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Hi, everyone! Today is a fine day for me…We are close to finishing out the many tutorials involved in creating the series now, only one more and a wrap-up post to go!

There has been lots of good information already provided to you, if you review the other tutorials in the series, and the latest subject is no exception. We will be talking about, as the title suggest, lead magnets!

Lead magnets are one of my favorite free traffic methods!

This tutorial will give you a good breakdown on what lead magnets are, how they can be used, and things to look out for when deciding which lead magnets to use for one purpose or another.

Once you start learning about these I am confident that they will become one of your favorites as well!

Let’s get started… 


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Simply put, lead magnets are either products or resource materials that you will give away to potential subscribers in return for them providing you their contact information.

They involve a lot more when it comes to the kinds of lead magnets you will want to use, how to market them effectively, and where to place them in sales funnels, a whole other subject, and etc.

So essentially, to reiterate, you are offering an incentive, or as some would say, a “bribe” to convince a viewer or reader to provide their contact information…This may sound unethical at first glance, but this is not the case…

Read on to learn why lead magnets are a tool you need to be using…



Lead Magnets Are In Use Everywhere

Such tools are in use everywhere, not just online. Think about airline travel clubs, discount coupons, free eBooks, free reports, free software or plugins, loyalty cards, cash-back cards, etc. that you are exposed to every day as you go about your daily business offline…

The reason such a tool is so popular with all kinds if businesses is that when you get people to take you up on your offer, it can give you a “window” into what the subscriber is doing. You can then tailor your offers (target) to them based on their behaviors, and raise your conversions considerably.



Online Lead Magnets Have Three Parts

Of course, as with offline lead magnets, there has to be some thought put into developing your to make sure they are addressing a true need in the targeted audience you will offer them to. A lead magnet is indeed more than having a simple little giveaway.

To communicate your offer to the prospect, you will also need a landing page, a squeeze page as some call it, or at minimum use a section on your regular page if it is a post on your social site or your website.

That offer you put together must capture the attention of the viewer, it must address what they need, and it should  be as painless as possible to access. It also must capture their contact information of course…

Of course, another element of the lead magnet is traffic. You can have a great giveaway, a super looking landing page, but if there is no traffic, it is all for naught. There are a number of ways to get traffic but without it, your lead magnet will not be successful.

So you know that when you plan for your lead magnets you need to think of the three things involved:

  • The giveaway (ebook, article, video, coupon, checklist, free course, trial offer, software, plugin, etc)
  • The squeeze or landing page as it may be called (used to present the giveaway in a seductive and engaging manner and having the ability to collect the contact info from the prospect)
  • The traffic to make it successful (you have to plan how you can get traffic from organic means, contests, viral posts, or maybe even advertising)



Lead Magnets have Changed…

When I first started seeing freebies for my contact information, it seemed that white papers or a full-length report was the rage…This morphed into eBooks or shorter reports, and due to the shortened attention span of readers these days, things are changing again…

Today you will find fewer people that will take the time to read an entire eBook, and in many cases, even a slightly longer report, post, or email is out of the question. Over 50% of time spent on the internet these days is done using a smartphone or similar device.

Most people are no longer willing to give up their contact information for an eBook. With these sea changes, it calls for a change in the way we design and present lead magnets to online prospects too.

Therefore, try to see how you can either go completely with something that can be quickly viewed, or at minimum you can combine some of the quick view things such as coupons, quick start guides, a short video, etc. with a report. What you are shooting for is giving that prospect a “quick answer/solution” for their needs.

It bears repeating: It amounts to giving someone a “quick answer/solution” to their needs…

As an example, you could add a combination of a coupon, a single page checklist, and possibly as an addition, include a short 5 minute video as a giveaway package – this combination will often outperform a huge and cumbersome to read 150 page eBook or white report.

Actually, this change in the habits of prospects makes your job easier in some ways and harder in other ways. Now it is fewer electrons (less content) you are dealing with and putting together, BUT your time and chance to capture the prospect is also lessened, so what you DO offer has to be even more powerful.



Some Examples Of Todays More Effective Lead Magnets

There are a hundred or more lead magnets you could come up with but to get your creative side of your brain working let me mention a few for your program.

Here are 6  lead magnet ideas to get you started…

(1) Give Away A Discount Coupon or Discount

Using a coupon can really help you get people to stay on your page and also to take action. It may be the deciding factor in their decision in some cases. It might be the difference between you getting that sale versus one of your competitors.

Of course, the other benefit is that you will get the contact that you can build a relationship with and sell to again and again over time. That discount might be the cheapest acquisition cost for a buyer you could have made.

(2) Checklist / Step-list

If you can develop a one or two-page checklist that is useful and needed by the prospect it can work as a super attraction for getting them to provide you their contact information.  Another

Another similar type giveaway might be a step by step list of how to do something. Such a worksheet can serve as a template for repetitive actions that a prospect can use in their daily routine. Processes that can be systematized are helpful to your audience.

An example might be things to check your blog posts for prior to posting, or maybe it could involve SEO or social posting. This helps the prospect cover all the elements of a process and is easy to follow along with.

(3) Provide An eBook That Is Timely and Useful

I know that it was mentioned that people do not take the time to read these often, they still have value if the topic is fitting what they are looking for and need.

My advice would be to use smaller report type ebooks that are easily digestible (broken into sections) and written in a simple style that is easy to follow along with.

My copywriting tutorials (a series of three posts starting HERE on the site if you  care to look to see what I am talking about) are a good example of this. Readers can read each section as they have time, they are like a mini-report, complete by themselves, and come back to read more as they may have time for, or need to…

4. Run A Contest / Give Away Something Of Value

Setting up this online and sharing it and giving people more entries in the contest for sharing is a great way to induce your contest to go viral. You have to make it easy for them to share (a single click is ideal) and then watch as it gets spread exponentially across the internet.

(5) Offer A Limited Time Free Trial

Free trials are super effective because people like getting something for free. Especially if it has real value this is the case.

Wealthy Affiliate, an online education project to learn how to develop an effective affiliate online marketing business from start to finish, offers this. You do not have to provide ANY credit card information even to get started!  Now that is comforting …and FAST.

They also have the capability to create two free websites during the trial period that prospects can quickly get up and published live within a few minutes, even if they are brand new to website building. I just did a post on this (found HERE), because there is a LOT of people that would like to have the capability to do this.

(6) Give Away A Useful Video Course

Whether you know it or not, video today is huge online and getting bigger every day. There are millions of new videos posted daily on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The reason is that people WANT to view more videos – they do not want to take the time to read articles like before. if you can tap into that and offer video courses as a giveaway you will have a ready, hungry, and willing market, and likely you will get LOTS of subscribers to your site.


Bottom Line:

Developing a lead magnet doesn’t have to be too time-consuming or difficult. It’s not a “the bigger the better” type of thing. For example, a 100 page eBook – might not do as well as a one-page checklist.


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‘Extras’ For Lead Magnets You Develop

Because lead magnets are a giveaway tool that you will use in combination with other aspects of your online marketing business, I wanted to let you know about some related posts either here on my site or on Wealthy Affiliate that I have published that will help you.

If you have time, link to these posts when you get through this tutorial and see how they can help you even more…

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This is a four-part series on creating effective sales funnels, and it was posted on another excellent education site that I am a member of called Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me explain….

(3) Wealthy Affiliate.

This is an educational and complete solution platform that teaches you from the ground up how to get an effective online marketing  business in place.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, check out my articles you can find in the links below:





Bottom Line: All of these articles will add additional valuable information that you can use in tandem with lead magnets that you are learning about in this tutorial…


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Lead magnets are extremely powerful in and of themselves, and when you combine them with a few other tools and materials, they can bring you a load of new traffic and subscribers.

They also can lead to increased levels of sales when you make them a part of a sales funnel for related products that you own and are selling, or are promoting as an affiliate.

This is not the be all end all article on lead magnets, but it does get you started in the right direction. If there were only two or three methods I had to choose from among the ten I am expanding on in this ten part series, this would be one I would select.

It just works….

OK as an example of a lead magnet in action, let me off you a valuable eBook now that will help you in your own online marketing program…

Please read on…


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This is a free offer from me to you. I only ask that you subscribe to my site so I can start a dialogue through emails, blabs, webinars, and etc. with you so we can grow together in our online marketing efforts.

This book will help you in a number of ways to build on the lead magnets that you have to get subscribers and increased levels of sales. Lots of good advice, tips and sources for you to use in your own online marketing program.

Just fill in the information in the box below the picture to get started…


[sign up form]

Once you have verified that you wish to subscribe, automatically an email will be sent to you with a link to download this eBook. It is worth a minute of your time, I guarantee it!


This is a complete system that you will be getting from me. It includes 10 lead magnets that you can immediately use to pull in more subscribers to your site. You also have rights to change these to make them unique to you and separate yourself from the crowds.

Click now on the picture below to see more on how these will jump start your own online marketing program! 2016 04 05 1303 - FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES SERIES PART NINE – LEAD MAGNETS

Here is what is included in this package of 10 lead magnets and supporting materials:



As stated in the introduction of this tutorial, this is part 9 of my 10 part series on free traffic sources. We are close to the finish line now, only one more source of free traffic area to expand on before we wrap it all up with a final article that pulls it all together.

The intent of this series is for you to have a ready-made source for learning about and selecting some different methods of generating additional free traffic for your niche site. That truly is what this whole effort to put this training together is all about.

Each tutorial in the series gives you in-depth knowledge on the ways that you can generate free organic traffic for your web sit. Paid traffic will get you footfalls/visits immediately and certainly is a tool that you will want to use.

However, the proof is in the pudding, as my Mom used to say. I am VERY sure that if you put into practice some of the methods I mention in the articles you CAN build your free traffic quickly and over time even moire, and of course, that is always a good thing.

Remember that when you implement one or more of these free traffic