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  1. Thanks for the reminders on what to think about for web design. This post offered me some new insight and I will use the points for my own website.Your stuff here is outstanding. Cheers!

    1. Hey there Launa, Glad that you fond this post on web design useful, It is a relatively short article, but does contain some really good advice on considerations an online marketer needs to incorporate into the planning and standing up of their sites! Cheers! Dave : )

  2. I enjoy coming here, other experts of this sector don’t realize that you publish very good content that is relevant and helpful…But they will. You must continue your writing. Thanks a bunch…

  3. I have had some experience with web design and find that if you use some of the later templates it is much easier to create good-looking sites that are responsive and attract and hold people on the site longer. This article did offer some tips I had not thought of, so I appreciate finding it. I will come back, in looking around you have a lot of good advice here for us online marketers!

    1. Hi Eigo….Thanks for your feedback. Always nice to hear from someone that has had experience with the subject…Website design nowadays have to be responsive and look professional as well. I am glad that you have gotten some use out of the tips and please let us know how they came out for you. Cheers! Dave

  4. Web design is a favorite hobby I am involved in…I help out a lot of my friends…Is there a particular design that you like to work with over others?

    1. Hi Kourtney, No there is no favorite I have, as I use different themes for different niches. All of them are pretty good, I think it is a matter of hands on experience that will make using any of the themes easy to use (or easier maybe?)…Cheers and thanls for adding in your thoughts to the post, it is useful for us all! Cheers! Dave : )

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