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This free traffic method you can use to grow traffic to your site and social platform sites seems like one everyone likely has heard about.

What we are going to present today is a somwehat different take on the social platforms that you may not have heard about, however.

Did you know that there are a number of social networks out there on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and elsewhere?

These groups are found for almost every possible or imagined niche, and if there is NOT one established, it gives you even MOREof an opportunity!

Let’s dig down a bit so you can see what I am talking about…

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Simply put, social media groups are communities of people that are built around a particular set of intesests or a single-focused interest. They share their experiences, help one another, support one another, provide tips, tools, and more, and generally commisserate actively and regularly.


checkmark - FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES SERIES - SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPSHow To Find The Groups Out There Already

It pays then to do a little research to find out where some of these places are, on which social platforms, who are the members in the groups, what is the main focus of each group you find.

The next step would be to evaluate each to see which group or set of groups you might fit into somewhat or easily. More is better,  you can more quickly establish a name for yourself if you have multiple groups you participate in.

Look into all of the social platforms you are qualified to be a part of or participate in, and then you need request to join them. Some are open to freely join, while others are closed, and you have to be accepted as a member prior to being able to contribute to the chatter.

If there is NO group on one of your platforms, or one that is close, then my advice is to start your own group! Also you might want to look on platforms that you may not regularly use, then if you find one that is closely related, create an account and request to join!

Such groups are a very important way for you to start establshing your credibility and trust with members who are in that niche, and over a period of time, you can get a ton of leads and contacts that will help you more quickly grow your program.

They will also help drive traffic to your site, it will start with group members, and as your reputation grows, so will the number of people that head to your site! Group members will send people to your site, these will do this referring to their friends, and so on.

If you get to be considered an expert witg group members of the many that you will join, they will gladly do this, because you become a “go to” person who can help solve their problems.

Let’s go back to the scenario where there is no group on a platform (even if there may be a similar one on another platform)….What should we do?

Read on…


checkmark - FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES SERIES - SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPSThe BEST Opportunity – Starting Your Own Group

Not having a group to join should be looked on as an opportunity, not a challenge!

I say this because then you have a chance to take on a leadership role in establishing such a group, and then build it in a simlar manner or with a slightly different take or slant than groups on the other platforms have…

This will give you an opportunity to quickly establish yourself as an expert in the niche, and you can drive the train as opposed to being a passenger.

Both scenarios are OK, please son’t get me wrong, but wouldn’t you rather drive?

Since your goal is to an expert, by starting a group you can show you are one, and those members from another platform will soon asking to join your group site.

You can move to an equal level with other members more quickly, and also take your group in whatever direction you envision, and show everyone you are indeed worthy of being called an “expert.”

This might actually be the BEST opportunity over joining groups! You want people to come to you, to ask for membership, and take advantage of this chance to excel at building something useful and helpful for all members of a niche.

Once you get started, your membership will grow, and the traffic to the site behind the group will grow as well.

In either scenario this is the case, whether joining a group or starting your own, but when you start your own group, the growth in traffic you are looking for can happen that much faster.




There are numerous benefits that come with being a member of a social media group, or better yet, related social media groups that have been formed around the niche or common topic of interest…

They include:

You will become visible to other members of that niche or topic. Often you will be able to place a short biography, add your affiliated website, and add this to any posts you may make anywhere on the group site.

All of a sudden your website link is appearing on a number of different areas that you did not have access to, and your name, brand, and reputation will grow..

As a member, work to answer questions or offer insight based on your experiences and knowledge, and get the knowledge somewhere when you do not have it, and share. Active participation in the groups doing this will help your reputation grow quickly.

More and more people will start coming to you to get answers, and they will trust your judgement and words of solutions you offer. This has a snowball effect in that you wil continue to get more questions and opportunities to show that you are deserving of the expert status, or one that does not just provide BS answers, rather ones that are well hought out and backed up by logic.

When you do this on a regular and consistent basis, people outside the group WILL begin to tale notice. They too will want to get their questions answered, and so it goes…

The result?

More traffic, once again to your website.

But there is more…

Once your reputation grows and moves outside the group, you will become an industry wide recognized expert, then the fun really begins!

You soon will be asked to start guest blogging, plus be asked to speak at engagements, seminars and conventions. Can you see how this initial search for social media groups that relate to your niche or topic can grow?

This then makes it much easier for you to work on other tactics to get free traffic that we are going  to go through in these lessons. Each module stands on its own of course, but to an extent they can feed on one another and further provide a multiplier for some other methods if getting free traffic.

One of the reasons I started off with this particular free traffic method was because I wanted to point out to you just how that can work.

In regards to guest blogging, this is a super effective way to get that invitation. There are other methods that we will discuss and that work, but this group method will help you no doubt.

Play your cards right, and you can turn that group membership into a link for your site that will come from another expert in the field, and then you have SEO juice and yet more authority that will drive your traffic up.


checkmark - FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES SERIES - SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPSBecome An Influencer and Gain Followers From Groups

After you are well into implementation of your Group strategy, you will not only become trusted and a go to person, you will then have ever increasing amounts of influence within the niche or topic.

People will start to not only listen, but take action based on your opinions and advice.  Did you read that? They will TAKE ACTION on your advice!

When you sell something, you are in reality influencing people through various powers that you as a salesperson has. One of these is expert power. It is a powerful position from which to sell from.

Of course along with that power comes the responsibility to use it wisely, and not endanger that power by selling something that delivers less than what is promised, or is not of any or little value for the buyer, or does not solve a problem or a need they may have.

This power is a fleeting power, and it is awarded to you based on your actions. It can go a lot quicker than the time it took to establish the status, so be careful on using it. Do so wisely, and that increased free traffic you get will make you a LOT of money over time.

Speaking of increased level of traffic, this normally comes with another side benefit of your group efforts: More followers on the social media platforms. You can expect that your follower totals will skyrocket,

People that see you as a reputable and stand up person will want to know more about you, off the group site, so they will often follow you and then they can “see” more of the real you, in a bit different social setting outside that group(s).

This phenomena can splash over to other social platforms too. Let’s say its Facebook they initially follow you on, and they see you on Twitter or Instagram. Automatically almost they will want to follow you on these other platforms.

Remember, its all started when you decided to join some groups…

So why should you care about increasing the number of followers you may have?

Well here’s why: These followers represent a free and fast way to get your product recommendations out to a larger group of people that already know and trust you and whatever products or services you offer, because they know you and know of your expert status…

Did you get that: FREE leads for you…

Yes, yet one more benefit of you seeking out, joining, participating actively and seeking out a leadership role in groups…

This is wonderful stuff, don’t you think?

So how much have you invested in real dollars doing all of the above?

Nothing, zilch, nada, null…



All these benefits and the only COST you have had is the time and effort to find and work these groups or grow the group that you start. Pretty good!



OK that is it for today’s lesson. You should now go out and start looking for groups you can join that relate to your niche.

The real work comes now that you realize what a primed and ready source of free traffic you have at your fingertips.

Here are some starting points for you: 

(1) LinkedIn Groups – https://www.linkedin.com/directory/groups/

(2) Google+ Communities – https://plus.google.com/communities

(3) Reddit

(4) Google Search – Type in : Groups and  “Topic”

(5) Depending on the niche, you may want to look for forums that may lead you  other groups that may be out there…

(6) Ask some other experts for their advice, either on a forum or in another setting as possible. Do not stop searching even after you have some likely candidates, always seek out the next best thing!

Good Luck!




Part Two link to this 10 part training (Second Module)  will be posted here when published. Please come back for more we have just begun!


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As part of all my posts here, I ask for feedback from the readers so I can better serve their needs. So on this FREE training, please let me know how I am doing, how I can improve, and what ideas you may have for other training. Thanks!



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    1. Hello Karolin, The next segment of this free traffic series should be out in a few days, I am finishing up some product reviews and will put the finishing touches on the next post on free traffic sources and get it out….Glad that you got some help with this one, be sure to check back often! Cheers! Dave : )one to

      1. I am involved in several social media groups on Facebook and I like how I get a chance to interact with some big players. I try to make intelligent and cogent comments that add to the discourse. It is working, my name is getting more well known, and my traffic is increasing on my main site. This method works!

        1. Hi Rosalinda, I am glad to see that what I am writing about – in this case, participating in social media groups, works. I am finding it works for me as well. Well worth the time and effort, it will help you learn more as well as you go along. Best of luck!

  1. Thanks for the super post here on getting more free traffic. I found it very useful for my own online program and using social media to increase my traffic. The other posts are super too. When will the entire series be finished. I keep checking daily lol…By thw way, I am referring other fellow marketers here, because I have looked at other posts you have, and they also are helpful. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Star, Glad you found the post useful and the series as well. This is the exact intent of adding in the free traffic posts. I want to help others get their program going a s quickly as possible. Certainly paid traffic is a way to get more visitors, but if you use the tools I mention in the free traffic series, you are building a business, not just traffic. Cheers! Dave

  2. This was an informative tutorial on using social groups to get free traffic and I thank you for publishing it here for us to read and use. I have been looking for ways to get more organic traffic to my site, and now I finally find a place that provides a whole series on free traffic…I will come here to get more, can’t wait to implement some of this…

    1. Hi Julian, Thanks for your kind words and I am glad that you can use some the content I have here. Social Media Groups is just one way as you say, and the others will also work. My suggestion is to pick a few, then focus on drilling down and really making the effort to make them work in your effort to get more traffic. Best of luck and let us know how things are working for you please. We can all learn from you!

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