, add in your logo to the background, etc.).

      That same upgrade that unlocks the FlipBook feature also allows creation of 3D book covers. Many people already have such a tool, but I have to be honest, many do not work well. The one in Sqribble does work as advertised. 

      In any case, I am glad to have you stop by and hope you will come again from time to time. I am constantly adding new products and reviews of tools, services, and other products like training that will help you in your online business. 

      We even have a whole set of branded products called SMART IM Tools, which are my own and supported by me and my team. There are checklists, journals, training courses, video tools, etc. All are intended to help and work as advertised!

      Have a great day!

      Dave : )   

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