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I get asked often how to start making money quickly online, and depending on who is asking the question, I tell them “Look Offline.”

Normally this results in a puzzled look back at me, and they will say “Excuse me?” At that point I will explain what I mean by that seemingly contradicting answer to their query….

Local marketing sales can be a lucrative and easy market to have successes with early in your online marketing career. In actuality you are marrying up the two concepts, which is NOT a stretch in today’s world.

Let me explain more below…



Since more and more folks have been asking me this type question, I am going to expand on it in three steps, as I have with a couple of other broad subjects or questions I answer.

To adequately answer this question and many others, it depends on who is asking, how serious they are, and what they hope to accomplish with their online efforts to make money with their own business.

There are a total of 25 subjects I will be doing this same process with this year and maybe into the next, depending on how fast I can gather all the material and get it together in a professional manner for the readers and interested parties and then get it out and published.

In general, I will take a three tier approach for each item I cover. This means I will answer such questions using this site, through articles and blog posts. This will provide a lot of valuable information with which readers can take action on and have success with.

There will be a certain percentage of those asking such a question that will want to know more. They may add to the disussion here via the comment section, they may send me a private email, or they mal call me…

For that segment of the readers, those seeking that ARE seeking more than the posts provide, I will have more information available that includes more details on the subject…This will be in the form of an eBook or similar, depending on the subject. I will make it available for free and for their personal use.

The eBook will have even more information than the articles but as stated, will be free…All I am asking in return for providing the book is their contact information so that I can correspond with them via email to provide further valuable information on a regular basis.

That is a pretty good deal I think?


There are those who ask such a question that want to drill down even more, getting information over and above what the free eBook can provide…They actually want to get ALL the details of how to do something, how to create something, how to sell something, and make money doing so…

That is where the third tier of my answer to that orginal question will be answered…

This third tier of my answer is the level where I offer the person, at a reasonable cost, an eCourse on the subject…

The subjects I teach about and offer will not interest all people all the time…Some people may already be an expert on whatever the subject may be, or they may NOT have an interest in going to this step. But for those that ARE interested, it will be there!

So let’s talk about what you will get in reply to this question from me and how you can use each level in your own online marketing program…


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - LOCAL MARKETING TRAINING SERIES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


In my post here on the site, I will provide some good hints and tips to getting some business from the local offline and even online businesses that are all around you.

It will provide some advice from the standpoint of my own experiences and from those that I have been mentored from in the past. It will pull in ideas that you may not have thought about and enable you to get started immediately.

This post is aptly called Local Marketing Opportunities and you will find it here:



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - LOCAL MARKETING TRAINING SERIES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


This is the second tier of answering the question how to make money online quickly and my answer of : “Look offline!”

This is a free eBook that is call “Local Marketing Made Easy.” To get this at no cost, just sign up using the links I will post here and elsewhere on the site, and you will be directed to the download page and can immediately begin to drill down to the next level of my answer.

This is a no nonsense 70 page guide that will explain the concepts I touch on in the website post, and it will give you a lot MORE information on how you can use local marketing opportunities to get some quick successes of sales and make some cash.

You can download the eBook using this link:



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - LOCAL MARKETING TRAINING SERIES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Lastly, for those that are excited about what they have in hand and in their heads after the first two resources, and want to learn even more so they can scale up their newly acquired money making skills, I then will offer the eCourse “Local Marketing Made Easy.”

That course will be described here so they know up front what they are getting, in training and materials, how manhy modules are included, what is in each, and what they can expect after completing the course.

No surprises, I want to over-deliver  always to keeo you happy and coming back to learn more. These courses are inexpensive, can be completed per the student’s schedule, and are open for use 24/7/365!


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This is yet another oppotunity for the subscriber or the new visitor to the site to learn something that will help them in all likelihood, and depending on how much of an answer they want to a question, they have three choices or levels to get their answer, and all right from this site!

If you want to make money fairly quickly online through your business efforts, look no futher than offline! There is a LOT of business that is waiting for youy out there, and it can charge your online sales income and if built out, can even provide a full time income with no need to look further!

This is an exciting subject for me, so I hope you will come back as this latest question gets answered by me through these various mediums!

NOTE: This site look will change as I flesh out the framework I have created here, so please check back often to see as this honest question is answered in an honest way.





I always include this last paragraph at the end of my posts and pages, because I want to remind everyone that stops by I encourage comments that provide feedback, dissussion, and new input to any of the subjects I may post about here…Thanks in advance for you cooperation!



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  1. I am looking forward to you adding information and courses for local marketing. I do have access to some PLR but really I need more. I am hoping that it will be found here. I will be back.

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