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This is the eighth training post in this 10 part series of posts on generating  more free traffic to your niche website. There are only 2 more to go, and as we work our way through this various tutorials, I hope that they are generating some excitement and ideas for your own online marketing program.

Taking in total, you should have a great set of marketing ideas that you  can select from to expand your current efforts. Additionally, I have added in free eBooks and other support materials for many of the posts that you can get for a simple subscription to the site.

Today’s subject is one that definitely almost everyone should pay attention to and act on. Youtube has one of the largest search engines on the internet, did you know that? If you use this site properly, you can literally exponentially increase your traffic VERY quickly…

Read more below to see what I am talking about…




Although this seems like a no-brainer, in reality, there is a lot of noise about using YouTube out there, but it is one of the most underutilized platforms that internet marketers use for digital marketing. 

To put into perspective why I advocate making the use of YouTube a part of your program, I ask you to remember that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the entire internet. It is also owned by Google!

It is also a super place to place your videos to get engagement, traffic, and sales. There is no doubt in my mind that you can significantly increase your traffic using this platform…You will get more clicks, views, subscribers, and sales…

It is a fact that today video is bigger than ever, and it continues to grow in audience views, and with its use on mobile or other on the go devices. Think about your own experiences, and I am sure that you will agree that you are watching more video than ever too…

There is certainly competition in getting the attention of the viewers today. Written content is effective, but since the attention span of prospects is shorter than ever, you often will lose the person to something else that catches their eye…BEFORE they have reached the end of the content and call to action…

With video, on the other hand, it’s the user who struggles to look away. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to deliver a powerful message that will help you to build your brand and increase your following.

YouTube offers many of the advantages that social media marketing brings to the table – depending on how you choose to use the platform,  it gives you a way to build a following on the site that you can market to in the future…

Plus it allows you to leverage your connections that will grow over time through the use of influencer marketing and other business growth strategies you may choose to pursue.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where there’s a large element of luck involved, success on YouTube is all about having something interesting to say and designing a unique way to deliver that point.

If you do have something unique and interesting and you know how to package it, YouTube can deliver you almost guaranteed success…

Is there a downside? YouTube success involves a little more work than some of the other strategies you might have tried in the past. With this training and if you subscribe to get my free  e-book then, you’ll have your blueprint for success.

As long as you are willing to execute the steps herein, you will be able to build a huge following and influence them as with no other strategy. It is also useful to add to content and other objectives you may have such as reviews, building a lead list, selling your own products, etc.



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES SERIES PART EIGHT – YOUTUBE TRAFFIC<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Very basically, YouTube is a platform/website that allows users to upload videos from their computers so that they will be hosted online. Users can then embed said videos on their websites or direct traffic and visitors to them without putting strain on their servers.

The other important aspect is that YouTube also allows other users to search through those millions of videos that are hosted using cross searches to find the content they find interesting.

That is where your creativity and skills come in…

Clever and imaginative video creators can improve their likelihood of their content being discovered by using smart titles and the right keywords that will act as search terms.

Add to that creating videos that are entertaining and short for the most part unless there is a reason and no fluff that will cause the viewer to click away, and sujects that are of interest, you will have success…

For your side, when you find a YouTube user whose content you enjoy, you can subscribe to their channel to track and see their newest videos on the homepage whenever you visit the site.

This is good because you can see what the competition may be doing, and act accordingly. You can also see what is trending and tap into this if that is what your marketing plan calls for.

In some ways, YouTube is similar to other social platforms, in that you can create profiles (and channels) and you can use direct messaging plus the ability to comment on videos.

Active discussion on a video is a great way to increase engagement and to heighten visibility. These days, the social aspect of YouTube is tied to Google Plus, meaning that your YouTube profile will be the same as your Google Plus profile. Note as stated elsewhere, do not forget that YouTube is owned by Google…

Another interesting aspect of YouTube that you may want to tao into, is the advertising you can use with the platfom. There are two ways to do this…

(1) You can monetize your videos and earn money from videos you post that others will see an ad for prior to watching your video, or

(2) You can also advertise on the platform. The prices are not out of reach, but as with other paid traffic sources, you need to carefully manage this.

While this provides a basic overview of YouTube, there are tons of tips, tricks and strategies you can use to get more out of it. In this article you will learn just a few, but if you want more, please subscribe and get my free eBook on the subject.

With the two you will be well on your way to learning all of the basics to ensure that your views and subscribers truly soar as you progress, and while you are doing so, you can really make a name for yourself and your business.



How are Businesses Actually Using YouTube?

This is a question that bears looking into…We do not need to reinvent the wheel as we design our own marketing plan for using YouTube.

Certainly if you are running a business and you’re interested in leveraging the power of YouTube to increase your brand awareness, your turnover or your profits, you need to see what other companies are doing to see how you would go about it…

Or perhaps it is better to ask a question, i.e. How are other businesses and entrepreneurs already using YouTube?

There ARE  different strategies you can use which many companies are already taking advantage of.

Here are a few that you can consider…

(1) Building a Personal Brand

When  you  start to do research on who is who and what are these people doing on YouTube, you will quickly see some names popping up again and again…Well-known YouTubers like Jenna Marbles, Mike Chung or PewDiePie, for instance.

Beyond these names, there are countless other examples of YouTube celebrities…Many of these folks are making a lot of money by selling products to their legions of fans, or by getting sponsors for their videos.

For many such people, making money from a YouTube channel represents ‘living the dream’. They are able to make money talking about something they love to talk about, do it in front of a camera, and they also achieve a level of fame (on YouTube) that is rewarding without being invasive – and believe it or not it can lead to some amazing opportunities outside of the YouTube world.

There are those that have built their success on their personal presence online with YouTube, and there are yet others that have made a lot of money through adding in ads to their videos. Some make money from promoting a well-monetized website.

Why do personal brands work well on YouTube? They work because audiences to get to know that person, or feel as if they know that person. This then leads to more followers, which then can be presented with offers, and of course monetization of the videos will also bring in cash…

Bottom line is that if you have something interesting, of value,  or useful to say and you’re at all charismatic in your delivery,  you can build up a large following  – as with other social platforms, you can then take steps to monetize that following for your business and for you personally.

(2) Content Marketing

This may seem like they are two different things…video and content are not the same, are they? Well yes and no…

Well yes and no…

Content marketing essentially means filling your website with engaging content that will bring visitors to it. Generally, the phrase ‘content marketing’ is used to describe blog posts  and  other  written  content.

Think about it though, video is also content…When you combine the two you get the benefits of both…Doing so allows you  to  provide more entertainment, information and all-round value to your visitors, while at the same time letting you communicate with your audience and position yourself as an authority in your niche/industry if done correctly.

But content marketing doesn’t have to mean just articles as mentioned. Read on…

In fact, if you look at some of the biggest blogs and websites on the net, ones such as IGN, Bodybuilding.com, The Verge, Engadget etc., you will see that they upload regular content to their YouTube channel to go alongside their published articles and reviews.

Over time, this helps to give them access to a much wider audience, it provides options for their most loyal followers, and it elevates the quality of their production far above smaller websites. In short adding video to the mix, it allows you stand above your competitors and stand out as well…

(3) Advertising

Another way videos on YouTube can also work for you are simply as adverts. You can use these along with YouTube’s advertising program to show them to followers of other brands or you can simply upload them and then embed them in your content, your social media and anywhere else where they might get seen.

(4) Viral Videos

Having the right kind of videos on YouTube creates the possibility additionally for your video content to go viral. This means that it could be shared and spread across the internet by other viewers and YouTube users, and when this happens it can potentially get seen by hundreds of thousands or even millions of users.

In other cases, videos created by businesses are designed specifically to go viral and to support social marketing campaigns. You can see examples of this when you look at any number of large brands on YouTube. such as Coca-Cola or Nike, and even Red Bull being great examples.

(5) Extra Value

Companies can also use YouTube to provide their customers and clients with extra value.  For instance, they  might  use  the  platform  to  provide  tutorials,  training, interviews  and additional  content  and  thereby  enhance  the  product  or  service  they’re  offering.

YouTube videos can also be used to introduce and explain ideas and talk users through the role that products or services have. This can all be very helpful for the buyer but at the same time provides a new in-road that users can use to learn about the product. You might think of this like a ‘whitepaper’. When you add this to a review blog post, it can help get you viewers and leads, not to mention conversions for what it is you are selling…

(6) Marketing Materials

Another common use that businesses have for YouTube videos is to use them as one piece of a larger marketing strategy. Think about your own experiences…You have seen videos used in pop-ups on websites to try and encourage new subscribers to join a list, or they can be used in Facebook adverts for instance.

Likewise, videos are often added to the top of landing pages to sell e- books, internet marketing tools, courses or software. In case you do not know what I am talking about, landing pages are those long, web sites that tell you how ‘one xxxxx can change your life’ and generally thay have lots of ‘buy now buttons’.

The video that is found at the top generally follows what is found in the copy and graphics below, and the intent is to engage visitors more effectively through the video and convince them to buy. These videos can go a long way to increasing conversion rates and leads. They have shown to convert at much higher rates than text content alone.

In such cases, the YouTube video is not the ‘focus’ of the marketing but has been used alongside other forms of marketing to enhance its effectiveness. It really works and everyone should consider using them in tandem when possible…

This brings us next to how YOU can best use YouTube for your own online marketing efforts…



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES SERIES PART EIGHT – YOUTUBE TRAFFIC<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


So now you’ve seen how other businesses are using YouTube, the next question is how you are going to use it and what your marketing plan is going to be.

There are a number of options but, of course, the precise nature of your marketing plan is going to depend on the type of business you are running, your goals and more…

At the same time, your resources, funds and other considerations will also impact the way that you go about building your audience on YouTube and acquiring your views.

But whatever the nature of your YouTube marketing plan, you will need to start somewhere. Read on and we’ll look at some of the most common first steps that you’ll want to take.

(1) Creating a Brand

Before you jump onto YouTube in earnest , it makes sense to develop a brand. You may already have a business and a website and thus your brand might be ready to go. In that case, great!

If not, then spend some time developing a company name, a logo and an identity that you can use to represent yourself online. This is very important because it will allow you to tie all of your online products together and to thereby get more from every video you upload.

In most cases, the objective of your videos will not be to make instant sales. As such, to get the most value from every video you create, you should have your logo prominently placed so that you are strengthening that connection and that awareness. Do this first and then start setting up your channel and creating your videos.

(2) Decide On Your Type of Video and Determine The Regularity

We’ve seen already how your YouTube videos can effectively be adverts, how they can be used alongside other forms of marketing and how they can provide the content for your website.

Hopefully, you  already know  which of these  options is right  for your business but even if you don’t, you need to ask yourself what the requirements of your video are…

In other words: are you going to be presenting videos in front of the camera? Will you need to do lots of editing? Do you need to hire a green room? Or alternatively, can you just record yourself speaking over a slideshow.

Identifying the requirements this way is very important because ultimately it will tell you how long your videos are going to take to create and/or how expensive they will be. The key here is to be realistic with your objectives: don’t set out to upload daily HD videos with slick editing and effects as that’s a full time job.

Set aside some budget then – both in terms of time and monetary – and then assess what you can complete with that timeframe/budget. This is also important if you’re going to be using YouTube advertising – how much can you afford to invest in your advertising and how does that eat into your other costs?

You also need to think about your goals and the timeframe you have available to complete them. What you’ll find is that you will have to make some compromises and then scale up as you have success and more cash to expand your program

(3) Decide On Your Tone and Niche

Assuming you’ll be uploading regular videos, the next question to ask yourself is what your tone and niche are going to be. How will you set yourself aside from the crowd? What will make your content unique and interesting? And how will it be different from everyone else’s?

Now  do  some  market  research  and  ask  yourself:  what’s out there already? Is the niche/subject you’re thinking of covering already overly catered for? Or conversely is there any market for it?

Some of this you will learn on the go as you start implementing your program, but we will offer additional information on this in the free eBook you can get by a simple subscription to the site.

Statistics tracking is very useful as it is for almost every aspect of your online marketing programa, because you can improve your service and increase your engagement and sales as you see what is working and what is not, and adjust accordingly your actions.

Starting out, it’s a good idea to know what area you’re going to be focusing on and to know there’s a market there – otherwise you’ll be forced to do some retracing and starting over again…Wasting time, money and effort…

Example banner using the power of YouTube with offline video marketing service – one of many ways you can incorporate YouTube in your program…



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES SERIES PART EIGHT – YOUTUBE TRAFFIC<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


If you are using YouTube marketing to promote an existing business, then monetization won’t be a problem…


If you’re new to digital marketing and you’re hoping to make your living from YouTube, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to make money from it and how you’re going to scale the business over time.

My recommendation is to go through a mind mapping exercise and as you do this, ask yourself what it is you hope to achieve with YouTube, and how.

Questions such as  “Will you make money from ads?” Or “Will you aim for sponsors?” or  “How many subscribers and views will you need to make a solid income from each?” and  “Would it be better to develop a product first?” are all good ones to start, and I am sure there are more you can come up with…

The other part of your plan is how you’re going to grow your channel and increase your viewers. It’s useful to have a good strategy in mind here, so ask yourself how you’ll get your  first  100  views  and  then  ask  yourself  how  you’ll  grow  that  to  your  first  1,000 subscribers.

What tools or hacks will you add to your process to make sure that your goals are achieved? Is the topic broad enough but not too broad, do you have a website associated with the channel? How can you draw viewers in…These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself for this…

Think about the types of topics that will get you lots of views quickly and that will be easy to ‘rank for’ (meaning that there’s an obvious keyword to target) and then think about wher