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Hi, Everyone…

As part of my GoFundMe Campaign to raise funds so I can travel back to the USA for medical treatment for Stage 2 Skin Cancer, I have created a separate set of bonuses for people that will share my appeal page. I have recorded a short video to show you around the page and also to show you where the button links take you to.

If you would like to pick up the sharing bonuses for this campaign it is really simple. No registration is required, this is not about collecting names and emails of people. Rather, it is about getting the word out to as many people as possible.

Here is what the page looks like:

GoFundMe Appeal Screenshot - GoFundMe Campaign Share Bonus

You Can Secure The Sharing Bonuses In Three Easy Steps:

(1) Simply copy one the links I have below and share it with 3 other people.

(2) Leave me a comment below that you have done the sharing, and

(3) I will add the download link for the bonuses for you when I reply to your comment.

I am using the honor system. If you tell me have shared I give you the products.


Here is a screenshot of the Bonus Page for Sharing:

2018 11 21 0726 - GoFundMe Campaign Share Bonus


Here are the links to share:

(1) This is the appeal page:


(2) If you just want to copy and paste the link here it is openly:

(3) If you want to send people directly to the GoFundMe Campaign, here that is:


What Kind Of Bonuses Will You Be Getting?

Check Them Out Here: SHARING BONUSES



  • Help me get the word out as far and wide as possible!
  • I look forward to getting started with medical treatment and then turning my focus once again back to online marketing!
  • Together we can!


Thanks and I wish all the best for everyone!



Dave Sweney



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  1. This is where you leave me a comment letting me know that you have shared one of the links above with three other people. I will reply and provide the download page for the sharing bonuses. It could not be simpler! I am not concerned with names, emails, etc. This is all about getting the word out as far and wide as possible! Thanks! Dave 🙂

    P.S. If you have any problems adding a comment, please use the comment section found in About Me section of this site. I will be checking regularly to make sure things are working correctly, but having Plan B is never a bad thing!

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